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April 3


Forever Green MLM Company – Worth Joining or Big Scam?

Is the Forever Green MLM company worth joining? You have probably heard of their business opportunity but is it really as good as it seems and are their products even anything special?

Like most opportunities of this nature, it is presented as being better than it really is. In this review I’ll be breaking things down for you so that you know what you are really getting yourself into, should you decide to join.

ForeverGreen Overview

ForeverGreen was founded in 2004 by Ron Williams. It started out with the idea of creating something to help others and better people’s lives and expanded to a massive MLM company that is available in over 100 countries.

Anyone can join the opportunity and make money selling their products as well as building a team by recruiting in other members. The recruitment of other members part of it all is the MLM part, which is the same thing as network marketing, another term you may be familiar with.

But before we get into all of that, let’s first go over the products being sold here, which have the focus of helping others achieve optimal health.


Some of the more popular products sold by ForeverGreen include the following…

PowerStrips – These are sticky patches that you can apply to your skin for pain relief. The have germanium, marine phytoplankton and red ginseng that your body can absorb and experience comfort from.

Suggested uses include muscle pain, inflammation and joint pain.

One of the ways these strips are described as working is by having a synergenic effect that “allows heat and energy from the body to be reflected back into the tissue… amplifying relief”. However, there isn’t really any proof of this.

One pack of 18 strips sells for around $75.

Prodigy-5 – This is a drink mix that has the purpose of maintaining or restoring good vision, but is also a good choice for a daily use multi-vitamin. It provides nutrients that are great for eye-health, such as full doses of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, and folic acid…. along with other healthy ingredients like zinc, copper, beet root, green tea, curcumin and piperine.

With the overexposure to LED lights and blue light that we all experience in the modern age, a supplement like this that is focused on maintaining healthy eyes isn’t a bad idea. After all… glasses and contacts can be a real pain.

One pack of 28 servings costs around $80.

FrequenSea Pro – This product is another drink mix and its focus is on overall health for the most part. It is said to support healthy cell membranes, promote energy, and is an excellent source of micronutrients.

There is a long list of good ingredients here, such as marine phytoplankton, prebiotic VitaFiber, acai berry, ginger root, rosemary leaf powder, piperine, nutmeg, and more.

One pack of 28 servings costs around $80.


I’d says so without a doubt, which is pretty darn common when it comes to MLM business opportunities like this. Of course they want to make the business opportunity more attractive by paying out larger commissions, which comes from overpriced products.

The PowerStrips don’t have much science backing up their effectiveness and the other natural drink mixes that they sell are nothing special by any means. Sure, they do provide you with good ingredients that can help but you can definitely find much cheaper alternatives.

Most people probably aren’t joining as members to only use these products though…. Most people probably want to participate in the business opportunity, which brings me to the compensation plan…

Compensation Plan

The company claims that it “exceeds the industries actual payout average”, but I have no idea if this is actually true or not, and to be honest it doesn’t seem like it.

Just about anyone can join in on the bizopp and make money. It is available in over 100 countries and in order to join you first must purchase a product, which “qualifies” you.

There are several terms that you need to know before I dive into this. These include…

  • QV (qualifying volume) – Each product has a specific point value that is assigned to it. The QV is the sum of the products’ point value that you personally sell or buy.
  • CV (commissionable volume) – This refers to the sum of the point value assigned to the products that members in your downline sell, which are your PEMS’s…
  • PEM (personally enrolled member) – The people that you personally recruit into your downline.

To stay active you need 50 or 100 QV each month. To achieve this you need to purchase or personally sell one of the products mentioned above each month, which each have a 50 QV value (there are others as well).

The main portion of the comp plan has a binary structure, which as you can see below has a right and left side. You will be able to build your downline, or “team”, by recruiting in other members beneath you and filling out this structure. They will also be able to recruit other members in beneath them, which you will also earn commissions from as I will go over.

binary compensation plan

This is at the core of the comp plan but there are other ways to make money as well, such as by selling products to the general public. There are 6 ways total…

6 Ways to Get Paid:

1) Retail Bonus (customer) – When you send customers to your personal ForeverGreen website, you will earn the difference between the wholesale product price and the retail price.

