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8 Ways to Make More Money with HempWorx

The most recent HempWorx affiliate earnings disclosure is pretty dismal, with over 95% earning much less than $1,000 per year. 

This is largely due to the difficulties of the MLM industry (which we'll talk more about soon), but also due to the fact that a lot of affiliates aren't doing the 8 things we'll discuss here now... 8 ways to make MORE MONEY with HempWorx.

What Is HempWorx?


Assuming that you probably already know this, we'll keep it short.

HempWorx is a product line by the MyDailyChoice company that consists of CBD products, and was just launched in 2017.

Products are not sold in stores. Instead, the company relies on independent representatives (affiliates) to run around doing the selling. Affiliates also have the ability to recruit in other affiliates, build 'teams', and earn commissions from the efforts of those beneath them.

In a nutshell this is a CBD direct sales/MLM opportunity in which affiliates can earn money in 2 ways:

  1. By selling products
  2. By recruiting in other affiliates who buy and sell products

But here we aren't going to be talking about the super obvious like how you should recruit more people in or sell more products to make more money. Here are 8 ways to earn more with HempWorx that aren't quite as well-known...

8 Ways to Increase Your HempWorx Earnings

1) Use The Products Yourself

It will be hard to sell HempWorks products or the opportunity if you yourself don't even believe in what they sell.

You may be a naturally good BSer and have a knack for sales, but there is no substitute for genuinely loving what you sell.

Using the products for yourself will allow you to make a much more personal sales pitch to potential customers. You will eventually have some personal experiences to share (hopefully good ones) and in a modern world where technology has brought about a marketing system that seems to be massively impersonal at times, this is what people want.

And besides, if you aren't using the products then what are you doing with HempWorx anyhow? There are other MLM choices out there..

2) Know The Science Behind It

Again, you may be a naturally good BSer and you may be able to hype up a product without really saying much of anything. That is great and all, but you could do a lot better if you took a bit of time to know some of the science behind the HempWorx lineup and CBD in general.

CBD is all the rage nowadays and has many claimed health benefits, some of the most well proven being a treatment for epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Adding in something like "In a 2019 study of CBD's affects on anxiety and sleep, it was shown to improve sleep in 66.7% of patients and decrease anxiety in 79.2%"... would sound a lot better than just saying... "it's good for sleep and anxiety". And this study is true by the way.

It would also be helpful to know the science so that you don't spread misinformation. Because of all the hype surrounding this new emerging industry there is a heck of a lot of misinformation being thrown out there... which isn't true.

And you should definitely know what CBD is! There of course are going to be people who, because it comes from the cannabis plant, have the wrong impression of it.

3) Know Everything About The Products

Study the products, get to know them. Know what they look like, taste like, feel like... well maybe not all of that... but you need to get to know them.

Know exactly what they are used for, how they are taken or applied, different concentrations and flavors, etc. 

And know what products go together. If someone buys the Hemp-Infused Coffee then the Keto Coffee Creamer can be an easy additional sale to double your revenue.

HempWorx coffee and creamer

This should be a given, but it's surprising the number of people selling products when they don't really have much clue of what they are selling. Don't be one of these people.

4) Recruit Business-Minded People

With the MLM structure that HempWorx has in place it is paramount that you recruit other distributors in if you want to take full advantage of the compensation plan. This is how you move up the ranks and this is how you get leverage on your side.

But don't waste your time trying to recruit everyone that is willing to listen to you. There are a lot of young people more than enthusiastic about the CBD movement, but might not make the best people for your 'team'.

You want people who are serious and who will help you expand your "team", aka downline. You want people who are just as motivated as you are.

In our post on ways to get local MLM leads we mentioned going to real-estate seminars, law of attraction events and things like this. 


Because you often meet business-minded individuals at events like these that are serious about taking full advantage of opportunities like this.

5) Take Full Advantage of Online and Offline Sales

Some people are more old-school and will want to run their business face to face, selling products directly to customers and recruiting people in directly. Other people try to do everything online, both the recruiting and selling.

While it is possible to choose either of these methods, it is definitely recommended to take advantage of both.

You get your own replicated HempWorx website with lead capture pages, pre-made autoresponder emails and more. Take advantage of this and advantage of the fact that online you can reach people all over the world without ever leaving your chair.

And never underestimate the power of the old-school approach, which is equally as important. Doing business in the real world, face to face, gives you more power to create personal connections and lasting relationships... which can help build a stronger team. And while the HempWorx company does provide online training, being present and helping out new recruits in physical form can make a difference.

6) Deduct Your Expenses

Let us not forget that you are considered an independent contractor (self-employed) with a business like this and that you can deduct your expenses come tax time with the IRS 1099 form.

The one-time affiliate enrollment fee of $20 is an obvious deduction along with any starter pack you order.

If you would go all-out and order the Executive Pack for $599 you might use the products that come with it yourself... but it seems this could still be a deductible business expense since you are using them with the purpose of getting to know your products of course... but I'm no tax professional.

Other expenses could include:

  • Home office space
  • Cell phone
  • Supplies (pens, paper, ink, giant billboards, etc.)
  • Car expenses (driving to meet people and so on)
  • Health insurance if this is your main job
  • Conferences
  • Educational expenses if you feel like taking a course to learn more about some aspect of the business

Here is a good list of some top deductions we found online that will give you some other ideas. 

7) Don't Be Too 'Salesy'

Image by CloudTask

No one likes that annoying salesperson that won't give up trying to sell something that you have no interest in. We've all had experiences with these types of people at one point or another.

Salesy salespeople are becoming more and more a thing of the past, as sales methods are improving and data is showing better results from less in-your-face approaches.

There is hard-selling and soft-selling.

Hard-selling is when you jump straight to the point with your sales pitch... you let the person know what you are selling that they instantly know they are being sold to. It is aggressive. Soft-selling on the other hand is more indirect and has more focus on building trust and a relationship before closing a sale.

Of course a sale is the end goal, but try to get away from thinking about making sales constantly. Focus on helping people, whether that be with some health problem that CBD can help with or with the opportunity of a home-based HempWorx business. Focus on helping first and go for a soft-selling approach, which most people who have tried it will say works better.

8) Treat It Like a Job

The insanely high failure rates of participants in MLMs, which was estimated as being as much as 99% by a study of 350 MLMs by the Consumer Awareness Institute, can be a bit misleading. 

No one doubts that MLM failure rates are high, but how much are these statistics skewed by people who don't fail... but rather just quit too early and Peter out?

Running your own home-based business has its advantages. There is no commute, more flexibility, no boss breathing down your neck... but it can be difficult to stay motivated and keep on track.

If you are serious about making money with HempWorx then treat it like a job, not just something that you might or might not have time for today.

A lot of new affiliates work other jobs and what not, and you might be one of them. But try to take and schedule a piece of your day where you can dedicate to the business.

So take the time to go to that local meeting. Take time to set up that Adwords campaign. Take the time to help train a new recruit. Of course without putting in the time the results won't come.

Set goals, make a schedule and write it down... and then put this schedule somewhere you will actually see it so that you don't forget. Make it a habit to put in the work.

One of the keys to forming a habit is to make it as easy as possible on yourself. So for example, if you want to create a good habit of eating breakfast then you can prepare it the night before, so that it is easier to eat in the morning when you are tired. Or if you want to make a habit of working out in the mornings you can sleep in your exercise clothing, which means one less thing to hold you back in your normal half-asleep morning state. (tips from Shawn Achor's great book The Happiness Advantage)


Being successful with the HempWorx opportunity, or any MLM for that matter, takes someone who knows the products and believes in what they are selling, knows who to recruit and who might be a waste of time, and takes the business seriously.

Many of these 8 tips seem like they might be common sense, but most people don't do this stuff... and if you do you can increase your chances of good earnings.

But at the end of the day you are still at the mercy of the MLM pyramid business model, which unfortunately favors a small percentage of people due to its structure and how people high-up receive kickbacks (commissions) form affiliates multiple levels down below. This pretty much ensures the high failure rates that we often see.

The HempWorx compensation plan has Leadership Check Matching that pays down 10 levels...


They have Binary Commissions where you can earn even further into your downline...


And they have other ways to earn that are based around the MLM pyramid structure... which is good if you are sitting pretty at the top, but not so good if you are one of the majority at the bottom.

There are many reasons why people who get involved in MLMs fail and the very structure of the business model is undoubtedly one of the main reasons, which is why here at Legendary Wallet we promote affiliate marketing and recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training program to get started, as this requires no recruitment and you keep all your commissions. 

Now it's your turn: Do you have any tips for HempWorx affiliates to increase their earnings? Let us know in the comment section below...

We like to hear back from our readers πŸ™‚

Can You Really Make Money Charging Bird Scooters? – And How Much?

You've probably heard the stories... people running around under the cloak of night picking up scooters, charging them, and making money.

Yep, this is one of the opportunities that Bird and other urban scooter transportation companies is bringing to the table, and anyone can participate in it.

It sounds like a pretty good deal:

  • Earn money on your own schedule
  • Get paid daily

But what's the catch?

Is charging scooters for Bird some sort of scam? How much money can you actually make? Is this some twisted form of modern-day slavery?

In this article we'll be going over what you definitely need to know before spending your evenings charging scooters... or that you will wish you would have known if you are already doing such.

What Is Bird?

Bird is an innovative new company that is changing the way people get around in urban areas by providing what it calls an "on-demand personal electronic vehicle sharing network".

Users are able to locate scooters in 100+ cities worldwide with the Bird app, activate the scooters using their phone camera, and ride around as they please... then simply leave the scooters wherever they want.

The company started in September of 2017 with 10 Birds in Santa Monica, California. In just 14 months Bird was in 120 cities and bringing in revenue at over a $100 million/yr rate. In 2018 Bird was named one of Time Magazine's "50 Genius Companies" and was also listed as one of LinkedIn's top 50 most sought-after startups... and the list goes on.

Bird Scooters

They've had some hiccups, lawsuits have been paid, their have been protests, but it doesn't seem like much of anything can stand in the way of the new scooter ride-share industry, which Uber and Lyft are jumping in on as well.

At just $1 to unlock a scooter and +$0.15 per minute of use, riding a Bird around is becoming a very economic, fun, and flexible way to get around.

AND... of course this amazing new flexible form of transportation also brings along a flexible way to earn some cash on the side... or even as a main source of income for some people.

Making Money as a Scooter Charger

It's freelance work. In a nutshell, what you do is run around after 9pm picking up scooters that people have left sitting around, bring them back to your place and charge them for the next day.

how charging for Bird works
Step 1: Join The Charger Community

You have 2 options here:

  1. You can sign up to become a charger at where you will be prompted to enter your name, phone number, email address, zip code, and select your country from the list. Then you will download the app to complete the signup process.
  2. or, If you already have the app you can open it up, bring up the menu and click on the "become a charger" option.

The app is free and available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, where it has very good ratings overall.


Inside the app you will have to enter basic information about yourself, tax information, and confirm your bank account so that you can get paid via direct deposit.

*Both riders and chargers use the same app.

Step 2: Find, Charge and Release Birds

Finding Birds:

Now that you are officially a Charger it's time to find some Birds.

At 9pm is when Bird releases most of the scooters onto the map for charging, because this is when they are no longer available to riders. So in the beginning you are going to want to wait to this time.

However, it is possible to pickup birds that need charged throughout the day and even release them back into the 'wild' if you can do so before 5pm.

Inside the app you will be able to go to "find birds" to see a map of your location and all the Birds nearby.

bird charger map

Image by u/Coolfry

You will be able to select a bird and open up GPS navigation to it with Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, etc.

Once you have located the Bird you will scan the QR code on it to claim it for charging, which will then take it off the market so that other chargers aren't going after it.

During this capture process you will need your Bluetooth to be on so that your phone can communicate with the Bird.

What if you can't find the Bird?

Inside the app there are different action options you can choose from. These include:

  • Alarm
  • Mark Missing
  • Capture
  • Report

The Capture is what you hope to use, which would mean you found the Bird and are capturing it to be charged, which is when you will be prompted to scan the QR code.

