Direct Sales Opportunities for Women

March 3


45 Direct Sales Opportunities for Women 2020

Direct sales opportunities can be very luring. After all, who wouldn't want to make money working on their own schedule from the comfort of their home? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or just someone looking for a little more freedom, it doesn't matter. There are plenty of direct sales opportunities for women, and here we'll be going over some of the better choices that are out there.

What Is Direct Sales?

Direct sales is a business model where companies, instead of selling products in stores, rely on an independent sales force of distributors to do the marketing and selling. This is where you come in. Anyone can join these sorts of opportunities and set up their own home-based businesses selling products.

Now direct sales businesses aren't necessarily MLM, but many do have MLM commission structures, which means that it pays to recruit other distributors in and build teams. MLM (multi-level marketing) is also referred to as network marketing, because of how you build networks, or teams, of distributors and work together.

Independent distributors can use various methods to make sales and recruit others into the business. In-home parties as well as virtual parties hosted on social media, selling products in one's own boutique, online sales by referring people via social media or personal websites, selling to people in public places, and so on are all possibilities.

The List - 45 Opportunities

In an attempt make this list more organized, we've broken things down into categories, which include the following. However, many companies overlap into different categories, so we suggest going through them all.

The list is long. Some of the companies are pretty well-known and others not so much... but with a list like this you're bound to find something that interests you.

*NOTE: Some of the information, such as the cost to join these companies, varies frequently due to permanent changes as well as short-term promotions. 

Let's begin with some direct sales cosmetic opportunities...


1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay started out in 1963 with just four skin-care products and has since expanded globally, now with Independent Beauty Consultants in five continents and over 40 countries.

What began as only skincare products has grown to include fragrances, makeup, and even some men's body care products, although not many - over 300 beauty products total.

  • Starter kits start around $100
  • Commissions are around 50% on retail sales
  • Downline commissions
  • 4 - 13% commissions from sales of downline
  • Must order at least $225/mo to stay active
2. Avon

Avon is a giant in the direct sales industry. They sell everything from makeup, to skincare products, fragrances, jewelry, clothing, a small variety of supplements, bath products, and have a small men's selection - and bring in billions of dollars in sales each year.

The company was actually started back in the 1880's by a man, David H. McConnell, but is largely centered around women's products, with a focus on women's empowerment - and donate millions to breast cancer research.

  • Can join for free
  • No minimum order requirement
  • 20 - 40% retail commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • 3 - 8% commissions from downline - consist of generation bonuses and leader bonuses - paid up to 7 levels deep
3. Younique

Younique was founded by a brother & sister team in 2012 with a mission to uplift and empower women around the world.

Products sold here include makeups, skin care products, fragrances, as well as brushes & palettes.

Younique encourages their "Presenters" to host virtual parties/demonstrations on social media, in which attendees are encouraged to purchase products.

  • 20 - 30% retail commissions and from direct recruits
  • Downline commissions
    • 3 - 6% circle royalties (2nd level of downline)
    • 3 - 5% generational royalties - 3 levels
  • Presenter's kits start out at $99
4. Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty is mostly centered around makeup products. The company was founded in 2013 with the idea that makeup should enhance beauty, not cover it up.

They sell highlight, contour, bronzers & powders, mascara (of course), lip sticks & moisturizers, brushes & tools, along with some fragrances - all of which contain ingredients that are all cruelty-free.

  • Basic "artist" kit costs $199
  • Retail commissions range from 20  - 40%
  • Downline commissions
    • 2 - 5% level bonuses - 5 levels deep
    • 3 - 4% generational bonuses - 3 generations deep
  • Bonuses available
  • See compensation plan for more details


5. LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe is easily one of the biggest direct sales/MLM companies in the fashion space, bringing in billions in revenue each year, which is pretty impressive considering the company was founded in 2012.

As for the clothing... they sell comfortable, casual, and stylishly-creative things... in the categories of leggings, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets, denim, shirts and more... all of which are constantly changing in style to keep customers waiting for what's next.

