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April 16


9 Lingerie Direct Sales Companies for Sexy Earnings

There really aren't all that many lingerie direct sales companies out there, but here we've managed to put together a list of 9. These include different kinds of direct sales companies and the types of lingerie that they sell differ quite a bit, which is good because it means that, no matter your taste, you'll have a better chance of finding a good fit for you.

But before we get to the list, let's talk about what "direct sales" companies actually are. There is a big misconception here.

Direct Sales Companies In a Nutshell:

Direct sales companies are NOT MLM companies... not by default. A direct sales company is simply a company that sells products directly to consumers, usually via a sales force of independent distributors. This term has almost become synonymous with MLM (multi-level marketing)... but it is different.

Most direct sales companies are MLMs, and add the "multi-level" element to their business model. But not all do, as you will see in this list.

List of 9 Direct Sales Companies Selling Lingerie That You Can Join Today

1. Ruby Ribbon
Ruby Ribbon

Starting off the list is Ruby Ribbon, which made our mega-list of women's direct sales opportunities. This company was founded in 2011 by Anna Zornosa. Their original product was the Original Cami, which is said to have offered wireless support like no other product on the market at the time. The company is based around being "real" and no longer accepting "unrealistic ideals", and so their products are all centered around providing good comfort no matter what you're body shape or size. This is why you'll find pictures of "normal" models modeling their products for them on the website - not some super thin supermodels. There is a big focus on positive body image here and boosting self confidence - which is a movement a lot of women could stand proudly behind.


Their Original Cami is still around and is their flagship product. This is a wire-free cami that supports all cup sizes, has molded cups to avoid uni-boobs, adjustable straps, and is said to be extremely comfortable. These range in price from around $60 -$70 - pretty expensive but many claims they are worth the price.

They also sell different collections of camis, such as their Lace Collection that features lace camis, their Sheer Collection, Sport Collection for more active-friendly camis, and a line-up of demiettes. And besides the camis they also sell swimwear and leggings.

Business Opportunity

If their camis are something that you are a fan of, you can join the opportunity they have to become a Stylist. Their Mini Start Kit is the most affordable and goes for $149. This includes 3 products and business materials, such as a personal website.

Commissions on personal sales start out at 20% and can be increased to as much as 40% by moving up the ranks withing the company. The other main way to earn is from Team Bonuses, which you will be able to earn by recruiting in other stylists. These can be earned going down 4 generations - they payout 6% on the first generation, 3% on the second, 2% on the third, and 1% on the fourth. The comp plan here is pretty basic and typical of a direct sales MLM company.

2. Essential Bodywear
Essential Bodywear

Essential Bodywear is another lingerie direct sales/MLM company that falls into the same category of that listed above, but has a one big difference, which is that its main focus is on providing ultra-comfortable bras. The company was founded in 2003 by a woman named Carrie who had recently felt the power of a well-fit bra... and so she made it her mission to help others experience the same. The company is focused on providing comfort above all else, no matter your body-shape or size... and places a lot of emphasis on women's empowerment and positive body image.

Models of their bras, similar to Ruby Ribbon listed above, are of all sizes and they make it clear that their is never any photo-shopping done or anything to change their looks.


Their best-selling bra is their Abbie Bra, which is a t-shirt bra that has molded cups, ergonomic straps and is a seamless style. These retail anywhere from $60-$80 (yes, they are expensive). Additionally they sell Chrissy strapless bras, lace Sofia bras, sports bras, and more. Some of these sell for much less than the Abbie - all are high quality.

*Yes, most of them have people names... not sure where they come from.

And besides bras they also sell leggings, shapewear like wraps, slimming tanks, and their Nursing Cami, and even some basic jackets.

Business Opportunity

Joining this opportunity and becoming an EBW Fit Stylist, aka "bra lady", is moderately expensive. Their Basic Kit, which is the lowest-cost, is $199 - supposedly has over $1,000 in value however. This provides a small collection of bras, panties, and a cami... in addition to business tools and training. There is also a $19.95/mo charge for maintaining an active replicated website.

Bra Ladies will not need to carry inventory. The job will be that of a fitter. You'll go around with their Cupz Fitting System and Fit Kit samples to take measurements. Orders will be sent directly to customers.

Commissions from personal sales will range from 25%-37%. Other than this there isn't much public information available about this compensation plan. They do offer leadership bonuses, which are going to be downline bonuses of some kind, but details are lacking.

