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Marketplace Superheroes – Scam or Worth The High Price? [REVIEWED]

With 47% of ecommerce sales going through the Amazon platform, it's no wonder that courses like Marketplace Superheroes are popping up all over to teach people how to take advantage of this opportunity.

But how good is this course actually... and is Marketplace Superheroes a scam?

You've probably come across promotions like this that advertise "free training" and whatnot...


There seem to be a number of different funnels to lure in new customers, such as by signing up for the free training and signing up to watch lengthy webinars, but they all point to the same program.

However, with all the stories of students taking this course and striking it rich, things probably sound a bit too good to be true, which is why you're a bit concerned it might be a scam.

I've found plenty of videos like this that are of students who have had incredible success stories...


But of course they aren't going to tell us about all the students that fail.

In this review I'll be going over what you need to know about the course beforehand... such as the method taught, how it all works, info about the creators, what you get as a member, complaints and more.

Marketplace Superheroes Overview

  • Course Name: Marketplace Superheroes
  • Type: Training in Amazon FBA
  • Website:
  • Creators: Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey
  • Price: $997 or $97/mo for 12 months
Marketplace Superheroes

What Is Marketplace Superheroes?

In a nutshell, Marketplace Superheroes is an online business membership program that includes training, tools, and a Facebook community to learn how to build a successful Amazon FBA business by finding, branding, importing, and selling their own branded products on Amazon... Globally--no experience required.

The main course consists of 12 modules, 2 main phases, and nearly 100 training videos... along with access to their in-house product analysis tool.

Amazon FBA In a Nutshell:

FBA stands for "fulfillment by Amazon" and is an online business model where you sell your own products on Amazon and have them deal with shipping, returns, payment processing etc.

Here is a short 2 minute video that explains it perfectly:

Besides teaching people how to create Amazon FBA businesses, it's important to point out how they teach people to do this, which differs from many of the other training courses floating around the internet.

What this course teaches is"How To Build A 5 - 7 Figure Global Amazon Business Selling Simple Low-To-No Competition Products" -- with an emphasis on "simple low-to-no competition products"... which I'll explain more about in a second.

Who Are Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey?


These are the co-founders of the program.

You see Stephen a lot more in the promotions and marketing material. He is the guy on the left and seems to be the main guy behind the sales side of things, but is a successful entrepreneur in his own right.

Robert, the older guy on the right, has been selling on various marketplaces for over 20 years and seems to be the main master behind this method, but both have supplemental skills which is why they make a good team.

Robert already had a profitable online business when Stephen first came across him, which turned into a mentorship where Stephen was able to learn the tricks of the trade and develop a successful Amazon FBA business of his own.

There really isn't that much information on either of these guys, but pretty much everything I can find is positive... no one screaming SCAMMERS or anything like that--so good news.

Oh ya, and they're both Irish in case anyone was wondering about the accents.

Their Unique Approach to Selling on Amazon

The way they teach students to sell in this course is a bit different from what many of the other courses out there teach. 

Simple, Boring Products... With Low Competition

They teach you how to find simple products with low competition. I'm talking about products most people would probably call "boring". AND, the focus is on products like this that have been selling for a while, and selling well.

A lot of people would think that the reason the simple, boring products don't have much competition is be cause their isn't much money to be made with them, but this isn't always true and in the MPSH course you will be taught how to really analyze products for potential profitability before diving in head first.

Private Labeling

The focus here is also on Private Labeling, which is different from White Labeling.

With White Labeling you basically just brand a product and sell it, even though it may be the same thing that others are selling. You just slap your brand-name on a product and that is that.

With Private Labeling you take an existing product that is selling and find a way to improve it, brand it, and then sell it. There are some different definitions of these two terms, but anyways... this is how they teach it in this course and this is what you'll be doing.

This takes more work on your part, but it can definitely pay off and really separate your brand from the competition.


Like most programs, they teach you to source from the easiest place to do it, Alibaba.

What you will do is find a product that is a bit different in appearance and then brand it as your own. They will teach you how to negotiate with the sellers, import the products in bulk and all of that stuff.

A Global Focus

At the end of the course you will learn how to take your products and sell them on a global scale, across Amazon marketplaces in other regions of the word. This is something that almost no one else teaches and the potential here is absolutely massive.

I'm not sure why not many courses teach this... I guess it's just because it complicates things more.

Good Approach or Bad Approach: My Thoughts

Amazon FBA is obviously a viable online business option... and an option that can be incredibly profitable IF, and only IF, you hit the nail on the head.

In my opinion the approach they are taking with finding simple/boring products that are proven sellers is actually a really good one because, for 1) there are tons of products out there like this, and 2) obviously because there are many that are low competition due to the fact that not many people would think about trying to sell them.

This is actually a great approach that can be applied to any area of business. There are lots of ordinary products/services out there that can still be tapped into for good revenue, but they just don't catch people's attention.

*I recently tapped into a very old and "boring" niche with a new blog I created and have found it to be a mini goldmine. Lots of hidden gems out there.

This is not a sure-fire approach where you are guaranteed income, but it is something that I like the sound of. Just my 2 cents..

And of course the focus on other Amazon marketplaces besides just the US and Canada is great... there is less competition from sellers on Amazon in Europe, for example.

What You Get as a Member

When you buy into the MPSH core system you also get access to a few bonus products. As you can see above, besides Phase 1 & 2 of the Core System you also get "Fuel Your Empire", "The 1K Day Roadmap" and other products. This is great and all, but the focus of this review is on the core system alone.

As a member you will have access to training, tools, downloadable content and more.

The training consists of video presentations, screen shares and action plans. They don't just tell you what to do, they show you. It is broken down into 2 phases with 12 modules total... which includes nearly 100 videos.

You will also be provided with the product analysis tool they developed to help you find good products, which you will be using a lot, and you get additional things like negotiation blueprints when contacting suppliers.

  • Phase 1 is focused on Mindset and Research and has 6 modules with 45 videos total
  • Phase 2 is focused on Importing and Logistics and has 6 modules with 51 videos total

Phase 1

  • Module 1: Marketplace Mindset
    • This module gives a big overview of what you are getting into, what you can expect, and has a lot of focus on the mindset you will need if you want to be successful with this. There are 7 videos here.
  • Module 2: Search Phase
    • Now it's time to search for products to sell. This module consists of 9 training videos that focus on their strategy for researching good products... which as we know are proven sellers that have been around for a while. You will also learn how to use the product analysis tool called 4S Product Gauntlet to find good opportunities (more on this tool in a minute), which will be used through module 6.
  • Module 3: Shortlist Phase
    • Here you will learn how to further narrow down your product selection by filtering out products that aren't great choices. There are 6 videos here.
  • Module 4: Select Phase I
    • Now it's time to select the best products you have remaining on the list. 5 training videos are included here. 
  • Module 5: Select Phase II
    • There is a lot of emphasis on really picking the best choices of products. This is phase II of the selection process and is 7 videos. After this you will have your products picked and will start looking into suppliers.
  • Module 6: Source Phase
    • Now it's all about finding good sources. Here you will learn how to find suppliers, negotiate, get product samples, branding, etc. They will guide you through the negotiation process and tell you what to do.

Phase 2

  • Module 7: Business Structure and Seller Central
    • At this point you have a products and it's time to set up a seller account on Amazon and learn how to structure everything. 8 videos are in this module.
  • Module 8: Purchasing and Importing
    • Here you will learn how to purchase and import your products, which will likely be coming from China if you follow the training closely. There are 7 videos on this.
  • Module 9: FBA Road Map
    • There are 5 videos on the FBA process. They cover all the requirements you and your products have to meet to be sold on the platform.
  • Module 10: Listing Optimization
    • In this module you learn how to optimize your product listings to get as much organic search traffic as possible, which can potentially be your only traffic source. There are 9 videos on this.
  • Module 11: Account Management
    • 13 videos in this module will guide you through the daily process of managing this type of business. You will learn all you need to do on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly.
  • Module 12: International Expansion
    • And then, of course, you have the ability to expand your Amazon business internationally, in which they provide 7 training videos on. This can potentially be a game-changer.

The course is very well laid out and professional. When you go into either of the phases (phase 1 or 2) you will be able to see an overview of all the modules that looks like this...

And when you click on any module it will open it up for you so that you can access all the different training videos...

Most of the training videos are around 10 minutes in length and consist of powerpoint presentations and screen-casts. They are very easy to follow and as far as I see it, as good as this type of training gets.

They place a lot of emphasis on product research and this is great to see. Product choice is everything and without the right product you simply aren't going to make sales, or at least not many.

The product analyzer tool, which they call the 4S Product Gauntlet, is a tool that they actually created which helps students out in the search of the perfect products to sell.

4S Product Gauntlet

The 4S Product Gauntlet helps you filter through products to find the best opportunities. You will be guided through the process of using it starting in Module 2 of the training.

How It Works: First you look for products on Amazon you'd be interested in selling, enter information into the software such as a product description, ASIN (number found in product listing), price, category, which Amazon website it was found on (.com, .uk, etc.), and the product rank on Amazon.

4S Product Gauntlet

Then it will be added to your list within the software and you will add additional information during this analysis process.

You will do this with all the products you are interested in and the software will spit out a score for each. The higher score means the product is more likely to be successful.

So in a nutshell this software guides you through the process of analyzing a product for profit potential by having you enter a bunch of details on the product and then giving you a score... and ranking all the products you analyze so that you know what the best choices are.