But if you can't find the bird you first want to try the Alarm, which will sound the alarm on the scooter so that you can locate it.

The Alarm feature works via Bluetooth so you will have to be in close proximity. If this doesn't work then you may have to Mark Missing.

Link: How to capture a Bird

Charging Birds:

There are special chargers that you will need.

Bird will supply you with 3 of them for free (I've heard some accounts of people getting 4), but many people who are trying to make bank doing this look for extras, which can be found on Amazon and there is even a thread on Reddit for selling Bird chargers.

Each Bird will take 3-5 hours to charge.

Releasing Birds:

As mentioned, it is possible that you can pick up a Bird early in the day and release it before 5pm. But normally, you will be finding birds after 9pm and releasing them the next morning.

The time frame you have is 4 - 7am to drop off the scooters back into the wild.

You will be able to locate "Bird's Nests" with the app and take them there to be dropped off. These "Bird's Nests" are just locations that Bird deems good places for riders to pick them up. They could be all in all sorts of places.

To find a nest you will want to first go to "release birds" in the app...


This will then bring up a map of nearby nests. The numbers represent the available spots left and the green circle means the nests are okay to be used. So a 3 means you can drop off a maximum of 3 Birds at that nest.

Just like finding Birds, you will be able to click on where you want to go and use GPS to get there.


When placing a bird in a nest area, be sure NOT to:

  • Block sidewalks
  • Block private ramps
  • Block fire hydrants
  • Block disability access areas
  • Release them on uneven ground
  • Release them in a messy fashion

... So pretty much common sense stuff for the most part.

In order to officially release the birds you will have to go back into your app and select the birds to release and then take & submit a picture of the newly released birds.

Now you're done.

And here is a 1 minute video explaining the whole release process:

Link: How to Release Birds (some additional info)

Step 3: Get Paid Daily

To ensure that you get paid what you are supposed to be paid you want to make sure you meet the 7am deadline for releasing Birds and the batteries must be at least 95% full... which they will be if you just charged them the last night.

Pay rates are anywhere from $5 - $20 per scooter charge.

If you release a Bird late then you may be hit with a penalty of up to a 50% pay decrease.

You will get paid the same day if everything is done properly and this will show up in the app... and your bank account.

Understanding Different Pay Rates

You may have noticed above in the one screenshot that when you go to Find Birds they appear as different colors and different prices. This has to do with the level of difficulty.

  • Green Birds - Easiest to find and have the lowest payout.
  • Yellow Birds - Medium difficulty and have medium payout.
  • Red Birds - These are the hard-to-find, rare breads. They pay the best if you happen to catch one.
bird charger map

Image by u/Coolfry

If a Bird has been sitting around for a while without anyone picking it up to charge it then the system deems it as being a more difficult catch and increases the bounty to provide more incentive for someone to go get it, charge it, and release it back into the wild.

When people search for Birds but cannot find them they mark them as "missing" inside the app. This will drive up the price fast.

*The way this works also leads to the problem of hoarding, which I'll talk about soon.

The Market Determines The Price

Ultimately the price per scooter that you charge falls back on the chargers themselves (the people doing the charging, not the charging equipment).

If there is a lack of chargers and Bird really needs to get people to go out there and charge their scooters, they will increase the bounties as incentive. And if there are too many chargers they will decrease the bounties as low as possible.

Price will fluctuate depending on what the market will bear.

The problem, as so eloquently stated by someone on Reddit, is that "there's always some meth head looking to do it for two bucks each". This is true to some extent and unfortunately drives the prices down.

How Much Can You Realistically Make?

With videos all over Youtube of people making hundreds of dollars a night charging Birds, this may seem like a mini goldmine opportunity... but is it really?


You have some people making bank and some that have more negative opinions of the opportunity... with one man in an interview with Inc Magazine calling it "one level up from collecting cans".

But there are lot's of real stories about people collecting 30-40 Birds a night and making some good money... enough to live off of pretty nicely.

However, there is no good number I can give for a "realistic" earnings estimate because of how easily market conditions can change and how different they already are in different cities.

Simplified Example:

In City A you have 1,000 Birds and 50 chargers. Each charger can get an average of 20 Birds to charge per night, which means about $100+/night.

In City B you have 1,000 Birds and 100 chargers. Now each charger can only get an average of 10 Birds to charge per night, which means about $50+/night.

The market determines not only the going rate of charging a Bird, but also how many you will be able to charge due to competition from other chargers.

Just like Uber, Lyft, and other independent contractor work that is similar... the earning potential in one area may differ greatly from that in another area.

And Let's Not Forget About The Expenses..

  • Driving around
  • Wasted time
  • Electricity cost
  • Cost of chargers

These are all expenses that you also have to account for.

Driving Around & Wasted Time

Sometimes you will run into competition from other chargers and won't be able to get a Bird you were going for.

Sometimes there are bad signals and Birds don't exist where the app tells you they do.

This all leads to wasted time and driving around without any payoff.

Cost of Chargers

As mentioned you will get a pack of 3 free chargers. However, a lot of people will want more than this, and there are several different options you have available.

Bird recommends that you purchase chargers from the Bird Shopify store, of course, but this will cost you $60 for a 3-pack.

You can also find chargers for cheap on Amazon, as low as about $14/charger, but you have to be careful with low quality chargers. The last thing you want is a fire.

There is also a thread on Reddit for selling Bird chargers, mentioned earlier, that you can always take a look at to see if there are any good deals in your area. Most people are selling chargers for $10 - $15 each.

*There is rumor that Bird may stop giving out free chargers and require newbies to pay.

Electricity Cost

I knew it wouldn't be expensive to charge one of these little Birds up, but the cost estimates I've seen are lower than expected.

Some estimates are that it costs about $0.25 - $0.40 to charge from 0% to 100% and there are other estimates out there that are even less.

So ya, it's cheap.

Bird Charger Hacks

There is at least one "hack" that exists where you can essentially game the system and make more money when charging Birds. However, this definitely isn't something I'd recommend. It is fraud and your account will be terminated when Bird finds out.

What I'm talking about is hoarding, which is when chargers hoard Birds so that no one else can get to them. This is done for a couple reasons...

  • Hoarders will hoard Birds to increase the bounty placed on them for charging. Then after the bounty has increased, say from a green $5 to a red $20, they charge them, release them, and get paid more than they should.
  • Hoarders will pick up Birds throughout the day even if they are not in need of charging and hoard them at their homes to charge later that night, instead of waiting until after 9pm. This way they have a bunch of Birds and don't have to run around at night with all the competition.

There are quite a few bird hoarding stories online and if you become a charger for long you will likely run into such at some point.

The "hoarding" is the only real "hack" that I know of where a charger can game the system... but definitely isn't recommended and is a big problem.

Safety Concerns

You may be thinking: what could possibly be unsafe about charging scooters?

Well, the fact that there is a lot of competition and that it mostly happens at night comes with some risk.

In fact, according to the US Department of Justice violent crime peaks at 9pm in the US.. and then slowly dissipates.

And when you are roaming the streets with eyes on your GPS you could be led into some unsafe areas. Google Maps tells usually tells you the fastest way to get somewhere, not the safest.

Then of course you have to factor in the competition and people fighting over who gets to claim a Bird (yes, it happens). Some people charge birds as an essential means of income and can get pretty aggressive... punches have been thrown.

That said, there aren't any safety concerns that can't be easily avoided. Just play by the roles and don't go down some dimly lit alley to pick up a scooter if you don't have to.


Ghost Signals

Some chargers have reported getting "ghost" signals, which is when the app tells you there is a bird to be picked up somewhere but there is nothing there. This is a waste of time and can be frustrating.

... but it can also be a hoarding problem where people hoard the birds and hide them...

The Hoarding Problem

One of the biggest problems that exists, and one of the biggest complaints, is that of hoarding... as I already talked about.

Bird takes fraud like this serious but unfortunately it continues to happen and a few bad apples can really spoil and opportunity for everyone, as you can see in this video:

The good news is that it is easy to report these hoarders and Bird will close their accounts so that they can no longer participate in such foolery.

Account Terminated for "No Reason"

There are quite a few chargers who have had their accounts terminated for "no reason", such as this person on Reddit:


It seems that most terminated accounts stem from people picking up Birds that have been hoarded, which then results in a flagging of their account for doing the hoarding--even though they didn't.

The good news is that Bird is aware of this problem and their support team will hear you out.

*Note: It's a good idea to take pictures or video of Birds that you suspect might be hoarded before capturing them.

Too Much Competition

Like any business, Bird doesn't want to pay chargers any more than it has to. The more chargers they have running about the more competition there is and the more people there are to work for cheap.

This is good for them but bad for chargers. 

In some areas the amount of competition can be ridiculous, especially when you have to go up against charger "cartels" that treat the charging game as a military operation.

Going After the Same Bird

It would be nice if you could "claim" a scooter on the map beforehand and have a certain amount of time to pick it up, or else it would go back up for grabs. This way there wouldn't be the problem of multiple people going after the same scooter.

Pros v Cons

  • Don't have to deal with people, unlike Uber and Lyft
  • Flexible work
  • Easy - for the most part
  • No degrees, certifications, etc. required
  • Good pay potential
  • Lots of competition
  • No guaranteed pay (because you aren't guaranteed to get any Birds)
  • Has some risk to it

Final Thoughts - Is It Worth It?

While charging for Bird can be well worth it for some people, it isn't something you should expect much with. Don't get too caught up in all the amazing success stories you will find online.

The best approach to take is to begin without much expectations and see where it takes you. 

There is an excellent article on Slate where a newbie documents his first 17 days as a charger, which is filled failed pickup attempts, frustration, decoy Birds, lots of fraud cases, and ultimately $125 over a 2 week period with about 10-15 hours of work... leading him to quit.

So it's not all amazing success stories of making big money on your own time at night. 

All the Youtube videos and articles online bragging about making tons of easy money are just increasing the competition among chargers, leading to a less individually profitable endeavor.

Now it's your turn: What do you think about charging for Bird?

I like to hear back from my readers! You can leave comments/questions below πŸ™‚

PS: While you are here, don't forget to check out how I've been making money working for myself online. It seems like this might be something you'd be interested in.

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Is CoinOut a Scam Cash-Back App? – REVIEWED!

You asked and we're here to answer: Is CoinOut a scam?

The answer is no... they really do pay people to upload receipts. This is awesome and all, but the next logical question to ask is: how much can you actually make? In which the unfortunate answer is: not very much.

But overall CoinOut is a nice little app for making some extra change that you otherwise wouldn't be making. In this review we'll be covering all you need to know... how the app works, how much you can realistically make, cash-out options, complaints and more.

What Is CoinOut?

  • App Name: CoinOut
  • Type: Cashback app
  • Website:
  • Cost: Free
  • Ratings: High on both Google Play and App Store
CoinOut App


CoinOut is a free app that allows you to easily earn small amounts of cash-back for uploading receipts of store purchases and then cash out your new-earned money for cash or gift cards.

Some things that separate this particular app from competitors, such as Ibotta and DOSH (both on our list of top 45 apps for making money), is its simplicity and the ability to get cash-back from anywhere that gives valid receipts.

The app received a lot of media attention after being featured on the hit show Shark Tank on ABC in 2018, which led to a deal between the CoinOut's CEO, Jeffrey Witten, and one of the investment "sharks", Robert Herjavec.

Here is a brief overview of how it works, but we'll go into more detail next...

How It Works

1. Download The App for Free

The app is completely free to download and use. How the heck can they pay people money and allow the app to be used for free? I'll go over this shortly. It is available for android devices on Google Play and for IOS devices on the App Store.

After downloading the app you will enter your phone number and they will send you a password code to confirm your phone.


That is all you have to do to get started.

*Note: Before cashing out money you will have to fill out your profile more, such as your name, email address, etc.

2. Scan Receipts (or Email Them In)

Next you will take your receipts from wherever it is that you just shopped and upload them with the app.

When you open up the app you will see a large "SCAN" button in the middle of the screen... you can't miss it.


