Is Constant Content a Scam

April 23


Is Constant Content a Scam? – Not What I Was Expecting

If you are a freelancer or an aspiring freelancer looking to make some money at Constant Content (I’ll be calling it CC for short) you may be a little hesitant to join, which is understandable.

Not only are there plagues of ‘make money online’ scams on the Internet, but CC does things a little differently than most other similar sites out there, which might give you an uneasy feeling.

Is this really a good opportunity? Is Constant Content a scam?

Let’s get to it in this short and informative review…

Overview of Constant ContentConstant Content

Right off the bat you can see that I marked this site as being legit. It is a legitimate opportunity for freelance writers and an opportunity for beginners with no experience, which is why I included it in my list of freelance writing websites that are good for newbies–but might not be what you thought.

As stated, this place does things a bit differently. You could still consider them a “content mill” type of freelance writing platform like Textbroker, but they are not like what you would typically think–which would be that you are a part of a pool of writers that can pick and choose different writing projects that have been submitted to the platform from paying clients.

Instead, much of the focus at CC is writing content before it is actually needed.


Ya… I’ll explain…

How It Works

There are 3 ways to make money here: catalog submissions, content requests, and in writer pools.

1. Catalog Submissions

This is the part of CC that differs from many of the other content mill type sites out there. With catalog submissions you are writing content before anyone even offers to buy it.

In a nutshell, how it works is you write content and submit it to your profile catalog. Now that it is in your catalog it is for sale for any client to purchase. So at this point it just sits there and hopefully a client comes along, wants it, and purchases it.

Because of how this works it is important that you include good keywords so that your content can be easily found by potential buyers.

There are 3 different ways you can make money from catalog submissions–or maybe better said–there are 3 different ways you can choose to sell your content…

1) Usage – These types of articles can be sold as many times as you wish. This sounds great and all, however you will not find many clients wanting to buy an article that is also being used elsewhere. Another key component to this type of content is that it cannot be modified by the client.

2) Unique – This content also is not allowed to be modified. The difference is that, as you probably can imagine, this content must be unique and only can be sold once. The buyer gets exclusive rights.

3) Full Rights – This type of content is unique and also allows the buyer to modify it as they wish. They have the full rights.

Doing catalog submissions is usually how people get started on CC–and it definitely has its downsides since you are basically just guessing and hoping that a client is going to come along and buy your content.

2. Content Requests

This is where CC is like a normal content mill platform.

Content requests are when clients request specific content and you are able to submit your work to these requests, which the client is then able to filter through and choose which they like.

However, this is a bit different from some of the other similar platforms as well–in that it is not guaranteed your content will be accepted.

Instead of the client picking one writer to write their content for them, CC allows all qualified writers to submit their content and the client then picks what they want, meaning that most people’s content is not going to get accepted.

When your content is not accepted it simply goes into your catalog, which is then available for purchase as mentioned above.

*Note: There is not much opportunity with content requests when you are just starting out.

3. Writer Pools

You also have the potential to get hired into a “pool” of writers where you can work on large group projects that may take extended periods of time. You can definitely make better money with these sorts of projects, but don’t count on them when you are just starting out.

Sign-up Process

The the only requirements to apply, as far as I see, are that you must be at least 18 years old and you must be fluent in English. Other than that, it is fair game.

The application process is pretty simple…

1) Fill Out Application

First you will fill out a short application which will take only about a minute or 2 to complete. You will enter basic information such as your name, email, create a password, etc.

2) Take Quiz

Then you will take a short quiz that will test your grammar capabilities. When I say short, I mean short. The quiz is only 5 questions long (length might vary because I read another review from someone claiming that it was 6-7 questions in length) and the questions are very easy.

Below you can see the first 2 questions I got. It’s just simple multiple-choice…


3) Submit Writing Sample

Lastly you will have to submit a short writing sample on a given topic. This only has to be 250 words long but you will have to follow strict guidelines that they give you.

Make sure you put some effort into this.

How Much Do They Pay?

They claim that their top earners are making as much as $90,000 a year, but who knows how true this actually is. I guess it might be true, but you certainly should not expect on earning anywhere even close to that amount–especially when you’re just starting out.

Constant Content takes a pretty hefty fee from your earnings–a 35% cut of the profits.

So if you sell a 1000 word article for $50 you will only end up making $32.50.

That is a pretty big fee, but unfortunately it seems to be the norm when it comes to platforms like this. From what I have seen they usually take anywhere from 30 to 35% in fees.

What Can You Realistically Make?

I do know that there are people making as much as $0.10 a word on this site, which is pretty darn good. At $0.10 a word you would be making $100 off of a 1000 word article.

HOWEVER, I have also heard stories about people making as little as $0.01 a word, which is pretty darn bad. At this rate you would only get paid $10 for a 1000 word article–a massive difference.

With a site like this it is really difficult to give you an amount for how much you can expect to make. One thing I can say, however, is that you should definitely not quit your day job yet.

User Reviews & Complaints

There are mixed opinions when it comes to writer reviews and complaints.

One good source to find independent reviews is SiteJabber–although this site (in a way) encourages negative reviews more than positive ones.

You will find all sorts, such this one calling it “great” and another following it saying that it is “overall not great”…Sitejabber reviewsSome of the areas where most of the complaints are concentrated include…

  • Lack of support – There are a fair number of complaints about the lack of support from Constant Content, both from the writers end and the clients end. Apparently they aren’t that great about getting back to you when you are having troubles.
  • Rejection for no reason – Some people have complained about their content being rejected for no good reason. However, it is hard to say whether these kind of complaints are legitimate or not because I don’t know the specifics of their circumstances, nor do I have the ability to look into it further.
  • Low pay – The pay, generally speaking, is not that great. However, this should be expected from a content mill platform like this. There is a reason is so easy to become a writer here.

Conclusion – Worth Your Time?

If you are a seasoned freelance writing veteran then this is probably not the place for you. This is more of a place for someone to get started in the world of freelance writing.

Content mills usually have a pretty bad reputation because of the lower quality content they produce and the low pay they give to their writers, but I personally don’t have a problem with them–they provide a good opportunity for people to get started with no experience, which is nice.

If you do join just don’t expect to make much. Dip your toes in the water and get a feel for things, then go from there.

Another Option to Consider:

Have you ever considered writing for yourself? If you haven’t, why not?… There is more potential doing this than writing for some content mill.

Just think about it… The reason people are paying freelance writers to write them content is because they can make more money from it than they are paying in the first place.

I started blogging in 2015 and have been able to turn it into a full-time income. What’s nice about this is that you are your own boss, you have more flexibility, there is passive income potential, and overall just more potential to earn in general.

There are some downsides–such as the fact that it takes time to get started and you can’t expect to start earning money right away, but overall the payoff can be much greater.

If this is something you think you would be interested in I would recommend getting started with this training program (same one I started at–still a member of the community).

Take care and be sure to leave any comments or questions below 🙂


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