I think this is great because for beginners it can be incredibly difficult since you don't really know what stats to look at when on the prowl for a product with big potential. This tool makes the process straightforward.

If you want to learn more about this tool you can check out this video:

Content Updates

It would be horrible if Stephen and Robert simply created the course and left it, without ever updating the content. The information would go stale eventually and much of it would not longer be relevant.

The program first came out in 2017 and while I can't speak for what it was like back then, based on everything I've heard from older members they do update the content regularly.

This is what you want. They have "skin in the game" just like students will so they are up-to-date on what all is going on in the Amazon world, what works, what no longer works, etc... and they update the training accordingly.


Support is a must when it comes to courses like this. If there isn't good support then it's not worth joining, simple as that. 

When creating an online business like this there is a lot to do and a lot that can go wrong, things to get stuck on, etc. You will need support at one point or another, and luckily MPSH is good with this.

First off, they have a pretty extensive knowledge-base with demos, tutorials, FAQ's, etc. There is a heck of a lot of information here that you can easily find.


But if that isn't of help then there are a couple more options.

  1. You can submit a support ticket to them and wait for an email reply
  2. You can get help within the Facebook group

There seem to be multiple FB groups for support, but not all are "official". There is the Amazon Superheroes group (aka The Heroic Empire) and others like Marketplace Superheroes Support Community...

Marketplace Superheroes Facebook

The Facebook group will allow you to interact with other members as well, which can be very helpful... whereas submitting a ticket will put you in contact with their support team directly.

The downside is that there is no phone support number. I'm sure we'd all like to see this available.

Total Cost

The cost of the training course is $997 or $97 for 12 months. This is a high price but for what you are getting I don't think it is too much by any means.

However, you also have to realize there will be other expenses with this business model.

For one, you will need to pay the monthly fee for an Amazon Seller's account, which is $39/mo if you are in the US... and the price differs a bit depending on where you are at in the world.

And You Can't Forget About Amazon PPC (aka Sponsored Products)

Paid advertising isn't required to make this business model work. There are people who successfully sell on Amazon, and very profitably, without advertising anything and only relying on organic search traffic.

However, a lot of people will have to advertise to give their products a little boost.

You've probably seen it before. You know... the "sponsored" products you often find in the search results...


These are products that the sellers on Amazon are paying to promote so that they get more views.

Amazon PPC can get very costly if you don't know what you are doing. Luckily you will be guided on how to do it the right way. But just know that this is another expense.

Refund Policy

That is a lot of money to be paying and what happens if you don't really like what you get?

If you know what you are getting into then I'd expect you to like the course because I think it's phenomenal. But the fact of the matter is that there is a heck of a lot of work to be done in this business model and not everyone will be up for the challenge.

The good news is that they do offer refunds within 30 days... and supposedly there are "no questions asked". After the 30 day window has passed you can still possibly get a refund but it will be up to the discretion of Marketplace Superheroes, as stated in the Terms of Use page.


Due to the fact that there is no one complaining about having difficulty getting a refund, I'm guessing they stay true to their word with this.

How Much Money Can You Realistically Make?

With lots of stories about people quitting their jobs, like Micha who "quit her job and launched 10 products"...


.. and videos on "how to make $4.5 million dollars selling physical products on Amazon"...


.. it can be easy to get caught up in all the hype and develop unrealistic expectations.

Yes, the stories you have heard are true. There are people like Stephen making millions selling on Amazon and there are people quitting their jobs. But these are the success stories.

What about all the failures you don't hear about?

Unfortunately there are no reliable statistics for the amount of people that succeed in this type of business vs fail. So I can't present you with numbers here. But what I can say is that you shouldn't fall for all the hype and expect to strike it rich.

An article by Neil Patel on Forbes states that about 90% of online startup business fail in the first 4 months... and to be honest... I wouldn't be surprised if the number was higher. Having had an online business since 2015 (my story hereI've seen plenty people fail.

This is just good marketing. Of course they are only going to show you stories from successful students.

There are lots of reasons why people fail:

  • Maybe they just give up too early
  • Maybe they don't follow the training as they should and make bad decisions
  • Maybe there was too much competition
  • Maybe PPC ads were costing too much
  • or Maybe Amazon comes down on them with the hammer for reasons unknown, like this person from Cash Flow Diaries who "failed miserably" for a number of reasons, one of which Amazon suspending their product from being sold.

The point is that people do fail... you just don't hear about them so much.

This isn't to scare you away, but rather to give you a more realistic look at success.

MPSH doesn't publish any data on the success rates of their students so when it comes to how much you can realistically make there is a big blind-spot, or grey area.

Customer Reviews/Complaints

The good news is that you won't find any complaints about Marketplace Superheroes on websites like SiteJabber, Trustpilot, ScamAdvisor, etc.

This is a great sign, and one that I'd expect, because people who are paying $1k for a training course and investing a lot of time and effort would be more than willing to complain their butts off if the course was a scam, or wasn't all that great. But you don't see this happening.

The overwhelming majority of reviews I have come across have been positive. Sure, there are a lot of people promoting MPSH and making money doing it, so it can be difficult knowing what to trust and what not to, but based on what I know about the course and all this is what I expected to see.

Pros v Cons

  • Well laid out training
  • Easy to follow
  • Love the approach they use (selling ordinary products)
  • Lots of income potential
  • Good support - and they have the Facebook community which is an added bonus
  • The creators do what they teach (they actually know what they are talking about)
  • It's a lot of work - we are talking about finding products, branding them, getting products trademarked, negotiating with suppliers, and then selling on Amazon. Sure, there are upsides such as how you don't need a website... but this is no walk in the park by any means. 
  • High cost - This is more of an opinion that I've seen floating around the internet. In my personal opinion it's not too high considering what you are getting, but there are some complaints about the $997 price tag.
  • High failure rate - This isn't a con of the Marketplace Superheroes course itself, but rather a con of the whole industry. I'm not sure the failure statistics with this business model but can imagine they'd be very high.
The More Work The Better

Branding, getting trademarks, negotiating with sellers, these all take time and seem like a hassle, but there different ways you can look at this.

All of this that you are doing helps you differentiate what you are selling from others and makes it more difficult for competition to keep up with you... so it does take a lot more work but that can certainly pay off.

Conclusion - Worth Joining or Not?

Ultimately the decision is up to you, but what I can say is that this is a darn good course. It isn't one of those over-hyped disappointments that makes big promises but can't deliver.

You are provided with thorough training, tools, and additional materials all created by two people who practice what they preach. It's not like they used to make money on Amazon... they are STILL making money on Amazon.

I don't really have much to complain about here. The only thing that might be a little misleading is how they talk about all the major success stories all the time, which might give people the wrong impression that everyone is making money with this.

But all in all it's a great course and a good lower-cost alternative to other popular courses like Amazing Selling Machine.

In closing, I hope you've found this review helpful 🙂

Something else that I think is definitely worth of some consideration, which is an even lower cost alternative, is Wealthy Affiliate, which is an affiliate marketing training course. This online business model is completely different and more simplified, but is great in its own right... and is my main source of online income which is why I often suggest it.

Also feel free to check out my some of my top income ideas and my massive list of over 70 ways to make money from home.

Take care and leave any comments/questions below 🙂

Is Shopee a Scam? – No, But You Could Get Scammed [Explained]

Here at Legendary Wallet we aren't just about making money online, we are also about saving money online and not getting scammed in the process.

Shopee is a massive ecommerce platform that sells all sorts of products, and often at very good prices, which is the reason they have become so popular.

But is Shopee a scam? There are some people claiming that they have been scammed and calling the whole thing a scam, so this is what I will be addressing in my review here.

In this review I'll be going over what exactly Shopee is, how it works, scam accusations, how you can avoid getting scammed and more.


What Is Shopee?


Shopee is a Singaporean ecommerce platform that was first launched in 2015 by the Sea Group, a company founded in 2009 by Forrest Li and just recently listed on the NYSE in 2017. 

It started out as a mobile/social ecommerce platform but has since expanded to have its own website as well, similar to other sites like AliExpress and Lazada.

Right now it is available mainly in southeast Asia but is continuing to expand its operations.

In a nutshell, Shopee is an ecommerce platform for Asian countries that started in 2015 where people/companies can both buy and sell items easily.

How It Works

Buying on Shopee


The buying process is simple and straightforward, as expected.

You will be able to search for products or filter your results based on category, price, ratings, and more.

  • Fashion
  • Mobile phones & accessories
  • Watches
  • Home appliances
  • Shoes
  • Cameras
  • Food
  • Auto parts
  • Laptops and more... you can find it all here.

There are thousands upon thousands of products and a plethora of categories to choose from.

Safe shopping is a must, and also a concern when using the platform.

When buying, it's not like you are buying from Shopee. Shopee is just the platform that connects buyers and sellers. While there are large companies that sell on Shopee, many of the products you will find are being sold by small-scale sellers... anyone can apply to sell on the platform. In this way it is very similar to eBay.

This is great for many reasons but also raises some safety concerns.

Social Proof

Being the social ecommerce platform that Shopee is, if you want to play it safe then only buy from sellers with social proof that they can be trusted.

When purchasing an item you will be able to see the average customer rating, how many ratings there are, and how many of the item have been sold...


You will also be able to click on the star ratings to view what exactly people are saying.

Additionally you can click on the name of the seller to view their shop. Not only will you be able to see when they joined, how many followers they have and their response rate, but you can also look at other products they sell and their ratings...


Shopee Guarantee​​​​

When shopping you will sometimes see "Guaranteed By Shopee" below the are where you click to make a purchase...


