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July 3


Club Cash Fund – Scam or Legit? [Review]

Is Club Cash Fund really the super easy way to make money through the mail that it is said to be? Or is Club Cash Fund a scam that you would be better off avoiding?

The question of it being a scam or not is certainly something worth looking into more. After all, there are plenty of online scams, cash gifting scams and whatnot to go around–and this very well seems like it could be something of this sort based on how it looks at a glance.

But anyways… I dug a little deeper into what this system is, how it works, etc. and in this review I’ll be going over all of this, including why I DON’T RECOMMEND JOINING.

Club Cash Fund Review

I came across this place after landing on this website talking about how I could get easy money in the mail, like “clockwork”. My scam senses were tingling but I decided to proceed and check it out.


That’s when I was directed to the video presentation for Club Cash Fund…

Club Cash Fund

Everything in the video sounded pretty amazing, but of course it all sounded a bit too good to be true as well–which just increased my suspicions.

Some of the things stated in the video include things like “you can start getting $100’s per day in as little as 2 weeks”…


.. that it is fun and easy, and that no selling of anything is required.

.. that it is:

  • Simple and automated
  • Extremely lucrative
  • and cranks out $100 bills like clockwork


The video didn’t really explain all that much. It made the opportunity sound incredible, but offered no good explanation of how it all works.

The next step that I was pushed into was to enter my mailing address so that I could get a Starter Kit, which is where all the information would be on how to get started and all.

Although it was seeming more scammy than ever at this point, I entered my info and was directed to another video, which was with “Chad” (real name John), the creator, wearing a red-hot chilli peppers shirt driving his car and mailing out a bunch of starter kits to new members…


What Is Club Cash Fund?

In short, Club Cash Fund is a cash gifting scheme. What you do is buy into this scheme by sending money (cash or money order) in the mail with the hopes of making money by getting others to do the same. When you buy in you are given access to the system so that you can refer others in.

I know this system is promoted as being some new thing that is an amazing opportunity, but the fact of the matter is that this is nothing new by any means–many have come and gone before it.

The creator of this system goes by the name of “Chad” as you may have heard mentioned, however his real name is John.

Who Is Chad? (John)

Chad, whose real name is John Stalvey, talks about how he has been making money online since 2002 and has had to avoid a lot of scams, but it appears that he as actually been involved in quite a few scammy programs over the years. Worse yet, he has created quite a few.

According to BehindMLM, a trusted website that often exposes unethical programs/systems, Chad created a program called Traffic Authority back in 2015, which I only heard about after the collapse in 2018. Then, later in 2018, he came out with Finish Line Network, which I am very familiar with–it was basically a system where people buy in looking to make money and then try to make money by recruiting others in–not much different from Club Cash Fund, just without the sending money in the mail part of it.

So who is Chad? He’s a guy that has been involved in many shady online business practices… many that have went bust.

Not exactly the type of thing you want to hear when buying into a program..

How It Works

If you watched the video presentation then you have an idea of how it starts out.

How it starts is you watch the video presentation, enter your address and receive a starter kit. Then it’s time to pay to get access to the system, which will cost you $80. You will send this money by mail via cash or money order and it will be split between the person that recruited you into the system, the person that recruited that person in, the person above them, and the company.

With the money that you pay to join you will get access to a website, website hosting and an email service. Then the goal is to recruit others into the system and get them to pay $80 to join. You will send people to your website, get them to give you their email addresses (just like you probably had to), and then they will be sent to the video presentation (same one you probably watched).

So the system is set up for you, you just have to send people to your website and then the process begins.

One thing that makes this particular cash gifting program different from many of the others that are out there is that you don’t handle other people’s cash yourself. It’s not like people are going to be sending you cash in the mail when you recruit them into the system, which is how it would usually work. Instead, there is a moderator and everything is sent to them. So when you join you send your money to the moderator and same with the people that you get to join. When you get paid this is where the money will come from.

In a Nutshell…

  • You send in $80 to join

  • You get a website, hosting and an email service

  • Your goal is to send people to your website to recruit them in just as it happened to you

Compensation Plan

I’ve watched a video on Youtube talking about how this compensation plan has 4 levels and whatnot, but that way of explaining it was confusing as heck.

Think of it like this: When you send in your $80 to join it is split in 4 ways: $20 goes to the person who recruited you in, $20 goes to the person that recruited them in, $20 goes to the person that recruited that person in, and $20 always goes to the system itself.

When you recruit someone in you get $20, the person that recruited you in gets $20, the person that recruited that person in gets $20 and $20 goes to the system.

The Money always goes 3 levels up. It’s nothing more than a MLM (multi-level marketing) compensation plan–a very simple one.

Leverage comes into play when the people you recruited in go out and recruit people, which you make money from–and same with the people that those people recruit in.

Can You Make Much Money?

You absolutely can make money with a shady system like this. While I definitely am not going to be recommending that you join, I won’t lie to you–you can make money–as long as you get in before its collapse, which seems to be inevitable based on Chad’s previous creations and the way this works.

That said, take a look at the income disclaimer…screenshotThat’s right… the projected average income is likely to be anywhere from $20 – $10,000 per year.

Well what the heck is that supposed to mean? What’s the point of even making such a statement?

Obviously Chad is well aware that this system is not the incredible guaranteed to make easy money online that it is promoted as being–which is why he projects that the average annual income could be as low as $20.

“It’s Not Like Some of The Scam Ones [systems] Out There” – HUH???

One of the claims that I’ve heard is that this system is different from any other–like it is some new amazing thing that has never happened before and that you are going to get rich from.

While I will say that the way it works with the moderator and all is a bit different from most, it definitely is not some amazing new creation.

The basics are the same–you buy in and then you try to recruit others to buy in. There are tons of systems like this. Who cares about the part where you send money to the moderator–this alone doesn’t make it some guaranteed income maker.

All in all it sounds exactly like the many scammy systems out there–and it has one major problem that a lot of others do as well…

The Main Problem With This System

The main problem here, which is the reason most people are going to make little to no money at all with this system, is that you pretty much are going to have to have internet marketing experience to make this work.

Traffic is key. Without traffic–without getting people to visit your website you won’t recruit anyone in and you won’t make any money.

But how are you going to get that traffic. I hear people mention posting things on Facebook and in Facebook groups, but this isn’t going to work well. Sure, if you post something on your profile you may get a few people to join, but then what? And posting in Facebook groups, although it can be a very good way to go about this, isn’t something that you just go out and do easily to make money.

I’ve been involved in online marketing since 2015 so I know that traffic generation isn’t as easy as it may seem at first, especially when you are trying to direct people to a scammy program like this–which others will be suspicious of as well, just like you.

Conclusion – Not Recommended

Most people that join this aren’t going to stand a chance of making much. This is one reason I don’t recommend it. Another is the fact that it provides no real value. It’s just a system for making money that you can make money with by recruiting others in, which will then go out and recruit others in–its a big scammy cycle.

Who knows how long this system will last, but probably not all that long.

My advice–don’t join, but if you do you better do it soon while it’s new.

There are far more legitimate and better ways to make money online than this–ways that you can make money by providing real value rather than just recruiting others in to make money. If interested I would highly recommend taking a look at this program that I use to make a living working online–and that I’ve been a member of since 2015.

Alternatively you can take a look at some of my top income ideas, all of which are better than this cash gifting scheme.

I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave your comments and/or questions below. I like to hear back from my readers 🙂


Club Cash Fund review, Club Cash Fund scam

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