Cannabis Investors Report Review

Review of Cannabis Investor’s Report – Scam or Worth Subscribing To?

Is the Cannabis Investor's Report worth subscribing to or is it just another over-hyped investment recommendation service that is going to be a waste of your money?

Is the Cannabis Investor's Report a scam?

With over-the-top promotions for similar opportunities, like "7-day weed contracts" for example, and with the SEC warning about marijuana investment frauds... these questions should be asked.

And these questions are exactly what I set out to answer when digging around trying to find out all I could about the opportunity after coming across a promotion for it online, which stated that "every cannabis stock we'll bring you has the potential to deliver a 1,000%+ windfall"...


(sounds a bit too good to be true, I know)

In this review we'll be going over what it is exactly, the company behind it, what you get if you subscribe, its track record, pros v cons and more.

What Is Cannabis Investor's Report?

Cannabis Investors Report
  • Product: Cannabis Investor's Report
  • Website:
  • Type: Cannabis investment newsletter
  • Publisher: National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI)
  • Cost: $39 - $129/yr

The Cannabis Investor's Report is a follow-along type of investment subscription service by the NICI that provides subscribers with cannabis-related investment recommendations, which is nice because there is no experience or knowledge needed, although of course I'm not recommending blindly following their advice.

In addition to investment recommendations, members are provided with detailed reports, important news, and analyses of events taking place in the cannabis industry so that they can stay on top of things and know what's going on.

Who Is The NICI?

National Institute for Cannabis Investors, or NICI, is an investment advisory firm that provides various subscription services for cannabis investment recommendations, analyses, and news... the Cannabis Investor's Report being one of their more popular ones.

*It's the same type of deal as Maulden Economics, Raging Bull, etc... just focused on investments in the cannabis industry.

The company was just founded in 2018 by Mike Ward, who also runs Money Map Press, which is another investment advisory firm similar to Maulden EconomicsRaging Bull, etc., except this one is simply focused on investments in general and not specifically on cannabis investments.

The team at NICI is "stacked" with big names in the industry. They have Danny Brody who was the VP of Investor Relations at The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings, a large Canadian cannabis company. They have Jenn Larry, the president of CBD Strategy Group. They have Don Yochman, the head of Private Cannabis Ventures. They have professional traders Tom Gentile and Michael A. Robinson, and more.

There is no doubt they have big names on the list and because of this they claim to have "assembled the most successful cannabis CEOs and investors in modern history... As well as the most politically connected players in this industry".

What You Get as a Member

The Cannabis Investor's Report is one of NICI's most heavily promoted subscription services. This is what is referred to as the "Founders Membership" in many of their promotions. Here members are provided with regular old cannabis investment opportunities along with beginner training and more... making it a good opportunity for people just getting started.

What you get as a subscriber includes:

Video Training Series - In case you are new to the world of investing, they provide a 5-part video training series that includes step-by-step instructions on how to buy your first stock and other basic info you will need to begin.

Cannabis Investment Package - At its core, subscribers are provided with a new investment package each month that provides investment recommendations, analysis & research on the opportunities, and video presentations where they go over all the charts and provide analysis in an easy-to-follow manner.

*There are 2 new opportunities provided each month with this.

Weekly Progress Reports - These will provide analyses on past recommendations' performance, information on where the market is going, new developments, etc. 

Real-Time Alerts - When it's time to exit a trade and take profits, members are alerted right away via text message and/or email.

Portfolio Tracker - Here members are able to monitor the progress of the recommendations given.

State of the Cannabis Industry Dossier - Every quarter a very informative dossier is sent out to members. This provides a broad overview of the state of the cannabis industry as well as details on different segments within it.

Access to the Cannabis Investors Network - Members get access to a forum where one will be able to communicate with other investors, share tips, strategies, etc.

Virtual Business Pitches - Here members are provided with pitches from CEOs and executives of various cannabis companies on why you, as an investor, should invest in their company.

Boardroom Meetings - Every month there will be a meeting held between industry experts that will discuss politics, big news, mergers, acquisitions, and anything that is relevant.

NICI Annual Retreat Invitation - Lastly, members get tickets to the annual NICI retreat where they can meet industry experts and the team at NICI face-to-face.

*Last years retreat was held in Las Vegas in October.

