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EnerSource International Review: The Transparent Truth

Diving into the world of multi-level marketing (MLM) nowadays gives you countless choices to choose from. Like a bee, you would find yourself overwhelmed with the continuous blooming numbers of MLM companies that sprout everywhere. Each one offers astounding and impressive compensation plans, marvelous products, enticing opportunities, and overwhelming earnings. But where should you land? What MLM company should you trust? Should you pick EnerSource International being a new bud in the industry? Let’s find that out in this EnerSource International review.

The Basics

  • Company: EnerSource International
  • Founder: Linden Wood, 2016
  • Products: health and wellness product
  • Website:
  • Cost to Join: $49 or $249 for Starter Kits

If there is one thing that is quite impressive about network marketing or MLM companies, it is the inspiring stories being told behind each one’s success. From the triumphs that sparked from the ambitious small business in the garage to unexpected discovery of marvelous products, MLM stories never fail to surprise us. One of them is EnerSource International.

Founded by Linden Wood in 2016, EnerSource International’s conception started from Wood’s inspiration when he attended an Excel network marketing event when he was 27. With his newly-found inspiration to make a mark in the industry, Wood tried all ways to master the maze of MLM industry despite not having public speaking training or guidance from a skilled MLM mentor.

Wood devoted his time learning from various books and audios of “highly successful network marketers and self-help experts” like Tony Robbins. With this commitment, Wood would soon learn the principles governing success that would pave the way to his success in the peak of MLM world.

With this, Wood made an astounding historic success at Excel that earned him over 100,000 representatives in only three years of persistent dedication. This soon led Wood to earn an income of $500,000 a month in 1997.

With his success, Wood decided to build his own empire. In 2001, Wood’s company, EnerGreens Inc, produced its nutritional products, the EnerGreens Essentials. Within the next seven years, the company produced over 40 different nutritional products that generated Wood millions of dollars after its success within fitness franchise systems. Soon, Wood brought the said product line to the MLM industry via EnerSource. That said, Wood “prides himself on his ability to take average people and transform them into more confident and empowered individuals with the mindset and skillset to run a successful network marketing business!”

Nonetheless, how true is it? Could his company transform your life as well?


With the demanding nutritional needs of consumers nowadays, EnerSource International found the catalyst for its success through its line of products, the Evergreen Essentials. Here are some of the products that EnerSource International offers to the market.

  • EnerGreens ($49.99)

EnerGreens is a formula being offered by EnerSource International that is “gluten free, 100 percent organic and plant based raw superfood” containing mixtures of over 50 organically grown grasses, sprouted grains, green vegetables and herbs gathered from all over the world. The product claims to “help the body achieve optimal nutrition and increased alkalinity with over 50 phytonutrient dense superfoods.”

The product also contains a combination of highly alkaline nutrient rich superfoods that would promote a pH-balanced body for the consumer. According to the company, consuming the product “provides the body with complete nutrition provided by the combination of over 50 nutrient dense superfoods.”

  • ENERGfx O2 ($29.99)

This product promotes alkalinity and works as an antioxidant that neutralizes molds, yeast, bacteria, exotoxins, and mycotoxins. It also assists in “buffering” the stomach acid of hydrochloric acid which leads to acid reflux and heartburn. The product claims that consuming it helps your “blood absorb oxygen from the water you drink by optimizing the water decreasing hydrogens ions.”

  • SuperNutrient Vitamin & Mineral ($34.99)

Specifically formulated to interact synergistically with EnerGreens and EnerGfxO2, this natural and whole food product has a formula of vitamins and minerals that “provide you with the maximum nutrition support you need every day.”

  • CBDSource ($49.99)

EnerSource International also offers a cannabidiol (CBD) product, the CBDSource. The product is CO2 cold-processed using the organic American grown hemp from Colorado. Claiming to “use only the purest ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure that you get exactly what you’re expecting in every single serving,” the product was said to be designed in providing clean, pure, and concentrated cannabinoids in a simple formula with no additives, flavoring, or color.

Despite the glorious enticing words EnerSource International is using to promote its products, the company’s products are not approved and reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since dietary supplements, in general, are not FDA-approved. Hence, it is each company's responsibility to make sure that the products are safe and that any claims are true.

EnerSource International’s CBD product, CBDSource, isn’t FDA-approved as well since FDA has only approved one CBD product, the Epidiolex which is being used for the treatment of seizures.

Nevertheless, the company prides itself with a lot of positive feedback and five-star reviews posted by its consumers on its own official website.

How Do I Join?

To join the company, you need to purchase an EnerSource International starter kit which is in two options: the $49 or $249 starter kit.

You might consider the $49 starter kit as your initial decision upon seeing the difference between the prices of two starter kits. However, besides the numbers of products included in those starter kits, are there other things that could be given to you by purchasing the $249 starter kit? Yes. You’ll be able to maximize your commissions.

According to EnerSource International, you need to provide at least 100 Product Volume (PV that is equal to $1) each month. Hence, by purchasing the $249 starter kit, you would be eligible for commission on the month you enroll.

