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Best CBD Direct Sales Companies 2020 – A List of 9

The CBD industry is booming and direct sales is an easy way to get involved. There a number of CBD direct sales companies out there and in this article I'll be going over what I consider to be the best.

The reason direct sales opportunities can be so luring is because you can essentially start your own home-based business without actually starting your own business--you simply join an existing business and sell their products... on your own time and on your own schedule.

The Basics

Direct sales - is a marketing approach that some companies take where they avoid selling in retail stores and instead rely on a workforce of independent distributors to do the selling, which could be people like you and I.

Distributors can make sales in two ways: 1) by first purchasing products from the company at wholesale price and then reselling at a markup, or 2) by referring people to purchase online through your replicated company website.

This business model is usually combined with network marketing (aka MLM) where you can also make money recruiting others into the business and building a "team", although not always.

CBD - stands for cannabidoil and is one of 113 known phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant. It is usually extracted from the hemp variety of cannabis and contains no THC, meaning it will not have hallucinogenic effects.

9 Direct Sales CBD Companies You Can Join Today

*Note: These are in no particular order and at the end I'll give my opinion on what my top 3 choices are.

1. Kannaway


Kannaway is one of the oldest and most established cannabis-based direct sales companies out there, having been founded in 2014. They are based in California and a subsidiary of the larger Medical Marijuana, Inc company.

Their management team includes a lot of experts in the industry, which is why I don't expect to see this company go anywhere anytime soon.


They source their hemp from Netherlands farmers and believe in using little refinement, keeping their products as natural as possible.

The product lineup is pretty long and they even sell non-cannabis based products, but I'll just cover some of the more popular cannabis-based products sold so that you can get an idea of what you are looking at here.

  • Salve is a hemp oil-infused skin cream that contains a Bibong herbal formula with Asian botonicals.
  • Pure Gold provides 50mg of CBD per serving. It is a liquid that can be added to drinks and smoothies.
  • Premium Hemp Oil Capsules are exactly what they sound like. These are capsules that provide 25mg of CBD per serving--along with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.
  • French Roast is one of their coffee products... that is infused with CBD of course. Arabica coffee beans are blended with hemp to make this product.
  • Kannactiv 3-Step Kit is a skincare product that includes a CBD infused exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer.
  • Super Greens is a green powder supplement that includes a multitude of healthy ingredients, including hemp flour.
  • Power Protein is a protein powder that has whey protein isolate and hemp seed protein, along with added natural ingredients.
Compensation Plan

Kannaway has one heck of a compensation plan--lots of different things going on here. There are 18 ranks total and a variety of different commissions, bonuses, etc. to be earned. At most, their comp plan pays down 10 levels deep with the team commissions. 


  • 30% direct sales commissions for first 30 days after new customer enrollment
  • Team commissions paying down 10 levels
  • FastStart Qualified commissions allow you to earn 3x the direct sales commission on personal enrollment purchases.
  • 50% check match - 20% given to sponsor and the rest distributed to the upline.
  • Team Commissions down 10 levels.
  • Rank advancement commissions.
  • Refer 3 customers and get a free product.

A big downside I noticed is how their direct sales commissions--in which you only earn commissions from new customers you sign up for 30 days. It's also important to know that a complicated compensation plan with a lot going on isn't necessarily better, as I'll explain in more detail at the end.

Cost to Join

To become a Kannaway Brand Ambassador, aka distributor, you must first pay a $54.98 annual membership fee.

There is no requirement to purchase expensive product packs, which is nice to see.

2. HempWorx


HempWorx, as many people call it, is a product line inside the My Daily Choice brand, which was founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil in 2017. The company has shown a lot of growth since its beginnings and is one of the largest competitors in the direct sales CBD oil industry.


