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January 5


Jeff Brown’s “McCarthy Chip” Opportunity – REVIEWED

Jeff Brown is teasing his "McCarthy Chip" opportunity as something that is going to unleash a massive $15.7 trillion, and as something that is going to make a lot of early investors rich.

You've probably come across the video presentation titled "The $15.7 Trillion "McCarthy Chip""...

McCarthy Chip

The presentation is ridiculously long, about 45 minutes, and unfortunately I couldn't find any way to fast forward the video.

Some of the claims that Jeff Brown makes about this new opportunity is that:

  • Bloomberg describes as "the most efficient and powerful [technology] on the planet"
  • It's a tiny device 1,000 times more powerful than anything available right now
  • It's the most important technology he has ever seen
  • Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, calling it "the most important thing humanity's ever worked on"
  • That Mark Cuban believes this breakthrough could lead to the world's first trillionaire
  • and more..

And he even tells us that this "could be the only investment you'll ever have to make"...


This makes the opportunity sound like an absolute goldmine that could result in an early retirement and relaxing evenings spent on a private mega-yacht.

Mr. Brown tells us that there is one "little-known" company at the forefront of this massive opportunity, and that if we invest in this company then we could be very wealthy in the coming months.

And, of course he will give us more information on this company for "free"... but not really.

What Is a "McCarthy Chip"?

A "McCarthy Chip" is just a name made-up by Jeff Brown and others behind the promotional sales-pitch, which is similar to other teasers for investment opportunities like "Mortgage Reimbursement Checks" and "Gold Placements" (recently reviewed).

Really what he is referring to here is chips for AI (artificial intelligence)... and the investment opportunity he is teasing is for a company that manufactures these chips, which I'll be going over shortly.

But before we talk about the company being teased here, I think it's important to go over briefly who Jeff Brown is and what exactly is going on here.

The Man Behind It All: Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown


Jeff Brown has quite the background and experience in the tech industry, which is exactly what you want from someone sharing tech investment advice like this.

He is a graduate of Purde University's School of Astronauts with a degree in a very prestigious Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering program, and he has 25 years of experience in the tech industry, having worked his way up to positions as a high-tech executive.

He has a lot of experience in various areas of the tech industry, but has actually worked in the chip industry with the Qualcomm company.

With all this experience and knowledge of the industry, Jeff now seems to mainly be an investor and runs different investment advisory services focused on tech investment.

How It Works

The whole "McCarthy Chip" thing is all a sales pitch.

Jeff tells us that we can get all the information needed on the company at the forefront of this new massive opportunity, such as the ticker symbol and everything in his special report called "Microchip Millionaire: How to Profit From the Next Tech Boom"...


Additionally, he is also giving out another "free" report titled "AI Pioneers: Three Ways to Make a Fortune on AI", which goes over 3 other AI companies that Jeff beliefs are going to be worth a fortune in the near future.


BUT... and this is a big "but".... in order to get his free reports you first have to subscribe to his paid newsletter service called The Near Future Report.

What Is The Near Future Report?

This is an investment advisory newsletter service that Jeff runs at Bonner & Partners and it's all about new technology trends that you can profit from.

If you subscribe you will get:

  • 12 monthly newsletter issues that go over new investment opportunities Jeff is looking at 
  • Access to the members-only website
  • Access to the model portfolio that includes all Jeff's recommendations
  • and email alerts when Jeff thinks that you should take action with a trade

This service is basically a follow-along advisory where subscribers are told what to invest in and when to invest in it.

It is regularly sold for $199/yr, but at the time of me writing this there is a special offer for just $49/yr... and apparently there are different offers floating around the internet because some people have been able to subscribe for just $37/yr.

What Is The Company Being Teased Here?

We are told that it is an "obscure", "little-known" company... but we are also told that it holds 50% of the market-share for AI chips... which seems to be some pretty contradicting information.

We are also told that:

  • "Apple has an order for 65 million chips... for its 2020 iPhone" (with this company)
  • They are building a new chip factory worth $20 billion, which will supposedly be the most advanced out there

Based on the hints given, it seems that the company being teased here is TSMC, which is a Taiwanese company currently building a $20 billion chip manufacturing facility that does have contracts with Apple for chip manufacturing.

Everything being teased in the video presentation makes sense with it being TSMC.

In the video Jeff even mentions that The Economist talked about how this company will lead to "the world's most advanced chipmaker"...


... and I was able to find an article by The Economist title "TSMS is about to become the world's most advanced chipmaker".


Okay, so there you have it...

  • "McCarthy Chips" is a made-up name for AI chips, made-up for promotional purposes by Jeff Brown
  • In order to get Jeff's "free" information on how to invest in this new opportunity you first have to subscribe to his newsletter called The Near Future Report
  • The company being teased here is TSMS... which means now you don't have to subscribe to get the information because I just provided it for free

I hope this review helps! Please share it to help spread the word, and to help out my website!

Take care and leave any comments/questions below 🙂


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  1. Thanks for providing this information and offering people a clearer picture of the sales pitches Jeff Brown and team are repeatedly making. There are far more transparent and helpful services out there, including groups like The Motley Fool. Thanks Kyle.

  2. KYLE,

  3. Thanks for being so REAL. I’m super interested in this subject, feel like I can trust what you say. Most of these people are just out to get our $$$
    I’m gonna check out this company. Are you? What do you think about it? What are your top investment suggestions for the ‘average’ Jane?

    1. Well I certainly don’t think the company is as great as they make it out to be, but I do think it could be a decent investment.

      I really recommend Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service for average investors. I think it’s a great way to get started, and it’s not full of all the scammy promotions you get with a lot of other advisory services. It’s also a bit on the safer side, which is good for newbies.

  4. Jeff Brown also promotes a company that enables 5G phones to become useable indoors. The signal is lost and doesn’t penetrate glass and material moving from outside to inside. What is that one too?

  5. Yes you are! Very genuine and right to the point, and for that I thank you for your good analysis, you actually saved me tons of headaches. I recently start learning about investing and the confusion out there is enormous, with few honest folks like yourself and tons of sharks ready to bite. Thank you for your help.

  6. Thank you for your input regarding Jeff Brown. He has other newsletters he wants readers to pay for (such as me). I’m pleased I came across your article Kyle. You are a true person and we all appreciate what you do.

  7. I subscribed to this Newsletter. And have made great money investing. Instead of buying stock I bought long Calls on them and did awesome. The publication is not a scam at all. Jeff actually is very helpful. I made great money with Corning and NVidia

  8. Hi , I just subscribed for a lifetime of Jeff Brown’s newsletters and e-mail weekly, after hearing all the negative articles, I want to get a refuind. what do you think? and thanks for giving your input Kyle….

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