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January 3


Review of Sticky Likes – Scam Opportunity?

I've been getting a lot of spam about Sticky Likes for some time now, so I finally decided to check it out. The emails I was getting flooded with were coming from a network marketer that usually pushes crap products/programs, so I was pretty skeptical from the start.

Is Sticky Likes a scam? This was the question I set out to answer, and right from the start things weren't looking too good.

Of course everyone promoting it is talking about how it is going to revolutionize building a business, how it's the next greatest system, etc. etc.... but I've heard claims like this far to much in the past to simply believe them right away.

In this review I'll be going over what Sticky Likes is, how it works, the compensation plan that everyone is claiming is the greatest, and some important reasons you might NOT want to join this place.

It does have some value, but it's not as great as many people are making it out to be, in my opinion of course.

What Is Sticky Likes?

Sticky Likes
  • Name: Sticky Likes
  • Website:
  • Type: Social media engagement program & business opportunity
  • Cost to Join: Free - $268/mo + $99 distributor fee (if you decide to go "all in")


Sticky Likes is a program developed to easily increase exposure on social media via likes, follows, shares, etc. It can be used by businesses to increase social reach or by individuals who simply want to increase their popularity or who are trying to start an online business.

Why is increasing social media presence important? Well, according to Yahoo! Small Business:

  • Facebook is the most visited website in the world
  • Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google search rankings
  • 53% of people recommend companies and products via Twitter
  • 800 million active users on YouTube spend 15 minutes/day on average watching videos
  • and lots more...

Pretty amazing... and Sticky Likes claims that you can multiply your likes with this platform by a magnitude of 10x, which I'm not sure is true... but it very well could be.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the platforms this program works with... and it delivers "real" engagement from real people.

*More on why I have quotation marks around real in a bit.

How It Works

The idea is that you connect your social media account to the program and get real engagement from real people.

How does this happen? It's all real people about completing tasks...

Completing Daily Tasks

When you join you will be prompted to complete daily tasks, which include liking posts, following profiles/pages, etc. Completing daily tasks is the way that Sticky Likes encourages real engagement from real people.

The incentive to complete these daily tasks is... well... you have to in order to receive engagement on your profile/page on social media.

Sticky Likes is a "give and take" system, where you engage with other social media accounts and receive engagement on your account in return.

For example: You like someone's post on Facebook and in return one of your posts gets liked by someone.

HOWEVER, if you don't feel like spending the time completing the daily tasks you can pay not to.

There are different packages available, Standard Packages that require you to perform daily tasks and Premium Packages that don't require any daily tasks.

Engagement Packages

Option 1 - Standard Packages
  • Sticky500 Standard
    • $29/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 500 likes/mo
    • 5 daily tasks
  • Sticky1000 Standard
    • $59/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 1000 likes/mo
    • 5 daily tasks
  • Sticky1500 Standard
    • $89/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 1500 likes/mo
    • 5 daily tasks
  • Sticky3000 Standard
    • $178/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 3000 likes/mo
    • 5 daily tasks
Option 2 - Premium Packages
  • Sticky500 Premium
    • $44/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 500 likes/mo
  • Sticky1000 Premium
    • $89/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 1000 likes/mo
  • Sticky1500 Premium
    • $104/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 1500 likes/mo
  • Sticky3000 Premium
    • $268/mo
    • 1 social network
    • 3000 likes/mo

So, as you can see, you can earn anywhere from 500-3000 likes per month depending on what package you sign up for.

Standard Packages require that you complete your daily tasks in order to receive likes, whereas with Premium Packages you simply pay more and aren't required to do the daily tasks.

But what if everyone purchases Premium Packages?

You may be wondering how this can possibly work out if you can simply pay more to not have the obligation to complete tasks. If everyone paid for Premium Packages then there would be no one completing tasks, which means no one would be engaging on social media and the whole system would go bust.

However, they have this concern covered. When someone purchase a Premium Package they are essentially paying someone else to do the tasks, as "Extra Tasks", which creates increased incentive for people to do them. This way there will always be people doing the tasks because it is financially rewarding.

The Purpose of All This

Most people will be using this platform with the end-goal of making money. 

Some people will be trying to increase their presence on social media for a business page or whatnot, while others will simply be trying to make money by referring others to Sticky Likes, which brings me to the compensation plan.

The Compensation Plan

Sticky Likes' compensation plan  is MLM-style... you can make money by referring others to join (whether they be customers or affiliates)... and this seems to be exactly why so many people are promoting it.


  • You must purchase a Distributor License for $99
  • You must complete the daily tasks if you have one of the Standard Packages, or pay for the Premium Packages to have someone else do them for you


Like every MLM compensation plan, there are various ranks, and the amount you can earn strongly depends on your rank.

In a nutshell, how you move up the ranks is by recruiting more people into the business and growing your downline.