Out of all the CBD products I've seen from direct sales companies, these rank at the top of my list--not just because they are good quality but also because of how creative some of these products are. As a distributor you will be able to sell a range of products, including:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil which is one of their main and most basic products. This comes in a dropper bottle and can be bought in either 500mg or 750mg CBD concentrations.
  • Relief Topical Cream is a CBD and Emu oil-infused cream that is sold for relief of aches and pains.
  • Renew Topical Cream is a CBD-infused rejuvenating cream that also includes apple stem cells. 
  • CBD Dog Treats that contain a small amount of CBD along with organic sourced ingredients. These are baked treats and almost appear as small cookies.
  • Bath Box is a product they sell which includes CBD bath bombs so that you can enjoy a more relaxing soak in the tub. There are different scents available.
  • Hemp-Infused Coffee is Arabica coffee that is also infused with hemp and chaga mushrooms. You will get about 5mg of CBD per cup of coffee with this stuff.
  • Keto Coffee Creamer comes in different flavors and is a keto-friendly CBD-infused coffee creamer.
Compensation Plan

Binary commissions, check matching, "refer 3 and it's free", jump start bonuses, 12 different ranks... what you have here in the HempWorx compensation plan is pretty typical for MLM direct sales opportunities.


  • "refer 3 and it's free" means that when you refer 3 friends to join the company you will be eligible for free products.
  • Direct sales commissions are 25%.
  • Jump Start Bonuses that pay-out down through 10 levels and are earned after recruiting in new members.
  • Binary Commissions are at the heart of the comp plan and here you can earn 20% on the sales of the "lesser leg" of the structure. They claim you can earn up to $1 million per month here, but of course this won't realistically happen.
  • Leadership Check Matching that pays out down through 10 levels.
  • Global Bonus Pool that you can buy shares in and earn money from company profits.
Cost to Join

The cost to join ranges from $39 - $299. 

The cheapest option is the 'Pet Pack', which includes the HempWorx pet products, but many people might not be interested in this. The Builder Pack is the lowest cost option that most people will be able to use, which consists of nothing more than a dropper bottle of their Full Spectrum CBD Oil for $69.

3. CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome)

CTFO Company

Changing The Future Outcome, or CTFO for short, was originally launched in 2015 as a weight loss direct sales company (where CTFO stood for "Chew The Fat Off") but has since made a strange transition to a CBD direct sales company. I guess the founders decided to jump on the rising trend of CBD and seize the opportunity... not sure. But it doesn't matter much how this company came to be... the point is that it is a large and well known company in the CBD industry.


CTFO's product lineup is pretty long, so I'm not going to be covering everything here, but the following will give you a good idea of what they offer.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops come in a dropper bottle and can be bought in either 500mg or 1,500 concentrations. This is good ol' fashion CBD at its finest.
  • CBD Gummies are adult CBD-infused gummies. Each gummy has 20mg of CBD.
  • CBD Vape Oils are sold for use with any refillable vape pen or device. These come in different flavors.
  • CBD Hair Growth 4-Step System consists of 1) shampoo, 2) conditioner, 3) leave-in, and 4) hair mask--all combined with AnaGain. There is 50-100mg of CBD per container.
  • Pure Hemp Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum is a mix of vitamin C and CBD oil that is formulated to increase collagen production.
  • Massage Oil With Anointing Oil is a combination of CBD oil, olive oil, cinnamon leaf oil and more. It can be used for aches and pains or just for relaxation.
  • Your Majesty Queen Moisturizing Cream is a topical cream that includes 20mg of CBD and can be applied to the face as needed.
  • Pure CBD Insta-Lift Wrinkle Remover is said to reinvigorate the skin and increase collagen and elastin production. 
  • Pure Hemp CBD Collagen Retinal Anti-Aging Cream is another CBD-infused anti-aging cream that is applied topically.

As you can see there are lots of beauty CBD products here, making this opportunity more appealing to women.

Compensation Plan

One thing that is nice about CTFO's compensation plan is that it is fairly straightforward and not as confusing as most... which usually are confusing as all heck just to appear better than they really are. With this comp plan there are 4 ways to earn, that's it.