Special Reports (Bonus) - In addition to the core of the subscription service, members will also get special reports when they join. At the moment these include:

  • Prescription-Free CBD: The Firm Set to Disrupt the $1.1 Trillion Pharmaceutical Industry!
  • The Innovator: A Simple Solution for a Biig Dollar Problem!
  • Cannabis's First Household Name Could Make You a Fortune!
  • The #1 Cannabis Startup to Target Today!

[Source: NICI]

Cost & Upsells

There are 3 different price points that you can join at...

  1. Gold Level - $39 for 1 year
  2. Diamond Level - $79 for 2 years
  3. Platinum Level - $129 for 2 years

... well, I guess maybe 4 price points... because after joining you will be pushed to upgrade your purchase to a lifetime membership for $495.

*These prices are all supposedly discounted greatly... but I'm not sure if it ever sold at "full" price. It might just be a marketing stunt.


NICI doesn't offer refunds for all of their subscription services, but for Cannabis Insider's Report they do.

If you don't like what you receive you can request a full-refund within 60-days, which I think is a pretty good policy to have.

And if you do want a refund you can contact them between 8am - 7pm on weekdays at...

  • 866.260.0361 or
  • 443.380.2078 (international)


Before you join (or not) you should be aware that there are upsells. The first upsell is for the lifetime membership that costs $495, but then after that you will be hit with others.

Here is a pretty funny review from someone's experience of this [source: Stock Gumshoe]...


Their sales funnel probably changes quite a bit, but I have heard of people being pushed into a $1,950/yr membership for NICI's The Cannabis IPO Insider service as well.

Track Record

When you join as a member you will have access to the investment portfolio where you will be able to monitor gains/losses of recommended investments...


However, before buying into it you won't have access to this and all you will know will come from the over-hyped marketing material where NICI talks about all the big winning recommendations they've made and conveniently leaves out the losers.

Upon looking into things further and doing some serious digging around, I found complaints from members who aren't too happy with the results...


[Source: Stock Gumshoe]

However, it should be said that the cannabis market in general was down at the time of the complaint shown above.

There are positive reviews I've found too, but it seems that the key takeaway here is that the marketing material is definitely over-hyped and you certainly should NOT expect "1,000%+ windfalls" on every investment... which they tell us there is the "potential" for.


  • Pushy Upsells - As you can imagine, not everyone is too enthused with the upsells they get as subscribers. That said, this is the way subscription services like this operate nowadays.
  • Lack of Transparency - It would be nice if, like The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor, they would provide a clear public track record so that potential buyers could have a better idea of what they are getting involved with.
  • Losses - As you've seen, not all recommendations made by the Cannabis Insider's Report are winners... and so people complain.

But other than this there aren't really any other complaints worth mentioning. Upsells, lack of transparency and losses... these are all pretty much what I was expecting to find.

Pros v Cons

  • Easy to follow & well laid out (recommendation reports, updates, alerts, etc.)
  • No experience/knowledge needed (not suggesting you blindly follow their advice though)
  • Experts behind the newsletter (and lots of big connections to the cannabis industry)
  • Money-back refund within 60 days
  • Risk involved (as with any investment opportunity)
  • Over-hyped marketing material
  • Pushy upsells
  • Lacking transparency (for non-members)

Is the Cannabis Investor's Report a Scam?

Cannabis Investor's Report is not a scam, obviously. I just want to make this clear. 

The service provides a good amount of value, and although you definitely aren't guaranteed to make money, you probably are a heck of a lot more likely to than if you were to go at it alone (unless you are an expert yourself).

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

Some will say that it is while others say it isn't. In my opinion it can be as long as you know what you are buying into... which means not falling for some of the over-hyped marketing out there.

As mentioned, this service provides a lot of value. They definitely put a lot of effort into the reports, analyses, getting insiders and CEOs to stop in, etc... and it probably provides more value than it costs... which they hope a number of subscribers will buy into the more expensive upsells (but of course you don't have to).

So anyways... hopefully this review has given you a better idea of what exactly Cannabis Investor's Report is and what it provides. If so, please help me out by sharing this post.

And Before You Go: If you're looking for an advisory service that I actually recommend, take a look at Stock Advisor.

Also, be sure to leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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