3. BBES Lingerie
BBES Lingerie

BBES Lingerie is another direct sales/MLM company, but this is of a different kind than those listed above. This company specializes in lingerie, shapewear and intimates, and is largely focused on sex appeal. They claim to be "America's leading Lingerie Retail Company", but who knows how true a statement like this actually is. They all seem to say something along these lines.


Some statistics we've found state that this company carries over 20,000 products, but it seems that nowadays they don't carry nearly as much as they once did. Products include bras, camis, lace rompers, mesh & lace chamise sets, Victorian lace bustier sets, intimate silk dresses, see-through lace gowns, teddy outfits and more - all of which are (just as a reminder) for intimacy and not at all focused on comfort. In fact, most of these clothing articles look rather uncomfortable, but this isn't the point.

Business Opportunity

The business opportunity is built around in-home demonstrations. Consultants can host parties and invite friends (or anyone) over to demonstrate the latest BBES sensual products. New consultants are encouraged to invite over friends and have them bring over some of their friends, helping to meet more like-minded people and branch out. This opportunity is said to support female entrepreneurship and help women enjoy their sex lives more.

*Note: They suggest women-only parties in order to give women a more comfortable environment to learn about sensual products. As they state, men can "wait eagerly at home to see their partner's purchases".

There are 8 ways to earn and on the website they state that you can "easily earn as much as $1,000 per week just by doing a few extra parties"... but of course this is easier said than done. The specifics of the compensation plan are not publicly available. That said, they do mention expanding income potential by recruiting in other consultants, so this does fall under the MLM company category as well as direct sales.

When you join through a sponsor you'll get support from that sponsor and will have access to locally-held meetings. Additionally, BBES also holds monthly live training calls and they have their BBES Consultant's Parties University where educational business content is provided.

4. Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva Lingerie
Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva

Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva Lingerie is a company that offers a large line-up of lingerie as well as adult toys. As the name suggests, they are all about intimacy, and take a more well-rounded approach with what they sell as well as their business opportunity. What they offer is for both men and women.


Women's and men's lingerie (mostly women's) include lace garter suites, fishnet bodystockings, crotch-less panties, exotic teddy suites, bodysuites, bra & panty sets, , cup-less bras, mesh rompers, lace mini-dresses, garter belts, boyshorts, men's thongs, and more. Most products are made from either faux leather, polyeruthane or PU leather. Beautifully Intimate Kits are also sold, which are just bundles of items based on certain themes or tastes. And some additional items they sell are things like body oils, shave creams, and adult toys. 

The amount of lingerie products they sell is enormous - well over 1,000. With that said, you can find a wide variety of items, and it's worth noting that they carry plus-size lingerie. Another upside here is that the prices are very affordable - for example a women's bodystocking or bodysuite can be purchased for just over $20. The downside is that the quality of these items isn't the greatest.

Business Opportunity

This is another business opportunity that is based around parties. They say that throwing a Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva Lingerie party is perfect for a 21st birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, and bridal showers.

What makes this company a bit different from the rest is that they encourage both women and men to join, which they refer to as Divas and Hustlers.

Affiliates will start off earning 35% discounts on products that they purchase, which they can then sell at a 35% markup - and likewise they receive 35% commissions from online sales. However, these rates can increase to as much as a 45% commission from online sales and a 50% discount on personal orders. Downline commissions are paid down to 10 levels deep. On level 1 you get paid 4%, on level 2 you get paid 3%, then 2.5%, 2%, 1.5%, and 1% for levels 6-10.

One of the upsides to this opportunity is that there is no cost to join - no quota requirements either.

5. Tina's Fine Lingerie & Swimwear
Tinas Fine Lingerie

Tina's Fine Lingerie & Swimwear sells, you guessed it, lingerie and swimwear (and more that we'll go over). The company has been around for a quite, starting out in 1997 with one storefront... and has since expanded their business with the direct sales business model - this is not a MLM business however... no recruiting.


When it comes to lingerie you can find lace robes, corsets & bustiers, satin kimonos, pajamas, teddies, bridal gowns, body suits, bras & panties, body stockings, mesh & lace dresses, sheer pantyhose, stocking panties, etc. And in the swimwear category you can find bikinis, one piece suits, tankinis and others.

They also sell all sorts of costumes, some adult toys, and even a small amount of CBD products including gummies, creams and massage oils. [if interested you can check out our list of CBD direct sales companies]

This company sells some exotic brand names, such as Shirley of Hollywood and Dreamgirls, but much of their collection consists of low-cost brand-less items. These are very affordable but the quality is not the greatest... as should be expected. That said, the sheer volume and variety that this company offers still makes it a good choice.