  • Required initial purchase of inventory is $499 - consists of 65 articles
  • Downline commissions
    • 5% from personal recruits
    • 1 - 3% from deeper levels
  • Bonuses available
6. Agnes & Dora

Jeans, joggers, jeggings, tank tops, tunics, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, layers, kids clothing, and even scarves... Agnes & Dora carries quite the fashion lineup.

The company was founded in 2013 by Bandy Buffley, who is actually the niece of LuLaRoe's founder, Deanne Stidham (probably got a lot of good advice for running the company).

  • $49 enrollment fee + starter kit (cheapest is $3,500) + $500/mo order volume to stay active
  • Retail commissions of 20 - 40%
  • Downline commissions
    • 2 - 5% uni-level commissions - 3 levels
  • See full compensation plan for more
7. Nyla and Noelle

This company brings an ever-changing collection of unique, limited-edition clothing to the table. This consists of cuff bracelets, dresses, sweaters, bohemian-style clothing, denim, kids clothing, yoga pants, charm necklaces, and more.

Curators (what they call their distributors) sell their fashion in a variety of different ways... in brick & mortar boutiques, online shops, social media, and at-home parties.

What's interesting about this company is that they are not MLM. There are no uplines or downlines. However, there are ranks and curators are encouraged to recruit in others to increase their profit margins (similar to a MLM, but not really).

  • First order requirement of $250
  • Retail commissions only - vary depending on rank
  • Free shipping once Master Curator rank is reached ($1,000/mo order volume)

Piphany, formerly named Honey & Lace, is another direct sales/MLM company in the fashion space. What they have to offer consists of many types of dresses, sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, tunics, and skirts.

Their selection isn't nearly as large as MLM fashion giants like LoLaRoe, but they are still a reputable option - and their retail commissions are pretty good.

  • 10 article minimum monthly PV
  • Retail commissions ranging from 25 - 50%
  • Downline commissions
    • 1.4 - 4.7% Team Level Bonuses - 4 levels deep
    • 1.2 - 3.3% Generational Bonuses - 3 levels deep
  • See full comp plan for more
9. Thirty-One

While still listed under fashion, Thirty-One is different from most. This company focuses mostly on bags and similar accessory products - all of which are designed with fashion in mind. It was founded in 2003 with the mission of helping women by giving them great products and a business opportunity to become independent.

From totes to backpacks, wallets and jewelry, travel bags and thermals, shoulder bags and more... this place has a lot to offer... if you like bags that is.

  • Starter kits begin at around $30
  • 25 - 35% personal sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • 2 - 9% Override Commissions going down 2 generations (but 3 levels)


10. Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is mostly focused around jewelry. They sell all types... necklaces, earrings, bracelets - but some of their most popular items come from their charm jewelry selection.

Additionally, they also sell bags & accessories, clothing, and skin care products such as moisturizers, cleansers, lotions, lipstick and more.

  • Starter kits starting at $199
  • 25 - 35% personal commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • 4 - 9% line commissions - 3 levels + extra 3% New Stylist line 1 commissions
    • 1 - 2% generational commissions  - 4 generations deep
  • Bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
11. Origami Owl

Origami Owl is a another jewelry company with a MLM business model. Their main product is a clear-faced, hollow pendant that is customizable, which they call a "living locket". This can be customized easily online - with a variety of lockets, charms, and chains available to choose from. Additionally, they have other charm jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.

The company's history is interesting, having been founded In 2010 by "Bella" (Isabella) Weems, who was only 14 at the time. Her goal was to save up enough money for a car - and with tens of thousands of independent sales consultants in the business now, that goal was easily achieved.

  • Starter kits start at $49
  • 20 - 50% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 3 - 10% Mentor Bonus commissions - 4 levels deep
    • 0.5 - 1% Generational Bonuses - 2 levels deep
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
12. Paparazzi Accessories

When it comes to jewelry direct sales/MLM companies, this has one of the largest selections. They have a massive selection of different trendy accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and hair clips.

Their products are both fashionable and affordable, every single piece (of hundreds) being just $5, which can make for easy sales. The downside - they aren't the most amazing quality and it's all made in China.

