Vegan Direct Sales Companies

16 Vegan Direct Sales Companies for Cruelty-Free Earnings

The vegan movement is here and there is no stopping it, yet it can still be surprisingly challenging trying to find good vegan companies that exist. If you are looking for vegan direct sales companies then you are looking for a flexible work opportunity where you can stay true to your vegan beliefs, and that is what I've put together here today.

Not all companies on this list are considered 100% vegan by everyone however, and some don't even promote themselves as being vegan. This is largely because what is considered vegan or not is controversial. Is using beeswax in products considered vegan if only the excess is collected and the bees are not harmed? I'm not going to answer this, but I will tell you that beeswax is one common non-100%-vegan ingredient that you'll see from several of these companies.

What Is Direct Sales?

Just to make sure we're all on the same page - direct sales is a business model some companies use where, instead of selling products in stores, they rely on a team of independent distributors to do the selling. Anyone can join these opportunities and I'm guessing that's why you are reading this now.

Direct sales is often combined with MLM (multi-level marketing), where distributors can also recruit in other distributors and increase their earnings by building a team. These two are different however and don't always go hand-in-hand.

List of Vegan Direct Sales Companies

*Note: These are in no particular order.

1. Arbonne

Arbonne is a Norwegian-founded 100% vegan skincare, cosmetics, and nutrition company that came onto the scene back in 1980 - one of the biggest of its kind. Its founder, Peter, was in charge of a skincare division for another health company in Norway and decided to start his own business after getting fed-up with the unhealthy ingredients they were using.

One thing you'll notice about this company is that many of their products are sold in sets, such as the RE9 Advanced Set that includes a Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Advanced Regenerating Toner, Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum, Advanced Corrective Eye Cream, Advanced Night Repair Cream, and Advanced Restorative Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen (and sells for nearly $300!). There are product sets for different needs - a restorative set, an advanced lifting & contouring set, and so on. They also sell body lotions, body washes, creams, deodorants, essential oils, mascara, lip stick, eye liner, protein powder mix, digestion aids, vitamin blends and much more. They have a very long list of products - all vegan.

The cost to join is $79 plus a $30 yearly renewal fee.

Personal sales commissions are 35% and 15% for preferred client sales (people who order regularly). Override downline commissions are also available going down 6 generations.

2. Monat

Monat, or Montat Global, is a natural cosmetic direct sales/MLM company founded in 2014 that makes products that are "vegan and/or plant-based alternatives", and consist of all cruelty-free ingredients. 

These include skin and hair health products like creams, conditioners, lotions, moisture masques, sprays, serums, and more. Their REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive is what they consider their flagship product - this is formulated with a number of natural oils to nourish the hair and scalp. They also carry a lot of "collections" and "systems", which contain multiple products focused on helping with one goal. Examples of these are their Restructuring Hair Care Collection, Advanced Hyrdating Hair Care Collection, Volume System, Hydration System, etc.

The cheapest starter kit will cost you $99 and provides product samples, product cards, brochures, workbooks and more. 

Personal sales commissions are 30%. Marketing partners can also earn uni-level commission bonuses down 4 levels and generation commission bonuses down 5 generations.

3. World Organics
World Organics

World Organics is focused on being organic, and naturally most of their products are vegan, with the main exception being beeswax in their lip balms. The company was founded in 2011, but its roots can be traced way back to over 150 years when a family line member, Gertrude Anderton, sold healing herbs and natural remedies to her town residents north of England. 

Products sold here include their RiverVeda skincare product line that's been inspired by ancient ayurvedic medicine and includes things like moisturizers, lotions, exfoliators, serums, etc. - their The Organic Skin Co organic make-up product line that includes lipsticks, eyeliners and more - a bunch of different skincare product sets, essential oils and even a few baby products like organic baby powder.

Product discounts, which equate to the amount of personal sales commissions you can earn, range from 20-30%. Team commissions are also available, but little information is publicly available about this.

4. Norwex

Norwex, with the exception of a few products that contain beeswax and their Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls, which contain wool, is vegan and doesn't perform any animal testing.

The company started out in Norway after Bjørn Nicolaisen discovered a cloth for cleaning car windshields - and now microfiber clothes make up their core product line-up, which eliminate the need for harmful chemical sprays while cleaning. Not only do they sell microfiber clothes for cleaning, but they also sell microfiber body towels, microfiber bed sheets, etc. Other products include eco-friendly laundry detergent, natural skin oils & lotions, deodorizer sprays and more.