  • You have Retail Profit in which you can buy the products at wholesale and sell at a markup, which they suggest to be 30% higher.
  • You have Uni-level Pay where you can earn from recruits beneath you down to 5 levels.
  • There is a Matrix Pay structure that is a 3x21 matrix where you earn commission from recruits beneath you--but differs a lot from the Unilevel Pay structure and is separate.
  • And there is Infinity Bonus Pay which is a percentage of your team's sales paid out down infinite levels.
Cost to Join

The cost to join CTFO is free, which is nice. However, in order to become an "active qualified associate" you have to either a) purchase $47.47 worth of products yourself, or b) maintain a personally enrolled customer base or associate downline of at least 10 people.

So is it really free? You decide.

4. CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare was founded in 2016 by Matthew and Stacey Pitts, who love what they sell, not people just looking to jump in on a new popular opportunity. Apparently they had long been fascinated with the health benefits of cannabis, largely due to a friend of Matthews who had found comfort from cannabis while suffering from cancer.

As their name suggests, this company is focused specifically on CBD, which is all comes from organic crops in the USA.


The product lineup here is fairly similar to most. You have plain oils, skin products, capsules, gummies and pet products.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil can be purchased at concentrations of anywhere from 500mg to a whopping 3,500mg and is sold in a dropper bottle.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Liquid Capsules provide CBD oil in capsules that can easily be ingested. You can choose from 10mg per serving to 25mg of CBD.
  • CBD Gummies are adult gummy bears infused with 20mg of CBD extract.
  • CBD Pain Balm with Emu Oil is a topical balm intended to relieve pain. It includes 60mg of CBD oil per 1oz bottle, along with Emu oil.
  • CBD Pain Roll-On is a roll-on gel infused with CBD. It can be applied topically wherever there is pain.
  • CBD AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer is a mix of hydrolyzed collagen, CBD and other ingredients that is supposed to reduce wrinkles and moisturize skin.
  • CBD Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenating Cream has apple stem cells, 6mg of CBD and other ingredients that are commonly used. They claim Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez use this stuff.
  • CBD Collagen Retinol Cream is described as silk moisturizer that includes a blend of retinol, collagen, CBD and vitamin C.
  • All Natural Ageless Cream is an all natural cream that consists of shea butter, CBD, arnica, pomegranate seed oil and vitamins.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets is part of their CBD BioPetCare lineup and can be purchased at 500mg or 750mg strength and comes in a dropper bottle. I'm not sure what makes this special for pets however, since it seems like regular CBD oil. 
Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for CBD BioCare is as simple as it get's... the most simple of those listed so far. There are only 3 different ranks and several ways to earn... AND there is no MLM structure. This is direct sales without the pyramid-like MLM part.


  • You can earn Lifetime Commissions for every customer you refer to CBD BioCare. 
  • Personal sales commissions start off at 20% and can increase to 40% the more you sell. This commission number does not reset each month which is great.
  • You can also earn 10% referral fees from everyone you get to join the company as a representative or as a wholesale purchaser.

You will be able to earn 10% commissions from your direct recruits into the company but there is no need to build a "team" or anything like that.

Cost to Join

They have 4 options to join, ranging from $0 to $349.

The $0 option will give you access to the online sales dashboard where you can track sales and commissions, but that's it. The higher priced options give you customized landing pages you can send customers to, coupons you can give customers to encourage sales, and CBD products.

5. Zilis

Zilis CBD

Zilis, Swahili for "multiplying nutrition", was founded in 2015 by Steven and Angie Thompson, two entrepreneurs with years of business experience. They don't have all that many products but seem to be a trustworthy brand that really makes an effort to only put out the highest quality products they can.