  • Starter kits start at $99
  • 35 - 45% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 5 - 10% Unilevel Commissions - 3 levels deep
    • 1 - 3% Generational Commissions - 3 levels deep
    • 1 - 2% Legacy Commissions - 3 levels deep
  • Additional bonuses available
13. Grace & Heart

Grace & Heart sells higher-end, but still affordable jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. Their collections are composed of sterling silver, pearls, brass, and semi-precious stones like quartz, labradorite, cubic zirconia and many others - often being richly colored with different stones.

The company refers to their sales force as a "sisterhood" and independent distributors are called Bravehearts.

  • Can start for just $19.99, but have to "Earn Your Kit" by selling their jewelry without receiving commissions - alternatively you can purchase a starter kit starting at $199
  • Rolling 3-month requirement of $650 PV to stay active & $9.99/mo for personal website
  • 25 - 33% commissions on personal sales


14. Jeunesse

Besides being well-known for their vials of ageless cream, Jeunesse is also famous for the luxurious retreats they hold around they world in exotic locations for their top distributors - and yes, they can afford it... bringing in billions of dollars each year in revenue.

Products are mostly geared towards reducing/reversing signs of aging and include vials of "Instantly Ageless" cream, dietary gel for improving brain function, antioxidant-rich blends of botanicals, the popular "Revita Blu" that is a dietary mix of blue-green algae, sea buchthorn berry and aloe vera, skin products, collagen drinks and more.

  • Starter kits start at just under $40 - also a $19.95 annual renewal fee
  • 15 - 40% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • Team Commissions of $35 every time your downline reaches 600 GV on one side and 300 GV on the other side (it's a binary commission structure)
    • 5 - 20% Matching Bonus commissions - 7 levels deep
    • Bonus pool and other bonuses
15. Neora

Neora was founded in 2011 and is all about improving health, lives, and happiness, with the mission to "Make People Better" - and the focus here is on staying young, in which they provide anti-aging products.

Their products can be classified in two main categories: 1) skincare, in which they have their famous Age IQ Night & Day creams, lotions, cleansers, etc. - and 2) wellness, in which you can find vitamins, antioxidant powders, probiotic powders, brain function supplements, energy & sleep chewables, and more.

  • Basic kit for $49.95
  • 5 - 15% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • Team Commissions of 2 - 5% - 8 levels deep
    •  Team PC Bonuses of $250 - $2,500
  • Other bonuses available 
16. NuSkin

NuSkin was founded in 1984 and is primarily, as the name suggests, focused on skin health, although overall health is also important to them. They are the self-proclaimed "premier anti-aging company", with different products focused on helping people stay healthy and young... and of course look like it too.

Products include things like spa gels, creams, moisturizers, toners, cleansers, lipsticks, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes & mouthwashes, green supplements, and their popular ageLOC LumiSpa devices that feature an oscillating silicone tip that stimulates skin renewal and protein production - inspired by gene expression studies.

The company sells a lot of "systems" that include a combination of different products, so they can get pretty expensive.

  • Up to 43% commissions from personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 5% from level 1 recruits' sales volumes
    • Executive bonuses from 9 - 15% from sales on you team
    • Generational commissions or 10% on 1st generation, or up to 5% going down 6 generations
  • Other commission bonuses available
  • See full comp plan for more details
17. Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields is a well respected skincare direct sales company that was started by a team of two Stanford-trained dermatologists, (Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields) so you can imagine that the products are backed by science.

The company advertises as providing "personalized skincare", but really all this means is that their consultants are trained to give one-on-one guidance to customers.

Products consist of face serums, face masks, dermacosmetics, brushes, tools for pore-cleansing, blackhead removal and dermarollers, lotions, pastes, sunscreens, eye creams and more - all high quality.

  • $45 for basic starter kit
  • Personal sales commissions of around 15 - 30%
  • Downline commissions
    • 10% from level 1 and 5% from level 2 consultants
    • 5% Generation commissions - 5 levels deep - and up to 2.5% on the 6th generation
  • See full compensation plan for more details
18. Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh was created to "fill a void in the pampering industry". The idea was that there aren't enough gentle, natural skin care products out there... and so the company came into existence in 2011 by Ann Dalton, who has a passion for pampering.