This guarantee is a safeguard they have in place to help protect buyers from being scammed and it means that they hold your money safely until you confirm that you received your order, or 3 days after there has been delivery confirmation by the shipping company.

So when you buy an item Shopee takes your money and holds onto it, and then releases it to the seller after you receive the order.


This is yet another level of safety to help protect buyers from being scammed--although there are still some concerns about it as I'll go over in the complaints section.

Selling on Shopee

Shopee, in some ways, is similar to what Ebay is to the US and other western countries.

Not everyone will be accepted, but anyone can apply to become a seller on the platform to sell their own products.

To do so you will have to:

  1. Fill out application on the Shopee website or through the app
  2. Wait for contact by Shopee if approved
  3. Upload product listings & fill in details (good article on listing products)
  4. Set up the logistics and payment methods (they will help you figure this out)

The good news is that there aren't any seller fees. Shopee does not charge commissions and you can use the platform for free... there are no listing fees either.

However, you will have to deal with shipping on your own. Logistics are all handled by 3rd parties.

Inventory storage is also all handled by the seller. Shopee does not store items and has no warehouses.

As a seller on Shopee you are basically using the platform to connect with customers and make the process of selling easier.

And like any good ecommerce platform, your products will naturally be shown to people searching to buy as well as recommended to people looking at similar products.

However, they do give you some ways to run promotions on the platform, such as a "Boost Now" feature where you can boost products you are selling to increase exposure as well as promotional campaigns you can join.

The Social Aspect of Selling

As mentioned earlier, Shopee is more of a social ecommerce platform than other places like AliExpress. 

Shoppers will be able to "follow" your store and your ratings will have a lot of impact on success. So sell good quality products, respond to customers in a timely manner, and do all you can to get good ratings.

What Is Shopee Mall?

When shopping you may have noticed that some items are listed under "Shopee Mall", as you can see here...


But what exactly does this mean?

Shopee Mall is for official brands and top sellers. This is where the big businesses sell products on Shopee, such as the Oppo A3s being sold by phone manufacturer Oppo shown above.

When purchasing a product that is listed in this area you will see that there is no Shopee guarantee, but instead the products come with a 100% genuine guarantee, a 15 day refund policy and free shipping in your area.


The reason they don't have the Shopee guarantee is because there is not much of a need for that. These are highly trusted sellers already.

Contacting Shopee

There are several different ways to get in contact with this place if you are having problems or just need some help.

You will be able to submit a contact form through the website, chat with them, or you can call their phone number. The phone number and link for the contact form page will differ depending on where you are at in the world. For Thailand the contact info is:

  • Contact Form:
  • Chat: Open the app and scroll down to the bottom of the Help Center page. Here you will be able to live chat with the support team.
  • Phone: 02-017-8399

To find the appropriate contact information for your area you can simply go to the website homepage and scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you will see links for the "Help Center".

Before contacting them it may be best to look through some of the information in the Help Center to see if an answer to your question already exists.

Returns & Refunds

If you buy a product from Shopee Mall, which as mentioned includes top sellers and brand-name products, you will be able to get reimbursed for the return shipping cost within 15-20 days after the return has been completed... and you have 15 days to return the item.

There are no pre-paid shipping labels provided however. You have to cover the costs upfront and then they will transfer you the money through the Shopee app.

If you make a purchase outside of the Shopee Mall then the return procedure, if any, will depend on the seller. You will have to get in contact with them and work out an agreement.

What I Like/Don't Like

What I Like

Shopee makes buying and selling online easy, convenient, and they have some safeguards in place to protect users. Their mobile app works great and I like how they put a lot of focus on the social aspect of commerce. One thing that I didn't mention is that sellers will also be able to give buyers ratings, just as it is done on eBay... so the social proof goes both ways. Of course a buyer might not want to deal with a customer with bad ratings either.

What I Don't Like

I'm not too big of a fan of the layout on the website. It's nothing horrible by any means, but it appears they are taking too much advice from sites like AliExpress when Amazon would be a much better choice to copy the layout and style of.

There are also quite a few complaints about the platform, many of which come from the lack of customer support provided, which I will be going over.

Complaints & Scam Accusations

When it comes to complaints about Shopee, there are many. Some good websites I found where customers can make independent complaints include Trustpilot and Site Jabber.

On Trustpilot the overall rating is a 1 out of 5 stars with over 70 reviews (at the time of me writing this)... pretty bad.


That said, usually on these types of websites people always go to complain and not to leave positive reviews, so ratings are usually low and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Some of the more notable complaints include the following:

#1: People Accused of Terms of Service Violations

There have been a handful of people complaining about this. What seems to be happening is people are getting accused of violating Terms of Service when trying to redeem vouchers.

And, since the customer service is pretty bad as I'll discuss more, these people have no idea what they are doing wrong.


#2: Difficulty Getting Refunds

Apparently it is more difficult to get refunds than it may seem. The complaint shown below is from someone who bought a Samsung cell phone that turned out to be a fake. Upon trying to get a refund the customer service did little to help and the customer was unsuccessful.


What's also concerning about this complaint is that, since this was supposed to be an authentic Samsung cell phone, it was likely sold under the Shopee Mall which is supposed to consist of top sellers that can be trusted... but I guess not in this situation.

If dealing with a general store on Shopee, that is not listed under the Mall section, then being able to return an item and get a refund will likely be even more difficult.

#3: No Prepaid Return Labels

I understand that they can't provide prepaid return labels for items sold from a general store on Shopee, but for returns of items bought through Shopee Mall they should be able to and doing so would make things a lot easier for us customers.

After all, they reimburse customers for the return shipping cost in the end anyhow... so why not just cover the cost upfront with a prepaid label?

Lazada, Amazon, etc. all offer prepaid return labels. Shopee needs to get up to speed. 

#4: Poor Customer Service

Overall there are quite a few complaints about the rudeness and general lack of good customer service... too many to simply ignore.

The way customer service handles complaints from customers seems to be a joke.


#5: General Scam Accusations

And then of course you have a bunch of people just calling the place a scam but not offering any good information as to why they are calling it such.


#6: The Blackpink Fiasco

In summer 2019 Shopee ran a promotion where the top 40 purchases on Shopee Philippines would get autographs from the popular kpop group Blackpink. This led to a bunch of people buying as many items as possible on the platform just to try to get autographs from the group.

The problem was that there seemed to be an issue with the top 40 leaderboard and many people who thought they would get autographs found out they weren't actually in the top 40 and missed out. So not only did they spend a bunch of money they didn't really want to spend.. but they also fell short of their goal.

There are quite a lot of scam complaints about this and it even has been featured on ABS CBN news. Shopee did make an official statement apologizing about it. 

#7: Fake Items

The selling of counterfeit items on Shopee is a big problem... but then again I guess that depends on who you ask.

Is that Gucci pair of slides really Gucci? Are the Ray-Ban sunglasses you just bought authentic?

They do have real brands in the Shopee Mall, but as mentioned in the complaints above, you might even have to be careful with these... and when buying from normal sellers on the platform you need to be even more cautious.

This is also a big problem on Ebay and other similar sites. You must need to be careful when ordering and always be sure to look at other customer reviews and what they are saying.

*Note: Shopee seems to do a lot better job at keeping counterfeits off of their platform than places like AliExpress for example.

#8: The Shopee Guarantee Might Not Guarantee Much

While the guarantee that Shopee has in place, where they withhold payment from the seller until the buyer receives the item, sounds good in theory, it may not be quite as good as you think.

During my research I read one persons thoughts on how the seller could simply ship out a lesser value product to a buyer, wait for it to be delivered and then get the payment. Of course the buyer can argue that they didn't get what they ordered but it seems support isn't that great to deal with when it comes to disputes.

That said, Shopee's guarantee is without a doubt better than there being no guarantee.

How to Not Get Scammed on Shopee

The fact of the matter is that there are people who use Shopee and get scammed.

As I talked about, this place is nothing more than a platform that connects buyers and sellers. Sure, they do offer some buyer protection such as the how they hold onto money until buyers receive their items with the Shopee Guarantee, but there is still a lot of room for scammers to slip through the cracks. The same goes for buying things on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

In order to avoid the scams and stay safe you can:

  • Only Buy from Sellers with Good Reputations

Always look at the ratings a seller has before buying from them. Social proof goes a long way and seeing what other customers think of a seller is a big deal.

  • Purchase Items in Shopee Mall

The Shopee Mall is for the most trusted sellers on Shopee. So if you are worried about being scammed, only purchase items listed here.

Conclusion - Not a Scam But You Can Get Scammed

Shopee is definitely not a scam. They could without a doubt make improvements in the way they handle disputes and treat their customer base as a whole, but the platform is simply not a scam.

Can you get scammed? Yes, you sure can. There will always be scammers on ecommerce platforms like this looking to rip people off. This is just the way it is and you can't always count on someone else to protect you from people like this. So be smart, look at the social proof a seller has before making a purchase, and know the risks involved.

Shopee is a good platform with lots of great deals, and it's growing popularity reflects how good it actually is. Some people get scammed but unfortunately these are the voices you hear most, while those of all the satisfied customers often go unheard.

Dropshipping vs Retail Arbitrage – Pros and Cons

Dropshipping and retail arbitrage are both relatively easy online business models to get started with, which is probably why you are looking into them more right now.

But which should you choose?

What are the upsides and downsides to each and which would be a better fit for you?