When you click on this things couldn't be any simpler.

The app will use your phone's camera and provide a rectangular area to take a picture of the receipt in. You are going to want to zoom in enough so that the edges of the receipt are close to the border of the frame.


Some of the requirements for the receipt include that it is:

  • No more than 2 weeks old
  • Includes date, store, total, and items bought
  • Only 1 upload per receipt
  • No coupons, lotto tickets, barcodes or bank receipts

*Note: A lot of receipts have a bunch of promotional crap beneath the purchase information, such as coupons, etc. This doesn't need to be included in the frame.

What Types of Receipts Does CoinOut Accept?

They say that they accept all kinds and this seems to be true as long as the requirements above are met.

Grocery store receipts, sporting goods receipts, gas station receipts, clothing store receipts, restaurant receipts, etc... all seem to be fair game.

After uploading the receipt cashback will usually be credited to your account instantly. It will be labeled as "active" if it has been approved and "pending" if not.


*It's nice that they give you cold hard cash, and don't have some confusing point system like a lot of apps do.


If you make a purchase at a store and choose to have a receipt emailed to you then you can get cashback by emailing these receipts to

3. Online Shopping

When you shop online through the app there is no need to upload receipts.

You will be able to click on "all stores" to see all of the available sites you can shop on to earn cash back.


This will bring up a list of the various stores and some details on the cashback offer, including how much you will get back.


There is a long list of stores that CoinOut is partnered with here. Some of these include:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • Groupon
  • Ebay
  • Macy's
  • Travelocity
  • Sam's Club
  • Overstock
  • JCPenny
  • Warby Parker
  • Kohl's
  • GameStop
  • GrubHub
  • iTunes
  • Asos
  • eBags and more...

After clicking to "shop now" within the app you will be directed to either download a store shopping app, if available, or you can just go to the website.

Your purchase will be tracked automatically and cashback will be put in your account after your purchase is approved. The time frame for this will vary depending on the store. It can take several days and you will be notified via text message when it goes through.

4. CoinOut Badges for Extra Cash

The badges section provides promotional offers, bonuses and badges.


For example, right now they are offering me a 2x badge if I purchase something through the app as talked about above... at any store.

This will then provide me with 2x the cashback from in-store purchases for one week... not too shabby.


You will find all sorts of promotional partner offers in this section, and these change frequently. Some other examples of what is available to me right now includes...

  • $1 cash bonus for getting a free Clearcover car insurance quote
  • $1 cash bonus for joining Zebit
  • $50 cash bonus for creating a Chime bank account with a $200 direct deposit
  • $10 cash bonus and 2x badge for creating an account with Acorns, the popular investment app
5. Cash Out

The good news is that there is no minimum to cash out. 

Even if you only have $0.06 in your account you can cash out.


The options are PayPal, Amazon gift card and direct deposit.

PayPal is the only option with a minimum, in which you must have at least $10 to make a withdrawal.

6. Referral Program

Currently they are giving members $0.75 for every confirmed referral.

You will be able to go to the "share & earn" area inside the app to get your own unique referral link, which you can then use to get people to join.

*If you want help out this blog then you can sign up through my referral link here: I'll get credited with $0.75 and you will get credited with the feeling of helping someone out πŸ™‚

To be honest, the referral program is a letdown. Cashback apps like Ibotta offer $5 per referral... but it's better than nothing.

Earning Potential

Don't get too excited now. If you thought this was a way to make bank then you thought wrong.

You won't be able to just upload receipts all day... there is a limit.

Receipt Limit

The receipt limit will change on an ongoing basis. You will have to login to the app to see what the limit is at any given time.

Usually this is around 6 - 7 receipts per day, which should be plenty for most people.

I'm not entirely sure what they look at when coming up with the limits.

Featured Retailers Bonuses

On the homescreen they will sometimes have badges for featured retailers where you can earn a little more than usual. 

A Realistic Look at How Much You Can Earn

It seems that there is no "normal" rate. I've personally been earning $0.06 per receipt and have heard of others earning the same... as well as some earning $0.07 - $0.10. However, there are a lot of people complaining about only earning $0.01 - $0.02 per receipt.

Does the going rate change? Does it depend on where you live?... where the receipt is from, etc.?

We don't know. They don't offer an explanation for this but it does seem that if you upload more than 1 receipt per day the reward amount will decrease as you go.

If you earn $0.06 per receipt...

 Let's say that you are earning $0.06 per receipt. Now if you upload 7 in one day that equals $0.42. And if you upload 7 per day for the whole week that will equal $2.94.

Now let's say that you have a 2x badge... this would mean you can earn close to $6 per week.

There are other bonuses too, such as the promotional offers under the badges section. But you won't always find something you are interested in here.

This is pretty much a best-case scenario however. It seems that most people using this app are earning $10 - $20 every 6 months or so. The numbers will vary greatly so unfortunately there is no good earning estimate I can give.

CoinOut Hacks

Unfortunately for those looking to hack the system, it doesn't seem there is any easy way to do so.

When you upload the same receipt more than once your account may be credited with money for a short period of time, but it will likely be labeled "pending", and will soon be canceled.

As a little trick I scanned a picture of my keyboard. This resulted in a quick +$0.06, which was soon taken back out...


There is no information as to what exactly the app looks at with receipts.

Does it look at the receipt number and the items bought? And then validate them with the store?

If it doesn't then it may be possible to fudge some numbers on the receipt to make it appear as if it is a new one, but this might not be worth it because if they find out they do hold the power to close your account.

The only real hacks are to play by the roles. Try to earn badges and max out your daily allowed receipts each day.

User Ratings/Complaints

There are a few complaints we'll go over, but overall the app has very good ratings. 

On Google Play there are over 11k ratings with an average of over 4 out of 5 stars. And on the App Store there are over 37k ratings with an average of over 4.5 out of 5 stars... pretty darn impressive.

But there are several complaints worth mentioning, which include:

Low Pay

As mentioned, sometimes you will only get as much as $0.01 for a receipt, which isn't really worth it. The only reason for using this app is the hopes that you will get more than that.

But we don't really know why the payouts can be this low sometimes.


Some people claim that after using the app for a while it happens, such as this person claiming that you will only earn about a penny for each receipt after the first week...


Photo Capture Issues

What do you do if you went on a shopping spree and the receipt is longer than the scan window?

Well, this seems to be a problem that there isn't any good answer for since they want to see all of the listed items on a receipt. 

The good news is that most receipts will fit... assuming you aren't a shopaholic.


Is CoinOut a Scam?

CoinOut is not a scam, far from it.

They do pay their members and are a well respected app.

As mentioned earlier, they even have the famous investor from Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec, investing in the app.

The app makes its money from partnership promotional deals and affiliate partnerships. For example, when they get someone to shop at one of their featured stores, they get a kickback from the purchase total. This is how most cashback apps work.

Is CoinOut Safe?

Yes, about as safe as an app like this can be.

Your money that you earn within your account is even insured by the FDIC up to $250,000... not that you will even come remotely close to earning anywhere near this amount however.

Pros v Cons

  • Very simple to use (a caveman could do it!)
  • Can upload receipts from anywhere
  • No point system, just cash
  • No minimum cash-out amount
  • Direct deposit available (it's rare that apps like this offer such an option)
  • FDIC insured account
  • Very low pay
  • Receipt scanning difficulty at times
  • No explanation as to how much you will earn per receipt

Final Thoughts - Worth a Try?

Overall I think that CoinOut is a nice little app that deserves it's place on many people's phones.

It won't earn you as much as apps like Ibotta do per cashback offer, but the upside to CoinOut is that you can upload ANY receipt, which is something no one else is really allowing.

Just don't expect too much. If you use the app remind yourself that, although not much, you are basically earning free money.

> Get The CoinOut App Here - Start Earning Cash to Upload Receipts! <

You can also check out our list of 45 apps for making money if you are looking for some other options--or RebateKey, which is an awesome website for huge discount shopping that most people don't know about.

Also, don't forget to take a peek at how I make a living working online--if passive online income is something that is of interest to you.

Now it's your turn: What do you think about CoinOut?

Leave your comments/questions below. I like to hear back from my readers πŸ™‚

Dobot App Review – Scam or Savings Made Easy?

The Dobot App helps you save money, even if you aren't good at saving money.

But how does it work?.. is it safe to use?.. and is it possibly a scam?

In this Dobot App review I'll be going over all you need to know about it... or at least all that I can think of anyone would need to know... such as how it works, the company behind it, how it saves you money, safety concerns and more.

What Is Dobot?

  • App Name: Dobot
  • Type: Savings app
  • Availability: For Android and IOS devices
  • Cost: Free
  • Any Good?: Yes
  • Join Bonus?: Yes - $5 bonus if you Join Here

Dobot is a free FDIC-insured savings app that makes saving money easy and hands-free. It is easy to use, safe, and can be well worth the download if you are the type of person that just can't seem to save money for the life of you.

There are multiple ways that it saves money for you, but the most notable is its algorithm that autonomously scans your bank account and saves money that is 'extra' and not needed. Basically it pulls money out of your bank account in a way that you won't even realize it's missing.

Dobot is owned by Fifth Third Bank, a FDIC insured bank that has a weird name due to the result of a 1908 merger between two banks, Fifth National Bank and The Third National Bank... not that it really matters, but it's nice to know an established bank is behind the app.

It is available for both Android and IOS devices, but only for US residents with a US bank account.

Who Is Dobot Best For?

Anyone really. But in particular this app would be good for those who might have trouble saving and are looking for a simple solution... and for people who trust apps with their money.

It doesn't matter whether you are saving for a funeral or a dream vacation, Dobot helps save... period. You will be able to create savings goals and set up your own parameters for how much you want to save and by when.

Is Dobot a Scam?

No, Dobot is a legit app and is in no way, shape, or form a scam.

This may seem like an unusual question but it does get asked. 

How It Works: Inside the App

The app is free to download and available on both Google Play for Android devices and on the App Store for IOS devices.

After installing it you will have to create an account, which consists of the normal process of entering your email address and creating a password.

You will then have to enter your phone number and will be sent a verification code... and that's it at this point. Now you are allowed inside and will be prompted to create your first savings goal, but we'll get to this in a minute.


Connecting Your Bank Account

One of the first things you are going to have to do is connect your bank account to the app. This is a very simple and straightforward process.

When you first open up the app you will be guided through the process of creating goals and linking your account, but if you skip this part then you can simply go into your Account within the app, scroll down and under Bank Settings you will see the needed option.


Remember, you will need to have a US bank account.

If you have an account with any well-known bank then you should be good to go. They support over 10,000 financial institutions nationwide and are continuing to add connections.

You will link your bank account by logging in through the app.

I'll talk about safety concerns in a bit!

The 3 Ways to Save

If you open the app and go into your Account you will see a section aptly titled "Ways to Save", which will provide 2 of the options (more on the third option shortly).

1) Smart Savings

"Dobot Smart Savings" is what I mentioned briefly above. This is the savings feature that works autonomously. There are no manual adjustments here. It can only be turned on or off.

With the algorithm the developers have created, Dobot scans your bank account and finds money that is safe to withdrawal into your Dobot savings, which it calls "safe savings" amounts.

The algorithm takes into account your spending habits and the amount of money available to determine what is safe to withdrawal. So the amount will vary, but according to the FAQ's page it is generally from $5 - $25 and two times a week, Monday and Thursday.

What if there is an overdraft?

The algorithm is pretty good and most people don't even notice the money coming out of their account and being saved, but there is a chance an overdraft could happen.

The good news is that you can contact Dobot for them to refund whatever charges this may incur.

2) Scheduled Savings

Scheduled Savings is a completely manual savings feature in which you will be able to schedule regular amounts to be taken out of your bank account and deposited into your savings.

You get to decide what is "safe" to save in this area. So if you feel that you can save more money than the apps Smart Savings feature is saving you, you can go right ahead and do this.

But of course if you do this and cause an overdraft it will be completely your fault and Dobot will not reimburse any fees.