The product lineup mostly consists of skin care products, such as hand creams, face wash, moisturizers, many types of bath bars, their popular skin sticks with various formulations (CBD, sleep formula, etc.), and more. There is a big focus on natural ingredients here, and many are vegan.

  • Starter kits start out at $30
  • Pays 15 - 40% on retail commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • 10 - 15% commissions on first two levels
  • See compensation plan for more details
19. Arbonne

Arbonne was founded in the early 1980's and sells natural beauty/health products that are 100% vegan, cruelty free, non-GMO, soy-free, and are sourced sustainably (which they place a big emphasis on). These include products dealing with skin care, body washes, makeup, hair products, and even nutritional supplements such as shakes as well as those for enhancing physical performance. They believe in a holistic approach to health and beauty, and so their products are formulated to help improve the mind, body, and skin.

  • $49 welcome kit and registration fee + annual renewal fee
  • Commissions from personal sales range from 15 - 35%
  • Downline commissions
    • 1 - 8% commissions
  • See compensation plan for more details


20. Forever Living

Forever Living is called "the aloe vera company" and, as you can imagine, their products are based around the health benefits of this wonderful succulent plant. Their products consist mostly of drinks, aloe vera gel drinks, with a variety of different natural ingredient combinations and flavors. Additionally they have other products like herbal teas and natural energy drinks called "Forever FAB Active Boost".

The company was founded in 1978 and has been supplying quality products from the beginning, placing a lot of emphasis on quality ingredients and only sourcing from the best aloe vera plants (there are over 400 species).

  • Starter kits start at $35
  • 35 - 48% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 3 - 13% Group Bonuses
21. Plexus

Plexus is all about helping people feel better, look better, focus better, and live better. They place an emphasis on high quality ingredients and try to go the non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, gluten-free route when possible.

Their products can be placed in four categories... 1) Weight Management: which includes products such as Plexus Slim Microbiome Activating that contains prebiotics to help improve gut health, Plexus Slim Hunger Control that works as an appetite suppressant, and more; 2) Nutrition: some of which products include the antioxidant-rich powder of Plexus Active, the multi-vitamin XFactor Plus, their Bio Cleanse detox supplement, and the pain-relief Nerve formula that helps support healthy nerve function; 3) Joyome Skincare: here you have collagen complex powders and anti-aging serums; and lastly. 4) Personal Care: there are creams for pain-relief as well as health, and they even sell a Breast Chek kit for at-home self examinations.

  • $39.95 annual membership fee and pushed to purchase a Welcome Pack, which start at $99
  • 15 - 25% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 5% on level 1
    • Point system where Plexus points are distributed 7 levels up from sales of Welcome Packs - point value varies each month slightly
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
22. Youngevity

Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach with the goal of helping people live younger... longer. The company now has its fingers in many different areas of health, and the product variety reflects this.

Products include things like detox supplements, pre-workouts, hemp extract-infused coffee, appetite suppressants, superfood chewables, food seasonings/sauces, meal-replacement shakes, gut-health formulas, energy & focus enhancement supplements, essential oils... and they even have products like purses & jewelry, makeups & shampoos, photo books, creative card and stamp kits, and more.

  • Starter kits start at $30 + $30 enrollment fee with $49.95 annual renewal fee
  • Up to 30% commissions on personal sales + an additional 30% bonus with new customers
  • Downline commissions
    • Residual commissions from 5 - 8% going down 6 levels
    • Infinity bonus of 2 - 6% from levels 7 - 9+
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
23. Shaklee

Shaklee was established in 1956 and has become one of the most widely-known health & wellness companies of its kind, much of which likely has to do with the fact that a long list of Olympic athletes use their products.

They are probably most known for their 30-day Prove It Challenge, in which customers purchase a kit of different products to lose weight and get in shape in 30 days. But they offer more than just this. The company also sells sports performance supplements, natural home-cleaning products, beauty & anti-aging creams, serums, and moisturizers, weight-loss kits, vitamins, detox supplements and more.