2) Retail Bonus (new member) – When you sign up a new member into your organization (aka recruit someone in), they pay the retail price. So you earn a retail bonus for this first purchase. After the first purchase they pay the member price.

3) Starter Bonus – To get this bonus you must be fully qualified each month and have at least 3 recruits that are fully qualified as well. There are multiple steps where you can earn bonuses along the way for building your team. The first bonus you will be able to get is $150, then $250 and then $400.

4) 12% Team Bonus – This is the core of the comp plan. As long as you are active and have at least 1 active member (has at least 50 QV) in both of your downline legs, you will qualify for this bonus.

comp plan

You will be earning commissions based on the CV from the side that earned less. The smaller “leg” is called your “pay leg”. So in the example above you will be earning commissions based on the sales volume of the leg on the left, because that is the smaller one.

If you are a member that is active with 100 QV you will get 12% commissions and if you are active with 50 QV you will get 8% commissions.

5) Matching Bonus Pool – Every week all the commissions are added up that need to be paid out on a worldwide level. The commissions are then paid out and the remaining amount of profits goes into this bonus pool. Commissions earned by members who weren’t lucky enough to qualify to receive their commissions also goes into this pool.

These bonuses are then distributed evenly among members who are 3 stars and above, depending on the amount of shares that they have. The amount of shares you get depends on your rank. And in order to move up the ranks you have to recruit in more people… So getting more shares and more bonuses from this pool all comes down to recruiting more people in.

You can see below that you will be able to earn these shares (which are just a form of commission) down to 4 levels deep…screenshot

6) Rank Advance Cash Bonus – This bonus is paid out when you advance up the ranks. There are 11 ranks total and you can earn some pretty hefty amounts here, ranging from $500 to $10.000.

The ranks are as follows…

  • Starter
  • Starter Plus
  • 1-Star
  • 2-Star
  • 3-Star
  • 4-Star
  • 5-Star
  • 6-Star
  • 7Star
  • All-Star
  • Hall of Fame

You can watch this short video for a good explanation if any of that is confusing… (it’s a bit old but still applies)


Becoming a Representative

After you enroll and purchase a product that has at least 50 QV you will also want to get the “global privileges pass”, which is $4.95 a month. With this you get access to:

  • Your own ForeverGreen website – Can refer customers here at any time and earn commissions
  • Web office – Business management tool. You get access to reports, charts, etc.
  • Training – You will have access to calls, webinars, events
  • SmartBuilder – Training system app

The cost to get started is very low, but don’t get too excited. There is a dark side to this business that most people don’t want you to know… BUT I DO!

The Ugly Side of the Business

What they don’t want you to know is that MLM businesses like this have incredibly high turnover rates, which is due to the fact that they are incredibly difficult to make money with.

This problem all stems from the very structure of a MLM…. Its pyramid structure in which commissions get passed up to those at the top.

It may be luring to join one of these and try to recruit a bunch of people in so that you can build a massive downline and earn tons of commissions, but it is much easier said than done. People at the bottom of these pyramid structures have money sucked away from them while those at the top are the ones that benefit.

And think about it…. There are guaranteed to be many more people at the bottom… Struggling and not making much of anything.

I was not able to find the official earnings disclosure for Forever Green and this comes as no surprise. They obviously don’t want people to know because it makes the opportunity look bad.

Conclusion – Worth Joining?

The Forever Green MLM company offers an opportunity that has a very low startup cost, it is a flexible opportunity that you can be your own boss with, and has other benefits. But is it really worth joining?

This all comes down to your opinion. The fact of the matter is that the large majority of people fail in these businesses but if you are one that loves talking to people and think you have what it takes to sell people on the products and opportunity, then it could be something worth trying.

Personally, I’m staying away from it though!.

Since you are looking to make money on your own time, I suggest taking a look how I make a living working online for myself. This is something you very well might be interested in.

You can check out this list of 72 ways to make money from home.

Take care.


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