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June 30


Is CEO Movement a Scam? – What You Should Know

CEO Movement sounds pretty awesome and all, but is it really? Will it really help you make money online or is CEO Movement a scam that you would be better of avoiding?

Recently I came across an ad for this place that was for a ‘100% no cost’ webclass that I could attend. It stated that I would be able to “start and grow your [my] very own social media business even if you [I] have no online experience and nothing to sell”.

If you have been on my website before then you know I make money online–but what I do is affiliate marketing through SEO–so starting my own social media business peaked an interest in me.

The webclass is free, so what do I have to lose, right?

So anyways… here is my review after learning more and looking into it further…

CEO Movement Review

CEO Movement

The founder of this place is Rob Brautigam, who was also involved in a past online business coaching program called Project Q1, which received all sorts of scam accusations.

CEO Movement is described as an exclusive team of online business owners and “10x internet lifestyle entrepreneurs”–which consists of people at beginner, intermediate, and expert levels of online business knowledge. Basically it is a program that you can buy into that will provide you with training to make money online, a Facebook group to interact with other members, and the automated system they have in place to make money (*if you want to make money promoting the same system to others).

There are also expensive ‘mastermind’ events (like many ‘make money online’ programs now offer) that you can attend around the world.

How It Works – What They Don’t Tell You

It all starts out with an email or an ad of some kind. Usually people promote the free webclass webinar. This is how it started for me.

They tell you that you don’t have to buy anything and that they “don’t hold anything back”, but as we all know these free webinars are used to lure people into buying products/service.

There are many different webinars and sales funnels floating around the internet out there. I’ve signed up and watched 2 different ones just to see what was going on and any differences. They may differ some but they all are the same basic thing and have the same basic structure.

In the webinar I was watching the spokesman talked about the process of making money with what CEO Movement teaches its members. The way it works is like this…

First you advertise a product/service/opportunity on Facebook (this is the main traffic generation method used), then you direct people to a page to sign up for something free (like a webinar with free info), then there is a ‘thank you’ page, after that the person gets pitched the “irresistable” offer during the sales video and when they buy whatever it is that you are pitching you get paid…
screenshotHOWEVER, what they don’t tell you is that when you are watching the ‘free’ webinar you are in their sales funnel at that point. At that point you have already signed up by giving your name and email–and you are about to get pitched an “irresistable” offer, which in this case is to join CEO Movement.

It’s a Cycle

Like many of the “make money online” opportunities that exist out there, this place is largely focused on getting people to join, selling them on expensive training and what not, then getting them to go out and do the same–rinse and repeat.

It is true that what you learn here could be applied to just about any online business. The Facebook advertising techniques, the sales funnel approach–this stuff could be used to make money online in many different ways and you could venture out on your own and give it a try–BUT the bottom line is that they want you to promote the system and if you join you will find this out.

There is a Facebook page called Is the CEO Movement a SCAM? that is dedicated to exposing this program as a scam and on the page there are some posts that show messages back and forth between someone looking to join and one of the ‘coaches’.

As you can see below, I’m not making this stuff up. The focus here is obviously on selling the opportunity to live a dream life and then getting those who buy in to do the same–hopefully making enough money to live a dream life by selling the opportunity to live a dream life–scammy isn’t it?


What You Get as a Member

Automated System

If you attended any of the webinars out there you likely heard a lot of talk about being able to use their automated system, but they likely left out a lot of key information.

The automated system that they are talking about, which you will get access to as a member, is the sales funnel system to get people to join CEO Movement. This entire ‘automated system’ that they are talking about is for making money selling the opportunity. So if you wanted to go in a different direction and use what you learn here to sell your own product or whatnot, you are out of luck.


Of course you are going to get access to training. You will be shown how to do every step of the advertising process, such as…

  • how to market and sell their top product picks
  • how to find a target audience
  • how to use Facebook ads

However, there won’t be much of any focus or training on creating sales funnels or key parts of marketing in this area.

Why not?

Well, because they are counting on you selling the system to other people and using their automated system that is already in place. Sure, this is easier because it requires less work from you, but it’s undoubtedly a bit on the scammy side.

Facebook Group Access

You will get access to a private FB group where you can interact with other members. I love this idea and am really glad they included it here–just because it allows you to connect with others through a 3rd party, meaning you will be able to talk freely (maybe not directly within the group, but you can always reach out to other members directly since you will know them).