  • $49.95 for a Distributor Welcome Pack
  • Average of 16% profits on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 4 - 8% commissions on personal group volume
    • 3 - 8% Generational Bonuses + Infinity Bonuses going 6 generations deep 
    • Infinity Check Match Bonus
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
24. Zija International

Zija manufactures a number of health & wellness products. The company started in 2005 and their flagship products are their Core Moringa lineup, but they also have many others now. 

Their Isagenix product line is another popular one, and features nutritional shakes, meal bars, cleansing products, natural energy drinks and more. Additionally, they have plant protein products, nitric oxide boosters, coffee, and even essential oils.

  • Personal sales commissions of up to 25%
  • Downline commissions
    • 15% binary payout commissions on lesser leg
    • Leadership Check Match going down 4 generations
  • Other bonuses available

Essential Oils

25. Young Living

Bringing in billions in revenue each year, Young Living is at the top of the direct sales industry when it comes to essential oils, not to mention that the quality of their products are as good as it gets with their Seed to Seal® guarantee that ensures products quality.

The company was founded in 1993 and has been in some trouble with regulatory bodies for misleading health claims, but overall has a solid reputation and solid products, which consist of plain essential oils & blends, diffusers, massage oils, soaps & shampoos - and they've even expanded to sell health foods/snacks and supplements that have nothing to do with essential oils.

  • Starter kits begin at $35
  • 24% personal sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • Unilevel commissions of 4 - 8% going down 5 levels
    • Generational Commissions of 1 - 3% going down 8 generations
  • See full compensation plan for more details
26. doTERRA

doTERRA, meaing "gift of the earth" in Latin, is an essential oil company that is hand-in-hand with Young Living, and is also a billion dollar + company. The quality here is also as good as it gets, and is ensured with their CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® label.

Their product lineup is similar. Of course their main focus is on essential oils, in which they have pure essential oils & essential oil blends, diffusers, essential oil-infused deodorants & shampoos, etc., but they also sell other products such as various health supplements.

  • Personal sales commissions of 25%
  • Downline commissions
    • 2 - 7% Unilevel Organizational Bonuses going down 7 levels
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
27. Aihu 

Aihu is an essential oils-based direct sales company. They "believe Mother Nature got it right the first time" and provide a number of different natural products for anti-stress, pampering, skin health and more - all of which they ensure high quality ingredients.

Products include therapeutic gels, bath salts, mineral-containing foundation & blush powders, facial scrubs, creams, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, and even some natural cleaning products like laundry detergent, deodorizing spray, and cleaner.

What's nice about the opportunity is the simplicity of the compensation plan - nothing overly confusing or complicated here.

  • Basic starter kit for $75
  • 30% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • Level override commissions of 1 - 9% going down 4 levels
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details


28. Tupperware

Established by Earl Tupper back in the 1940's, Tupperware has grown to become a household brand-name - so much so that many people refer to any sort of food storage container as Tupperware.

Tupperware's products are supposed to make our lives easier and help reduce the amount of plastic used on disposable containers. Products in their lineup normal plastic food preservation containers, cups and bowls (with lids often), fruit peelers, pressure cookers, pots, pans, rice cookers, and more.

As far as quality goes, their products are as good as they get... and most people who own some will tell you the same.

  • Basic Business Kit for $60
  • 25 - 35% personal sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • Generational Bonuses going down 7 levels - 6 - 12%
29. Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is another good alternative if you're looking to make some money via direct sales of cookware. 

The products they sell are similar to those of Tupperware, but there isn't so much of a focus on food storage containers, but rather cookware as a whole. Pots, pans, outdoor grills, knives, air-fryers, blenders, sauces & flavorings, and plenty more... are all included in the lineup here.

Additionally, the company provides recipes for all sorts of full-blown meals and tasty treats... which goes along with the companies belief that "quick tips and powerful tools can fuel a faster, no-fuss cooking experience".

  • Basic starter kit only costs ~ $20
  • 20 - 25% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • Team Override commissions of 1 - 4%
    • Leadership Overrides of 1 - 4% going down generational levels
30. Royal Prestige

Royal Prestige was established in 1959 and is all about cooking smarter and cooking healthier, and they provide a handful of unique products to achieve this goal.