3) Save On Your Own

This is another manual way to save money and there are 3 ways to go about it.

1: Add Money to a Savings Goal - Once you have created a savings goal (I'll be going over this next) you will be able to "Add Money" at any time by opening the app, selecting your savings goal, and clicking on the button shown below...


2: Text Dobot - Another way to add savings at any time is to text "Save" and a number amount to the Dobot number, which you will have because you will receive a text from them after creating your account.

Example: You can text "Save 30" to have $30 automatically pulled into your Dobot savings.

3: Transfer Money to Dobot - You can also transfer money to your Dobot general savings account that isn't specific to any savings goals.

To do this you will want to click on your total savings amount in the upper left of the screen..


Then click on the "Move Money" button shown here...


And now you will see where you can click to make a transfer...


Setting Savings Goals

In the app you will be able to set savings goals for whatever you want to save for.

The process is simple and allows you to keep on track with your savings and stay motivated to meet your goals.

Once you open the app for the first time and set your account you will immediately be guided through the process of making your first financial goal (which you can skip if you want).

*Note: You can use the app without making any specific savings goals. You will still have your general Dobot savings account.

First: You will start by naming your goal. I decided to create a savings fund for "emergencies".


Second: Then you enter the amount you are looking to save. $100k is my goal, which I might be shooting too high with.


Third: Set the date you want to achieve it by.


Fourth: And then set a photo to "visualize your goal for inspiration". I went with a photo I took of crocodiles in Thailand... reminding me that situations that might call for an emergency fund are everywhere.

This is a nice little feature of the app that may seem pointless, but I'm a fan. A little visualization can help keep you motivated.


And that's that. You will be able to see an overview of your fund, such as how long it will take to meet your goals based on an average weekly savings amount, how much money you have saved so far, and so on...


You will also be able to create additional savings goals at anytime.

Withdrawing Money

Those are all the ways to bring money into your Dobot account, but what if you want to take some out?

Maybe you added more savings than you can afford or maybe an unexpected situation came up and you need your money.

The good news is that there no withdrawal fees and you can take money out at anytime. 

  1. You can text "Withdrawal 100" to withdrawal $100 (or any amount).
  2. or, You can open up the app and make a withdrawal at any time.

To withdrawal money you will want to click on that "Move Money" button that we just talked about above and this will also bring up the Withdrawal option.


When you withdrawal money the processing time is faster than when you add money. Instead of taking 2-3 business days you should be able to get your money the next day as long as you request before 3pm Pacific Time.

Text Commands

The text commands are a nice feature. You will be able to text certain commands to Dobot to receive information and move money around, some of which I already went over. These include:

  • 'Activity' to get texted your 3 most recent transactions
  •  'Savings' to get a text of your balance
  • 'Save 10' to save $10 (or you can text any amount)
  • 'Tip' to get texts with helpful financial insights
  • ' Joke' if you are bored or need a funny pick-me-up
  • 'Withdrawal 10' if you want to withdrawal $10 (or any amount)

You may be wondering what's the point of all this if you can easily login to the app on your phone.

One good example would be if you are somewhere where you don't trust the WiFi network and want to avoid logging into your account.


You will receive a text from Dobot every Friday outlining your week's saving as well as a monthly email breaking down everything that happened over the month.

Additionally, you can text "savings" to Dobot at any time to get your account balance (mentioned above), which you can also see at any time by just opening the app.

Referral Program

If you go into your Account and scroll down to Profile Settings you will see a tab to 'Invite Friends'. You can click on this to get your own unique referral code.


You can share this code via email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook... it doesn't matter how you share it... when you get someone to join through you with your referral code/link you both will get $5.

So this is good for both parties, because if the person joins without a referral code/link they don't get any free money.

PS: If you want to support me and my website you can join through my referral link here to get your free $5:

How Much Money Can Dobot Save You?

This will vary depending on the size of your bank account and your spending habits.

As mentioned, the Smart Savings feature will usually pull anywhere from $5 - $25 into your savings account twice a week, but this is just a very general range of numbers and it can be more or less.

For the sake of convenience, let's say that the Smart Savings brings in $25 two times a week. This will equal about $200/mo and about $2,400/yr.

But then you have the manual options which are completely up to you.

And... let's not forget the goal setting feature, the simplicity of using this app, and how convenient it is... all of which can help you save more money than if you weren't using a savings app like this.

So how much can you save with Dobot? Well, this is up to you.

Safety Concerns

Trusting an app with your money is always a concern... especially because there are so many poor quality apps out there.

The good news, as I mentioned earlier, is that this app is owned by Fifth Third Bank, which is a legitimate and very large financial institution (maybe not 'good news' to everyone).

When you save money on the app your money is actually being saved in an account with Fifth Third Bank. It is insured by the FDIC just like any other US bank account.

But What If Someone Hacks The App?

There is also a concern with connecting the app to your bank account, but this also isn't the serious concern it may seem to be.

Not only is your personal data encrypted, but Dobot does not store your bank login details. When you initially login to your bank this is only to establish the connection. The login information is not stored.

What if you lose your phone?

If you lose your phone and someone else gets ahold of it, they will first have to be able to login to the app, in which they would either need your password or fingerprint.

This is unlikely but let's say that it does happen. At this point there will still be nothing that a hacker can do. They can only transfer money in between Dobot and your bank, which won't cause any loss and can easily be undone.

Dobot has taken all the necessary measures to ensure user safety with this app. There is always some risk involved, but overall things look good here.

The Downsides

A completely free app that helps save you money and is as safe as PayPal... what's the catch?

Yes, there is always a catch. Dobot has to make money somehow, right?

#1 - No Interest

The downside is that you will not earn interest on your Dobot savings. So while it can be a great app for saving money, if you are saving massive amounts of money that could earn some nice interest elsewhere, it may be better to go elsewhere.

#2 - No 'Smart Savings' Adjustments

With the Smart Savings feature you can only turn it On or Off. It would be nice if there were a few different settings, such as being able to set it between "Aggressive", "Moderate", and "Conservative" depending on how much money you want it to try to take out.

Pros v Cons

  • Very simple & easy to use
  • Makes saving money mindless
  • Does a good job at scanning for money to withdrawal from bank and save (good algorithm)
  • FDIC insured, which is a must - and safe in other areas
  • Referral program
  • Fingerprint unlock capable
  • No interest 
  • Not much to the app (could be seen as a pro or con)
  • The Smart Savings feature has no adjustments

Dobot vs Alternative Savings Apps

There are a handful of good savings apps out there. Digit is one of the most popular and most comparable to Dobot.

Digit also has an automomous savings feature but it is hard to say which is better. They both do a good job.

Dobot is more simple and there is less to it... and one of the reasons some Digit users are switching to this app is because Digit now charges a monthly fee of $2.99 after the free trial, which they didn't used to do.

However, one upside Digit has over Dobot is the annual 1% savings bonus they pay out, which could be looked at as interest in a way. But this still will likely not make up for their monthly fee.

Tip Yourself and Qapital are other alternatives but these apps don't have smart algorithms that automatically take safe amounts of money out of your account and place it in savings, so they are incomparable on this level.

Acorns is an investment app that is somewhat similar and has really good ratings. What it does is skims credit/debit card transactions to the next highest dollar amount and invests the money for you. It's a lot different but still somewhat of an alternative. This app was included in our list of 45 money making apps.

Conclusion - Worth Downloading or Not?

It's simple to use, does a great job at what it's supposed to do, is 100% free... the only real downsides in my opinion are that you won't be earning any interest and there aren't any adjustments available for the Smart Savings feature. But all-in-all I think it can absolutely be worth the download. It all depends on your situation.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to save that is free, then give it a try and join through this link to get a free $5 in your account. If you don't like it then you can just delete it... no money lost.

I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave any comments/ questions below. I like to hear back from my readers πŸ™‚

PS: Don't forget to check out how I make a living working for myself online if making money on your own terms sounds like something you'd like.

Is ProTypers Legit & How Much Can You Make? – Don’t Get Too Excited

Is Protypers even worth your time and energy? Is Protypers legit? Or is this just going to be another waste-of-time scam that will end up leaving you disappointed at the end of the day?

On the website they claim it's the perfect job for stay at home moms, parents that need extra income, students and people in between jobs, and so on... but is it really? And can you really earn up to $250/mo like they say you can?

In this review I'll be going over all you need to know--what exactly Protypers is and what you will be doing if you join, how much money you can REALISTICALLY make, complaints and more.


What Is Protypers?

  • Name: Protypers
  • Website:
  • Best for: People who want to earn very little money for their time
  • Recommended?: No


After seeing the name you may think that ProTypers has to do with freelance writing of some kind, but you would be wrong to think that. ProTypers is a data entry service that works on converting images to text, which is something that AI still can't do. 

On the website they talk about helping out with neural network developers that work to help the visually impaired, but if you join you will soon find out that it's all about solving what are called CAPTCHAs.

CAPTCHAs are those little things that you will sometimes see on websites which verify you are a real person and not a robot. They often consist of some sort of distorted text that you have to enter into a box.


The purpose is to deter spam... so that spammers can't have robots flood forums over and over again.

Eventually AI (artificial intelligence) will likely be able to solve these... which means people will no longer be needed to solve them and they will be useless... since they will no longer distinguish humans from machines.

Company Background

Protypers is actually a conglomerate of data entry specialists, which also includes the website Megatypers. If you've ever come across Megatypers you probably could figure this out due to their identical layout...


*The only difference on their homepage is a few word changes for the most part.

As for information on the company, there isn't much to say. They are not registered with the BBB or anything like that and after looking more into the website (domain) itself I came up short.

As you can see, much of the company information is hidden for privacy reasons...


Source: ScamAdviser

The website was created back in 2011, making it pretty old and established... a good sign but I wish I could find out more.

Is Protypers a Scam?

I don't have any hard proof that Protypers is a scam, HOWEVER, I do have some serious concerns and will not really be recommending this opportunity to my readers, although I can see why some people are doing this.

Besides this being a horrible earning opportunity, you likely are helping to creating an opportunity for spammers to spam even more... which might be confusing because CAPTCHAs are supposed to deter spam in the first place, but you will see what I mean in a bit.

How Protypers Works

Signup Process

The first step is obviously to signup, which is free to do and pretty simple.

All you have to do is provide your email address, create a password, provide your name, choose how you want to get paid and that is that...


You will then receive a confirmation link via email that you will have to click to activate your account.

Doing The Work

This is pretty straightforward. When you go to the "Start Working" tab you will be given a captcha to solve... and this is what it's all about.

After logging into your account you will see something like this. If on a desktop computer, you will see all of the available menu options on the left...


In the screenshot above I went to the "Start Working" tab and as you can see I was given a captcha to solve.

There will be a timer running above the captcha. You will have to enter it within that time period, which will be 15 seconds. And if not, you will be given this message:


*Note: If you have slow internet connection then you are pretty much screwed. I've tried this in a coffee shop with poor WIFI and because of this the countdown timer was at around only 4 seconds left after it was finally done loading the captcha... which means I had no chance of completing it.

Boostpacks - You can buy what are called "boostpacks" which allow you to solve more captchas faster... and earn more. You can also enable auto-boostpacks which means you will constantly be buying boostpacks once one runs out.


Why do you need boostpacks? 

The reason is because they ensure you will get captchas to solve. There are only so many captchas available at any given time, and when there are a lot of users on ProTyper solving captchas, you might have some trouble getting them... which is why you may want to consider boostpacks.

The cost of these will vary depending on the market.

*You will pay for these with your Protypers balance. So you will need to already have a balance to start buying them.

Smart Captchas - If you go into the Profile and Payments tab you will be able to enable what are called "smart captchas", which are captchas that make sense, rather than just a bunch of random letters. Enabling this feature is definitely recommended for anyone who speaks decent English because it will allow you to solve captchas much faster and without so much difficulty.


Puzzle Captchas - Google uses these a lot. Usually they are some image that is divided into squares and you have to choose squares that contain certain elements, such as cars, storefronts, etc. These pay better than normal captchas.

