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December 10


Michael Robinson’s “American Patients First” Teaser – Review

Wondering what this "American Patients First" initiative is that Michael Robinson is talking about?... which he claims ordinary Americans could profit greatly from?

Is it a scam? Is this opportunity legit?

You've probably came across the teaser that has been promoted online. You know, the one that says "this critical initiative could hand you 12 triple-digit paydays in the next 12 weeks"...

American Patients First

Getting at least a triple-digit payday every week for 12 weeks sounds pretty good to me... BUT the sound of this also made me a bit suspicious, so I decided to do a little research into this opportunity to get to the bottom of things.

Spoiler alert: This "American Patients First" teaser isn't what it seems to be!

The teaser starts out talking about some guy named "Michael Todd" who was diagnosed with a series of medical conditions and prescribed a list of 16 different medications to take, which would cost him a fortune.

However, I don't know how much of this story is actually true and how much is fiction. 

What I do know is that the image shown to use of "Michael Todd" is a fake...


When reviewing opportunities like this that seem a bit suspect, I always do a lot of digging around. Here, I did a reverse Google image search and found that the image shown above is actually a stock photo that anyone can purchase online...


In other words... this is NOT "Michael Todd".

But anyways, the teaser starts out talking about the outrageous costs of prescription medications and then jumps ahead to some "blueprint" or initiative taken by President Trump that is supposedly going to "save Americans an estimated $47 billion every year"... and that you could "make you a lot of money"...


What this initiative sets out to achieve is to make cheaper alternatives to expensive name-brand drugs easier for patients to get their hands on.


Apparently, thanks to the new blueprint, Michael Robinson has "uncovered a strategy for collecting 12 triple-digit payouts in the next 12 weeks".

AND, he claims that he is going to reveal how to get in on this "steady streak of triple-digit opportunities"...


But what on earth is he talking about?

It makes perfect sense that Americans will be able to save money under this new initiative... but how can ordinary folks profit from it week after week?

What Is This "American Patients First" Teaser Really About?

In a nutshell, this is all one big teaser by Michael Robinson to lure in new subscribers to his paid newsletter service called Radical Technology Profits.

*There really is an "American Patients First" blueprint that president Trump and the Human and Health Services released in May of 2018. So this isn't really that bad of a teaser... it's based on real events and information.

Who Is Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is a financial analyst in the area of technology. He has 34 years of experience working with Silicon Valley venture capital firms as a consultant, senior advisor, and board member and his writing & reporting have even led to him being nominated for a Pultizer Prize (nominated but didn't win).

His expertise in the industry has taken him all over as a writer and analyst. He has worked for Signal Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others.

However, right now his main "gig" seems to be his newsletter services, in which he provides investment advice and recommendations to subscribers. Nova-X Report and Radical Technology Profits are two newsletters he is the editor of at the moment.

How It All Works

Reviewing and exposing misleading investment opportunities is something that I take great pride in, and do quite often. It isn't unusual for me to come across an investment opportunity that is very different from what it first seems to be. American Superpower Checks, Mortgage Reimbursement Checks, The Perfect Retirement Business, etc... these are all misleading investment teasers that I have exposed in the past.

How it works is like this:

  • First there is some new opportunity being teased that can make you rich
  • Then you are usually told that you qualify to get in on this opportunity and that the information on how to do so will be given to you for free
  • BUT... you are first required to purchase a subscription to some newsletter service before you can get the "free report" detailing how to get in on the new opportunity

This is the blueprint that is almost always followed.

What This Opportunity Really Is

It's an investment opportunity.

Robinson claims that when a brand-name drug goes "off patent", meaning that it is now allowed to be manufactured generically by small manufacturers, that 80% of the sales shifts to the smaller pharmaceutical companies producing generic variations.

This massive shift in sales can lead to large increases in profits for these small pharmaceutical companies... and this is the investment opportunity.

The goal is to find drugs that are about to go "off patent", look into the smaller pharmaceutical companies that will be producing the drug, and invest in the ones that will be first to market.

In the teaser there are plenty of examples shown, such as this one of GlenMark showing a 381% gain after selling an off-patent version of AstraZeneca, which was being produced by Crestor...


Yes, these opportunities do exist, and yes, you can make money from them.

However, one thing you have to realize is that in the promotional material here they are only going to show the best past opportunities.

What about all the small pharmaceutical companies that couldn't compete with the new market of generic drug producers? 

The Cost

Robinson and his team of analysts have identified a list of patents that are going to expire, companies that will produce the "off-patent" drugs, and those that will be first to market and stand the best chance of profiting greatly.

All this information is provided in the "free" report called "The OFF-PATENT PROFIT CALENDAR"...


However, if you want to get this free report you first have to pay to subscribe to the Radical Technology Profits newsletter, which is a follow-along type investment newsletter where Robinson provides his subscribers with investment recommendations, trade alerts, market analyses and more.

The Takeaway Here

Okay, so let's do a quick recap:

  • "American Patients First" is an initiative to help bring more affordable medications to market... and is being used for marketing purposes here
  • The opportunity presented here is to invest in small pharmaceutical companies that have potential to make big gains when name-brand medications go "off patent"
  • Michael Robinson and his team have identified a number of good upcoming opportunities
  • In order to get the information about these opportunities you first have to subscribe to his paid newsletter service

Is American Patients First a scam? 

No, but I can understand how the opportunity looks a bit misleading.

Is it worth buying into?

This question cannot be answered. There is no track record provided on Michael Robinson's past recommendations so I have no way of knowing how good he actually is at predicting winners.

However, what I do know is that Michael's Radical Technology Profits newsletter has an overall rating of only 2.3 out of 5 stars on Stock Gumshoe... not that great.

Final Thoughts:

Somewhat misleading investment opportunity promotions like this are commonplace in today's age. You have to be careful what you get involved with and ALWAYS do your research beforehand... which you have done here today.

I hope this review has provided some valuable insight into what this opportunity actually is and I hope you enjoyed!

Take care and leave any comments or questions down below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

And before you go: Here is my #1 recommended advisory service, in case you're interested.


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