Their product line consists of what they call ULTRA products. These include:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oils are sold in dropper bottles and come in different natural flavors. They are all water-soluble for easier mixing into drinks, something you don't always see.
  • Ultra CBG is their full-spectrum water-soluble hemp oil. It is flavored with hibiscus and sold in a dropper bottle.
  • UltraCell Topical is a water-soluble cream that can be applied topically. It features CBD extract and essential oils.
  • UltraBurn is their weight loss supplement that is infused with Mimetix. This also comes in a dropper bottle and is hemp-free.
  • UltraIce is also hemp-free and infused with Mimetix. It comes in a dropper bottle and is supposed to help balance the body and increase performance.
  • UltraEdge is for boosting cognition, making your head more clear and focused. This comes in a dropper bottle and is also hemp-free.
  • UltraDream is a hemp-free sleep aid that is also infused with Mimetix and comes in a dropper bottle.
Compensation Plan

In the Zilis compensation plan there are 11 different ranks and 7 ways to get paid. It is a fairly typical MLM compensation plan.


  • Retail Profit - You can actually earn up to 100% commissions, which is almost unheard of--but this is not the norm.
  • Fast Start Bonuses are paid when you recruit someone to join the business opportunity.
  • Binary Team Commissions - here you are paid 20% of the commissions generated by the "lesser leg" and can potentially earn up to $30k/week, but definitely shouldn't expect it.
  • Infinity Fast Start bonuses are paid if you are able to qualify for ranks fast enough.
  • Generational Bonuses pay down to 6 generations deep.
  • Infinity Residual Bonus pay up to 9% of the total generational volume each month.
  • Infinity Matching Bonus is a check-match bonus where you can earn a certain percentage of what your personally recruited distributors (aka ambassadors) earn.
  • They also have a bunch of bonuses such as the Blessings Bonus, HealthCare Bonus, and Jeep Bonus.
Cost to Join

The minimum cost to join Zilis is the membership fee of $99. However, you will be pushed to buy some of the more expensive product packs.

The Bronze Starter Pack costs $199, the Silver Starter Pack costs $599, and the Gold Starter Pack costs $1,299... pretty darn expensive.

6. HB Naturals

HB Naturals

HB Naturals was founded in 2017 and is has a large focus on the CBD industry, although they sell other products as well. Everything is GMO-free, organic and grown on Kentucky farms.


HB Naturals has a lot of products and isn't specifically focused on CBD products. They also sell superfoods, biominerals, beauty and pet products... but I'll just be going over some of the hemp-related products here:

  • Elite Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Extract is their most concentrated product. It features 2,400mg of full-spectrum extract per 1oz dropper bottle, which is a lot more than most extracts you will find.
  • Entourage Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Extract is their second most concentrated and also comes in a dropper bottle.
  • Everyday Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Extract is their least concentrated and is intended for everyday use. Here you get about 275mg of full-spectrum extract per 1oz bottle.
  • 1,000mg & 500mg Full Spectrum Oils are available in different flavors.
  • Rise Coffee is coffee infused with hemp extract, which can be purchased at different strengths.
  • 4 Paws is a full-spectrum hemp extract for pets, but I'm not sure how it is any different from the for-human extracts listed above.
  • Hemp Seed Bath Bar is a bar of soap that contains a blend of essential oils, botanical extracts and coconut, palm, olive and hemp oils.
Compensation Plan

The HB Naturals compensation plan is, once again, typical of a MLM. You have 7 ways to earn which consist of binary commissions, matrices, bonuses, etc.


  • You can earn 50% retail commissions from personal sales through your website.
  • They have a Fast Start Bonus where you get paid 30% of the wholesale purchase that your newly recruited distributors make.
  • There is a Star Bonus where you earn bonuses for maintaining a downline.
  • The Matrix commission structure pays up to $1 for ever 50 CV (commissionable volume) that members in your business place, even people you didn't recruit in.
  •  The Binary commission structure pays out up to 12% on CV if you have at least 200CV in each leg.
  • Binary Match Commissions pay up to 50% check matches down to 7 generations deep.
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses are given out as you advance up the ranks.
Cost to Join

There is a free membership so that you can join at no cost. However, you will not be given anything really, no website, etc. 