In this post I'll be going over the pros and cons of dropshipping vs retail arbitrage, and I'll be giving my opinion as to which I think is the better choice and why.

Let's start off by taking a look at dropshipping...

What Is Dropshipping?

In a nutshell, dropshipping is when you sell products but don't keep any inventory, instead having the products sold shipped straight from the manufacturer to the customer.

How It Works:

  1. You find products you want to sell from a supplier (Ex: AliExpress)
  2. You list them for sale on your website (or on a platform like Amazon or Ebay)
  3. Customers purchase the product on your website and pay you
  4. You then purchase the product from the manufacturer and have it sent directly to the customer

The buyer, unless you tell them, won't know that you are simply dropshipping right from the manufacturer or not, and likely won't care either. To them you look like any other seller.

This is a very popular business model because of many reasons, some of the top ones being that it is low risk, relatively easy to get started with, and there is potential for good profits.

The common way to go about dropshipping is to set up your own website and list products from a wholesale website like AliExpress (also lots of US dropshipping companies you can choose from), as explained in this brief video I found...

Dropshipping on Your Own Website vs Amazon vs Ebay

Dropshipping can be done in a variety of ways. I mentioned dropshipping from your own website is one that is very common, and better for some reasons, but you can also dropship from established ecommerce platforms like Ebay or Amazon.

With Your Own Website: you have more control over things because... well... you own the site. You will have more branding opportunity here and will have a better chance of selling products once you get traffic... the downside being that you have to get traffic.

Paid advertising is the best route to take if you have your own ecommerce store and this is the method taught in just about every dropshipping/ecommerce course on the internet. What I'm talking about here is advertising your products on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

On Amazon: the upsides are that you don't need to pay for a website and there isn't quite the need to establish a brand, since your products will be sold through Amazon which is already a well-trusted brand. 

Possibly the biggest upside is that you will get free traffic from the people who are already searching to buy on Amazon. You can get free traffic to your own website from Google and whatnot, but this is more difficult when it comes to selling ecommerce products.

Ebay: is the same type of deal as Amazon. The platform is established and you can get free traffic from people who are already searching to buy on Ebay. 

Pros v Cons of Dropshipping


  • Low risk - The risk is low when starting out dropshipping because of my next point, which is that it doesn't cost much to get started.
  • Low startup cost - There are costs involved, such as paying for a website if that is the route you want to take, but overall it is very low-cost.
  • No inventory - You won't need to store any inventory, which is another reason it is low-cost and low-risk. You don't have to invest in storage space or pack your living-room with boxes of products, and you don't have to worry much if a product doesn't sell since you don't purchase at wholesale prices until a customer pays you.
  • Flexible product choices - With all the websites out there now that connect manufacturers directly to buyers, there are millions upon millions of products to choose from. And because you don't keep inventory, you can easily test out promoting different products, switching from one to the next very easily.
  • Good profit margins - Generally speaking you can have some pretty decent profit margins dropshipping.
  • Good future outlook


  • Lack of control - You are at the mercy of your suppliers. It's not like you have a contract with them or anything, so they may discontinue manufacturing of a product at any time. This is something I encountered personally during my dropshipping venture a while back. The good news is that there are often times many manufacturers making the same products, which means you can just switch suppliers.
  • Poor customer service - If a product gets lost in shipment or is taking forever to be shipped, it can be a hassle providing good customer service. You are a middleman and don't have control over the shipments.
  • Higher cost than bulk wholesale purchasing - Buying 1 item at a time costs more than purchasing large quantities at wholesale prices. That said, with retail arbitrage you won't be getting wholesale prices at all (or rarely).

What Is Retail Arbitrage?

In a nutshell, retail arbitrage (RA for short) is when you purchase products at a retail store and sell them for more somewhere else, in this particular case we are talking about selling them at higher prices online.

The best way to go about it is to find discounted items at retail stores that are selling for higher prices on Amazon or Ebay, buying them, and then listing them on Amazon or Ebay.

  1. Find discounted items at retail stores
  2. Check their prices on Amazon or Ebay
  3. Buy if good profit margin
  4. List for sale on Amazon or Ebay

As mentioned in the video, there are a variety of apps you there that make this process really simple.

If you just want to sell on Amazon then you can use the Amazon Seller's app. What you would do is find discount products, scan their bar-codes on the app and it will tell you what that product is selling for on Amazon.

Retail Arbitrage On Your Own Website vs Amazon vs Ebay

Doing RA by listing products for sale on your own website isn't something that be very effective, which is why everyone is doing this on Amazon or Ebay usually... or even other platforms like Craigslist.

The reason you don't want to set up your own website for this business model is because 1) you won't have any set products and your inventory will be constantly changing, and 2) when you are looking to purchase products you are comparing to prices on platforms like Amazon/Ebay in the first place.

Dropship Arbitrage

This is something I want to talk about briefly so that we don't get things confused.

Dropship arbitrage is when you find products selling for cheaper on one website than they are on another, and then 'dropship' them from the cheaper one to buyers buying on the more expensive one.

For example, you could find a product selling for cheap on Ebay and list it on Amazon, then dropshipping to buyers directly from Ebay. 

It's the same as normal dropshipping, just you aren't buying directly from manufacturers.

*Ebay and Amazon don't like this and they are making it more difficult for people to do so.

Pros v Cons of Retail Arbitrage


  • Low risk - Just like dropshipping, RA is also a very low risk business to get started with, largely because of the low startup cost...
  • Low startup cost - If you do this the smart way and sell on Amazon or Ebay, you don't need any website. Pretty much all you are spending money on is inventory, which you can purchase in small amounts to start out.
  • Easy to leverage existing traffic - When selling on Amazon or Ebay you can, and many people do, list your products and do nothing... leveraging the existing organic traffic that these platforms get to sell your products. With your own website, which is what I suggest for dropshipping, you can't do this.


  • Hit or miss - Finding products selling at good enough discounts to be worthy of RA can be a hit or miss. You never know what products you might find.
  • No good branding opportunity - Because the products you will be selling will likely change often, and vary greatly, there isn't much opportunity to establish your own brand, unless you want to try to become a brand that sells a bunch of random products... which likely isn't going to work.
  • You store inventory - You will be purchasing the physical products first and will need to store them while you wait for them to sell on Amazon or Ebay. Clear your living room.
  • Getting more difficult to sell branded items - Amazon and Ebay are cracking down on this hard in some cases. That said, Ebay is making it harder for people doing dropshipping and RA, as talked about on eSellerCafe (another good reason to have your own site if you do dropshipping).

Which Is Easier to Get Started With?

If you compare dropshipping on Amazon to doing retail arbitrage on Amazon then I would definitely say that dropshipping is easier to get started with (because no inventory and everything can be done online), but as you know I suggest focusing on dropshipping from your own website, which makes things a bit more complicated.

Dropshipping Startup: If you plan to dropship on Amazon or Ebay then it is very simple.

  • Create a seller account
  • Find products you want to sell on website like AliExpress
  • List them for sale

But if you dropship from your own website there are a few extra steps involved. You will obviously have to pay for some sort of website service (ex: Shopify), you will have to drive traffic to your product pages (ex: Facebook ads), and you will have to deal with payments from customers.

Setting up a website really isn't difficult. I would say the biggest hurdle (by far) if you dropship from your own website is traffic generation. Driving targeted traffic and running a profitable dropshipping business can be a challenge for some.

Retail Arbitrage Startup: If you do this then you will want to sell on Amazon, Ebay, etc. and it's less complicated.

  • Create a seller account
  • Find products on sale at stores and see if they can be sold for more on Amazon, etc.
  • Buy and list for sale
  • Wait (relying on organic traffic from Amazon, etc.)

And of course there is the step you have to take which involves clearing out a section of your house to store inventory.

However, you also have to consider the fact that retail arbitrage requires you to leave the house, whereas dropshipping can be done completely from your computer.

So which is the easier choice?

All in all they are both very easy to get started with. It's hard to choose an answer for this. I'd say it's pretty much a tie.

The Better Choice

While retail arbitrage is still a good low-risk way to make money selling online, and although it might be easier to get started with in some ways, my top pick would most definitely be dropshipping.

The dropshipping business model has more potential long-term and there is a better future outlook for this type of business--which is why it is listed as one of my top income ideas for making money from home.

Some of the reasons this is my pick include...

#1 - Scalability

Dropshipping is a much more scalable business model than if you are doing retail arbitrage.

With dropshipping you can focus on one niche and find good products that sell well within that niche due to having such a wide product selection available. Once you find a winning product (one that sells good), it's usually just a matter of increasing traffic... which usually means increasing your ad-spend.

With retail arbitrage you might find a product that sells great, but who knows how long that product will be on sale at the local Sam's Club. With this business model you are completely at the mercy of the retailers and the sales they have.

#2 - Branding Opportunity

You will also have much more room to build a brand with dropshipping. You will be able to have more stable product selections and keep the products you are selling niche-specific.

There is pretty much no branding opportunity with RA... you are just selling a bunch of random products for the most part.

#3 - Product Control

As already mentioned, with RA you don't have nearly as much control over what you will be selling as you do with dropshipping.

With RA you basically just shop around for good deals and sell whatever comes your way... which is fun and can be very lucrative... but lacks control.

#4 - No Inventory

And of course a major upside to dropshipping is that you don't need inventory, while with retail arbitrage you might need to move your washer & dryer out in the garage to make room for those 17 leaf-blowers you found a really good deal on at Home Depot.