Consultants get a 35% discount on products, and thus can earn a 35% commissions buying and selling products at a mark-up - and can earn 5% commissions on group sales as well as commissions going down 5 levels at most.

Consultants can get the Starter Kit for free, but if you don't generate a minimum of $2,000 in retail sales in the first 3 months you will be charged for it, which is $200 plus tax.

5. Poofy Organics
Poofy Organics

Poofy Organics was founded in 2006 after a family member of the founders was diagnosed with cancer, which led to the switch to organic products. The company doesn't advertise as being vegan, and rather goes the organic route, but many of their products are indeed vegan, and there is no animal testing done for anything. There are a some exceptions however, such as their lip balms that contain beeswax and their Bee Propolis immune support supplement that contains bee propolis.

Products include soaps, bath bombs, moisturizers, mascaras, lipsticks, essential oils, supplements, home cleaning products and more.

To join the fee is $39.95 and then a $12.95/mo fee after that to maintain your personalized Poofy Organics website.

Personal sales commissions start out at 25% with room for bonuses taking it up to as much as 32% - and "Guides", as they call them, are also able to earn commissions going down 3 levels as well as 3 generations.

6. NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Professional Makeup, aka NYX Cosmetics, is a Loreal-acquired cosmetic company that heavily promotes its products as being cruelty-free.

Products include lip sticks, mascaras, eye-liners, brushes, full make-up kits, foundations, lip glosses and more. 

While they are cruelty-free and many products are completely vegan, there are some that don't quite qualify, such as their "Butter Gloss" lip gloss product that contains beeswax. And it's also worth mentioning that some of their products contain artificial dyes and perfumes.

The opportunity they offer is to join the Makeup Crew, in which you can receive a 30% discount on products and then resell them at mark-up prices. This is not a MLM direct sales opportunity however, and is very different from most. While they do offer the opportunity for anyone to join and sell products, there is no recruitment and their products are sold in certain stores, such as Ulta Beauty, Walgreens and others... which may make products more difficult to sell individually.

7. Miessence

Miessence is a direct sales/MLM company that sells certified organic and toxic-free products in the categories of skin & body, super food, and home care. They don't promote themselves as being vegan, but pretty much all of their products do make the cut and it has been confirmed that they do not do any animal testing

Products include cleansers, hydrating serums, moisturizers, shampoos & conditioners, mineral foundations, blush powders, lip balm, probiotic & antioxidant-rich superfood powders, vegan protein powders and more.

I do know that they use beeswax in their lip balm, as expected, but other than this it seems everything is vegan, but always check beforehand. They provide full ingredient lists for everything.

The cost to join seems to be around $100 at minimum, which is for a starter pack of products and whatnot.

Personal sales commissions can be as high as 30%, but this depends on your personal order volume. There are also uni-level bonuses that pay from 17-2%, decreasing going down 7 levels.

8. Tropic Skincare
Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare is a UK-based vegan and cruelty-free direct sales/MLM business that sells skincare products. Not only are their products all vegan and cruelty-free, but they also are sustainably sourced from exotic locations like the Amazon, Polynesia, Australia, and other places with the belief that plants in sun-soaked tropical climates are some of the most nutritious.

Skincare products include cleansers, creams, healing balm, anti-aging oil, serums, lip balm and much more. Additionally, they have branched out in other areas and now sell deodorant, hand cream & body lotion, body wash, nail oil, sun block, hair shampoo and conditioner, and makeup products - all 100% vegan.

The Starter Kit to get going costs £198. 

Personal sales commissions start out at 25% and can be as much as 35% with bonuses for selling more products. Downline commissions consist of Team Mentor Bonuses and Generation Bonuses going down 4 generations.

9. Young Living
Young Living

Young Living is one of the biggest essential oils companies out there, having been founded in 1993 by Gary Young - who by the way was convicted for the unlicensed practice of medicine. They are well-known for their superior quality oils, which are tested regularly to ensure top quality.

Products here include essential oils blends and single oils, massage oils with essential oils, super-food, detox, and protein supplements, diffusers, lotions & moisturizers, bath gels & minerals, and more.

As with many of the companies here, not all of their products are vegan, but most are - and it seems they are making more of an effort to go in the vegan direction. Mink oil was a product they stopped selling after learning about how it is obtained from mink pelts of the animals killed for fur - which PETA warned them about. Additionally, they don't do any animal testing.

Some products you might want to avoid, however, include their OmegaGize supplement that contains fish oil, Pure Protein Complete protein powders which contain whey (their Slique® Shake's are a high-protein vegan alternative), some of their Lip Balm and lipstick which has beeswax, and there might be a few others.