The "Typer Solver" Program - This is a desktop application that Protypers provides that you can download to get more captchas to solve faster and to get more higher paying ones, such as the Smart Captchas and Puzzle Captchas mentioned above.

You can download this and use it without logging into the website to solve captchas as you normally would. And if you do use this, you will earn 150% extra for the smart captchas and puzzle captchas that you solve.

The payments will stay the same no matter which you use. Using the TyperSolver will add to your normal balance.

TyperDraw - If you go to the Lottery tab over on the left-had side of the page (if on a desktop computer) you will see what is called "TyperDraw", which is a little lottery they hold. 

You will be able to buy tickets and have the potential to win small amounts of money. As you can see below in this example, the ticket for this draw costs $0.09 and the prize is $16.


Getting Paid

You will accumulate what are called "TyperCredits" and "TyperPoints". This is there own little digital currency system.

TyperPoints - In order to get paid you will need at least 50 TyperPoints--and in order to earn 1 TyperPoint you will need to solve at least 500 captchas per day.

Each TyperPoint is worth just $0.01.

TyperCredits - These are worth the same amount as real dollars. 1 TyperCredit = $1. When they are in your account they are TyperCredits, but when you cash-out of course you get real money.

The withdrawal options available are PayPal, Western Union, Perfect Money, WebMoney, and even Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, this might vary depending on where you live, because the only options I had available to me were

  • Bitcoin - Transaction fee fluctuates
  • Western Union - Need a $100 minimum balance before you can withdrawal - 14-20% fee
  • PayPal - Need $3 minimum to withdrawal and there will be a 2-10% fee

They also state that they pay via Debit cards, bank checks and others, but I guess this might depend on your location because not all of these options were available to me.

PayPal is by far the best option if it is available to you. You will be able to cash out without much money and the fee is usually low. Bitcoin is good too, if you are into this sort of thing.

I know that if your payment option is PayPal you will be able to get paid every Monday. I'm not sure if this is the same for other payment options though.

How much money can you realistically make?

The pay rates per 1000 captchas that you solve are shown in this table...


They range from $0.50 - $0.70 per 1000 images.

Each hour of the day the rate will change. Above you can see that there are 24 different boxes, each one assigned to a different hour of a 24 hour period. This was confusing to me at first, but it makes sense now.

I imagine the rates are higher when there are less people working... because they need to incentivize people more to solve captchas for them.

Sorry to Disappoint, But the Pay Is Horrifically Low

Let's do the math and break this down so you can get a realistic look at how much you can actually make here.

Let's say that you enable 'auto-boostpacks' so that as you are working you are constantly running on a boostpack. This means you will be able to solve "up to 800 images per hour"

If you are solving 800 captchas per hour, this means you you are solving about 13 a minute!... which means you are solving a captcha nearly every 4 seconds!

Ya, they don't require you to have any special skills, but if you want to maximize the potential here you are going to need to be a fast typer.

But anyways... doing 800 captchas per hour means you are working at an absolutely ridiculous pace... you are working at lightspeed, and will need an equally fast internet connection for this to even be possible (unless you have downloaded TyperSolver).

And how much will you make from this insane amount of captcha solving... well... the max payout per 1,000 captchas is $0.70 and if you do only 800 that means you will make only $0.58.

$0.58 per hour of work... pretty darn crappy. Some might call it slavery. 

Even if you are using TyperSolver (the downloadable software) and getting paid "up to 150% extra" you will still be hardly making anything... much less than minimum wage in any state in the USA anyhow.


  • A boostpack will give you up to 800 captchas per hour
  • Doing 800 captchas in one hour means:
    • You are doing about 13 captchas per minute
    • That's about 1 every 4 seconds
  • The highest pay rate is $0.70 per 1,000 captchas
  • If you do 800 in an hour you will get paid $0.58
  • Even with the extra bonus you get for using their TyperSpeed program it will still hardly be anything

No, this is not a joke. This is literally the minuscule amount of money this place is paying people.

Can you really make an extra $250/mo?

Sometimes I wonder if this was some sort of sick joke they made to laugh at everyone who even attempts to make this amount.

A month is 31 days so on average you would have to make about $8.06 per day, if you are working every day.

In order to make $8.06 per day you would have to... well... you get the point. 

It would be more than a full-time job if you actually try to make this much per month... ridiculous.


#1 - No Company Info

The lack of company information available is obviously a big concern.

Who is running this website? We don't know.
Where are they located? We don't know.
Can you trust them? We don't know.

#2 - No SSL Certificate

According to ScamAdviser this website does not have a SSL certificate. 

Why is this important? Well, because a SSL certificate ensures that information sent across the internet is encrypted, keeping your information safe.

Every big website out there is SSL protected... even my website that you are on now has a SSL certificate... so it's a bit concerning that a place like does not have one.


During the registration process when I was entering my information to sign up I noticed this in the URL box of my Chrome browser...


This is when the SSL certificate would be the most important... because it was the registration page where I was entering information.

#3 - No Privacy Policy or T&C Pages

While I don't know where exactly this website is being run from, I can pretty much guarantee it isn't from the US, UK, and other trusted nations.

The reason is because they don't even have a Privacy Policy, a Terms & Conditions page, or anything like this.

Privacy Policies let users know what will happen with data that is collected from them. We don't know what will happen here, so I guess we should assume the worst... which is that Protypers is selling your data (personal info like email address, etc.) to other companies for money. But I have no proof of this.

#4 - A Misrepresented Opportunity

Can you really make up to $250 a month with Protyper like they claim their top-earners do? 

Well, I suppose you could as explained above, but making it to this point means you are going to have to dedicate your life to working on solving captchas. It will be the most mind-numbing experience ever and will likely drive you crazy.

#5 - Account Suspension 

If you aren't fast enough to solve the captchas they will not have any mercy on you. 

As you can see, this error message that will appear from being too slow states that "multiple kickouts will result in an eventual ban"...


I think they give you 10 chances or so.

But I don't get why this is. Why do they care how long it takes you to solve a captcha? They should only care about accuracy. Speed is something that the worker can worry about.

They will also ban your account if you enter too many wrong captchas... and you will definitely be entering incorrect captchas at times. After all, it is natural to make mistakes when you are entering 1000's of these things over and over again.

#6 - Malware and Virus Concerns

The TyperSolver program is available for download but can you really trust this place enough to start downloading software from them onto your computer?

When you do this you will be basically giving them access inside your computer... and if they wanted to plant a virus or malware they easily could.

Without knowing anything about who is running this company, where it is located, etc... I definitely don't trust them enough to start downloading things.

#7 - Your Probably Helping Out Spammers

This type of thing has been mentioned in articles published in The New York Times and other sites like Technology Review.

Sites like this are more than likely benefiting spammers that are out there and helping to increase spam... which captchas were created to stop in the first place.

Most people targeted for this low-cost labor come from areas of southeast Asia.

Pros v Cons


  • Can work from anywhere
  • Flexible - can work whenever
  • Good payment options
  • Super easy work
  • No requirements to start working


  • Extremely low pay
  • Boring, mind-numbing type of job
  • Company lacks transparency & can't be fully trusted
  • No Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions page

Conclusion - Worth Joining or Not?

There are a lot of problems I have with ProTypers and many concerns as well, but the big question is whether or not they pay--and the answer is that they do.

If you are looking to make money online, of course it is always best to look for a transparent and trustworthy opportunity, but in the end it's all about getting paid and this place does pay people as they are supposed to... although hardly anything.

Who ProTypers Is Best For

Not many people that's for sure. The incredibly low amounts of pay that you will get from working here is not a practical way for most people to spend their time.

However, in certain parts of the world it still might be an option worth considering. For example, in one article I read it mentioned that farmers in certain areas of India who work to solve captchas do so because they make only $2 per day farming, which makes solving captchas slightly more profitable.

Alternative Options to Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, and solving captchas is one of the worst I have ever come across... maybe the worst.

If you want some better options then I highly suggest taking a look at my top income ideas or jump straight to this program I use which I recommend above all else.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about ProTypers and be sure to leave any questions if you have any πŸ™‚

Is SlideJoy App a Scam or Easy Money Unlocking Your Phone? – Review

The SlideJoy app has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on TODAY, CNBC, etc... so it must be pretty good right? It is promoted as a super easy way to earn $5/mo by doing practically nothing.

But is it really that great, or is SlideJoy app a scam that is just going to be a waste of time for mere pennies?

In this review I'll be giving you a breakdown of what exactly this app is, how it works, how much money you can realistically make, complaints and more.

After reading you will know whether or not this is something you want to get involved with.


What Is SlideJoy?

  • Name: SlideJoy
  • Type: Extra cash app
  • Cost: Free 
  • Earning Potential: Low
  • Legit?: Yes
  • Recommended?: Not really (but maybe for some)
SlideJoy App


SlideJoy, in a nutshell, is an app available for android devices that allows users to earn money by viewing ads on the lockscreen of their phone... which they can then cash-out via PayPal or even donate the money they've made to charity.

Upon first impression everything looks pretty good. It has tens of thousands of ratings on Google Play with an overall rating of over 4 out of 5 stars...


... and as mentioned, it has been featured by many different media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, TODAY, CNET, Business Insider and more.

On a more negative and concerning note... their Twitter account hasn't been active since 2016 and their main Facebook page no longer exists.

Background Info

The company name is SlideJoy Inc. and they were founded in 2014 by the parent company Buzzvil Co., Ltd., which is a mobile advertising company.

They are located in New York and are not BBB accredited, but do have an A+ rating, not that it means all that much...


You can also see above that their contact number is (917) 836-2426. The reason I point this out is because on the official website ( they don't provide any contact information that I can see. So if you do need to get in contact with them this is one option.

How The App Works

How it works is the app will show you ads/promotions on the lockscreen of your phone and you will get paid for viewing them. But you don't get paid in cold hard cash right away. You earn system points, which they call "carats", that are later redeemable for real money and gift cards.

  • You get paid to see news and promotions on your lockscreen
  • You are credited with "carats" the next day
  • You can redeem these "carats" for cash and gift cards

How Is This Possible?

It may seem a bit strange and even like a scam if you aren't familiar with how it all works.

This is nothing more than good ol' fashion advertising in an innovative new way.

SlideJoy is an advertising platform. They get paid by advertisers to show ads and this is how they make their money--passing a small portion along to users of their app who are the ones viewing the ads.

Think of it this way: You are renting out advertising space on your phone and SlideJoy is the middleman that provides the platform for advertisers to reach your lockscreen.

Types of Ads Shown

The types of ads you might see can be all sorts of things. Maybe you will see an ad/promotion for a new car, a new promotion McDonald's has going on, some clothing, a news story of some kind, political announcements, etc. 

They have "hyper targeting" first-party data that allows advertisers to show their ads to certain groups of people based on demographics, content browsing behavior, location, what kind of device they are using, and more.

This is good for both parties... because if I'm not into politics I don't want to be shown political news... and I won't be (once they get to know my behavior enough anyhow).

Their algorithm will learn your behavior. So you might be shown some ads you are completely uninterested in at first, but over time it will improve.

A Win/Win Situation?

Is SideJoy a win/win for both sides?

The promotions are displayed on your lockscreen. So what are you really missing out on? Not much.

I guess what it all comes down to is whether or not the money you will make with this is worth the extra bit of what some might call annoying ads on your lockscreen.

*I'll get into how much you can realistically make in a second.

Setup Process

Step 1) Get The App

The first step is to download the app of course, which is free to do on Google Play.

After downloading you will be able to signup with Facebook, Email or you have the option to "use without signup"--but I have no idea why you would use it without signing up... because I don't think you can get paid this way (maybe just to test it out I guess).

Step 2) Set Payment Options

After creating your account you will have the option to choose "Hero Mode" or "Normal Mode". 

  • Hero Mode - If you select this mode your earnings will automatically be donated to charity every month.
  • Normal Mode - This is the default mode and allows you to withdrawal your earnings to PayPal, buy gift cards, or donate to charity. Here you have control over your earnings.

After choosing your account type you are good to go. You don't have to setup your payment option right away, which may include PayPal depending on where you live in the world.