#5 - More Income Potential

There certainly is still a lot of money to be made with retail arbitrage, and there are many who do RA and make a lot more than people who do dropshipping, but generally speaking there is more income potential with dropshipping due to the ability to scale more and establish a brand.

  • Retail arbitrage will sometimes provide you with more profit margin if you find a really good deal and buy in bulk--although probably not that often since there is an extra seller involved.
  • Since you ship your products with RA, you will be able to provide better customer service.

There is no doubt that there are some upsides that RA has over dropshipping, but all-in-all dropshipping looks to be the much better choice long-term.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get started with dropshipping then the easiest way to go about it, as mentioned, is using a platform like Shopify and finding products on AliExpress, which is the method most online dropshipping courses teach.

That said, you can do this however you please. You could, for example, take the cheaper route of using Woocommerce with a WordPress website, but Shopify just makes things so much easier and really isn't expensive anyhow.

And Don't Think You Are Limited to Just One or The Other!

There is no good reason you can't do dropshipping and retail arbitrage at the same time. 

I would focus on dropshipping and suggest doing some RA if you find some incredible deals, but it's up to you. RA is perfect for doing on the side because of how easy it is to tap into the traffic that Amazon or Ebay is already getting... it's more of a business model where you can list your products and then sit back and wait.

A big reason I'm not too heavily promoting retail arbitrage here is because of the future outlook. As mentioned, Amazon and Ebay are cracking down on this and making it harder to sell certain brands, making the opportunities more limited... but there is definitely still opportunity out there.

So which is a better choice for you? Do you have experience with either? Leave your comments and questions below 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this comparison post and hopefully it helped give you a better idea of which you want to get involved with.

PS: Affiliate marketing is possibly the easiest of all to get started with. This is when you promote products online and earn commissions. If interested check out the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

11 Pet Supply Drop-Ship Companies to Grow Your Ecom Business

If you have a website about pets and are looking for pet supply drop-ship companies then you are in the right place. Here I will be going over 11 different companies that you can drop-ship plenty of pet items from directly to your pet-loving customers.

What Is Drop-Shipping?

I assume most people reading this already know this, but drop-shipping is when you sell products and have them shipped directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the need to hold inventory.

So for example: you have a Shopify store. Someone comes to your online store and buys a cat purse. They pay you directly through your online store. You then purchase the product from the manufacturer at a cheaper price and have it shipped directly to them... without them knowing this is what happened.

It's an excellent business model and very good for beginners because it involves much less startup cost and risk than your more traditional model, which is one of the reasons I included it in my list of top income ideas.

So anyways... let's get to the list. 

Below is the list. Some of these drop-shippers are more general and sell lots of products besides just pet supplies, whereas others listed specialize in just pet supplies.

11 Pet Supply Drop-Shippers for Your Ecom Biz


If you are looking for an absolutely massive selection at the lowest prices then AliExpress is a good option, an they are all about drop-shipping.

AliExpress is owned by the Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. In a nutshell, they are a platform where Chinese manufacturers can sell their products directly to consumers.

With over 1 million pet products, there certainly isn't any shortage and you can find products for all pets. And besides the massive selection, you also have no minimum orders and no drop-ship fees.

What might be considered a downside is that these products ship from China, and you have to be careful because some product quality is questionable.

  • Massive selection
  • No min order
  • No drop-ship fees
  • Shipping from China
  • Product quality can be questionable
2) ChinaBrands

ChinaBrands is pretty much a copy of AliExpress. They are also a platform for Chinese manufacturers to sell products worldwide--and the website even looks pretty much the same.

The product selection isn't quite as large here, but it is still massive and there is plenty to choose from.

There are also no drop-ship fees nor minimum order requirements here--and once again you have to be wary of low quality products that your customers will not be pleased with.

  • Large product selection
  • No min order
  • No drop-ship fees
  • Shipping from China
  • Product quality can be questionable
3) ePetDiscount

ePetDiscount is located in Hungary and is solely focused on pet products, having over 10k to choose from in the categories...

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Aquatic
  • Bird
  • Small pet
  • Horse
  • Fishing (yes, as in hooks, bait, etc.)
  • and exotic animals

While there headquarters are in Hungary, they offer fast shipping and can get products to USA & Canada customers in 2-4 days, but heavy shipments will cost a lot.

There is no minimum order requirement here and no extra fee for drop-shipping.

  • Large product selection
  • No min order
  • No drop-ship fee
  • Shipping from Hungary (fast)
  • Shipping can be expensive

Those listed above all have a huge range of products and give you a large selection to choose from for your ecommerce business. However, shipping from China and other over-seas countries isn't always the best choice, although it is usually the cheapest, and you may want to consider drop-shippers that have pet supplies located in the USA.

Here is a list of some of the better ones... 

USA Pet Supply Dropshippers

pet stores USA

Pet Stores USA is based in Ohio and is a division of UTM Distrubuting Company, which was founded back in the 60's. They only offer a selection of around 2,500 pet products, but they are well trusted and only sell quality products--and according to them they are "the clear leader" when it comes to drop-shipping pet supplies.

Categories they have products in include:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bird
  • Home
  • Horse
  • Pest control
  • Reptile and more.

And within each of these areas they have many different types of products. Although the volume of products isn't massive, the variety they offer is plenty.

There is no minimum order requirement and packing slips will be branded with your company info.

The quality support this place offers is also worth mentioning. 

  • Good variety of pet products
  • Lots of experience & highly trusted
  • No min order
  • USA drop-shipper
5) Pet Retail Supply
pet retail supply

Pet Retail Supply is an excellent choice for USA pet products as well. They feature products that both ship from, and are made in the USA--over 20,000 products total from many brands.

The products you can drop-ship from here are for dogs & cats, and include things like:

  • Clothing
  • Collars & leashes
  • Shampoo
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Travel accessories and more.

The good news is that there is free shipping on all orders over $50... but they do charge a $5 handling fee per order.

There is no minimum order requirement and they ship out items in stock within a couple days, sometimes the same day.

As for branding, they will put your business address on the packing slip.

  • Over 20k products
  • Cat & dog products
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • $5 handling fee on drop-ship orders
  • Made in USA
6) Majestic Pet
Majestic Pet

Majestic Pet started out in 1994 and is based out of California.

The product selection here isn't all that much, but what makes this place different than others is that they manufacture their products directly. You aren't dealing with a wholesaler who stores items for 30 different brands--this is one brand that drop-ships their products.

Their product lineup includes:

  • Dog & cat beds
  • Cat trees
  • Treats
  • Car seat covers
  • Collars & leashes
  • Pens/crates and more.

There is no minimum order here nor is there a drop-ship fee.

  • One brand (trusted)
  • Small product selection
  • No min order
  • No drop-ship fees
  • USA manufacturer & drop-shipper
7) Essential Pet Products
Essential Pet Products

With over 20 years experience, Essential Pet Products is a trusted company to drop-ship from in the USA.

They supply products from around 30 brands, which doesn't give you quite the selection as some of these other companies, however these products are very good quality and you won't find them everywhere.

Here you can find brand-name products for:

  • Underground fences and shock collars
  • Litter boxes
  • Crates
  • Strollers
  • Reptile products
  • Chicken houses
  • And even some unusual items like treadmills, drinking fountains, electronic meal feeders and more

This place definitely has quite the variety, and as you can see they offer more than just the usual dog/cat products.

They charge no drop-ship fees and have no minimum order requirement. 

However, in order to become an authorized retailer with them your business must be registered in the USA or Canada--and you must have an address here as well.

  • High quality products
  • Over 25 years experience
  • More than just the usual dog/cat products
  • No min order
  • No drop-ship fee
  • USA drop-shipper
8) Top Dawg
top dawg

This place provides access to over 14k products from many brands that you can drop-ship to your customers. They do charge a $10/mo fee, but have a free 30-day trial and waive this fee if your account purchases total over $25 for the month--which is barely anything.

Products you can choose from here are vast--and include much more than just dog products as their name may lead you to think. You have things like...

  • Dog toys
  • Treats
  • Bird foods
  • Cages
  • Breeding supplies
  • Tanks, tube feeders, etc.
  • Carriers
  • Milking equipment
  • Vaccines and much more.

The product selection here is really good... much more than just dog and cat products (fish, birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, etc.).

Your company information will be put on all packing slips for a better branding opportunity.

As far as I can tell there is no minimum order requirement.

  • Large selection of products for all types of pets
  • $10/mo fee, but waived if you have orders totaling over $25
  • No min order
  • USA drop-shipper

Some other drop-shippers in the USA, that aren't quite as good but still worth mentioning include:

9) National Dropshippers - Based in New Hampshire--more for small/cheap collars, bandannas, dog clothing, etc.

10) Four Seasons General Merchandise - Based in LA, California--more for small/cheap pet supplies

11) Dallas Wholesalers - Based in Dallas, Texas (only for pet carriers!)

*Note: for the 3 listed above much of their products are made in China, although they are stored in the USA.

Why Drop-Ship from The USA?

It's true that you can probably find products for cheaper on websites like AliExpress that ship from Chinese manufacturers... so then why would you want to choose a US drop-shipper? Well, I'll go over 6 good reasons it might be a choice worth making. 

#1 - Faster Shipping Times = Happier Customers

First off, if you are reading this article in English without translating it then you are likely shipping to the Western world. With the exclusion of New Zealand and Australia, your customers will likely get their orders faster. Customers in the USA and Canada will without a doubt receive shipments faster, and as for those in the UK... it could be close to the same. 