Weekly Masterminds

Masterminds have become popular with educational “make money online” programs–as they are here.

Members get access to weekly masterminds, which as far as I know can be focused on pretty much any topic related to online marketing.

1-on-1 Coaching

This might be a bit misleading, because the “coaches” are often a little pushy and may even seem to be a bit more like salespeople.

You will be able to receive help, but most of the help will be provided getting you to promote the system.

Live Events

I’m not completely sure how often live events are held, but they do have live events all over the world and with a pro membership you get access to everything.

Commission Structure (Compensation Plan)

A lot of the information about how this all works they keep pretty private, so I had to do a good bit of digging around to try to find out more.

What CEO Movement has is what is called a 2-tier affiliate structure, which means that you can get paid commissions from the products that your personal recruits buy (tier 1) and from the products that their recruits buy (tier 2).

So if you recruit in Joe and he goes out and recruits in Susan, you will earn commissions from both.

unilevel planAs you can see in the diagram above, there can be unlimited numbers of recruits on any level.

I don’t know the exact commission percentages you earn, but it’s obviously going to be much less for the second tier members than for those you personally recruit in on the first tier.

Cost to Join

So… if you watched one of the webinars you may have been led to believe that the cost is only $99. This is the initial cost but there is more than this.

In the webinar that I watched the spokesman specifically said that once I buy in I would not be upsold on any more expensive products–however this is not the case and is a complete lie.

Once you buy in for $99 on the frontend you will be upsold–and you will be upsold hard.

Appartently there are products that you will get upsold on that cost over $7k. The message below was also posted on the one Facebook page that I mentioned earlier…


What you have to do is purchase each product at least one time. Well, you don’t have to, but you will certainly be encouraged to do so because once you purchase the more expensive products you will get the ‘licensing rights’ to resell those products, meaning you can sell them and earn commissions.

Members aren’t making big commissions getting people to join for $99. This is small. The upsells that come later are where they earn the big commissions and if you want to earn these commissions you have to buy the products first–even if you don’t want to.

Money Back Guarantee

On the $99 front-end membership product they have a 14 day money back guarantee. The other expensive 1-time purchase products come with a 7 day money back guarantee.

On the refund policy page it sounds pretty easy to get your money back. They call it a “no questions asked” refund policy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is harder to get your money back than they make it seem.

I’ve run into similar programs like this before and they often only let you get a refund “IF” (an only if) you have tried and it didn’t work. This means that you must have went through the training, joined the Facebook group, and did everything to try to get it to work. However, I’m not sure with this particular program–maybe it is easy to get a refund.


Okay, so let’s do a quick recap of what we are looking at here and put it all together.

  • CEO Movement is pretty much your typical high-ticket “make money online” program
  • They lure people in for $99 and then upsell them on products that cost thousands of $$$–which you have to buy if you want to earn commissions selling them
  • While you can apply what you learn here to other online businesses, you will be pushed to promote CEO Movement to others
  • It’s a cycle–you buy in wanting to make money online and then are pushed to make money online by getting others to buy in, who are also looking to make money online
  • The commission structure is 2-tiered, meaning you earn from your recruitss and their recruits

Digital Altitude, Aspire, Super Affiliate Network, etc.–these are all very similar high-ticket programs and there are plenty of others out there.

*By the way, Digital Altitude and MOBE have been shut down for being scams.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

While I’m not going to call this a scam because there is a lot of value being provided with what you get when you buy in, I think we can all agree that what’s going on here isn’t exactly all that honest and legitimate.

Just think about it for a second… people are being lured in with the hopes and dreams of making big money online. Much of the details are left out early on, because if people knew what was really going on then many probably wouldn’t buy in. Then after they buy in they are pushed to get others to buy in and are upsold on expensive products that they will be able to resell for large commissions.

Yes you can make money with this. Yes, I’m sure there are people making over $10k per month like you have heard–but is this something worth getting involved in?

Anyhow, I’m not going to be promoting this program on my website here, but I’ll let you make your own decision as to whether or not you should join. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful.

If you are looking for a personal recommendation from me then I would highly suggest taking a look at this program that I use to make over $6k per month online. I got started here in 2015 and am still a member, which says a lot.

Alternatively you can take a look at my top income ideas for making money from home.

