UBA Tracers review

UBA Tracers Review – Scam or Legit? [Read Before Joining!]

If you have heard of the worksheet processing job opportunity at UBA Tracers then there is a good chance you are wondering if it's a scam or not. After all, the opportunity sounds a little bit too good to be true.

They say that...

  • You will make around $25/hr minimum
  • You can work from anywhere, and it doesn't matter where you are from
  • You can work as little or as much as you want to
  • There are no requirements to get started

... so what's the catch?

I mean, it it really is this good and is available to anyone that has internet, why isn't everyone doing it? Why are we just now hearing about it?

Well, there is a catch to this whole thing that I will be going over. So don't get too excited.

In this UBA Tracers review I'll be going over the process of how you can supposedly make money, the catch, why this seems a bit fishy, some serious scam concerns and more.

Enjoy... And DO NOT JOIN YET!

Overview of the Job Opportunity

UBA Tracers
  • Company: UBA Tracers
  • Type of Work: Worksheet processing for unclaimed money
  • Job Requirements: None
  • Recommended?: No (and for good reason)

UBA Tracers claims to be the "largest unclaimed bank account recovery company in North America" . What they do is provide a service that helps people get their unclaimed money back.

What Are Unclaimed Bank Accounts and Unclaimed Money?

Simply put, they are accounts/assets that have went dormant and haven't been used in over 10 years. Often times this includes bank accounts, but not all the time. It can include things like...

  • Unclaimed property
  • Bank balances
  • Checking accounts
  • Trust accounts
  • Dividend payouts
  • And more.

There are lots of reasons why there might be unclaimed money. Maybe someone passed away and their Will left out a bank account; maybe someone had an account accumulating small amounts of money over a long period of time that they forgot about; maybe someone forgot about a pension payout after retiring... etc.

It may be hard to believe that there is all this unclaimed money everywhere, but this is actually a real thing.

According to an old article from CNN Money, there was $58 billion worth of unclaimed money back in 2013. I can't find many reputable sources for more recent figures, but I imagine this number could have grown.

How UBA Tracers Makes Money

As they state, they help get the money back to the rightful owners, which are usually oblivious to the money they have... and in the process they negotiate a brokerage fee with the owner.

So UBA Tracers offers the service of helping people recover their lost/forgotten money for a fee... so they say.

It makes sense... but this is all just what we are told... and I have reason to doubt that they are actually providing the service they claim to be, which I will get into shortly.

Your Job As a Processor

Step 1: Find Accounts to Process

The first step is to find accounts of unclaimed money to process. They provide links to different databases that you will be able to search through, which right now include the Bank of Canada, Texas, California, Utah, Tennessee, and Illinois.

What you are looking for when performing your searches are accounts that are at least $250, because the smaller ones aren't worth the time.

I clicked on the link for the Bank of Canada database that they provided and found the process of finding accounts pretty simple. 

All you do is search for random names and it will pull up accounts with those names. So for example I searched for accounts with the last name of "Adams" and found quite a bit of results... and several of the top results where over $250...

Step 2: Complete Processing Forms

Next you have to fill out the processing forms which is just simple data entry. 

This consists of nothing more than copying and pasting for the most part. You will have to fill in...

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your email address
  • Account holder's name
  • Account holder's last known address
  • The outstanding balance
  • Property ID#
  • Type of account (checking, savings, dividend, etc.)
  • State or province account was found

They tell you that each form will take about 30-60 minutes to complete but to me it seems that this easily could be done in 15 minutes.

Step 3: Submit Forms for Payment

Lastly you will submit the forms and within a week you will be contacted and paid.

They pay via check or PayPal every Friday.

How Much Can You Make?

*Probably nothing because this is more than likely a scam. But this is what they tell us.

The amount you make is 10% of the unclaimed money. So if you process an unclaimed account that has $1,000 in it you will get paid $100.

Even if it takes you an entire hour to complete 1 form you will still be making a minimum of $25/hr... since you are only looking for accounts of $250 or more and you get paid 10%.

