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December 8


Is OPM Wealth a Scam? – What You Should Know

They claim that this is the best money-making opportunity that exists... and they claim you can make $250k or more per year. 

But can you really? Or is OPM Wealth a scam that you would be better off avoiding?

You've probably come across the short introductory video with Stefan. In the video he is taking a walk with his dog and talks about people working jobs they don't like or working jobs that just don't pay enough...


And of course this leads to him talking about the "super simple" system he created for making money online.

A "super simple system" that can generate tons of cash??? Sounds like something I've heard 100 times before... and usually such claims come from promotions of scams.

So is this just another scam? I was intrigued by what I heard so I decided to dig a little deeper and find out.

*Spoiler Alert: I wouldn't recommend joining


OPM Wealth System
  • Name: OPM Wealth
  • Website: OPMWealth.com
  • Creator: Stefan Dessalines 
  • Cost: Free - $27,500

What is OPM Wealth?

In a nutshell, it is basically a cryptocurrency-based high-ticket affiliate marketing pyramid-scheme system that you can buy into and make money with by getting others to join.

OPM stands for "other people's money" and this is a core part of the system. Instead buying into the system with your own money, you use OPM... which means credit.

So the idea behind this whole system is that you can start your own online business without using your own money, and eventually make a lot of money with it via recruitment.

*Note: Don't go out and join just yet. These types of businesses have some major downsides.

Who Is Stefan Dessalines?

On the OPM Wealth website Stefan gives a short biography of himself.

He talks about how he was an actor as a child (mostly for commercials), moved into film production, then went into the mortgage industry because he wanted more money, then came the 2008 collapse where he lost everything, and since then he has been involved in online marketing building systems such as OPM Wealth.

*Note: His other marketing systems (schemes) have collapsed.

Upon looking into this further I was able to find on IMBD that he was a "key production assistant" in The Ransom of Red Chief (1998) and Mrs. Santa Claus (1996), as well as the associate producer of Sin's Kitchen (2004). So the things he mentions do check out.


Is OPM Wealth a pyramid scheme?

OPM Wealth is completely focused on revenue coming in from new recruits and does have 1-up compensation plan, which has a multi-level shape to it. So Yes, it pretty much is a pyramid scheme (I'll go into more detail on this).

Is OPM Wealth legal?

It is just one big money-making recruitment scheme. And pyramid schemes are illegal in most of the world... so is it legal? Not really in my opinion.

How long will it take to make money?

They say that you should be able to make it to 6-figures in 12 weeks, but I don't know what they are basing this on and I certainly wouldn't count on it.


How It Works

Joining OPM Wealth is free, at least at first. All you have do do is enter your name, email, and create an account.

Then you will have access to the dashboard, which you can see here:


Inside the dashboard there are a bunch of videos, such as what OPM Wealth is, how it works, etc... in which Stefan basically goes over why OPM Wealth is one of the best ways to make money online today.

He also provides an overview of how it works and how, if you don't have any money, you can use "other people's money" to join (more on this).

There are then a series of 17 videos that provide training and education on everything from improving your credit to trading cryptocurrency, but you will need to book a "coaching strategy session" and speak to a live OPM coach before moving to these steps.


  • Step 1: Digital Franchise
  • Step 2: (OPM) Other People's Money
  • Step 3: Great Credit
  • Step 4: The Truth About Money
  • Step 5: Time Management
  • Step 6: Crypto Basics
  • Step 7: Trading Cryptocurrency
  • Step 8: Paradigm Shift
  • Step 9: Power of Systems
  • Step 10: Compensation
  • Step 11: Laws of Life
  • Step 12: Keep More Money
  • Step 13: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Step 14: 20 Rules of Money
  • Step 15: The Power of Mindset
  • Step 16: Financial Independence Pt/1
  • Step 17: Financial Independence Pt/2

The Plutus Plan

Like pretty much all high-ticket "make money online" systems, OPM has a handful of severely overpriced product levels that you can buy into...

