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March 16


The Karen Daniels Scam – Avoid Her Opportunities

Avoid the Karen Daniels work at home opportunities. They are scams, and in this short post I'll be going over why... including one that I came across recently online that you should definitely avoid.

I normally don't click on ads that seem like they could be scams, but when searching around online I found one for a work-at-home opportunity and decided to check it out.

The first major red-flag was that the malware blocking program I run on my computer refused to load the website, blocking it "due to fraud"...


This was for a "make money online" opportunity called My Home Success Plan, which is run by the "Karen Daniels".

Not only that, but there were numerous other red-flags present. Besides the fact that what the lady was talking about sounded way too good to be true, they were telling me things such as there being limited positions left, according to them... only 3...

Screenshot (94)

The lure of making easy cash with little work online is enough to make anyone interested, but unfortunately I decided to do a little more research before buying into this crap, and you bet I'm glad I did!

Who Is Karen Daniels?

Now before we get into this I want to make one thing clear: There are lots of "Karen Daniels" out there, I'm sure. But the one I'm referring to is a scammer... and actually doesn't exist... as I'll explain.

Her Backstory:

There are multiple different work-at-home programs that she is supposedly the creator of, and they are all the same basic thing and include the same basic backstory of her.

As the story goes, Karen Daniels used to work multiple jobs and struggle to get by, living paycheck to paycheck and having a daughter at a very young age. Then one day she found a work at home job where she only works 1-4 hours a day and makes double what she used to. This is the story in a condensed nutshell.

And now it is supposedly this same job opportunity that she is sharing with others.

Now she claims she's held work at home seminars in Los Angeles, has appeared in numerous interviews, etc...

Screenshot (95)


As mentioned, the "Karen Daniels" behind these scammy work-at-home opportunities doesn't actually exist. This character was simply created by the real scammers behind these programs so that they don't have to show their faces... and potentially face all the angry buyers that buy into their scams.

How do I know she doesn't exist?

Well, take a look at the photo shown of her here...

Karen Daniels

Now take a look at some identical photos I was able to find on Google...

Screenshot (93)

This photo of "Karen Daniels", as my further research has proved, was actually stolen from another website.

It turns out that the lady in the picture was actually featured on a local news station, FOX 12 news, and you can see another picture of her here...

Screenshot (96)

She was featured on the news for her home-office organizational advice, which has absolutely nothing to do with the scammy "make money online" programs her picture is being used to promote.

Unfortunately, the real woman in this photo probably doesn't know it's being used to promote these scams... and even if she did it would be incredibly difficult to do anything about.

*Note: There may be other fake images used of "Karen Daniels" in the different promotions for these scams.

Scammy Work-at-Home Opportunities

I've been working online since 2015, so I've gotten pretty good at identifying scams like these ones.

But even if you have no experience and are new to the word of making money online, I'm sure you got the sense that these sorts of opportunities just sound too easy, and too good to be true.

Here's How This Works:

It's a bit confusing, because this scam has changed a lot over the years and continues to change. The person behind it keeps changing where he/she directs people. 

At one point it was just directing people to sign up for a program called MOBE, which has since been shut down by the FTC

Then, at another point, it was referring people to a scam called Money Sucking Websites, which I believe is still in operation.

BUT, at the moment of me writing this, this scam is selling it's own program, which is a training program that supposedly teaches people how to make money online. But don't count on this every actually happening!...

Nothing But a Waste of Time

The opportunity is to make money "posting links" online for companies. What they tell you is that all you need to do is:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to the links and special promotions provided
  3. Fill out a few details and use their tool to blast links out everywhere

The idea is that these links are promoting different products, and that you will be posting these links all over the internet, on various different websites.

The reason this opportunity sounds so convincing to some is because it is based around the legitimate opportunity called affiliate marketing.

As mentioned, I've been working online since 2015, and what I do to make money is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote products for companies online via affiliate links, and earn commissions when you help make sales.

It's a completely legitimate business model and has been around for years... and in essence you are earning money by "posting links". HOWEVER, it is NOTHING like this scammy program leads you to believe it is.

The easy way is, often times, not the best way. And in this case spamming links everywhere using their tool just isn't going to work. People don't just go around clicking links online, especially when they look like spam.

There are many ways to go about affiliate marketing, some that work and some that don't work. This is definitely one of those ways that does NOT work.

*Note: There are a lot of these "link posting" scams going around right now. Top Jobs Reviewed is a scam website that promotes them, which I've exposed in this post... and I even mentioned them in my list of 20+ work at home scams.

The Takeaway

  • There are multiple "make money online" types of opportunities being promoted under the name of "Karen Daniels"
  • This person is a made-up character, used to hide the identities of the real creators of the various scam programs
  • There are numerous red-flags with the different programs, such as fake images, misleading statements, etc.
  • This will NOT make anyone money, or very, very little at the most

These scammy programs prey on people just looking to make a buck online, and unfortunately lead them in the opposite direction, resulting in less money than before.

For example: The one program called My Home Success Plan currently costs $47 (but this seems to change frequently) and the only thing it will leave you with is $47 less than you had before... and a bunch of crappy training that will be a waste of time.

Be careful out there and stay vigilant. Also, good job at recognizing these programs to be scams and doing the extra research, which led you to my website here 🙂

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money via affiliate marketing then I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program, which is what I got started with back in 2015 and am still a member of today.


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  1. Hi Kyle, thank you for all these informations. I would like to know more about affiliate marketing and how to start and recognize fakes/scam programs. I’m looking for such possibilities to work from home and make a good income.

  2. Thank you Kyle for sharing your wealth of knowledge about the scam world. The information provided did sound too good to be true that is why I did a little more investigating before I was actually tricked.
    I as well will look into the wealthy affiliate as you mentioned in a previous comment due to I am ready to start making legit money at home and learning more about that trade.
    Thank you again

  3. I just want to basically post information for other companies, make a somewhat descent income. I seen that Karen-Daniels site. I did pay 47.00 and talk to people how you can make money with investments. These guys very pushy and money I have I’m not parting with. All I have. I don’t want riches, just enough to get by. My body is wearing out, from falls and I’m on my feet, in 4 years fractured both knees and ruptured disc from slip on ice. I know there is companies, that pay people to work from home, don’t have to pay overhead and all, I would appreciate it.

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