*Many items are available in plus-sizes

Business Opportunity

When you become a consultant at Tina's you will be able to make your own starter kit by selecting what products you want - and you'll get 40% off these products. However, the minimum purchase on this first order is $200, which is quite a lot. If this is too expensive, prospects are encouraged to host parties before joining, with the help of another consultant, to earn money for covering the starter kit cost.

For home parties, consultants and hostesses are encouraged to simply start out inviting their friends, and then continue to branch out their customer-base with their friends' friend, and so on. You can receive 15% of product purchases just by hosting these parties... and without actually being a consultant. But of course being a consultant you'll earn more.

The business opportunity here is strictly direct sales. There is no recruiting in other consultants for downline commissions. The main opportunity is simply joining as a consultant and collecting customer orders, which will then be shipped directly to the customer, or by buying at wholesale prices, keeping inventory and selling at markups.

6. Simply Naked
Simply Naked

Simply Naked is an intimate lingerie business that is part of the larger Intimate Tickles company - both were co-founded by a couple, Deryk & Virginia. You could think of it as a brand that is part of the larger parent company.


The lingerie product line-up here is large and has a lot of variety. They sell bridals, bustiers, chemises, corsets, dresses, skirts, body stockings, jumpsuits, gowns & robes, bras & panties - with materials like leather, vinyl, fish-net,etc. They also have a bunch of different products lines, such as Shirly Of Hollywood, Daisy Corsets, Dreamgirls, Til Midnight, Allure, Elegant Moments, Escante Lingerie, Fantasy Lingerie and others.

Most lingerie here is moderately priced and falls into the range of $30-$60, but you'll also find some outliers much more expensive and cheaper.

Business Opportunity

If you want to join the business opportunity and become an "Adult Romance Consultant" you will first have to purchase one of their business startup kits. The cheapest is their Small Aphrodisiac Kit which costs $60 and includes aphrodisiac lotions, creams, oils, etc. Additionally, there is a $14.95/mo cost - this seems to be for maintaining the personal website. All of the startup kits are the same as the ones if you were to join the Intimate Tickles parent company, and there are none that include just lingerie. So if you do end up joining you'll need to sell some other non-lingerie adult products (at least at the beginning - or you could just use them yourself).

Commissions for personal sales are set at 45%, which is a pretty good percentage. They also offer override bonuses going down 3 levels. You'll be able to get paid 5% on level 1, 4% on level 2, and 3% on level 3. Then there are a number of bonuses in addition to this, such as their fast track bonus, sponsor bonus, free product bonus and more. There are 6 ranks total and of course the different ways to earn that are available are dependent on rank.

To help consultants get started, this company has a marketing center with tools and training for marketing your Simply Naked business online, as well as their "Social Gro" social media marketing tools.

7. Fantasia

Fantasia is a Canadian-based adult product direct sales/MLM business. The company has stood the test of time, having been in business since 1980. It's main focus isn't lingerie, but they do have a lingerie product line which is why it made the list.

Fantasia is centered around women's empowerment and helping women "find their sensual voice". They believe relationships should be sensual and fun, and that women should express their hidden desires.


Fantasia boasts of a product-line that is sure to meet everyone's desires, "From the conservative woman to the tigress who likes to indulge her wild side".

Lingerie that they carry includes things like microfiber & mesh boy shorts, lace panties, sheer pantyhose, mesh nighties, babydoll sets, fishnet dresses and a few more. ​

Their product kits are some of their main sellers. These include exotic massage oils, libido-enhancing oils, edible creams, and more - and sell for $100+. Additionally, they sell a variety of adult toys, games & accessories, sensual bath gels, oils, salts, etc. 

The company sells their own good-quality branded products, but also carries those from other name-brands.

Business Opportunity

To join the business there are two options: joining as Fantasia consignment or Fantasia express. They recommend that you join Fantasia express, which is an opportunity more like most direct sales companies - you could always switch later on.

The starter kit costs $199 (CAD) and includes oils, creams, lubes, adult toys and some business materials such as a billing book and a replicated website - unfortunately there isn't lingerie included here.

The details of the compensation plan aren't provided publicly. What we do know is that if you join as Fantasia consignment you will be charged 50% of the retail value for the products you order upfront and will have to carry inventory. This approach is more risky but commission rates are likely higher.