  • Hermes - $2,000
  • Apollo - $5,000
  • Athena - $8,500
  • Poseidon - $14,500
  • Zeus - $27,500

This is what it's all about... recruiting people in and earning large commissions when they buy these product levels.

What's the difference between these product levels? 

Not much. They do come with physical products, such as headphones, wireless chargers, backpacks and more... but these are kind-of just bonuses and are more to make everything seem more legit (for legal reasons I suppose).

The main difference between the price levels is the ability to earn commissions. As a member you will only be able to earn commissions on the level you are a part of or lower.

Example: If you buy in at the $5k Apollo level you will only be able to earn commissions on that level and the lower $2k Hermes level.

So the main difference is the ability to earn more with the more expensive plans. That's it.

They are expensive just for the purpose of being able to earn large commissions.

How to Join for Free: You can also join for free and earn commissions, but you first must make 5 sales to qualify... which is pretty unlikely unless you have some form of online marketing experience already.

What You Get As a Member


1) High Ticket Digital Franchise - When you join you will be able to promote the OPM Wealth system and earn large commissions doing so. This is what the whole system is focused around... getting people to buy in and then recruit others in.

2) 100% Cryptocurrency - As you know, all payments made in this system are done in cryptocurrency. So if you've ever wanted to invest in this type of currency, this opportunity makes it easy.

3) Automated Marketing System - As a member you will just have to refer people to the OPM Wealth website with your affiliate link. The system is already in place and recruits will be taken through the same sales funnel you were.

4) Credit Enhancement System - As you know, the system is focused on making money by using OPM (other people's money). OPM Wealth has a credit enhancement team that works with members so that they can increase their credit and buy into the system using other people's money.

5) Private Funding Team - At OPM Wealth they will also help people get proper funding to buy in. 

6) Sales Team to Close Your Sales - All you have to do as an affiliate is refer people in with your affiliate link. The sales team at OPM Wealth will handle the rest.

*However, there is incentive to close your own sales, as you will see in a bit.

7) Advertising Co-op - The system is in place, but you will still need to drive traffic to it. This is where advertising comes into play and they have an advertising co-op opportunity you can participate in where you simply buy your traffic from OPM Wealth.

8) Weekly Private Asset Building Zoom Sessions - These consist of weekly live training sessions that focus on building wealth in other areas, such as cryptocurrency and investing in precious metals.

Quick Summary:
  • OPM is free to join to some extent
  • The program provides educational material on cryptocurrency and on improving credit
  • The reason for this is to get people to buy into their Plutus program
  • In order to buy into Plutus you will need cryptocurrency, and it can be very expensive so you might need better credit... which is the reason behind the training
  • Members of Plutus can then make large commissions getting others to buy in, for which marketing training will be provided

Compensation Plan

So now you know that the entire system is focused on getting people to buy into one of the Plutus plans and then to get them to go out and recruit others in.

But how much money can you make doing this and how does the compensation plan work?

It's pretty simple. As an affiliate you will be able to earn 70% commissions from the sales you bring in. So the commissions from the different price tiers break down like this:

  • 70% of the $2,000 Hermes plan = $1,400
  • 70% of the $5,000 Apollo plan = $3,500
  • 70% of the $8,500 Athena plan = $5,950
  • 70% of the $14,500 Poseidon plan = 10,150
  • 70% of the $27,500 Zeus plan = $19,250

There is also mention that you can earn 100% of the sales if you close them yourself, but most people are just going to be referring people to the system and letting the team close their sales... so 70% commissions is what they'll earn.

1-Up Plan

There is also a "1-up" component to the plan. 

If you join as an affiliate for free you will have to make 5 sales before you can earn any commissions. And even if you do buy into a plan, you will still have to make 1 qualifying sale before you earn commissions. 

Your qualifying sale will get passed up to the person above you, aka your sponsor, aka the person that recruited you in... and then all of your recruits' first sales will get passed up to you... and so on.

1 up comp plan
Is OPM Wealth a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, it is (my opinion of course).

