I Went From $0 to Over $6,000/mo Online Selling Other People's Stuff... Here's How

  • I used to have a dead-end job
  • I used to live paycheck-to-paycheck
  • I used to have to answer to a boss

Making good money online is possible. Finding a way that actually works is the hard part.

Today I'm going to be sharing exactly how I've been making 4-figures/mo online consistently. This is something I've been doing since 2015 and that I know works from experience.

So... if you've ever been interested in making money from a computer with an internet connection, read this page in its entirety...

A Little Bit About Myself:

I'm Kyle, the creator of LegendaryWallet.com, the website you are on now.

In 2015 I started trying to make money online, and with lots of failure, wasted time, and subsequent success I have been able to go from $0 to making over $6,000 a month online consistently, which allowed me to take up my hobby of traveling.

From my latest trip in South America: Here's me above the Incan ruins at Machu Picchu...

...and petting a llama (also at Machu Picchu)...

The llama didn't seem to like it.

Then visiting a Wax palm valley in Salento, Colombia (looked like something out of a Jurassic Park movie)...

And here is me paragliding over Chicamocha Canyon in Colombia...

I unfortunately almost threw-up.

... and lastly here is me petting a very cute Calico cat in Barichara, Colombia... :), which I couldn't pass up...

Why am I showing you these pictures?

Well, because they illustrate some of the beauties of making money online like I do, which is that you have:

- No boss.

- No hour-long commutes to work.

- No schedule.

- And you can work from anywhere that has internet... which is pretty much anywhere.

Below I took a picture while doing some work at a nice little hostel in Salento, Colombia...

But traveling is just what I like to do personally. There are lots of ways one could choose to take advantage of the freedoms of this type of work, such as by spending more time with your kids and family, waking up later if that is what you're into, and so on.

But anyways... let's get to the point here.... how I make money online...

My "Secret": How I Make Money Online

The good news:

  • It's not rocket science
  • You don't need any tech skills
  • You can work as little or as much as you want (great for any schedule)
  • You can work wherever you want

The bad news:

  • It's probably going to seem difficult at first 
  • This is not a "get rich quick" opportunity

Have you ever been on a website and saw a button or link to "Click Here to Buy", "Buy on Amazon", "Lowest Price Here", "Available Here", or something like this?

I'm sure you have because this is everywhere you look online.

And did you know that the websites that have those links are making money 99% of the time?

Most people have no idea that this opportunity exists... It's no "secret", just not all that well known, and this is exactly what I do to make money online... and what I've been doing since 2015.

Let me give you a real-life example to better explain things:

Below I searched for "best dog toys" on Google, which is probably a pretty popular search. 

As you can see, the first result is for "Top 10 Dog Toys" and it's from a website called CanineJournal.com...


Now when I click on this website it is basically a list of what they consider the top 10 dog toys, a description of each, and a link to "View on Amazon":


These links to "View on Amazon" are purchase links, meaning that every time someone clicks on these links they are then directed to Amazon where they can purchase the products... and if they do purchase the products on Amazon, the website owner gets paid.

It doesn't really matter what you search for on Google, you are bound to find some websites making money doing this.

And there is plenty of opportunity with over 5 billion searches happening on Google every day and the number of internet users predicted to see continuous growth for years to come.

But Wait... Will I Have to Create Websites? This Sounds Way Too Difficult


Hearing this is what scares a lot of people away. But it really shouldn't, because this doesn't have to be difficult.

No technical skills are needed. And I would know... I started out with absolutely ZERO EXPERIENCE with any of it.

Creating a website is actually quite simple nowadays... especially with the website builder I use.

Knowing where to start is the hard part. But, if you want I can show you the same exact training program & tools I used (and still use), which I know works from my own experience.

The best part: You can start the training for free, no credit card or anything needed.

Interested? If so, just enter your email and I'll send you more information...

I can also give you some helpful tips that I would have loved to know when I started out.

*Please DON'T enter your email if you...

  • are looking to "get rich quick"
  • aren't willing to put in any work
  • are in need of immediate income

IMPORTANT NOTE: This definitely is not something that you can "get rich quick" with. So if you are looking for fast-cash with little work then this is not for you. Also, I don't want to mislead people... and if you are out of a job and need income right away this is also not for you.

This takes time and work.

I only want to provide this information to people who are serious.

If not then you are just wasting both of our time.

But it serious then I am more than happy to help. So enter your email below and I'll send you the info...

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