They even claim there have been people who have processed accounts of over $10k and even a few over $100k, but I find this very hard to believe. If someone allowed UBA Tracers to process an account they had with $100k in it they would be giving them $10k! I would think people would be smarter than to allow this to happen when all UBA Tracers is doing is processing simple worksheets.

The Catch

It sounds amazing up until this point... but there is a catch to this... a BIG catch.

The catch is that you HAVE TO PAY to order the forms you will be filling out.

You have the options of ordering 4 forms for $20, 10 forms for $40, or 20 forms for $60...


Now since you are supposedly making a minimum of $25 a form, this really isn't too bad, right?

Well... that is IF you actually get paid the money you are supposed to get paid... but I have some serious doubts.

It doesn't make any sense..

Why would they make you pay for the forms? Just think about his for a second.

The UBA company is supposedly getting paid and then they are paying you via PayPal or check. So why don't they just take the cost of the forms out of your pay instead of making you pay upfront for the forms?

And why do you have to pay for electronic forms?

It's not like they are mailing forms to you. This service costs nothing to them... so why charge per form?

It really doesn't make much sense and seems very fishy, which reminds me of some recent scams I've reviewed like DMM System and Clout Pay.

And this isn't the end of it. I have some other concerns...

Scam Concerns

Besides the fact that this whole operation sounds a little bit too good to be true and a bit strange with how you have to pay upfront, here are a number of other reasons I think this is a likely scam...

#1 - A History of Similar Scams

Trevor Harris is the name of the man behind this whole operation. He is the spokesperson in the instructional videos that break down the process of how to complete the worksheets.

I'm actually familiar with his name... and not for good reasons.

The reason I know about him is because he was involved in a near-identical scam called My Cash Flow Secret a couple years back as well as Federal Account Recovery.

It was the same sort of deal... you pay to fill out worksheets for unclaimed money and get paid to do so. But I guess this scam was receiving too much negative attention and finally caught up with him... which is why he now came out with this UBA Tracers company.

Since this new opportunity is so new I haven't been able to find many complaints, however, with his older scam opportunities there are plenty of complaints with the BBB...


#2 - The Website Seems Scammy

For being the "largest unclaimed bank account recovery company in North America" their website and training videos are pretty poor quality. I would expect better and although this certainly doesn't mean this is a scam, it is concerning.

Also, they have a 'leaderboard' section on the website showing off a bunch of people who have supposedly made money doing this.

A leaderboard... What the heck is this... some sort of game?

This is something I wouldn't expect to see from a legitimate company.

#3 - You Are NOT Guaranteed to Get Paid

Just because you fill out a form and submit it doesn't mean the rightful owner of the unclaimed money is going to accept UBA's offer to help them get their money back.

What if they would rather do it themselves, which they are able to do?

They act as if every form you submit you are going to be getting paid for but they fail to address this problem.

I can't imagine every single person taking them up on the offer... if any of this is even true to begin with and they actually do make any offers to people with unclaimed money.

#4 - Limited Company Information

Actually it would be more accurate to say that there is NO company information.

There is no address listed for UBA Tracers, no telephone number, no email address... nothing!

They do provide a contact form you can fill out on the Contact Us page in case you want to get in contact with them, but that's it.

What type of legitimate professional business would leave out this kind of important information? 

Answer: A business that isn't legitimate

Conclusion - Avoid or Join?

Okay, so the opportunity sounds incredible. It is super easy, you can supposedly make a lot of money, you can work from anywhere and as little or as much as you want to, there are no educational requirements to join... it sounds like a dream job.

However, it just doesn't seem legitimate at all... you have to pay for the forms before actually making any money and the Trevor Harris guy behind it all has a history of similar scams.

My Advice: AVOID

What I think is going on here is that this is a scam, and I'm guessing you probably are thinking the same right about now.

Unclaimed money does exist... but this processing job is a scam... and a good scam since it is taking advantage of a very real sounding opportunity that is based upon a lot of real information.

Recommendation: It can be difficult to recognize the scams that are out there. They are always evolving and exploiting new opportunities... making them more sneaky than ever.

If you want a legitimate personal recommendation from me then take a look at this program I've been using since 2015 to make money online. It's legit, it's trusted, and I know it works from experience.

Alternatively you can check out my top picks for making money from home.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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