Like others, consultants are encouraged to have parties and/or to help organize them. They are big into themed parties that are customized for various occasions.

8. Pure Romance
Pure Romance

Pure Romance is easily one of the largest direct sales/MLM companies of adult products there is... and one of the most successful. The company was founded by Patty Brisben in 1993, out of her basement. She started out educating and empowering women through her home parties - and now Patty has even went on to found a women's sexual health foundation to help improve the lack of education in this area. It started with just one and now there are 10's of thousands of consultants all over the world.


Their lingerie products can be divided in to two categories: nightwear and sleepwear. In nightwear you have your lace bodysuits, short gowns, garter slips, and lace skirts. These are the sensual products that are made for intimacy and pleasure. In the sleepwear category it's all about getting a good night sleep. Here you have lounge pants & tees, boy shorts, and some others.

Pure Romance is an established brand that ensures high quality products, and so their lingerie can be expensive. For example, a lace bodysuit will cost you about $80.

Lingerie is just one of their product categories however. They also sell bath & shower products like shave cream and body oil, lubricants and creams, essential oils and skin lotion, and of course... sex toys.

Business Opportunity

If you like the products and want to earn some money then, like most, you can join as a consultant and help throw parties, whether they be your own or just to help out a hostess.

Their Standard Kit costs $219 and is the most affordable they offer. This includes some best-selling products, marketing materials, a replicated website, etc.

When it comes to the details of the compensation plan, again, the information isn't straightforward. Some sources claim that personal sales start out at 40% and can reach as much as 60%, which is almost unheard of, while others claim you start out at just 15%. Additionally, we found that shipping costs can eat a portion of the commission gained, so the actual commissions percentages are blurry.

*Most of their sales actually come from their bath & beauty product line.

9. Lovewinx

Lovewinx is a direct sales/MLM company that was founded to help enhance people's sexual experiences. Their consultants give presentations that help adults, both men and women, become more sexually aware by bringing the fun and romance back into relationships.


Their lingerie products are sensual, but not overly sensual. You won't find any crotch-less panties or the likes here. What you will find includes lace bustiers, a variety of lace dresses, mesh gowns, slip dresses, camisoles, and lace babydolls, many of which come in multiple variations. These are all a bit more on the high-priced side and most cost in the range of $60-$80, but the quality is good.

Other products that the company sells include a long line-up of essential oils, bath products like body mists, body creams, body washes, shave creams, bubble bath liquid, scrubs, bath bombs, massage lotions, etc., as well as a bunch of sensual products such as lip balm with pheromones, gels & lubes, arousal oils, and sex toys.

Business Opportunity

As a consultant you'll have to become somewhat of an expert on enhancing sexual experiences, which is at the core of what this company's purpose is.

The cost to join at first seemed to be $195 for their cheapest starter kit. This kit includes creams and body oils mostly. Like many of the others, because lingerie isn't really this business' core product, it's not included in the starter kits. However, after moving forward with the joining process, it appears that another $79 package is available to join with.

Personal sales commissions can reach as high as 55%, with discount levels going up to as much as 55%. Downline commissions are typical of MLMs. You have up to 6 levels of team payout commissions, sponsor & mentoring bonuses, advancement bonuses and more.

Top Picks

Which direct sales company is best for you will depend on what you are looking for. They all sell lingerie, but some are very different from the rest.

If you're looking for lingerie direct sales companies that have a mission of women's empowerment, want to squash unrealistic body image ideals, and you aren't looking for anything sensual... then your choices are Ruby Ribbon and Essential Bodywear, both of which are good, reputable companies.

If you are looking direct sales lingerie companies that sell sensual lingerie then you have more options. Tina's Fine Lingerie & Swimwear and Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva Lingerie have lots of products but they are on the cheaper side. And remember, Tina's Fine Lingerie & Swimwear is a direct sales opportunity without the MLM part... which is different yet. Then on the other hand you have companies like Pure Romance and Fantasia - both sell good quality products and really care about their brand... and have a lot of other sensual adult products that could be sold along with lingerie (lingerie not being their main focus).

So with are our top picks? Well, we can't really provide a good answer to this question. It is up to you.

We hope this list has helped you out on your quest for direct sales companies that sell lingerie! If you know of any others that you think we should add to the list, let us know in the comment section below 🙂

PS: Most direct sales companies are MLM's, which are notorious for being very difficult to make money with. Here is an alternative we highly recommend (which you can also earn money with selling lingerie).


lingerie direct sales companies

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