They are a smaller company than Tupperware and Pampered Chef, but still a great choice for high quality cookware. They have a fair range or products, everything from pots & cutlery to slow cookers & juicers - with most of their products for cooking rather than storage and other food-related needs. Some of their more well-known items include those in the INNOVE® and NOVEL® product lineups, which are pots that feature a waterless and greaseless cooking systems.

  • 20% commissions from personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 2 x 3 matrix
  • *Note: Comp plan details are very limited. Please comment below this post if you have additional information to add.
31. Thrive Live

Here you have a different type of direct sales business, still in the kitchen category, but all about healthy food rather than cookware.

Thrive Live brings us healthy and natural foods that won't spoil in a few days, don't require thawing or cooking, don't need prepared, and have no fillers or preservatives.

Some of their product lines include: 1) RUVI, which consist of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. 2) Snackies, which are snack-sized freeze dried fruits. Their 3) TO GO products... meals consisting of various healthy ingredients that just need water to be eaten, such as the Berry Blast TO GO BOWL that is made-up of berries, granola, yogurt, flax seed and whey protein. 4) Simple Plate, which is their delivery meal service. And then they have other foods like grilled meats, cheeses, rice, quinoa, seasonings, pastry mixes and more.

What's more is that they spend 5% of their profits in developing countries (building schools, etc), which is a pretty significant amount... and is nice to see.

  • Starter kits starting at $129
  • Personal sales commissions of 20-32% (potential for up to 64% with bonuses from recruiting other distributors)
  • Downline commissions
    • Team commissions going down 6 levels
    • 2% pool shares


32. Norwex

Norwex started out in 1994 in Norway with a single microfiber cleaning cloth. Today it has expanded to become a worldwide brand, but still keeps true to its original vision, which is to give people an option for cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals.

The main focus is its microfiber cloths, with rely on different microfiber technology rather than chemicals to get the job done.

Some of their top-sellers include microfiber cloths with BacLock® purification technology, EnviroCloths that are microfiber clothes made of 70% recycled material, Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls, their Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, and micro-fiber exfoliating mitts. Other products include everything from stainless steel straws & food containers, to re-usable grocery bags & sponges, cleanings sprays and more.

  • No starter kit requirement
  • Personal sales commissions of 35%
  • Downline commissions
    • 3% commissions from sales of personal recruits
    • 5% commissions from group sales
    • 1 - 3% commissions going down 3 levels
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details
33. H2O at Home

H2O at Home is another cleaning product company that is trying to get people away from chemically harsh cleaners, this one based in France.

They try to include natural ingredient substitutes every chance they can and use "revolutionized technologies" that allow you to clean with just water, which is unique and great for the environment.

Products include microfiber towels, limescale removers, cleaning clay kits (cleans with natural clay), bath mats, essential oils, fragrances, diffusers, organic body washes, soaps, toothpastes, lotions and more - not quite as extensive as Norwex, but still good.

  • Around $100 for a starter kit
  • 25 - 40% in personal sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • Up to 10% from personal recruits
  • Other bonuses available


34. Boisset Collection

Headquartered in California, the Boisset Collection company brings us wine from a family-owned collection of wineries in California, as well as wineries in France, and Canada, which are what they call some of the world's most "prestigious terroirs".

Products consist of Chardonnays, Merlots, Sparklings, Cabernets, Champagnes, red wines, blends and more. These range in price from around $15 to close to high quality wines at nearly $800.

The goal of the company is to create the most passionate and inspiring wine community in the world, and anyone with a love for wine can join as an ambassador.

  • Starter kits starting at $42
  • $1,000 in personal sales required annually or $250/mo if building a team
  • 25 - 35% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 1 - 8% going down 2 levels and 4 generations
35. Vinyard

In 2001 Traveling Vinyard was founded by Rick Libby, who came up with the direct sales of wine concept after attending a Pampered Chef party. The idea behind the company was to "demystify" wine for normal folks and teach them what to drink and how to enjoy it, in which anyone can become a Wine Guide to do. The website also provides a food-pairing guide where customers can input what they will be eating at mealtime and will be given good wine selections to compliment the meal, and vice versa.