There are paid options too I imagine.

7. Prime My Body

Prime My Body

This company was founded in 2015 by Paul Rogers and Brian Cummings and is headquartered in Texas. They are easily one of the top competitors in the CBD MLM industry and have a strong management team--and take a lot of pride in product quality, which is the reason they have a Medical Advisory Board.


The product line here is pretty good , as I would expect from a company like this (but short). They have your normal extracts, skin products and more.

  • Recept Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBG, which comes in a dropper bottle. The concentration is 500mg.
  • Hemp NOX is a full-spectrum moisturizing lotion that has CBD, vitamin C & E. It is formulated to increase nitric oxide production to help rejuvenate skin.
  • Body Therapy is a muscle and joint pain cream that has 100mg of cannabinoids, along with other botanical extracts.
  • PrimeMyPet is a hemp oil extract that comes in a dropper bottle and is for cats/dogs, which is why it has a wild fish flavor.
  • Protein Superfood is a protein powder that is all natural and contains various sources of protein, including hemp seed protein.
  • Hydrate Pure is a hemp-infused moisturizing cream that is intended to boost skin elasticity and collagen production.
  • Hemp Lip Balm is a lip balm that contains all natural ingredients, including hemp seed oil.
Compensation Plan

Prime My Body's compensation plan has 10 ranks, lots of focus on team building, bonuses, etc... nothing new here. 

  • Retail Profits from the products you personally sell are generally around 20%, which is pretty low.
  • Preferred Customers are customers you sign up for monthly auto-ship and you can earn residual commissions here.
  • Fast Builder Rewards are what most MLMs call "fast start bonuses" and these are 25% of the initial purchase your recruits make.
  • Team Building Rewards are paid out on a binary commission structure.
  • Group Volume commissions are also paid out on a binary commission structure.
  • Residual Rewards are commissions starting at 20% that are paid out down to 7 levels.
  • They have a Matching Bonus of 10-20% that pays down to 7 levels.
  • If you reach the leader ship ranks you will earn a Leadership Bonus monthly of $1k - $10k.
  • For newbies there is a Rookie Bonus Pool that you can earn money in after qualifying.
Cost to Join

To join the opportunity the cost is only $39, which gives you your own PMB website, app, discount products and access to the compensation plan--which I don't think is too much money.

However, they do push you to purchase product packages which range in price from $267 to a massive $1,068.

8. LivLabs


Launched in 2018 by David and Debbie Reeder, Liv Labs is a direct sales company that sells organically grown hemp products, all of which are grown in the US and certified THC free.


These products are typical, but they also have some pet products that most companies don't offer. 

  • HydroPRO comes in a dropper bottle and can be added to drinks for mental and physical relief.
  • HEMP Balm can be applied to the skin. It has a mix of hemp oil, essential oils and others. 
  • HempPro Soft Gels is a supplement to help stay calm and collected.
  • Slender Hemp is a drink mix that tastes good and is intended to balance energy.
  • LiveEssense is a hemp-infused facial wrap that uses cellulose tencel technology.
  • Liv4Pets is a full spectrum hemp oil product that is intended for cats and dogs. It comes in a dropper bottle and in flavors your pet will like.
  • Live4Horses is a hemp-infused dietary supplement for horses... and the only CBD product listed specifically for horses out of any of these companies.
Compensation Plan

LivLabs' compensation plan is very deep when it comes to MLMs, and one that is really spiced up to look as amazing as possible. There are 12 ranks total and with their VIP Residuals commission structure you will be able to earn down 12 levels. 