#2 - Easier Returns

Returning items to small manufacturers in Asian countries can be quite a hassle, which is why many ecom store owners will just tell customers looking to return an item to keep the unwanted product and they still refund their money. 

#3 - Higher Quality Products

This certainly isn't true all the time, but generally speaking you are going to have better quality products if you drop-ship from the USA. Chinese manufactured products can be a hit-or-miss and if you are going to drop-ship from oversees I highly recommend you purchase and look at the products you will be drop-shipping first.

#4 - Less Damage

Shorter transit times + less transfers = less damage. And this equates to happier customers and a happier ecom store owner (you).

#5 - Less Lost Shipments

Tracking is much better the less shipments are switched between different carriers... and shipping longer distances usually results in different handlers.

Shipping to USA & Canada from the USA with just one carrier will lower the amount of lost shipments.

#6 - Better Support

USA drop-shippers also usually offer pretty good support if you are having any difficulties or have questions. This is something that is often severely lacking from drop-shippers overseas.

Why Not Drop-Ship from the USA?

#1 - Cost

The only real downside that I think is worth mentioning is the cost, which is higher for 2 reasons:

  1. The quality is usually better so naturally products cost more (and of course labor/raw materials often cost more when manufacturing in the US).
  2. Many of these wholesale drop-shippers aren't the actual manufacturer, but instead hold products for many brands. Compare this to Chinese manufacturers who ship out products directly on AliExpress.

Dropshipping vs Buying Wholesale Stock

Dropshipping is a great choice when starting out... you don't have to keep inventory, deal with shipping, etc., and it's a great way to test out different products to sell without any risk of them not selling and you being stuck with a bunch of unsold inventory. 

However, it's not always the best choice necessarily.

Dropshipping is very limited when it comes to branding opportunities. Sure, some of these places will put your company name and address on a packing slip, but maybe you want more than that, which is why you may want to consider buying large quantities wholesale.

Pros v Cons

  • Cheaper prices - While some companies claim to drop-ship at "wholesale prices", this isn't usually true. Even if there isn't a 'drop-ship fee', the fee is included in the product price. When buying large quantities at once you can get better wholesale prices.
  • Branding Opportunities - When you ship out your own products you can customize packing slips, boxes, etc.
  • Quality Control - You will know exactly what you are selling at all times because you get to see and feel your products.
  • It's a Hassle - Now you have to deal with shipping.
  • More Risky - You might end up with a bunch of products that don't sell, which is why I only recommend doing this if you already have a proven seller.

Top 3 Picks for Drop-Shipping Pet Supplies

In no particular order:

1) AliExpress - If you want a great selection a the cheapest prices then AliExpress is the way to go.

2) Pet Stores USA - If it is a trusted USA drop-shipper you are looking for with a massive pet product selection then this is a great choice. They are well trusted and you can rest assured that your customers aren't getting low-quality products.

3) Essential Pet Products - Another good choice for a USA drop-shipper with a large selection... and that can be trusted. No fees and min order of course.

Note: By no means should you only look at these top 3. While they all include many of the same products, some will have products that others will not. So you may want to look around.

Also, I know Majestic Pet (#6 on list) didn't make the list, but this is a good company if you want to only deal with one trusted and quality brand... in the USA.

*If you have any other suggestions to add to the list or any comments on those mentioned, please leave them below in the comment section. I like to hear back from my readers 🙂

Also: If you aren't heavily involved in drop-shipping yet you may want to consider affiliate marketing, which is a good alternative. With affiliate marketing you simply promote products and earn commissions when you help make sales... which is even less risky and involves even less start-up cost. If interested you can check out this program I highly recommend.

Top 22 Drop-Shipping Companies in the USA to Take Your Business to The Next Level

Finding good drop-shipping companies can be somewhat of a hassle. There are plenty out there, but the last thing you want to do is tarnish your brand selling lousy products that take 3 weeks to get to your customers.

Drop-shipping companies in the USA are especially hard to come by. The fact of the matter is that there just aren't all that many. China is still the king of manufacturing and most drop shipping companies you find are located there--and for some reason many wholesale suppliers in the USA still don't participate in this business model.

Chances are you may have even been getting pretty frustrated over your search for drop-shippers in the USA--some of the articles we came across would lead you to believe they would be providing you with a list of US drop-shippers and then instead would simply name a bunch of Chinese ones.

But now you made it--and we aren't going to waste your time. Let's get right into it...

The 22 USA Suppliers You Could Be Using for Your Drop-shipping Business

All of the following drop-ship suppliers:

  • Ship from the USA
  • and have no minimum order requirement

... because we know what you are looking for when it comes to suppliers.

General Product Suppliers

The following companies are basically like USA versions of AliExpress. They provide a wide range of products and don't specialize in any one type.

*NoteNot all, but many of these dropshipping companies require that you pay for membership.

1) DropShip Town

DropShip Town is based in Alabama, USA and is an excellent USA based drop-shipping company if you are looking for a one-stop supplier for a tons of products. They give you access to all sorts of products-- computers, baby products, clothing, sporting goods, jewelry, etc.

If you are looking for a USA drop-shipping company because you want fast shipping, then this place is great--they offer same day shipping.

To get access you will first need to become a member, which will also provide you with integration tools to make your drop-shipping business easier. They offer a 7 day free trial on this.

2) National Dropshippers

Based in New Hampshire, USA--National Dropshippers sells a variety of different products, ranging from T-shirts and pet supplies to cell phones and kitchen accessories--pretty much everything.

The upside is that you have a vast array of thousands of products to choose from. The downside is that it is a members only site--they offer a 7 day free trial and membership prices are as low as $89.98/yr, or up to $19.99/mo if you pay monthly.

3) Drop Ship Access

Again--all sorts of products that you can choose from with this place. There are books, computers, health products, pet supplies, home decor and so on.

At the time of publishing this they claim to have 1,889,735 products available and around 400 suppliers working with them.

Besides access to products from the USA that you can drop-ship, this place also offers tools for website integration and even provides some helpful drop-shipping guides--but all this will cost you $49.95/mo after the 7 day free trial.

4) Jullian Distributors

Jullian Distributors was founded back in 2000 as a wholesale distributor. Today they have over 100 different product categories and thousands of products to choose from--that you can drop-ship.

The upsides are that there are no membership fees, no minimum orders and easy returns--which differs from those mentioned above.

5) Sunrise Wholesale

Based in California, Sunrise Wholesale has been around since 1999 and is an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating.

They sell all sorts of merchandise in just about every category and also allow bulk orders at a discount.

You do have to become a member on this site to drop-ship and this will cost you $49/mo or $199/yr.

6) Petra

Petra requires no membership fee and gives you access to thousands of products. 

One of the things that separates this supplier from other is that they sell many name-brand items, such as HP, Homedics, iHome, JVC, Samsung, GE and lots more--over 500 brands total and over 16,000 products to choose from.

7) MegaGoods

Founded in 2004, MegaGoods is quite large and claims to be one of the top companies in the drop-shipping industry. They warehouse all their products and sell everything from personal care items to Hello Kitty speakers, and everything in between.

The nice thing about this place is that they will drop-ship orders from your company name if you'd like--which gives you more ability to build your brand.

A $1.50 fee is applied to all drop-shipped orders. 

Baby Product Suppliers

If you are currently in the business of selling baby clothing (or plan to) then the following are good drop-shipping choices. They both are based in California, specialize in cotton baby clothing (tops, bottoms, onzies, blankets, hats, etc), and require no membership fee:

8) Bambini
9) Infant Blanks

Fashion Suppliers

If you are strictly looking to drop-ship fashion, such as apparel, jewelry, etc., then here are some of the options you have from the USA...

10) CC Wholesale Clothing

Here you have access to over 3,500 products, most of which are centered around women's fashion and include things like apparel, jewelry, beauty products, accessories and more. All products are make in the USA and their warehouse is located in Los Angeles California.

11) Nordstrom

Yes, you read that correctly. The fashion retail giant Nordstrom now has their own drop-shipping program in which you can order through their website and have items sent directly to customers. You can find good quality clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more here.

12) Harry Chad Ent

This place is for those looking to drop-ship high-end jewelry. The cheapest products they sell retail for around $1,000, although of course you won't be paying that much as a drop-shipper.

13) Richard Cannon Jewelry

For the high-end jewelry sellers out there, this is another option. They sell diamond, gold, silver, gemstone, pearl etc.--bracelets, rings, necklaces and more.

14) FootwearUS (aka FazPaz)

You can tell by the name that this place sells footwear. Most of their footwear is women's although they do supply some men's footwear too. One of the upsides to this place is that they offer free shipping to US residents.

Beauty Product Suppliers

15) FragranceNet

FragranceNet supplies over 17,000 products, which include things like fragrances (of course), skincare products, hair-care products, candles, aromatherapy products and more. There is no cost to join this drop-shipping program.

17) BeautyJoint

If you are looking for name-brand beauty product to drop-ship, like L'Oreal, Maybelline, L.A. Girl, etc--this place might be worth a second look. They supply beauty products for hair, nails, face, eyes, lips, body and so on. There is a fee to join however--a one-time $19.95 set-up fee along with a monthly fee of $45.

Health & Wellness Product Suppliers

18) GreenDropShip

GreenDropShip specializes in drop-shipping natural and organic "green" products--and have over 20,000 to choose from, whether it be supplements, personal care products, natural cleaning alternatives, etc. They have warehouses in California, Texas and Pennsylvania, allowing them to get products to your US customers in no more than 3 days most of the time.