A Look Inside The App

The Lockscreen

On the lockscreen of your phone SlideJoy will display ads and you will have 4 options and the way you go about choosing these different options is by swiping a different direction... up, down, left, or right.

Option 1: Swipe Up

Swiping up will bring up new content. So if you don't care for the ad/promotion you see, but want to see what else there is, you can swipe up.


Option 2: Swipe Down

Swiping down will simply take you back to the previous content. So if you swiped up to go to the next content, but regret your decision and decide you are actually interested in the first content, you can swipe down.


Option 3: Swipe Left

Swiping left will take you to the ad/promotion. If you are interested in learning more about the content you see, this is what you want to do.


Option 4: Swipe Down

This is what you do if you aren't interested and just want to get into your phone. It will take you to the main homepage of your device.


Opening Up The App

When you open up the app you will have 3 main menu options (Account, Exchange, & Feed) and you will also see a notifications and settings icon in the upper right corner.


In your account area you will be able to see what mode you are in (normal or hero), the total number of carats you have, and the carats that are redeemable right at that exact moment.

The total carats are those that are redeemable now and those that will be next month... while the 'redeemable now' ones are obviously only those that you can redeem right then.

*There is a 1 month wait period between when you earn carats and when they can be redeemed.


If you go to the Exchange tab you will be able to see your options for redeeming your carats. These options will vary depending on where you are located.

Right now as I am writing this for some reason all I have available is to redeem for Visa USD, which is all I really need, but I'm wondering where the PayPal option went.


The Feed area is where you can get your referral link if you want to make some money referring others to join and where you can see the leaderboard of all the top earners...



As mentioned above, my only option for withdrawing money at the moment is Visa.


PayPal and gift cards may be a choice for some, but for some reason they are not for me right now.

*PayPal is currently disabled. This appears to be temporary.

That said, if you do have PayPal as an option it is probably your best choice because you can withdrawal funds with as little as $2.

When you click on one of your withdrawal options you will be given more details. I clicked on my Visa USD option and as you can see I need a minimum of 5,250 carats to redeem for this and it is only $5...


*Note: This Visa prepaid  card is only valid for 7 months... what a bunch of crap! Something like this shouldn't expire.

How Much Can You Realistically Make?

This app is often promoted as a simple way to earn an extra $5 a month. No one is claiming that you are going to be earning absurd amounts of money... but is even earning $5 in a month's time realistic?

Well, yes. You can definitely earn $5 a month and there are people that do, but generally speaking it seems that the average is less than that.

I would say anywhere from $1-5/mo is more realistic.

If you read some older reviews you might see that they say you can earn up to $10/mo... but this is no longer realistic. Unfortunately the earning potential has dropped and SlideJoy doesn't pay out as much as it once did.

1000 carats = approx. $1 and apparently they used to be worth more than this, as I'll go over in the complaint section.

How Much Will You Make Per Ad?

Is there any way to estimate your earnings? If you unlock your phone 50 times a day, how much will that earn you?

Well, unfortunately there is no good explanation offered on this.

I imagine that different types of promotions/ads will pay out different amounts and it will also vary with advertising demand for your demographics, location and so on. This is how it works with any good advertising platform.

So for example, if you live in India you likely won't make as much as someone in the US, due to their not being the same advertising demand.

But again... there is no good explanation offered on all of this.

Will You Make More By Viewing Ads?

If you think you can just click the ads every time to make more money then you are thinking wrong... although I thought this would be the case when I first came across this app too.

In order to prevent people from clicking every ad imaginable just to make money, they pay equal amounts regardless of you swiping left (to view the content) or right (to unlock your phone and dismiss the ad).

Additional Earnerers

1) Referral Program

If you have a big social media following or a website that receives a lot of traffic related to making money and whatnot then the referral program is going to likely be the best option for you to make money with this app.

Like most apps, you are provided with your own unique referral link that you can share to refer others to join and make money doing so. 

You will be able to earn 20% of what your referrals earn in the first month... which isn't that great but if you are able to refer boatloads of people it could add up.

2) Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are also available within the app. This is a more recent addition. The surveys you have available, whether or not you have surveys at all, and how much they pay will vary depending on location.

If you are familiar with survey sites like Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, etc. then you know how things work... not really worth the time. But it is another option.


1. Slower Phone

While most people likely won't notice any difference, you may be see your phone being a little sluggish at times when this app is running.

Some people even claim that it causes their phone to freeze

2. Battery Life

The last thing you want is to be charging your phone a bunch just to make the little money that is possible from this app.

Unfortunately, as with any app that runs automatically like this one, it is going to affect battery life, although not much.

This then brings up the question... is it really worth it for such little pay?


3. Long Wait for Withdrawals

After getting credited with carats you will have to wait 30 days until they can be withdrawn, which is pretty ridiculous in my opinion.

4. Not as Good as It Used to Be

One type of complaint I've seen several of is this kind...


... which claims the app used to provide better earning potential.

I never used this app years ago, so I can't personally confirm this, but it seems to happen with a lot of apps like this so I imagine it could be true.

Upon digging around more I found an older review that claims 100 carats used to be equal to $1... which is 10x what they are worth now (now 1,000 carats = $1).


5. PayPal Problems (hopefully temporary)

As I'm writing this the PayPal option apparently isn't available to anyone, which explains why I didn't see it. There are a lot of people pretty upset about this because it was by far the best withdrawal option... not only giving you cold hard cash, but also letting you withdrawal with only $2.


However, there are still some strong supporters that are well aware of this problem... 


It appears that the team at SlideJoy is working to fix the problem. 

What exactly is the problem? I have no idea... there is no information about it really.

Privacy Concerns

When it comes to apps/programs that collect user data there always seems to be some concerns.

The truth is that SlideJoy is monitoring your behavior. The algorithm learns about what you like and what you don't like based on your activity, it knows your name, where you live, etc.

However, it's not like this app is some spyware that is going to look through your photos and documents on your phone. It collects data only from the information you provided upon signing up and how you interact with the ads it shows you.

You can read SlideJoy's privacy policy here if you want to, but as far as I see there isn't anything "shady" going on here.



  • Passive earning potential
  • Very easy--brainless earning
  • Your lockscreen wasn't that important anyhow... so ads shown there aren't much of a nuisance
  • Free to use
  • Good withdrawal options


  • Very low earning potential
  • Drains battery to some extent
  • Might cause your phone to lag

Is SlideJoy a Scam?

Well, there are certainly a lot of upset users calling it such...


... and there are some review sites like MouthShut where it has a horrible overall rating by users (2 out of 5 stars on MouthShut), but is it really a scam?

The answer is no. It isn't.

I know the earning potential is low, and there are problems with the app, but calling it a scam is taking things too far.

Also, the reviews on MouthShut are almost entirely from Indian users, which probably earn less compared to users in the US because, as I explained briefly earlier, the demand for advertising in India isn't as great as it is in the US.

Conclusion - Worth Your Time or Not?

SlideJoy is a legit app where you really can earn some extra money by simply unlocking your phone, but is it really worth it?

Is the extra couple dollars that you might earn each month even worth the battery drain and the extra money you will have to pay in electricity to charge your phone more? (a very good question)

SlideJoy apparently used to be much more worth the time. This is how it usually works. Earning apps like this will be awesome in the beginning, gain a lot of popularity, and then the owners either get greedy or realize they can't afford to keep paying so much... either way it leads to disappointment.

I guess the app still could be worth it to some people. Just don't expect much and remember that earning potential likely varies with demographics, location, etc.

If you want some other ways to earn money with apps you can check out this list of 40+ apps you can make money with.

Alternatively, my top recommended option for making money on the side is to use this program, which I've been using since 2015 to make thousands of dollars.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Let me know what you think about SlideJoy in the comment section below. I like to hear back from my readers πŸ™‚

The Side Hustle Bible – Scam or Legit Six-Figure Opportunity? [Review]

The Side Hustle Bible is a large collection of 177 "secretive" ways to earn money on the side. 

But is it really all that great? Can you really make money as soon as tomorrow with the information in this book? Can you really make thousands of dollars in passive income per week with what's provided? Or is The Side Hustle Bible a scam that you would be better off avoiding altogether?

One thing is for certain... the book provides a lot of great information BUT it is definitely over-hyped.

In this Side Hustle Bible review I'll be going over what you should definitely know beforehand, such as what this book includes, who it's best for, complaints, pros v cons and more.


Note: This review is about The Side Hustle Bible by James Altucher. The reason I say this is because there are a lot of books out there titled The Side Hustle Bible.

What Is The Side Hustle Bible?

  • Name: The Side Hustle Bible
  • Author: James Altucher
  • Type: Resource of a bunch of income opportunties
  • Cost: Free (but there's a catch)
  • Recommended?: Depends; for some people
  • The Side Hustle Bible


    The Side Hustle Bible is a book by the eccentric millionaire James Altucher that covers 177 different ways to make money on the side.

    It has a lot of focus on passive ways to make money, so the name The Side "Hustle" Bible might not be the greatest choice--since "hustle" usually implies something that takes a lot of work.

    But anyhow, the book is 372 pages and is jammed packed with a lot of good information, although it isn't the greatest choice if you are looking for a lot of details on specific opportunities.

    The cost of the book is free, but as I'll go over in a bit... it's not really 'free' in every sense of the word.

    To begin this review let's go over the sales pitch a bit, which is over-the-top and really hypes up this book to no end.

    The Sales Pitch

    Since you are reading my review, chances are that you came across one of the somewhat ridiculous sales pitches for The Side Hustle Bible.

    The one I came across promoted the book as as revealing 177 "secretive" six-figure income opportunities that can earn you passive income for the rest of your life.


    *Note: There was a text version of the sales pitch also and there are probably different variations out there.

    Apparently the book is an "extremely limited release". That's what it states above the video and below it reads that there are "limited copies available"... but this is more than like likely just a marketing stunt.


    You can also see the quote from a "happy and now-retired reader" who states that "I made $1 million in 92 days and retired".

    Sounds pretty awesome right? 

    You can make $1 million in 92 days and you are lucky enough to get this opportunity before the "limited copies available" run out.

    In the sales pitch he talks about this guy who make over $1 million in 92 days, whose name is supposedly Trevor Chapman.

    However, there is no verifiable proof of this guy and the story James tells, so who knows how true it is.

    It also doesn't help that the video testimonial from "Denise Chapman" (Trevor's wife) seems to either be fake or at the very least heavily scripted...


    That said, there is another testimonial from a woman named Amy Morris that seems to check out. 


    I've looked into her and there are interviews, articles, and more about how she earns money from her "side hustle".

    However, there is definitely no proof or anything suggesting that she was able to start generating this side-hustle income from reading James' Side Hustle Bible... so it's kinda like saying "hey, look at this person that makes all this money... now go buy my book that shows you how to make money". The two aren't as closely related as it may seem.

    Typical Over-hyped Sales Pitch

    As I'm sure you are well aware, the sales pitch makes this book sound like the greatest book to exist, which is probably why James decided to name it a Bible.

    One of the claims that I have a big issue with is that of being able to make money with any of the 177 income opportunities discussed as soon as tomorrow..


    This is very misleading and simply is not going to happen... but I guess I should have expected something like this. After all, all of James' other financial products are marketed in similar fashions.

    Some of the other rather over-the-top claims that have been made include that with this book you will be able to...

    • "Pay your mortgage for life using one of the most secret new income opportunities in America. "
    • "Retire in 100 days or less using the fastest growing business opportunities in the world."
    • "Upgrade your income to executive levels using a little-known β€œsocial review” trick."
    • "How to earn $23,500 in 45 minutes."

    While there is some truth to these claims and it's not like James is lying about them, he sure knows how to butter things up in a way that sounds magical and amazingly easy.

    One thing you have to realize is that selling people on products like this is how James makes a significant amount of his money.

    What You Get

    The Book

    The main thing you are getting here is obviously the book, The Side Hustle Bible, which is a 372 page book that includes 177 "secretive" income opportunities.

