Motley Fool Netflix Killer Stock

Motley Fool’s Netflix Killer Stock – REVEALED

They're at it again. Motley Fool has been teasing their "Netflix Killer" stock. But what the heck is this stock really? 

Of course you have to subscribe to them in order to find out... but what if you don't want to do that? What if you just want to know the stock they are talking about without spending any money?

Well, this is where I come in, and in this post we'll be going over the stock, ticker symbol and more.

There have been many different promotions for it, but one of the most recent I have come across was titled...

"What Netflix Really Fears (it's not HBO)"

In the teaser they talked about how they recommended Netflix back in its early days and how it's went up over 19,000% since then... hinting that this new opportunity could have the same potential.

They certainly had my attention at this point... but I was still a bit skeptical, especially because you never know what to really expect from teasers like this.

The teaser goes on to say that this new "Netflix Killer" is still out there and that it's NOT any of the popular names, including Disney+, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Furthermore, they call particular stock an "ultimate buy", which happens rarely at The Motley Fool. An "ultimate buy" is what they call it when both Tom and David Gardner (the founders of the company) both recommend the same stock. This is a special occasion because they both use different criteria when picking recommended stocks, and when they both happen to land on the same stock, it has more potential to be a really good opportunity.

Apparently this sort of "buy signal" has only happened 23 times over the years since their Stock Advisor service was founded, which was in the year 2002... meaning that it's not much more than once a year on average that something like this comes around.

How This Works

You're probably already well aware of it, but if not, let me enlighten you.

The point of teasers like this is to bring subscribers into their various newsletters. This particular teaser is a lure for their Stock Advisor subscription service, which is basically a follow-along investment advisory that provides readers with specific stock recommendations, buy/sell alerts, market analyses, etc.

The blueprint for promoting these types of services is always the same:

  • Promote some shiny new opportunity to make a lot of money
  • Make it seem as if it's almost a guaranteed win
  • Include this information in some special report
  • Give the special report away for "free" if they take the offer... which is that they first must subscribe to a paid advisory service (in this case Stock Advisor)

But anyways... let's get to the point of this post... what the stock they are teasing actually is...

What Is The Stock?

Let's take a look at some clues.

In the teaser we are also told that:

  • The company is small and under the radar of most investors
  • Its CEO is young and has "banked" $575 million since its IPO
  • It is positioned to profit more and more as people switch from cable to streaming TV services
  • It is not a competitor of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.
  • The company is in the advertising market
  • The CEO has called cable TV a "ticking time bomb"

So what is the stock?

Everything here... well... most things here point to the company called The Trade Desk, which has actually been promoted for quite a while by Motley Fool.

The Trade Desk is in the advertising industry, they are positioned to profit more and more as people switch to streaming services, they are not a competitor to Netfilx, Hulu, etc, and the company is relatively small.

Furthermore, I was even able to find a quote from an interview between political commentator Mike Shields and The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green where Jeff called cable TV a "ticking time bomb", just as stated in the teaser...

There were some things mentioned in the teaser that I couldn't verify, but this is often the case as teaser information can sometimes be twisted, misleading, and just hard to interpret.

What Is The Trade Desk?

The Trade Desk, with the ticker symbol TTD, is an online advertising company that allows for real-time bidding for online ads, whether they be display, social, mobile, video, etc... which is an innovative new advertising model.

Many, along with the CEO Jeff Green, have high hopes for the company and believe the power that large companies like Facebook and Google have over the online advertising industry is far overblown.

And yes, if the company does keep heading in the direction it is, it will definitely profit from the growing increase in people switching to streaming services.

The stock has been a solid buy for years now, and could very well continue.

TTD price chart

[Source: Yahoo Finance]

A group of analysts offering 12-month predictions on TTD have a median target prediction of fairly good profits, about +35%... but it's definitely NOTHING comparable to the types of profits you would expect from something tagged the "Netflix Killer".

In fact, I think they should really stop calling it this. The "Netflix Cuddler" might be a better name, since it isn't in direct competition with the company and could possibly help the company if Netflix decides to allow advertising on their platform in the future.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so this entire teaser from Motley Fool is to bring in new subscribers to their Stock Advisor newsletter advisory service. And, this teaser has actually been around for quite some time. It's been rehashed over and over again the past few years. They've actually been teasing The Trade Desk opportunity since at least 2018 I've found.

There is another promotion for their "ultimate buy" stock which is teasing the same company, and that I exposed earlier. This makes sense since TTD is an "ultimate buy", as they call it.

So... there you go. Now you know the stock they are teasing and you don't have to subscribe to anything you don't want to!

You're welcome 🙂

Is Stock Advisor Worth It?

What might be surprising to you is that the Stock Advisor service is actually one of the very few investment advisories that I do recommend. I know I'm helping people avoid subscribing by revealing their "Netflix killer" stock, but the advisory is definitely one of the better ones out there, coming from a reputable company and with a proven track record.

You can read more on why it's my, and our (here at #1 recommended advisory service in this post.

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