Personal sales commissions are 24% of the product cost. Members can also earn commissions going down 5 levels and 8 generations - quite extensive.

The Basic Starter Kit, which is the cheapest option for joining, costs $35.

10. doTERRA

doTERRA is another essential oil-based direct sales/MLM company, and this one was actually founded in 2008 by former executives of Young Living. This company's products are hand-in-hand with Young Living's when it comes to quality. They also go to great lengths with testing to ensure the highest quality oils, and it's worth mentioning that they place a big focus on sustainable sourcing and farming practices.

The company launched with a product line of 25 single oils and 10 blends, but has since grown exponentially. Now they have over 60 different single oils alone, along with blends, skin and hair-care products infused with essential oils, diffusers, nutritional supplements, etc. 

While most of their products are vegan, not everything is. Products you want to look out for include their lip balm, Body Butter, and Natural Sensitive Deodorant products that contain beeswax, their "Slim & Sassy" nutritional shakes that contain milk and eggs (they sell a "Slim & Sassy" V Shake vegan alternative though!), and a few others. 

Commissions on personal sales are set at 25% and they also have an extensive uni-level bonus that pays commissions down 7 levels.

The cost to join is only $35 and then $25/yr after that.

11. Essanté Organics
Essante Organics

Essante Organics launched its first products in 2009, out of the desire to provide non-toxic, organic, and pH balancing products to consumers... which there was (and still is) a lack of. Most of their products are vegan and are PETA certified cruelty free, and there is a big focus on not using artificial colors, flavors, scents or GMO ingredients. There is beeswax in their Organic Lip Balm and Kiss Lip Gloss, however.

Products include things like pH-balancing body wash, shampoo, and tooth paste, organic cleaning sprays and soaps, baby products, organic oils and essential oils, and a large line-up of pH balancing nutrition products - these include their vegan superfood Earth Greens powders and capsules along with their Super Reds vegetable & fruit nutrition, Supreme pH alkalizer, pH Shakes (high in plant protein) and others - as you can see, pH balancing is a big theme here.

To become a Brand Partner you will first have to either purchase one of their Go-Green Packs, which start at $199, or you can just pay for a website, which is $29.95/yr.

The comp plan uses a point structure, and the more products you buy the more points you earn and the more commissions you'll be eligible to receive. Personal sales commissions are 30% and partners also earn 5% from their downline, which is paid via an infinite-level binary structure.

There is also the option to join as a wholesale members. To do this you'd just have to pay the $29.95 website fee and would get 30% off products. There wouldn't be the fancy compensation plan or training provided with this option.

12. PureTrim

PureTrim is a company based around pant-based, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free products - and what's unique about them is that their products are formulated based on ancient Mediterranean health principles.

Their product line-up is fairly small, and most of what they offer includes their PureTrim Shakes, Boost Tea, organic meal replacement TrimBars, a joint health tea and a spray-on join relief mist, their Cardio 9 energy and nitric oxide boosting supplement, skin cream, multi-vitamins, detox supplements and a few more.

The one thing you want to watch out for, of course, is the beeswax in their Pure Gardens Skin Serum. Other than this everything is 100% vegan.

This company states on their website that they are a direct sales company but not a MLM. However, this doesn't hold true, and is just a confusing sales tactic, likely. Promoters can earn from 25-35% in commissions from personal sales as well as commissions from 1-5% going down 10 levels.

The Basic Business Pak is the cheapest option to get started and costs $199.

13. New Earth
New Earth

New Earth is a smaller vegan health & wellness direct sales company, but still could be a good choice. They believe "life starts here with earth's first foods", and focus on organic ingredients - of which are all kosher, halal, and vegan.

Their core products include NUTRABEAUTIFUL antioxidant-rich lotion, RENEW stem-cell support capsules, their MIND concentration-support supplement, ENERGIZE to support cellular energy, and their ESSENTIAL pack that contains a daily dose of holistic ingredients targeting the mind, body, digestive system, and other areas.

In many of their products you will find Wild Microalgae®, which seems to be one of their staple ingredients and which they have whole products based around, such as their Wild Algae Powder blend. Additionally you will see enzymes and probiotics a lot too.

An Associate Enrollment Kit to join is $59. Personal sales commissions start at 20% for normal customers and 10% for preferred customers (who order regularly). Additionally, there are bonuses from 5-15% on top of these personal sales commissions and associates can earn uni-level bonuses going down 6 levels.