    However, these aren't really "secretive" income opportunities as is mentioned in the marketing material... but many are somewhat little-known by the general public.

    While the book is described as a step-by-step guide and blueprint, this is a pretty big exaggeration in my opinion.

    It's 372 pages and covers 177 different opportunities... that means that just over 2 pages are dedicated to each opportunity on average. And that's without factoring in the Table of Contents and whatnot. All in all, this is far from being a blueprint and basically just gives you little information on a bunch of different opportunities that exist.

    Bonus Gifts

    In addition to the main book here, James also throws a bunch of bonus gifts into the "free" offer. These might not be the same at the time of you reading this, but as of this review there are 5 bonus gifts which include:

    1. The Bestseller Blueprint - This is another book James put together, this time specifically about writing books and self publishing them, which you can potentially make a lot more money doing. This is actually covered in The Side Income Bible but this goes much more in-depth.

    2. The Five Best Retirement Jobs in America - Another book here. This one is about 5 jobs that allow you to work when you want and are his top picks for retirement.

    3. Your Side Hustle Quick-Start Guide & Workbook - This workbook is designed to help people go from having a side-hustle business idea to actually taking action on it and making money.

    4. Free Ticket to See The Altucher Show - You will get a free ticket to attend one of his live shows.

    5. Free Skype Call - As its listed right now, you can get a free Skype call with him and two special guests (unnamed at this point) "this spring".

    Why this spring? Well, I'm not sure, but my guess is probably because that is a long way away and he is likely hoping that most people will forget about it and/or not take him up on the offer... because having Skype calls with everyone and answering questions would be pretty time consuming.


    As far as I can see this book is only available if you subscribe to The Altucher Report, which is a financial newsletter by James that updates subscribers on new income opportunities, which are usually flexible and geared toward living a "freedom lifestyle".

    I have seen talk online about this book being sold on Amazon, but as I'm writing this it isn't any longer. 

    I'll go over the cost of subscribing in a bit.

    Who Is James Altucher... and Is That a Wig?

    James Altucher

    He is a lot of things. Some of his notable achievements, as mentioned on his Wikipedia page, include being a:

    • Bestselling author with over 20 books published
    • Hedge fund manager
    • Multimillionaire who started (or helped start) over 20 businesses
    • Very successful podcaster 

    James is often referred to as an eccentric millionaire and is known to say a lot of crazy things.

    He once wrote about how he thinks college is a scam and also was calling Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme... but then shortly after releasing his cryptocurrency-focused newsletter that was largely about Bitcoin and similar opportunities.

    He's rich, he's smart, but sometimes he says some pretty crazy and controversial things.

    Is The Hair Real?

    I know everyone is wondering if his hair is actually real or not (well maybe not)

    In its unkempt appearance it seems like it could almost be fake, like a wig of some sort. 

    However, it does seem to be real... and the wild look of it goes perfectly with all the wild predictions that James makes.

    Addressing the Con Man Allegations

    If you do some research on this guy for even a couple minutes on Google you will likely come across some sort of information related to him being a con-man or a scammer, such as this article on Medium aptly titled Is James Altucher a Con Man?.

    Is he though?

    Well, the answer is open to opinion... and in my opinion not really.

    The way I see it is that his somewhat ridiculous marketing tactics are what has got him in this situation of being called a scammer.

    He's a smart guy and he sure knows how to market his products. But sometimes it seems he gets a little carried away... he gets a little too creative and colorful with his marketing approaches and they become deceptive, misleading, exaggerated, unethical, etc.

    What this leads to is a bunch of people buying into the hype who are soon disappointed in the products they bought into... and then call him a scammer, con-man, etc.

    On second thought... he does kinda con people into buying or subscribing to his products by misleading them...hmmm...

    The Cost

    When something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This old saying works out most of the time and this is one of those times.

    It obviously sounds way too good to be true that Mr. Altucher is just going to give you all of this stuff for free.

    You are going to have to sign up for The Altucher Report, which is his main financial newsletter that goes out every month... even if you don't want it and are just looking to get the "free" book.

    Confusion About Price

    In the first page of the sales pitch I was told that I was going to get an "incredible deal of $49" to subscribe to this newsletter...


    However, on the subsequent page I was told that my "special discounted price" was $79...


    What the heck is going on here?!

    OOOHH... I see now. I'm being pushed to purchase the "BEST DEAL" subscription.

    There are 3 different subscription levels from what I'm seeing:

    • BEST DEAL - $79
      • Digital download plus print subscription + his book Choose Yourself as a bonus
    • Basic Subscription - $49
      • Digital download only
    • Premium Subscription - $129
      • Digital download plus print subscription

    *Note: The "Premium Subscription" is a joke... likely just a marketing stunt. As you can see it costs more than the "BEST DEAL" subscription and provides you with less. 

    Money Back Guarantee

    The good news with all of this is that, although you are forced to subscribe to The Altucher Report in order to get his Side Hustle Bible, you have 12 full months where you are able to receive a full refund, as you can see here...


    As far as it is stated you should be able to get a refund without any reason as to why you are requesting it. You could even subscribe just to get the "free" Side Hustle Bible and then request a refund immediately after doing so.

    HOWEVER, it seems that things aren't quite as easy as they seem... and getting that promised refund within 12 months is more difficult than we are led to believe (I'll go over some complaints about this soon!).

    Who It's Best For

    This book is not for someone looking for actionable steps and a blueprint for starting a side hustle. While it does provide some information and steps for getting started with the different side hustles mentioned in the book, the information provided is very brief.

    As mentioned, the book is 372 pages long and covers 177 different opportunities, which means there isn't a lot of focus on any one opportunity.

    That said, while it may not be for everyone, it is a great book for those looking to get the gears turning... get the mind thinking about what they can potentially do as a side hustle for extra money... and then they can seek further information from other sources in order to take action.

    Customer Reviews/ Complaints

    There aren't any customer reviews I can find for the Side Hustle Bible book. I've done quite a bit of research and the best I can find are just reviews written to promote it, but nothing from real customers.

    HOWEVER, what I do want to go over are complaints about James Altucher's company here, which there are a lot of.

    The company behind all of this is Choose Yourself Media. This is James' company.

    When I started looking into it, right off the bat things weren't looking all that great. They have a F rating with the BBB (that's the worst possible rating) and are not accredited (not that this matters much).

    And when I started looking at the complaints things got even worse.

    1. Not Able to Get Refund

    One of the first complaints I saw was about the refund... which this person has tried to get without any success...


    But one complaint about having trouble getting a refund isn't that bad, right?

    Well, the problem is that there are more.

    This person talks about the same problem... trying to get a refund but having no success contacting the customer service team, which seems to be pretty bad.


    And there are more. The same story for this person... no response after trying to contact customer support for a refund again and again...


    2. Bombarded With Promotions

    In the one complaint shown above the person also talks about The Altucher Report being a "continual infomercial", which is actually a pretty good way to describe it.

    Yes, James does provide some very good information in his newsletter and there are people that are satisfied, but he does push a lot of promotions onto his subscribers as well and there are complaints about this.

    3. Misleading Marketing

    As expected, there are also complaints about the ridiculous marketing that goes on here--in which people are lured into subscribing to his newsletter and other things with some sort of teaser...


    Pros v Cons


    • "Free"
    • Long list of 177 opportunities
    • Great resource for getting the mind thinking about various ways to make a side income
    • Written by a multi-millionaire who helps people make money for a living


    • Over-hyped marketing material that is misleading
    • Have to subscribe to The Altucher Report which costs money
    • Lots of promotional material with The Altucher Report and even in The Side Hustle Bible
    • Complaints about there being trouble getting a refund

    Final Thoughts - Worth It or Not?

    It would be nice if this book and his newsletter were marketed in a more honest fashion, but they aren't. Instead, James goes for the over-hyped, deceptive, and misleading approach to lure in new customers.

    Wouldn't it be nice? And forget about those bonuses! How about just lower the price in the first place? If he is able to throw in bonus after bonus like this and still stay in business then something is wrong here.

    That said, if you are able to look past the deceptive marketing practices used here and focus on The Side Hustle Bible itself then there is good value. After all, it's a free book that provides you with 177 ways to make money on the side... some really good ideas here that will likely peak your interest and get your imagination going.

    Ya, it stinks that you have to subscribe to The Altucher Report. It would be nice if this were an option and not a requirement... but hey, he has to make money somehow and can't just be giving a bunch of things away for free.

    And hopefully they honor the refund policy if you decide to request your money back! This is still a major concern of mine. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the financial newsletters out there have issues giving people their money back... for example I reviewed Nova X Report as well and there was the same complaint with this one.

    Anyways... I hope you enjoyed my review and found this information helpful. Hopefully you have a better idea of what you are getting into if you decide to get The Side Hustle Bible.

    Before you leave, something you may want to take a look at since you are looking for side-income is how I make a living working online, which I have been doing since 2015 with this program.

    Alternatively you can check out my top income ideas or a big list of 70+ ways to make money from home to get you thinking.

    Is Webtalk a Scam? – Read Before Joining

    They call it "the Facebook killer" and boast of how much money you can make, but is Webtalk really all that it is claimed to be? Is this the real deal?

    Should you be opening an account right now to connect with friends & colleagues, and to make money? Or is Webtalk a scam that is just going to go bust later down the road?

    With all the promotions going on and different things being said, it's hard to know what to believe. In this review I'll be going into great detail on what exactly this places has to offer, their compensation plan and how much money you can make, some problems with the platform and more.

    Don't join before reading!

    What Is WebTalk?


    Webtalk is a social networking website (just as Facebook is) that was started in 2011 by RJ Garbowicz, is privately held, and is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida--and because of it's close resemblance to Facebook it is even being promoted as "the Facebook killer" because it is touted as making communication and networking easier than ever before.

    Just like Facebook, it allows you to connect with friends, colleagues, family--share content, etc. However, one of the big differences between WebTalk and Facebook, along with many other social networking sites out there, is that WebTalk is not free. They have different plans that vary in price depending on how many contacts you have and the features you want.

    Additionally they differ greatly from other social networking sites because they give 50% of their revenue back to members through their MLM referral program, which I will be going into in detail. This is often promoted as being some amazing business opportunity but it might not be as great as it seems.

    You can refer to the video below for a short introduction on how this all works...

    How It Works

    The first step is joining and, unlike many of the other similar social networking platforms out there, you are asked for the email or Webtalk ID of the person that referred you. The reason for this is because of the referral program...


    But if no one referred you don't worry, you can just enter '1234' or something like that, which is what I did.

    Next you will be prompted to enter your name, email, and create a password... 


    After that you will receive an email to confirm your account. Then you will set your profile picture (you can skip this at first), enter some info about your birthdate, where you live, etc., and you are good to go.

    Now you are on the inside.

    If you know how the basics of Facebook work then you will understand how the basics of WebTalk works.

    When you login to your account this is what it will look like...


    You will have a place where you can post 'news' and let different groups and subgroups of your contacts see it.

    For example, you can see in this post that I had selected to share it publicly, but I also had other options such as Professional Contacts, Personal Contacts, and Custom Groups...


    You can set it up so that colleagues, family, and friends only see certain types of content--so that you can easily manage all your connections through one network, but at the same time keep them separate so that things don't get awkward.

    You will be able to manage your contacts based on how you know them and what they are to you. This contact management system is pretty good in my opinion--top notch.


    And of course you also have the ability to create a profile so that you can connect with others and get to know each other. Not much to say about this. You can talk about yourself, add different contact info, set a cover image, etc...


    I would say all-in-all that the whole platform is a bit on the dull side. It's lacking in its professional appearance and in it's social 'fun' appearance--overall lacking.

    But it is what it is and the bottom line is that you are able to do all of the basics that you can do with a Facebook Account.


    You are able to join for free with the BASIC membership, but this is lacking in many of the features you have probably seen advertised online. It will give you the basics--you are able to publish posts, connect with other people and what not, but you are limited to having only 50 contacts (the equivalent to 'friends' on Facebook).