The wines include white blends, Cabernet Sauvignons, Voigniers, Chardonnays, Syrahs, red blends, Muscats, and plenty more. They are all low-priced, with it seems everything being under $20, which would attract a different crowd than the more fine wines of the Boisset Collection.

  • Cheapest option to join is $99 - also a $15.95 fee after 3 months
  • Personal sales commissions of 15% with bonuses that can bring it up to 35%
  • Downline commissions
    • Residual commissions of 1 - 5% going down 3 levels
    • 1 - 2% Leadership Bonuses available
    • 0.5 - 2% Generational Bonuses available down to 5 generations deep
  • Other bonuses available
36. WineShop At Home

WineShop At Home is a Napa Valley, California winery company. However, they also source wines from all over the world, bringing blends of artisan wines that are truly unique. And, they release new blends regularly, as customers are encouraged to check back each month.

Products consist of Chardonnays, while & red blends, Meritages, sparklings, Pinot Noirs, and so on. The lowest-priced wines cost around $17 and they go up to only around $70 or so. They also sell wine cases, which can get more costly.

  • Starter kits begin at $39.95
  • Personal commissions of 20 - 35%
  • Team building - can increase commissions to 44% by building a team


37. Cocoa Exchange

When it comes to direct sales chocolate opportunities, Cocoa Exchange is in a league of its own (originally called Dove Chocolate Connection). Sourced from Ivory Coast, West Africa, their chefs created award-winning flavor combinations that you won't find elsewhere.

Products include dark chocolates, truffles and regular old chocolate bars, mousse kits, chocolate coffee, chocolate cookie mixes, chocolate protein smoothie mixes, and much more. Cocoa Exchange believes that cocoa deserves a place at the dinner table, and so they also provide some more unusual products, such as dinner sets that consist of cocoa rubs/mixes and various sauces/flavorings that can be added to meat dishes and whatnot.

Their signature products lines include DOVE Signature, known for it's smoothness, PURE DARK, POD & BEAN, and VITALIZE.

  • 25 - 40% personal sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • 3 - 5% commissions from team sales

Candles & Scents

38. PartyLite

PartyLite's history can be traced back to the early 1900's when the start of American candle-making began with Mabel baker making bayberry candles in her kitchen. Fast forward a while - PartyLite emerged in 1973 from these humble beginnings, and today is one of the largest direct sales candle/scent companies out there.

Candles are their claim-to-fame and they sell a variety of them, including jar candles, tealight candles, pillar candles, wooden-wick candles, tapers and different candles holders/accessories to go with them. And if you aren't into candles, their Flameless Fragrance selection includes essential oils & diffusers, wax melts, fragrance sticks, etc.

  • Starter kits begin at $49
  • 25 - 32% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 7% commissions from team sales
39. Scentsy

Scentsy is another top choice for direct sales of candles and scents.

They started out in 2004 with a love for fragrance and its ability to help stir up our deepest memories. The company started out with wickless candles and decorative warmers, but has grown a lot since then - now producing everything candles & wax melts, to essential oils & diffusers, to scented body washes & lotions, laundry soap and pet shampoo.

  • Starter kits being at $99
  • 20 - 25% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • Team Wholesale Volume bonuses of 2 - 7% going down 3 levels
    • Generational Team Wholesale Volume bonuses of 3 - 5% going down 3 generations
  • Other bonuses available
  • See full compensation plan for more details

Self Defense

Okay, the sword might be a little extreme, but this next direct sales company sure does provide some good self defense products...

40. Damsel In Defense

The opposite of a damsel in distress is a Damsel In Defense. This direct sales company is in a category of its own, and is all about empowering women and equipping them with means of protection and defense.

Products include stun guns, bullet-proof inserts for backpacks, RFID wallets, pepper spray, fashionable whistle necklaces (that don't look like whistles) and armbands for carrying protection items, and even some digital protection products for social media monitoring and identity theft protection.

Got a thing for physical empowerment? Then this might be for you.