Take care and thanks for reading! Be sure to leave any comments or questions below. I like to hear back from my readers 🙂


CEO Movement review, CEO Movement scam

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  1. I agree with you Kyle!
    I joined the company in July.
    I was looking to start helping people as I was told from the add I make a comment.
    I was busy and on holidays when I was going though the online training.
    I was so grateful for the valuable information I gained but dissappointed when I found out that there is only Kangeen water to promote(and joinining the fast growing company – CEO Movement.
    Well I also received few encouraging messages from other members and Coaches but I still wanted to do Personal Development!
    When I managed to book a Coaching call I found out that I will have to but a machine(I am a “water person” so I was seriously thinking to get one!)
    I received few videos/classes to watch to get on the vibration “buy it”
    Well I also found few mind hacks(I calling them hacks bcs the Philosophy is great!)
    Then I received a message from the Couch which products I can buy to be able to promote Kangeen water.
    I was shocked and very anxious about the price as my budget was £2000-2500.
    Well I directly spoke to the person who “attracted me in” she was trying to help but unfortunately my gut feelings were stronger than her persuaded answers..
    I did not mention that I almost applied for the loan to get all of 3 products to be 2A in commission rate.
    Well I am very spiritual and open minded and I believe that everything is possible but this gave me a reason to ask the same person the question who is the main buyer of the products?
    I think I don’t need to say anything else..
    I was very dissapointed and grateful that I have trusted my guts.
    I am grateful for the lesson and for the opportunity but I wouldn’t be able to live and earn in this terms.
    I don’t mean to be rude but for me its a big NO!
    Every penny has two sides so it is up to the person to make up their mind.
    I hope this will help to others to learn and grow on their life journey.
    Btw my own business seem to be blowing so there are positives of course!

  2. Sorry for bad Englisch, I am from Germany:
    From your descriptions, it’s basically a pyramide scheme. In Germany those schemes are forbidden by law(!!!), because they do not create any value but for those on the top of the scheme. Basically, the scheme only works for the guys who created it and got the first one’s to lure in. The rest of the people have to buy in and most likely will never get their money back. You can look it up at Wikipedia. It’s just simple maths that those schemes cannot work for the very largest amount of people involved.

    The only way to make more money then you put in, is to lure in more people who will then make loss because you made them part of it. Even then, you will probably lose money because you have to buy more products from the company. Therefore, you will make people lose money, while you lose yourself. It’s a lose-lose-situation for everbody but the founders who control and manipulate all the system to their benefit.

    A friend of mine was part of another scheme. They sold anti aging creme and other anti aging products. He was fully involved and let me say that: He was not a good person. He didn’t care about other people losing money because of him (not my friend anymore). He only stopped when he was so deeply involved so he could see how much money the guys even above him made: Their instagram pics full of high valuable cars or Gucci handbags were made in front of stores or they just rent those things. They never made that amount of money to actually buy anything of those. All just to lure in more people to their benefit.

    This all is a big piece of SCAM. My friend lost 5000 € and also his relationship with his brother broke up, because he borrowed from him 2000€.

  3. Hi there, I wanted to post my response to this.

    I’ve worked online for a number of years and have tried numerous things online in different areas. To give a few examples I had my own shopify store, I’ve done dropshipping and I promoted products via Clickbank.

    I totally understand why people are skeptical of opportunities on the internet , there is a lot of crap out there.

    I joined CEO after doing a hell of a lot of due diligence. I researched leading members from within the community and checked to see if their stories were legit. In 100% of the cases they are. I’ve met some of the people within the community in person and one of the leaders in particular a guy named Adam
    Gateley is one of the true success stories of CEO and I know 150% his story is legit.

    What most people don’t get with CEO is that CEO doesn’t sell a product it’s an education platform.

    You can choose to affiliate with a separate business if you like but this is not compulsory by any means.

    I promote CEO because the education helps me to grow my existing business and I choose to affiliate with Enagic (one of companies you can affiliate with) because the company and products are amazing. Are they expensive yes? But most medical grade equipment is. There’s a reason the company has been around 45 years. Don’t forget that CEO are not in control of Enagic , which is why the scam accusations are unfounded nonsense.

    You can reach out to me and I’ll happily answer any questions people have. I’ve found everyone within the CEO community to be 100% transparent and have already made some awesome friends out of it.

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