19) Esutras

If you're in the organic herbs niche, then this is about as good as it gets for drop-shippers in the US. Teas & tistanes, culinary & salad oils, spices & seasonings, health foods and more--raw, vegetarian, and vegan. Esutras is based in Chicago IL and everything is manufactured there. Overall it's a good program but they do have a steep fee of $300 to join.

Self Defense Products

Selling safety/self defense products can be a good niche market to get into, and that is exactly what these companies sell. You can drop-ship stun guns, pepper spray, tasers, alarms, hidden cameras and more from:

20) Safety Technology
21) Wholesale Blades

Neither of these places require you to pay fees to join their drop-shipping program.


For all the drop-shippers with an audience that loves the outdoors, here you go...

22) Outdoor Active Gear

Tents, backpacks, chairs, coolers, BBQ equipment, etc. are for sale here. As with most drop-shipping programs, you aren't getting wholesale prices, but rather slightly above. For individual shipments you will get a 25% discount whereas wholesale is a 30% discount (below suggested retail price).

Why You Should Drop Ship From The US

#1 - Better Quality

It isn't always true, but generally speaking products that are manufactured in the USA are better quality than your typical Chinese manufactured products. And because of this you are less likely to have customers complaining about how their new corn peeler isn't working good or how the zipper on their new purse is broken.

*Note: Not all of the suppliers listed above sell products that are manufactured in the USA, although they are all based in and ship from the USA.

#2 - Faster Shipping

If you have ever drop-shipped from China to western countries, then you are probably well aware of how people complain about the long shipping times.

How would you like it if you ordered something and it took 3 weeks to arrive?

We are all getting used to Amazon's 2-day free shipping so 3-4 weeks is no longer acceptable.

Shipping from the USA to Western countries is much faster obviously--it's a matter of a couple days VS a couple weeks.

#3 - Easier Returns

Because shipping is much faster this leads to easier and much more convenient returns, which can be one heck of a task if you are using suppliers in China--so much so that many drop-shippers will just eat the cost themselves and tell customers to keep the defective products while they send them another.

#4 - Better Tracking

Tracking is also a lot more reliable. Packages aren't getting passed between multiple shipping companies and there is less room for error.

This really comes in handy when you have customer who claims they didn't receive their item.

*Tracking is better and you won't have so many people wondering where there orders are since shipping is much quicker.

#5 - Less Damaged Packages

Sometimes you wonder if packages shipped from China might have been shipped by airplane and fell out at 5,000 feet in the air. There is a lot more room for them to be damaged during a 3-week shipping process in which they need to cross the pacific ocean than there is when using USA suppliers--and this means less complaints and less returns.

#6 - Less Chance of Selling Counterfeits

Counterfeit goods being sold on popular Chinese drop-shipping supplier sites, such as AliExpress, are a big problem. Many drop-shippers start selling counterfeits without even knowing it, and then only realize it after they start selling a bunch and running a profitable drop-shipping business--which can put them back at square one.

In the USA there are more laws against counterfeits and you are much less likely to run into this problem drop-shipping from here. 

#7 - Your Brand Will Stand Out More

Just about everyone is drop-shipping from China and other Asian countries. If you drop-ship from the USA you will be able to separate your brand from all the other brands that are selling the same LED light dog collars--because yours are better quality and arrive without a long wait.

So if you are concerned with brand reputation--using a supplier in the USA could be a great choice.

...And Why You Shouldn't

Less Product Selection - Sure, there are some suppliers in the USA that have hundreds of thousands of products to choose from--pretty much everything you can think of--but this still doesn't compare to sites you can drop-ship from in China, such as Aliexpress--which has everything you can think of...and more.

Less Profitability - Products in the USA are almost always going to be more expensive. Often times this is partly due to their increased quality, but even if they are of the same quality as Chinese alternatives, they will still be more expensive due to higher costs of raw materials, higher labor costs, etc.

To Drop Ship from The USA or Not To Drop Ship from The USA?

When it comes to things like shipping times, it is always going to make your customers much more happy if you are using suppliers in the USA--assuming that your customers are from the western world. 

But--the prices don't always work out and you might find that using a USA supplier to drop-ship those unicorn leggings to you customers doesn't give you enough room for profit--whereas if you were using a Chinese supplier you could increase your profits by 20%.

Then again--if you are selling clothing, shoes, or other products that people are going to wear--you are going to have problems with the size differences between Asian sizes (where the clothing is being manufactured) and western sizes (where the clothing is being sold). 

This is just one scenario that gives you several questions that need to be answered when making a choice of whether or not to drop-ship from the USA.

Drop-shipping from the United States can be a great idea for your business, but it isn't necessarily always going to be this way.

Is Mobile Money Loophole a Scam by Teo Vee? – What He Doesn’t Tell You

The “Mobile Money Loophole” is supposedly some amazing new system created by Teo Vee that makes it very easy to make money online–or at least that is what you are told.

But is it really? Or is this just a scam that is going to be a rip off and leave you upset after buying into it?

One thing is for sure–this is NOT what it seems to be and in this review I’ll be going over the truth of the matter.

Thinking about buying in? Don’t until you read this and find out what you are really buying into.

The Sales Pitch

The sales pitch for Mobile Money Loophole is probably what led you to my review here… It’s ridiculous, sounds way too good to be true, and is over-the-top overall.

You probably received some spammy email about a new money making opportunity which provided a link that directed you to the video presentation. In this video presentation he starts off by talking about how there is some new movement quietly sweeping the nation in which people are making tons of money off of mobile shoppers online.

And of course this movement is known as “Mobile Money Loophole”…

Mobile Money Loophole

The spokesman, which we later find out is named Teo Vee, talks about how you are lucky to have found this “closely guarded page”–as if this is some secret video presentation that not many people can see.

This is just to try to make you feel special, because the page is open to the public and anyone can go view it at (might be other sites this is promoted on too).

The guy keeps talking about how you “may” be eligible to try out this system, as if you might not be–however this is just another little tricky sales tactic to make you feel as if you are lucky that you are getting this chance. Of course he is going to let you buy in, along with as many other people as he possibly can.

At this point it’s looking like it could be a pretty typical online money making scam.

Of course throughout the video presentation we are shown a bunch of screenshots from people who are supposedly making good money with this system, such as “Moy” here…


…but unfortunately there is no good proof that these screenshots are real. With the technology nowadays these could have been easily faked.

Definitely sounds too good to be true..

The sales pitch for this new system just sounds way too good to be true. And you know how the saying goes… If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

We are told that we just have to set up some website, which Teo Vee says he will help us do, then we just have to keep the site up on the Internet… And I guess the money will just flow in.

Sounds simple enough, right?

The problem is that it also sounds like a scam.

What You Are Really Buying Into

When you go to purchase this system, which cost $97, you aren’t really told much. On the checkout page the system is not named and instead it just says you will be getting “the entire system”, a personal advisor, and a special bonus…

checkout page

What you don’t know is that you are really buying into a program called My Ecom Club, which I am very familiar with.

There is no such thing as “Mobile Money Loophole”… This is just a made up name that is part of the sales funnel to lure people into the My Ecom Club program.

This program is often promoted in very ridiculous ways–getting people to believe that it is going to be super easy to make money online–when the reality is much different.

What Is My Ecom Club?

This is an e-commerce training program to help people start their own e-commerce websites and make money online via drop shipping, which is when you sell products on your own website but never actually keep inventory–instead you have products shipped directly from the manufacturer to buyers.

It’s a good business model but this particular training program is definitely NOT something I am going to recommend.

The price tag shows $97, but you will also be hit with some upsells, the most expensive of which is $1997 and is for a “done for you” website.

Who Is Teo Vee?

Teo Vee is the guy mentioned in the video presentation for “Mobile Money Loophole”, but who is this guy?

Well, he is one of the guys behind the My Ecom Club program–one of the trainers.

However, there are multiple people behind this program and there is very limited information about any of them.

We don’t really know anything about Teo Vee. I looked for information on this guy and have come up short. He is pretty much a ghost and this is a big problem because we don’t really know who the is, how much experience he has in this industry, and whether or not we can trust him.

He does seem to know what he is talking about in the training but this is enough for me.

One thing that I can tell you about this guy is that he definitely DID NOT learn this “secret” from a 14-year-old kid, as we are told in the video presentation…


As mentioned, the sales funnels that have been set up for promoting My Ecom Club are often very ridiculous and “scammy”.

As I talked about in my review of My Ecom Club, this program has been promoted as a Memphis 9 year old’s $150,000 secret” and a “weird online trick discovered by an 8-year-old girl–among other things.

Not only is what he tells you about learning it from a 14-year-old kid a complete lie, but it is also worth noting that this is not a “secret” at all. There is nothing secret about the training that My Ecom Club provides.

The Reality of This

Yes, making money with your own ecommerce store online is possible–and dropshipping is a good business model that is fairly easy to get involved with–BUT this is NOT as easy as it seems.

I dabbled with dropshipping a few years back and had some minor successes, but nothing long term. I was part of a large program (I paid $2,597 for!), which provided very good training–yet much less than half of us students became successful from it.

The fact of the matter is–this isn’t easy.

Teo Vee makes it seem like anyone who joins is easily going to strike it rich as long as they follow the program–NOT TRUE. Even if you have the most perfect ecommerce store, that isn’t going to just automatically attract buyers. You need traffic and you need targeted traffic. Advertising was the hard part for me–and the expensive part.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

Teo Vee and this My Ecom Club program, which is the real program being promoted here, represent the bad side of internet marketing in my opinion.