14. Bellame

Bellame is a vegan-friendly cosmetic direct sales/MLM company. The reason I say "vegan-friendly" is because they specifically state that they are not completely vegan, because of how people have different opinions as to what constitutes being vegan.

That said, they are definitely a good choice for most vegans, and for example don't even use beeswax in their lip gloss products. They also use synthetic milk peptide and whey protein in their moisturizer, which is good because it's vegan, but the downside is that it's, well, synthetic.

Their products include things like lip sticks, lip liners, moisturizers, body washes, make-up brush sets, lip sticks & glosses, and face serums.

The cheapest option to join is with their Digital Starter Kit, which only costs around $20 and gives you access to a personal website, training and support. Other more elaborate starter kits are also available.

Personal sales commissions go up to 40% and there is the ability to earn team sales commissions as well as a number of downline bonuses.

15. Kannaway

Kannaway is another direct sales/MLM company that doesn't advertise as being vegan, and they aren't 100% vegan, but they are a cruelty-free company and most of their products are indeed vegan. 

The business was started in 2009 and is part of the Medical Marijuana, Inc company, which was the first publicly traded cannabis company in the US. And yes, their core products are based around the health benefits of cannabis, CBD being a staple ingredient.

Their CBD products include hemp oils enriched with other botanicals, CBD oil combined with MCT oil, CBD salve for pain relief, their Rev!ve AM CBD product for increasing morning energy & focus, CBD mints, coffee-infused with CBD, CBD lip balm and others. Additionally, they also sell Super Greens superfood powder & Power Protein powder, hemp-infused skin exfoliators, face masks, serums and moisturizers, a small selection of essential oils, and even some CBD pet products.

Although they don't push the "hey, we're vegan" line, most of their products are vegan by nature. Some that you might want to avoid, however, include the beeswax in their lip balm and there is whey protein in their Power Protein powder.

To become a Brand Ambassador to earn money here there is an annual fee of about $55. This will provide you with your replicated website, back office, training, tools and support.

Personal sales commissions are listed as being 30% of the commission-able volume, which sometimes works out to be around 15% or so of the total volume. 50% of the commission-able volume then goes into check matches, which are passed up 7 levels to upline team members, with 20% being passed up to the sponsor that recruited that person in - and then there are 10 levels of override downline commissions.

*Check out my list of CBD direct sales companies if this is something that interests you.

16. The Body Shop
The Body Shop

I know by the name it sounds like it might be a car repair shop, but this is actually a skin/body-care direct sales/MLM company. They aren't a completely vegan direct sales company, but they do support the movement and are continuing to go more in this direction. For example they are eliminating lanolin from sheep's wool from their skin products (although they obtain it from sheep wool after a sheep's annual sheering, which is necessary). They also have a directory on their website where you can find a list of all their 100% vegan products, which are over 100 in total.

The company started in England in 1976 is is built around an "Enrich Not Exploit" commitment and works fairly with farmers in which they source their ingredients from. They also stand firm against animal testing and are considered 100% vegetarian, and as mentioned have many 100% vegan products.

Products include skin creams, moisturizers, serums, masks, cleansers and lotions, various shower gel blends (Mango Bath Blend, Berry Bath Blend, Strawberry Shower Gel, etc), body butters, soaps and deodorants, conditioners, shampoos and brushes, makeup, perfume, nail creams, and more... quite a lot in total.

Joining requires that you first buy a Beauty Kit for £49. Then you'll be able to earn 25-30% on personal sales commissions and have the potential to bump this up to 35% if you achieve high enough ranks. Distributors also earn 6% commissions from their team and 6% from their direct recruits alone.

Top Picks

What direct sales company is best for you will depend on what exactly you are looking for, and just how vegan you really are.

For the more hard-core vegans out there that don't leave much room for even the slightest non-vegan products, these are your best choices:

While some companies on the main list are vegan-friendly by nature, this little list here includes all the companies that directly support veganism and have either all, or nearly-all 100% vegan products.

Another Alternative

I noticed that some of these direct sales companies also have affiliate programs, which is no surprise. This is when you promote products online for them and earn commissions when you help bring in sales - and it's actually what I do for a living.

The reason I bring it up is because it's another good way to work from home with, has a lot of flexibility, and you can sell vegan products of course. And the nice thing is that it is done 100% online - no bugging family & friends to buy your stuff of join your team.

You can heck out the Wealthy Affiliate training program if you're interested. This is a training program that goes over how to do this... and where I got started, so I know it works.

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