  • 40% personal sale commissions
  • Refer 3 customers on auto-ship and get a free product.
  • Fast Start Bonuses are paid when you recruit a new promoter in. These come from the promoter purchases.
  • GO VIP bonuses are aid if you reach certain ranks in a certain amount of time.
  • Leadership rank check matches of up to 25% and down 5 levels (at lower percentages).
  • VIP Residual commissions down 12 levels.
  • Monthly bonuses depending on rank.
  • Incentive trips
Cost to Join

Joining this direct sales opportunity is not cheap, and is a bit too pushy in my opinion. You will have to purchase one of their many product packs, and these range in price from just under $300 to $1,000. 

With the more expensive product packs you are also purchasing a rank. You are essentially buying products and a higher rank in the company, so that you can make more money.

Additionally there is a $47/yr membership fee.



TREVO was founded by Mark and Holli Stevens (I'm not entirely sure when) around one signature health drink product that boasts 174 ingredients, but has since expanded it's product line. They have a network marketing/direct sales business model combo like most.


TREVO only has 3 products and their main product is actually a drink that contains a whopping 174 natural ingredients and is said to be "unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find".

  • SYNC is their CBD product (and only one). It is your basic full-spectrum hemp oil in dropper bottles, sold at a 500mg/1oz bottle concentration.

This certainly isn't a good opportunity if you are looking for a long lineup of CBD products and lots of options, because they only have 1 CBD product and only 3 products total. However, these 3 products are good quality and are all products that CBD consumers might be interested in.

Compensation Plan

The TREVO compensation plan is actually a bit confusing, and they make it this way on purpose to try to make it seem better than reality. Once you get down to it, however, it's nothing special.


  • You will earn Retail Commissions when you register new retail customers, or "Elite" customers. Your personal referrals will be placed on your first generation and earn you 25% commission... and lesser commissions down 8 generations.
  • Power Start Commissions are given out in the first 90 days for meeting recruitment and sales goals.
  • Upgrade Commissions are available when someone 'upgrades' to higher PowerStart System levels, which are nothing more than enrollment packages, aka starter packs, starter kits, etc.
  • Group Volume Commissions are paid out down to 8 generations deep.
  • There is a Global Team Pool in which top ranking members can receive bonuses from.
Cost to Join

There are literally dozens of different 'business systems' available for you to purchase when you start out, and no free option to join. These range greatly in price and include different things. The cheapest options are $150 and they go all the way up to $960.

Top Picks

  1. CBD BioCare - The reason I like this company is because they seem to genuinely be interested in CBD, and aren't just jumping into the business for the money. They also do not have a MLM business model which is nice... meaning you don't have to recruit your friends and family.
  2. HempWorx (by My Daily Choice) - Not only is this company one of the most popular (and has really risen to the top fast), but I think they have one of the best product lineups out there... which is a big deal since you will be selling them.
  3. Kannaway - This has to be in the top 3. The company is doing so well and seems like it will continue to stay at the top of the industry.

One thing to consider before joining any of these opportunities is the level of difficulty there is to succeed and high failure rates. With large studies like that done by the Consumer Awareness Institute that looked at 350 different MLMs and concluded that 99% of people that get involved end up losing money... it's no wonder that there is so much negative attention surrounding the industry.

A fancy and extravagant compensation plan with loads of different way to earn money may look better, but often times it isn't.

The fact of the matter is that the very structure that makes these sorts of opportunities so enticing and so potentially lucrative is the same structure that makes them so difficult. The pyramid structure is what I'm talking about here, which favors a small percentage of distributors at the top and makes it more difficult for those at the bottom... which is why these opportunities are labeled as pyramid schemes by some people.

To make it in this business you have to recruit and build a team... and you have to be darn good at this.

An Alternative Choice would be to get involved in something like affiliate marketing, where there is no "team" building or recruitment and you earn full commissions from your sales instead of sharing them with people above you.

If interested I would highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training program to start out, which is the best there is... and they have a free starter membership which is absolutely amazing for beginners.

Take care and please leave any of your comments or questions below. I'll get back to you soon 🙂

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