The ranks & requirements are as follows:

  • Influencer
    • Must be a retail customer or have referred 1 retail customer, and you must have purchased a Distributor License
    • 10 PV minimum per month (purchasing any of the packages listed above will satisfy this requirement)
  • Gold
    • Must have referred at least 2 retail customers
    • 100 PV minimum per month
  • Platinum
    • Must have referred at least 3 retail customers
    • 150 PV minimum per month
    • 150 GV minimum
  • 1 Star
    • Must have referred at least 4 retail customers
    • 200 PV minimum per month
    • 5,000 GV minimum (no more than 60% coming from any one leg)
  • 2 Star
    • Must have referred at least 5 retail customers
    • 250 PV minimum per month
    • 10,000 GV minimum (no more than 60% coming from any one leg)
  • 3 Star
    • Must have referred at least 6 retail customers
    • 300 PV minimum per month
    • 50,000 GV minimum (no more than 60% coming from any one leg)
  • Elite
    • Must have referred at least 10 retail customers
    • 500 PV minimum per month
    • 100,000 GV minimum (no more than 60% coming from any one leg)
  • Ambassador
    • Must have referred at least 20 retail customers
    • 1000 PV minimum per month
    • 200,000 GV minimum (no more than 60% coming from any one leg)

Ways to Earn

There are 4 ways to do so...

#1 - Residual Plan

The main part of the comp plan is the Residual Plan, which is a uni-level structure that you can earn up to 7 levels on.

How it works is like this: You recruit people in personally and these people are your level 1. When they recruit people in the new people become your level 2. And when those level 2 people recruit others in they become your level 3... and so on. This can happen at an infinite width.

unilevel comp plan

The diagram above only shows 3 levels deep, but imagine that going down to 7.

The amount you earn from the people beneath you depends on your rank. As an Influencer (the rank you start off as) you will start off only earning 10% commissions from level 1 (your direct recruits), but you can see it increases in percentage and depth as you climb the ranks...



#2 - Extra Tasks Bonus

This is a bonus where you are paid $2 for doing extra tasks. Each time you complete a set of 20 you are paid.

The amounts available will vary depending on demand... and they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

#3 - Matching Bonus

The matching bonus pays distributors a percentage match of what those recruited in beneath them earn.​​​​

You will earn:

  • 5% commissions on the first generation if you have one personally referred Platinum member
  • 5% commissions on the first & second generation if you have one personally referred 1-Star member
  • 5% commissions on the first, second, & third generation if you have one personally referred 2-Star member
  • and 5% commissions on the first, second, third, & fourth generation if you have one personally referred 3-Star member


*From what I can tell, "generations" are the exact same as "levels" in this comp plan.

#4 - Leadership Bonus

Lastly we have the Leadership Bonus, which pays you a nice commission if you make it to the ranks of 2-Star and above.

  • 2-Star ranked members earn 1% commissions on their entire downline, even past level 7
  • 3-Star ranked members earn 2% commissions
  • Elite ranked members earn 3% commissions
  • Ambassador ranked members earn 4% commissions

What I Like/Don't Like

What I Like

I will say that the program seems very well organized and put together. The people behind it (whom I don't know the names of) definitely know what they are doing.

I'm also guessing that a program like this could spread rapidly. My guess is that a lot of people will simply be buying in to make money with the compensation plan, and will be using their increased social engagement and social media accounts to recruit others in. In this way it is kind of like a self-serving system.

What I Don't Like

#1 - The Likes are Still Fake

There is no doubt that a program like this is better than paying for some fake likes coming from bot profiles that aren't even real people... but in my opinion the likes & engagement you get from Stick Likes is still fake, in a way.

Yes, you will get engagement from real people... but only because they are trying to make money or qualify to get engagement on their own social media accounts. It's not like the engagement you get is actually coming from people who like your social media content. It is forced.

Sure, I could see how even this form of engagement could lead to more "real" engagement... but it certainly isn't as good as it may seem to be.

#2 - The Comp Plan Has 1 Fatal Flaw

If you've been on my website before then you might know that I'm definitely NOT a fan of MLMs.

MLM failure rates are extremely high, as high as 99% according to some studies, and this is because of their pyramid structure, which always leads to a small percentage of people making a lot of money while the overwhelming majority make very little.

#3 - People Joining Just to Promote

There is no doubt that a lot of members here only joined to promote the system and make money.

It's nice that this is, as I said, a self-serving system in a way... but when people join just to promote and make money it seems a bit scammy.

#4 - Facebook, Twitter, etc. Don't Like This Stuff

Facebook and all the other social networks don't like this kind of fake behavior. It's basically like cheating the system, and if they find a way to stop it they will. 

This is definitely a concern of mine.

Is Sticky Likes a Scam?

Sticky Likes is not a scam. There is a real service here that has real value. Sure, a lot of people are going to be joining just to use the system to recruit people in and make money, but there will be some that join to help drive traffic to their businesses and whatnot.

Pros v Cons

  • Very simple
  • Engagement from real people
  •  Works with multiple social media networks
  • Can help increase social awareness, and thus increase traffic
  • Engagement is forced, not genuine
  • Lots of people joining just to promote the system (a bit scammy in my opinion)
  • MLM comp plan more difficult to make money with than it seems

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

Although there are definitely some issues I have with this kind of program, mainly that I don't think this type of social media engagement is nearly as good as real/natural engagement, I secretly am a bit of a fan of it all. A while back I joined a similar give & take type program to increase likes for a business Facebook page of mine and I'll admit that Stick Likes is definitely a better choice than that was.

But anyways, the program isn't for everyone. I hope this review has provided some valuable insight into how it all works and who it's for. If so, please share this post and help spread the world... it will also help out my little struggling website here.

Take care and be sure to leave any comments/questions below. I'll get back to you soon 🙂

PS: Before you leave it may be worthwhile to check out how I've been making a living online... which is something you might be interested in.


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