  • Starter kit for $99
  • 15 - 30% personal sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
    • Downline bonuses of 1 - 4% going down 4 levels & 3 generations
  • Other bonuses available


41. Close to My Heart

If you have a sentimental side to you and like to get crafty, then Close to My Heart is a possible option.

This company is in the business of papercrafting, scrapbooking, and stamping - and has been for decades.

Products include inks, stamp pads, albums, thin cut stamps, brushes, pens, cardstock, glitter gels, heat-transfer vinyl, embellishments, cards, dyes and just about everything you can think of for scrapbooking. For people just starting it can be overwhelming, but they also provide scrapbooking workshop kits that include all one needs to get started.

  • Starter kit for $70
  • 22% base commissions on personal sales 
  • Override commissions from 8 - 13%, bringing the total commission up to 35% at most
42. Stampin Up

Stampin up was founded by two sisters in 1988 as a way to express creativity and build relationships... and has since grown to become a business with tens of thousands of independent distributors (demonstrators, as they call them).

Products here are very similar to those from Close to My Heart, including blender pens, glitter brushes, decorative masks, ink, markers, cutting blades, paper snips, and their "Stamparatus" stamp placement tool, which is unique to this company. They also sell product bundles which makes product selection easier for beginners.

  • Starter kit for $99
  • 20 - 25% commissions on personal sales
  • Downline commissions
    • 3 - 6.5% on level 1
    • 2.5 - 5.5% on level 2
    • 1 - 3.5% on level 3
  • Other bonuses available
43. Chalk Couture

The company above began with two sisters, and Chalk Couture began with two moms. This company's focus is creativity and to make life a work of art.

Two of their most popular products include various styles of Reusable Chalk Transfers™ and different colors of washable Chalkology™, an ink that sets when heated. Additionally, they provide display easels, trimmers and other tools, and more.

  • Starter kit for $99
  • Up to 40% commissions on personal retail sales and 25% commissions on personal website sales - additional sales bonuses available
  • Downline commissions 
    • Phase 1 Team Commissions of 1 - 8% on level 1, 2 - 5% on level 2, and 1 - 2% on level 3
    • Phase 2 Team Commissions of 9 - 11% on level 1, 6 - 8% on level 2, and 2% on level 3
  • Additional bonuses available


Here are a couple good quality lingerie direct sales companies. Note: If you are looking for more sensual lingerie opportunities then check out our lingerie direct sales company list.

44. Ruby Ribbon

Ruby Ribbon was founded in 2011 and places a lot of emphasis on women's empowerment and positive body image. 

Their main product line-up is their Original Cami, which is a wire-free cami that has molded cups and supports all sizes. They also sell other kinds of camis as well as swimwear and leggings. 

Because of their focus, products are available in plus sizes and you certainly won't see supermodels modeling their lingerie.

  • Mini Start Kit costs $149 (the cheapest available)
  • Personal sales commissions start off at 20% - can be increased to as much as 40%
  • Downline commissions
    • Team bonuses paid down 4 generations - 6% on gen 1, 3% on gen 2, 2% on gen 3, and 1% on gen 4
45. Essential Bodywear

This company is simple to Ruby Ribbon. They were founded in 2003 and their mission is also to empower women by supporting positive body ideals. 

The big difference is that Essential Bodywear is all about bras, not camis. They sell ultra-comfortable bras that customers love, their most popular being the Abbie Bra that sells from $60-$80. Additionally they sell some shapewear, leggings, and other products.

  • Basic starter kit costs $199 + there is a $19.95/mo fee for the replicated website consultants get
  • Personal sales commissions range from 25-37%
  • Downline commissions
    • Leadership bonuses available - details not given


While you can make money with direct sales/MLM opportunities, it should be known that they often are more difficult than they may seem.

This is due to the pyramid-like commission structures that MLMs use, which lead to a small percentage of people making good money while most do not, as explained in this post on failure rates.

The thought of financial freedom and working on your own schedule can be very luring, but they are usually much more difficult than they may seem at first.

If you don't want to be involved in a recruitment focused business like these, then there are other options. With affiliate marketing, for example, there is no recruitment required and no sharing of commissions.


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