Also to stay active, you need to purchase $99 worth of products from the company. Yes, ninety-nine. Hence, you still NEED to make a sale to fill the remaining $1 to be eligible for your commission that month. Classy and sneaky.

How Do I Earn at EnerSource International?

Unfortunately, despite the glittery words that EnerSource International is using to adorn itself and attract possible representatives, the company provides too little information about its “highly lucrative” compensation plan.

With little information, the company says that it uses two ways to compensate its representatives: the Force Matrix and the Up Front Sales Commissions.

Its Up Front Sales Commissions promises of the following:

  • Customer sales commissions of up to 100% on every new representative
  • Up front commissions paid when $150 in products bought OR sold
  • Customer sales commissions paid to infinite levels
  • Residual income paid to infinite levels

On the other hand, the company’s Force Matrix brags of the following:

  • Not Binary - No Balancing of Legs
  • No Excessive Breakage
  • You Get The Commissions You Earn
  • Offers a Spillover Component

Up Front Sales Commission lets you benefit down to infinite levels through the products you and your recruits would be selling. Though the company is quite vague about the model that it uses for this part of the commission, the points it provided directly lead us to the conclusion that it is pertaining to a unilevel compensation plan.

On the other hand, the matrix compensation plan is based on a compensation structure that consists of a certain width and depth. In the case of EnerSource International, it uses the 2x12 plan. This gives you the spillover that a unilevel compensation plan doesn’t offer. Using this type of compensation plan lets a representative get hold of bonuses like sponsor, level, matching, position, and forced matrix.

So, after all that, does EnerSource International manage to concoct the perfect “highly lucrative” compensation plan for its representatives? Let’s see.

How Much Do I Earn? Will I Even Earn?

If there is one way to prove the efficacy of MLM companies’ compensation plans, that is through transparent income disclosure statements that bravely present their people’s actual earnings. Unfortunately, most MLM companies release such reports in murky ways. From twisted explanations to incomplete data, these MLM companies try desperately to beautify their obviously hideous figures.

On the other hand, some companies proudly brag their figures to attract possible independent contractors.  Unfortunately, there are also MLM companies that conceal everything from the public. Apparently, you know the reason for this.

EnerSource International, despite claiming to offer “highly lucrative” compensation plans to its prospects, keeps mum about the actual earnings of its representatives. Not even its vague compensation plan could give you an idea how much its representatives are earning. So, what could be the possible reason for the company’s secretive actions?

According to Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., in his 15-year study entitled “The Case (for and) Against Multi-level Marketing,” 99 percent of MLM individuals lose money. So, what’s the reason for that? What is the reason behind the high failure rate in the MLM industry?

The Culprit

In spite of the status of MLM companies being legal, the system that makes up the entirety of MLM industry brings it to inevitable failure: pyramid system.

Though MLMs are different from pyramid schemes, MLMs use pyramid structure in compiling its recruits. So, what’s the problem about this?

Using the pyramid structure, MLMs take advantage of using “commissions” as a way to suck up the money from the bottom of the system. In this way, portions of earnings of those at the bottom would be sucked away from them only to be added to the incomes of those at the top who are already earning ample compensations. This leaves those poor individuals at the bottom little to nothing.

According to Taylor, that system itself is harmful. He stated in his study that “MLM as a business model – with its endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers – is flawed, unfair, and deceptive. Worldwide feedback suggests it is also extremely viral, predatory and harmful to many participants. This conclusion does not apply just to a specific MLM company, but to the entire MLM industry. It is a systemic problem.”

Weighing Things: Pros and Cons

In any case you are considering EnerSource International as an opportunity to dive in, let us first have a review of things that you should ponder.


  1. It is a new MLM company. Hence, there is a possibility that it still hasn’t saturated the market. This would give you an easier task of promoting the product and recruiting for your team.
  2. The products are cheaper than other MLM products.
  3. It is built by an experienced founder.


  1. The company has a very secretive compensation plan. It is hard to dive into an opportunity without knowing the exact details of how you are going to earn.
  2. EnerSource International doesn’t present its income disclosure statement to the public. That is a red flag. Without a proof that would clarify whether the representatives are actually earning well or not, you are clueless of your fate in such an opportunity.
  3. Though EnerSource International is a legal MLM, it is still an opportunity that uses a pyramid structure. Joining it now means putting you at the bottom of the system where portions of your earnings would be sucked away from you.


EnerSource International is one of the MLM companies in the industry promising people financial freedom. However, despite the enticing words and impressive claims, an MLM company wouldn’t be able to prove its credibility without sufficient proof to impress the public. Beyond promises of riches and better life, everyone looks for an honest company that proves it through its transparency in public. No one needs flattering words promising of green pasture. What everyone needs is clear and transparent process and system on how to earn a decent income. Perhaps, that’s what EnerSource International should consider.

Thank you for your time reading this article! I hope you learned something from this and if you are still looking for better ways to earn, we could help you. We have been doing this since 2015. Say goodbye to commission sharing and pestering relatives just to make sales! Click here and discover it!


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