Usually 1-up compensation plans aren't considered MLM because they are shown as having only 1 level, which is that of your direct recruits. HOWEVER, if you look at it as a multi-level structure it makes a lot more sense and you can see how people deep in your downline could earn you money, because of how sales are being passed up.


So yes, it is a pyramid scheme. There are no retail-able products, it has a pyramid shape to it, and it is completely reliant on recruitment (you can learn about the difference between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme here).

*Anyone who wants to debate me on this can do so in the comment section below this post.

Additional Income Streams

In addition to selling Plutus memberships, you will also be able to earn from the training provided on cryptocurrency and precious metals, but these are just side income streams...

1) Cryptocurrency - You will be dealing with cryptocurrency if you join OPM, and there is training provided on buying & holding/trading... which you can make money from.

There are live training sessions held on a weekly basis for members interested in this.

2) Silver - There is educational material provided on investing in precious metals, specifically silver.

OPM Wealth members will also be able to make money when other OPM Wealth recruits buy silver from the program being promoted within the system.

Why Cryptocurrency?

A lot of these "done for you", get-rich-quick type schemes have turned to cryptocurrency.

Why is this?

Well, they tell us it's because they believe cryptocurrency is the future and whatnot. And, for members of OPM Wealth there will be training provided on how to trade crypto and other things related. 

However, I don't doubt that another big reason this program only uses cryptocurrency is because of... chargebacks!

With cryptocurrency payments there are no chargebacks... payments are final. The reason this is good for high-ticket programs like this is because people can't back out of a payment. 

With Visa or Mastercard you can dispute payments and possibly get your money back... but not with cryptocurrency. And, as you could imagine, having chargebacks in a high-ticket program like this would be a disaster.

Pros v Cons

  • Systems is already set-up and in place
  • High commission potential
  • You use "OPM" (they help you improve your credit score if you don't have money)
  • Could just lead to debt
  • No refunds (cryptocurrency)
  • Too easy (don't really learn much)
  • Overpriced product levels (all for the sake of being able to earn high commissions)
  • Stefan doesn't have the best track record (more on this)
  • One big money-making scheme that provides little value
  • It seems to be an illegal pyramid scheme (my opinion of course)

Is the OPM Wealth System a Scam?

It's all one big money-making scheme that revolves around buying massively overpriced products and then recruiting in others to do the same... and it has a pyramid shape to it if you really look closely at how the "1-up" compensation plan works.

AND... the physical products are more-or-less a way to just make this whole system seem more legit.

So... it is pretty scammy the way I see it.

However, on a positive note, Stefan doesn't hide that this is the way it is. He makes it pretty clear that the way you will be making money is by recruiting in others.

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

The decision is ultimately up to you, but I would recommend against joining and for good reasons, beside the fact that the government might step in and shut it down at any time. I have been involved in online marketing since 2015 and have seen systems like this come and go before.

Two of the main reasons I would recommend against joining include:

#1 - These Systems Almost Always Fail

Whenever there are systems like this that rely completely on new recruits buying in and getting others to buy in, they fail. 

There is nothing being sold here for customers... it's only for affiliates. 

Think about it... Stefan talks about how he has created two different 7-figure systems during his time as an online marketer... but what happened to them? Why is he creating another? 

The reason is because his other systems failed. Just like any money-making scheme that focuses completely on recruitment... they eventually collapse.

*Note: One of Stefan's past money-making-scheme was Freebie Money Printer, which was a MLM that collapsed.

#2 - You Will Be Reliant on the System

Every part of the system is a way to scrape more money from members. Sure, it's nice that everything is "done for you". It's nice that you can simply buy traffic from the admin. This makes it easy... BUT it also makes you completely reliant on the system.

Easy isn't always good. A system like this doesn't teach you much of anything... and when it eventually collapses you will be right back where you started.

My Recommendation: I wold avoid this place and join and opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking to make money online via affiliate marketing.

I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and can pretty much thank them completely for my success.

Oh ya, and the reason they've been around for over a decade is because they provide real value.

But anyways... I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 


OPM Wealth System review, OPM Wealth System scam

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