Lotto Profits Scam

January 15


Lotto Profits Software Scam – Avoid Like The Plague

Will it really help you win the lottery? Or is Lotto Profits a scam that is just going to want to make you toss your computer out the window? (more likely to the second!)

I first came across this software after landing on a promotional video for it, which was supposedly "very controversial"... 


The video started out claiming that the lottery is "not at all random", which is the opposite of what I've been told, and caught my attention...


The guy in the video claims to be 7-time grand prize lottery winner Richard Lustig. And yes, it is true that this man won the lottery grand prize 7 times, all from state-sponsored lottery games between 1993 - 2010. And... because of this he has been featured all over the news and even on Ripley's Believe It or Not. Below is a short video I found of him on Fox Business...

In the video he claims that this is no lucky occurrence. Supposedly identical winning numbers are being drawn continuously across the US... and there are patterns that winners follow to win over and over again... so he says.

Supposedly Richard created some software to help "put the most odds possible in your favor".

And, supposedly, people like "Susan" (below) have won using this software... although there is definitely NOT any proof that this is true.

BUT... how can this all be possible if Richard Lustig is dead?

That's right, a quick Google search reveals that he died in 2018...


And this is just one of many red-flags.

The bottom line is that Lotto Profits is what most people would call a scam and it is something I will NOT be recommending by any means.

In this review I'll be going over why it's a waste of money and will not work. Please read before buying!


Lotto Profits

Lotto Profits is a software that provides lottery numbers to play that [allegedly] have a higher chance of winning. There is no guarantee that anyone playing the numbers provided will win, but the idea is that it will increase the odds.

The software automates a strategy developed by the now deceased Richard Lustig, 7-time grand prize winner.

It is sold for $95 and does have a refund policy where you can get your money back within 90 days. This is the good part, because you will likely want your money back if you do buy into it.

In a nutshell, Lotto Profits is a nonsensical lottery number generating software that doesn't work, and I'll go over why.

How It Works

The Lotto Profits software tells you what numbers to play.

How it works is it supposedly logs data on past draws from lotteries all over the world and uses some algorithm to give you numbers that supposedly have a higher chance of being drawn.

Apparently it gives you numbers that haven't been picked much, and it is said that these numbers have a higher chance of being picked in the future.

Why It Doesn't Work

I've heard some people, and even read a review, saying that this works because of the law of probability, claiming that numbers that haven't been drawn for a while continue to increase in the probability of being drawn in the future... which is complete B.S.!

It doesn't matter how many times in a row you flip a coin and get "heads". Each time you flip it the probability will still be the same!

A 50% chance of getting heads and a 50% chance of getting tails.

The same goes for the lottery.

There is even an article on Business Insider where a journalist took Richard's strategy to a statistics professor, whom concluded that it didn't make any mathematical sense.

*There is also a Forbes article on Richard's strategy and why it doesn't make sense.

Pros v Cons

  • There's a 60-day money-back return policy because this product is sold through Clickbank
  • It doesn't work

Conclusion - Avoid!

This is just another over-hyped sales pitch for a product that won't work. The only real, and proven, ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery are to simply play more, such as by buying more tickets... but this isn't something I'm recommending because most people lose money, of course.

*Note: You can increase your chances of not having to split a pot by picking numbers over 31. This is because many people play their birthday numbers!

Yes, Richard won the lottery 7 times. This is true. But, his software just doesn't make sense to me and I'd rather stay on the side with a statistics professor than Richard... and I usually have a natural distrust for overly-salesy products like Lotto Profits anyhow.

Also, it's pretty important to know how much he spent playing, which for all we know might have been more than he won!... which would be pretty silly.

So, anyways... don't buy into this.

If you are looking to make money online then I can recommend the program I use (and have been using since 2015), but sorry there isn't any good secret to winning boatloads of cash from the lottery.

I hope you found this review helpful and please share it to help spread the word!

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you soon 🙂


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