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April 30


Is Kids Earn Cash Legit? – I Joined & This Happened

Kids Earn Cash is a new website that claims to be the “#1 influencer platform” on the Internet and also claims that you can…

  • Make $500 today
  • Get paid $10 for each person you invite to join
  • Earn a $25 signup bonus just for joining

…but as we all know, you can’t always trust what you hear or read online.

It sounds pretty amazing that you could make $500 a day just by inviting friends to join this site as a social influencer, but it also sounds a little bit too good to be true… Or at least that is what I thought when I first came across this website–which led me to doing a little digging around and finding out that this is nothing more than a scam.

Is Kids Earn Cash legit? Nope.

Yes, you heard me right–unfortunately you are not going to be making $500 today if you join this website. The only thing you will be doing is wasting your time.

In this review I’ll be showing you what Kids Earn Cash really is, and what happens after you join.

Kids Earn Cash Review

On the website ( you are told that it is as simple as 1, 2, 3… Simply join the site, share your link with friends, and get paid…

how it works

They claim that to have over 75,000 members and have already paid out $27.3 million. That is a heck of a lot of money and really seems to add legitimacy to this opportunity…

HOWEVER–one thing you definitely need to know is that these statistics could easily be fake (and are). After all, these people can say whatever they want to since it is their website.


Something else that I found a bit strange, and that does not add up, is the YouTube video they have posted on the website–which shows some guy named Tanner Fawks who supposedly made $11 million with Kids Earn Cash…

video testimonial

Now I don’t for a second believe that this guy actually made $11 million with this site–nor do I believe anyone is really making money with this website–but let’s entertain the idea that this is true for a second.

Let’s say that this guy actually did make $11 million.

So if the total they have paid out is $27.3 million and this guy has made $11 million, then that means that one person out of the entire base of 75,000 members made nearly half of all the money… How does this make any sense?

Answer: It doesn’t

It’s nothing more than a lie to make this seem like the next greatest opportunity online… Which it is not.

They also try to add a mark of legitimacy by acting as if this website has been featured on media outlets like CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance–but it has NOT. It’s just another lie.


So ya–pretty much everything seems like a scam from the outside, but let’s see what it’s like after you join…

What Happens When You Sign Up..

Although I had absolutely zero hope of ever making money on this website and was 99% sure it was a scam at this point, I decided to sign up for the sake of writing a good review and helping warn people.

After you enter your name, email address, etc. you will then land upon the main dashboard which looks like this…


As you can see–they show that I have $25 in my account, which comes from the bonus just from joining (you will never get this money).

They show multiple ways to earn, besides just sharing your referral link, so I decided to check them out.

I went to the “$30 Surveys” tab and up popped a “task wall” with a bunch of ways to earn $25 and get free gift cards at the same time…


Want to know what happens when you try to earn $25 getting one of these gift cards?

You guessed it!… You never actually get that gift card!

Basically what happens is you will be directed to a different website like National Consumer Center (scammy as heck) and you will be taken around in an endless circle of taking surveys, entering information, signing up for things, and so on. You are told that if you collect a certain amount of points you will get the gift card, but you will never collect the needed amount of points.

screenshotIt’s all a scam.

The Scam Seems to Be Running Under Many Different Names

While I was doing my research I found that this same exact scam used to go by the name of Kids Paid Money (at and Kids Earn Money. Now these websites have since been closed and if you go to it you will be directed to the new Kids Earn Money site, which is the one I am reviewing right now.

*It’s also worth mentioning that ‘Kids Earn Money’ has gotten a lot of scam complaints on the BBB’s website

Kids Earn Money BBB

Also, I have my suspicions that the same scammers running the site are also running some other oddly similar sites, such as Viral Pay, which also claims you can “make $500 today”, claims to be the “#1 influencer network”, and says that you can make $10 for inviting people…Viral Pay Scam

I joined this website and the dashboard looked pretty much the same as well, which leads me to believe that it is probably run by the same group of scammers.

Conclusion – Avoid

So is Kids Earn Cash legit?

Absolutely not.

Everything I see about this website points in the opposite direction… Which is that it is a scam.

What is more than likely going on here is this website is selling your personal information–yes they can make money doing this. That is why they encourage you to invite as many friends as possible and also send you off in endless circles of entering more and more information trying to win things like gift cards.

It’s all one big scam and I definitely do not recommend joining to any of my readers.

Stay safe and always be sure to do your research before joining an opportunity like this which obviously seems too good to be true.

If you are interested in a legitimate and proven way to make money online, I would highly suggest taking a look at this program that I have been using since 2015 to do so.

Take care and please leave any comments or questions down below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂



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