People are lured in thinking something completely different from what they are really getting involved with. I wouldn’t call it a scam because there is training that does have value–but I do not agree with how misleading and deceptive the sales funnels are that are getting people to buy into this, such as “Mobile Money Loophole” of course.

You can do what you want but if you want my advice I would say to avoid this program.

And if you want a personal recommendation of mine I’d suggest taking a look at this program that I’m a part of and make a living off of with (and have been a member of since 2015).

Take care and be sure to leave any comments or questions below 🙂

Also, be sure to check out my top picks for making an online income.

The My Ecom Club Scam – Internet Marketing at It’s Lowest

I’ve been seeing promotional content for My Ecom Club all over the place lately so I decided to dig deep into it and see what it’s all about.

Is it true that My Ecom Club is a scam? (the rumors are out there)

Is this a good opportunity for those looking to make money online in the rapidly growing ecommerce industry?

Unfortunately the answer is pretty much a Yes to that first question. I guess I wouldn’t go as far as saying that My Ecom Club is a complete scam, but it could without a doubt be called a scam to some extent.

In this review you will see what I mean. I’ll be going over the deceptive marketing tactics and trickery used to lure people into this program, the people behind it all (who you can’t trust), the hidden costs, complaints and more.

Overview of My Ecom Club

My Ecom Club is an ecommerce training program that helps people start their own ecommerce businesses “quickly and easily”–so they say. The focus is on setting up an ecom store with Shopify and dropshipping to make money.

Dropshipping, in a nutshell, is when you sell with your own ecommerce website but never actually keep inventory. Instead, when a customer buys a product on your site, you have it sent directly from the manufacturer–a great business model.

One of their main selling points is that they offer “done for you” websites–as in ecommerce websites that are already set up for you with products and all. They also offer training on building, running and growing ecommerce sites, traffic generation, one-on-one advisors and more.

I probably wouldn’t have a problem with this training program if that was all there was to be said–but unfortunately there are hiddent costs, deceptive and misleading marketing sucking in new members, no transparency whatsoever, and the list goes on…

This is why I call it a scam–although the training itself is not a scam.

Let’s start by talking about some of the absolutely ridiculous sales tactics being used to promote My Ecom Club, which you very well may have come across.

Scammy Sales Funnels

If you want some good examples of misleading and deceptive online marketing sales tactics then look no further than those used to promote My Ecom Club.

Get The Discovery, Click N Flip, The Ecom Freedom Blueprint, Ecom Cash Code, Broke Dishwasher System–these are all different names and websites this program has been promoted though.

It has been promoted as being a “Memphis 9 year old’s $150,000 secret”, a “weird online trick discovered by 8 year old girl”, a “3 step system a broke dishwasher used to make $114,501 in 90 days”–and a lot of other crazy things that are probably all lies (or at least mostly lies).sales presentations

When people ask what I do for work and I tell them that I make a living doing online marketing, they often get a bad impression–and scammy, unethical promotions like this are the reason.

If you are funneled in through one of these promotions you really have no idea what you are getting involved with. There usually is no mention of My Ecom Club whatsoever.

For example: The promotion pictured above of the “Memphis 9 Year Old’s $150,000 Secret EXPOSED!” leads you to this checkout page…
Order Form

Not one mention of My Ecom Club, yet that is what you will be buying into.

Not only that–but the promotional material surrounding this program is absurd. It often leads you to believe you will get some automated, “push button”, super easy system that you can get rich with by only spending a few minutes of time a day–all a bunch of BS.

The Team Behind It All

Teo Vee

Teo Vee is supposedly the man behind much of what My Ecom Club has to offer–specifically the training–but there is very little information on him.

Sometimes his name is mentioned in the sales videos but often it is not. Often times My Ecom Club is promoted under some fake alias in the video presentations, which isn’t surprising.

I have searched around quite a bit for information on him but always come up short. In fact, I can’t even find any photos of the guy. Even on his social media accounts such as Twitter there is little info–no pictures or anything.

All in all, this guy is pretty much a ghost–and this is troubling.

Rocky Lin

There is also this “Rocky Lin” character mentioned on the website. Apparently if you buy into some of the upsells that My Ecom Club offers, such as the Gold Membership, you get extra training from this guy.

Who is he?

Well–it’s pretty much the same story here. There is very limited information on him–practically none at all.

All I know is that he supposedly makes a ton of money in the ecommerce business and is also associated with scammy programs like ‘My Hidden Pages’ and ‘My Secret Sites’.

Can you trust him? I sure as heck don’t!


Next up is a guy named Jordan, who seems to be the one behind the “done for you” upsell (that costs $1,997 as I’ll go over).

There isn’t much info, or really any at all, mentioned about this guy–he just kind-of shows up out of nowhere.

That said, it seems that he is the internet marketer that goes by the name of “Jordan Daniels”–who has a pretty bad reputation online, having been involved in shady promotions for the (now shut down by the FTC) MOBE program, such as “My Optimized Success Plan”, “My AE Success” and others.

Not exaclty the type of person I would call trustworthy.

How can you fully trust a training program like this if you don’t even know the people behind it?

The answer: You can’t… or at least I can’t.

It’s hard to say what exactly is going on here because this company lacks transparency big time. There is no “about” page on the website that clearly goes over who the people behind this are and we are left in the dark on most things.

Teo Vee, Rocky Lin, and Jordan Daniels seem to be 3 of the “higherups” involved in this, but there are also other names involved too.

Overall not a good look–and definitely a problem as far as I see it. I don’t know about you, but if I buy into something like this I want to be able to trust the people who are behind it.

The True Cost

Most people that get involved with My Ecom Club probably have no idea what they are in for–and it’s not their fault–the reason being that this place misleads customers and doesn’t tell them all the details.

The training starts out as being free–and there are about 4 hours of training videos that you will be able to go through without paying for them. HOWEVER. if you plan on following along with the training you are going to have to subscribe for Shopify and Oberlo, which cost $29/mo and $29.90/mo respectively.

*Shopify offers a 14 day free trail, then you pay–Oberlo has a free Starter plan but you might be pushed to purchase one of their paid plans.

Shopify is the website platform you will be creating your ecommerce website on–which is the most popular and well trusted out there… And Oberlo is a dropshipping plugin for your shopify store that allows you to easily manage this particular business model.


The two main upsells you will be pushed into buying include…

  • $37/mo to “add an advisor”
  • $1,997 “done for you” package

Then there is also a $97 Gold Membership that may be pushed on you too, depending on the sales funnel you enter into this black hole with.

And there might be more–probably is–who knows…

Did you have any idea that the cost would be this much? Probably not–and again, this isn’t your faullt. This is the fault of the people behind this program not disclosing much information.

Complaints and Customer Reviews

The user reviews you will find online for My Ecom Club are very mixed. People hate it and they love it. Some people call it a scam and others call it the greatest training ever.

If you look at reviews on Facebook you will find plenty of positive ones–much moreso than negative. At the time of me writing this they have around 600 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5, which is pretty darn good…

My Ecom Club Facebook Reviews

Most of the complaints I have come across have to do with unauthorized charges–as in people’s credit/debit cards being charged without them knowing it.

Maybe there was some fine print that mentioned they will be charged, as is usually the case, but the point is that there are numerous people upset about this sort of shady activity, and many complaints with the BBB.

My ECOM Club Complaints BBB

Can you trust these reviews? (My Guess Is No)

It is true that a lot of people complain about things that aren’t a big deal and often leave undeserved negative reviews for things that they might not understand, or that they are to blame for–but I’m not talking about these here.

What I’m talking about are the positive reviews–all the people saying how great this training course is–can you really trust them?

My opinion: Not entirely

Companies often will pay people to leave positive reviews for them–which leads to reviews that are not geniune and can’t be trusted. I don’t doubt for a second that this is going on with My Ecom Club.

First off…how on earth does this place have 186 reviews with the BBB and an overall rating of over 4.5 out of 5 stars??..

BBB reviews

…And how do they have so many positive reviews on Trustpilot (129 with a 5 star average as I’m writing this!)???…

MyEcomClub Reviews TrustPilot

I have reviewed hundreds of potential scams, programs, courses, etc. online and I often look at the BBB’s website as well as Trustpilot to see what other people think. What I’ve found is that usually people go to these sites to complain–not to leave positive reviews. Sure, positive reviews happen–but at this rate they seem a little fishy–and I have reason to believe that they are fake (or at least many of them).

And since the reviews on BBB and Trustpilot very well might be fake, you then have to questions the reviews on Facebook. Are they real?

Conclusion – I Would Highly Recommend Avoiding This Place

  • Incredibly misleading and deceptive sales tactics
  • Hidden costs
  • Severe lack of transparency
  • No idea who the people are running this training program
  • Lots of reviews that seem to be fake

…these are some of the characteristics associated with My Ecom Club.

Now does this seem like something that you should be getting involved with? Obviously not.

This program represents internet marketing at it’s lowest.

Internet marketing often gets a bad rap for shady sales tactics and misleading info, but there are honest internet marketers out there too–this happens to be one of those bad apples that brings a bad look to the whole industry.

All in all there is no way in heck I’m going to be recommending any of my readers to sign up to this program. If you want a personal recommedation of mine I would suggest taking a look at this program I got started with in 2015 and currently make a living with working online with.

Also feel free to check out my top work at home opportunities for more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Please give it a share to help spread the word.

Take care and be sure to leave any comments or questions down below 🙂