    The plans range in price from $0 - $33.34/mo as I'm writing this, but they have already changed their prices once that I know of and likely will again.

    Below you can see the different plans and what's included... followed by a breakdown of all the features below...

    webtalk prices
    • Contact Management - As I showed briefly above, you will be able to easily organize all your contacts according to your relationships with people, whether they be family, friends, prospects, colleagues, team members, etc. Contacts will be able to be tagged and assigned subcategories so that you can easily manage them--this way you decide who sees what when you post things on your account.
      • BASIC - 50 contacts limit
      • PRO - 500 contacts limit
      • PRO Plus - 1,000 contacts limit
      • PRO Platinum - Unlimited contacts
    • Messaging - For contacts you can communicate back and forth as much as you want, but what we're talking about here is messaging non-contacts. You will be able to reach out to people who are not on your WebTalk--this can be great for marketing and whatnot.
      • BASIC - Not included
      • PRO - 5 per month
      • PRO Plus - 10 per month
      • PRO Platinum - 20 per month
    • Spotlight Posts - This is a feature that allows you to really blast out a post to your contacts. With a Spotlight Post your contacts will be emailed and sent a push-notification--and of course you can choose which contacts you want to see these.
      • BASIC - Not included
      • PRO - 5 per month
      • PRO Plus - 10 per month
      • PRO Platinum - 20 per month
    • Removal of Banner Ads - The more expensive plans allow you to use the platform without being annoyed by banner ads.
      • BASIC - Not included
      • PRO - Included
      • PRO Plus - Included
      • PRO Platinum - Included
    • Ability to See Who Viewed Your Profile - All plans offer some ability to see who viewed your profile, even the Basic (free) plan.
      • BASIC - Limited
      • PRO - Included
      • PRO Plus - Included
      • PRO Platinum - Included
    • Stealth Profile Viewing - This gives members the ability to view other people's profiles without them being able to see it.
      • BASIC - Not included
      • PRO - Not included
      • PRO Plus - Not included
      • PRO Platinum - Included
    • Advanced Search - This feature allows you to search for people based on gender, job title, where they live, whether or not they are seeking work, and so on. It could be useful for marketing.
      • BASIC - Not included
      • PRO - Not included
      • PRO Plus - Not included
      • PRO Platinum - Included

    How to Make Money with Webtalk: The Referral Program

    The referral program that they have in place, which is the reason that many people are joining Webtalk in the first place, is how people are making money here.

    It is promoted as being for publishers, influencers, network marketers, digital marketers and journalists--anyone who likes the platform and wants to make some money getting other people to join.

    But is it really all that great? After all, when there are opportunities like this to promote something and make money, there are always going to be people promoting such as the greatest things to ever bless this earth.

    That said, there are some credible figures backing up this referral program and what it has to offer, such as Kevin Harrington from the popular TV show Shark Tank...


    How The Referral Program Works

    This isn't your normal referral program where you receive some fixed commission amount.

    They use a revenue sharing affiliate structure where they pay out 'up to' 50% of all their revenue to their affiliates.

    The MLM commission structure is uni-level and goes 5 levels deep (MLM stands for 'multi-level' marketing), meaning that you don't just earn money from the people that you personally recruit to join (level 1), but you also earn commissions from the people that they recruit to join (level 2), and the people that they recruit to join (level 3), and the people that those people recruit to join (level 4), and lastly you also earn from the people that those level 4 people recruit to join (level 5).

    A uni-level commission structure works like that shown below, where there can be infinite numbers of people on each level...

    Note: This diagram only shows a structure that goes 3 levels deep. The Webtalk comp plan pays 5 levels deep. So just imagine 2 more levels going down.

    unilevel comp plan

    Where Is The Money Coming From?

    Webtalk is making their money from advertising, premium upgrades (the paid plans I went over), talent solutions and transaction fees.

    Advertisers are able to pay for ads to be shown on the platform, just as they can on other social networking sites like Facebook.

    And of course they are making money from the paid plans, which users are forced to buy into if they want any real networking capabilities, such as if they want more than 50 contacts.

    I'm not entirely sure what they mean when they say they are making money from 'talent solutions' and what all this includes, but I'm guessing they are talking about the different features offered to help improve various aspects of one's business.

    As I'm writing this they have not yet brought their marketplace to the surface, but in the future the plan is for Webtalk to have a full-fledged marketplace where buyers and sellers can make easy transactions, which is supposed to be mostly for local small businesses--and they will collect fees on transactions I assume.

    How Much Can You Earn?

    Don't get too excited now--it's not as amazing as a lot of the promotions make it seem.

    There is no way in heck you are going to be earning $100k per month like the compensation plan overview video leads one to believe, although it is potentially possible (if you are an internet marketing rockstar or celebrity that can send out a Tweet and tell millions of people to join).

    In the comp plan video that Webtalk released they give the example of you making $1 off of every person that you refer in (level 1), and $1 from every person that they refer in (level 2), and every person that they refer in (level 3) and so on... all the way to level 5...


    But they then take it a step further and say--well, what if everyone recruited in just 10 people each.

    10 isn't that much right?

    If this would happen then your downline would branch out at the bottom like a pyramid--each level having more and more referrals...


    So in this example that is given...

    • Everyone refers 10 people to join, down all 5 levels
    • You earn $1 in commissions each month from every members, which is what they project will be the average earnings

    So how much do they say you can make if this scenario plays out?

    Well, you would make...

    • $10 on your first level
    • $100 on your second level
    • $1,000 from your third level
    • $10,000 from your fourth level
    • $100,000 from your fifth level

    ...and this is all PER MONTH!

    Yes, this is the actual example they give us.

    Sounds incredible doesn't it? I mean, you could be a millionaire within a year just by referring people to Webtalk.

    Why the heck are we still working? Oh, that's right... because this is one heck of a far-fetched example and no one is going to be making this kind of money--unless, like I said, you are a celebrity or an internet marketing rockstar.

    MLM opportunities always make their compensation plans seem so amazing. And the truth is that in reality making money like this is possible--I guess. But it's also possible to win the lottery Jackpot and walk away a billionaire.

    This is so misleading it's really not funny. All it's doing is luring people in with high hopes and dreams--hopes and dreams that will surely be crushed soon enough once they find out the reality of the matter.

    As for how much you will realistically make, well, there are no good numbers I can give you. This depends on many variables. What I can tell you is that you certainly shouldn't quit your day job.

    The Big Problem with Webtalk

    There are actually quite a few problems I have with this platform, but I'm calling this the "big" problem because this is the reason, in my opinion, that Webtalk will never become a household name and will never become as large as hoped.

    The problem is the referral program. That's right--the very part of this platform that is supposed to help it grow to massive proportions, by getting a bunch of people to go around and invite others in, is the reason that it is going to fail to become great.


    Well because the referral program creates a situation where most of the people joining are looking to make money. Basically it is creating a big community of marketers that are just waiting to shove their product down your throat.

    Now that doesn't sound very appealing does it? 

    Who wants to join that? Not me.

    I was experiencing sales pitches very soon after I joined. In fact, I got a comment on my very first post from a member where he was telling me to go through some training he offers...


    This guy wanted to give me free training so that I could refer more people to Webtalk, which would end up with him making more money in the end.

    A simple "hello", or "nice to meet you" would have been nice--not exactly looking to have a pitch thrown in my face right away.

    WebTalk vs Facebook

    The two platforms are very similar. You can connect with people, share posts about your life, business, etc. Advertising and targeting specific groups of people is a possibility on both, and so on.

    However, Webtalk isn't all that visually appealing, it lacks networking opportunity because of its very small user-base, it lacks advertising opportunity also because of it's small user base and because advertisers don't have the vast amount of user data to work with like they do on Facebook, and of course Webtalk is filled with marketers--unlike Facebook where you can actually make good, genuine connections with people.

    Will Webtalk replace Facebook?

    Answer: No

    Stats Don't Lie

    As mentioned earlier, Kevin Harrington, the guy from the hit TV show Shark Tank, has talked about Webtalk and has said some pretty good things about it--and he is even a member himself.

    This is one of their big promo points and if you have seen many promotions for this platform you have probably heard of this guy. 

    However, he doesn't appear to be very active at all and it seems he might have given up on the whole thing. I checked out his profile and he has less than 100 followers, which is a much less than you would expect for someone like himself. Also, all of his posts (only 4 total) were posted at the same time--not much activity at all.


    After seeing the inactivity and the low number of followers for Mr. Harrington, I decided to do a little more digging around and try to find out how active this platform actually is.

    It's not like they provide statistics on how many members there are or anything like that, but I was able to find out in a roundabout way.

    You see, when someone joins Webtalk they automatically follow RJ Garbowicz (the founder), just like how everyone who joins Facebook automatically follows Mark Zuckerberg.

    I'm sure these stats aren't 100% accurate because members have the ability to unfollow him, but the amount of followers that RJ Garbowicz has should be fairly close to the total number of members on the platform--and at the time of me writing this there are 291.7k followers...


    Likely less than 300k members total... and this has been around for years. And keep in mind that a lot of these members are probably inactive.

    The stats aren't too pretty, however, the referral program hasn't been around since day 1 and is a much more recent addition to it all.

    What I Like & Don't Like

    What I Like

    While I'm not a big fan of the platform overall, there are still some things that I like.

    For one, WebTalk has the contact management feature that makes it easy to choose who sees what you post on your account. The ability to manage contacts and keep them separate in a variety of ways is definitely a plus--and is probably where I think this platform excels the most.

    What I Don't Like

    The main thing that I really don't care for is how this platform encourages a bunch of marketers to join who are just looking to make money, but there a few other areas I'm not too fond of as well, such as...

    You Can See Who Viewed Your Profile

    While this may seem like nothing but a good thing, I can see how it could actually be harmful to the platform.

    The thing is that everyone knows this is a feature--so if someone knows that you will be able to see that they viewed your profile, and they don't want you to know this, then they simply aren't going to view your profile.

    What this is going to do is cause less activity within WebTalk as far as I see it.

    *Note: Of course you can upgrade your account to PRO Platinum to get the "stealth profile viewing" feature, but that pretty expensive and most people probably aren't going to want to do this.

    Seems Overpriced

    Facebook is free. Facebook is free. Facebook is free.

    The free membership at Webtalk only allows up to 50 contacts, then you have to pay for their service, which is worse than Facebook's free service overall.

    There is no doubt that this place is overpriced when compared to all the other social networking platforms out here and there is a reason for this. The reason is because of the referral program.

    Basically what's going on here is that they are charging membership prices and these are pretty costly--just so that they can make the referral program more lucrative and attractive.

    Why not just do away with the referral program, make money from advertising and provide really good service like Facebook?

    Complaints/Concerns About Webtalk

    #1 - Bad Business Model

    So let's say for a second that WebTalk did overtake the social media behemoth Facebook. Let's say that everyone started abandoning their Facebook accounts and hopped over to Webtalk. I know this is one heck of a far-fetched idea, but bear with me for a second.

    If this did happen the referral program, which is one of the main claims-to-fame that Webtalk has (and is the reason most people are joining), would go bust.

    Think about it. Right now Facebook has around 2.5 billion (with a B) active monthly users (Source: Zephoria). With that amount of saturation there is no room for a referral program like this. Could you imagine trying to make money referring people to Facebook? It would be a waste of time because everyone already has an account.

    This is basically one massive MLM pyramid scheme type of deal that is reliant on a limitless market--with more and more users joining all the time--which is an impossible business model because the market is not unlimited.

    So then what will happen when the market becomes to saturated? The referral program would be worthless and then people would be left with a social networking platform that isn't all that great--and that they have to pay for in order to have many of the good features.

    The problem is that many (probably most) people are joining for the opportunity to make money alone--and this opportunity won't last long-term. It would be a different scenario if people were actually joining to connect with other people online... but why pay for it when you have Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn already?

    And let's be real here--even if this platform were to somehow pose a threat to Facebook--Facebook would just buy out the company with ease and do away with it.

    *Note: I definitely don't think it will ever come to this point in the first place. I don't think this program is going to become all that large.

    #2 - Unreliable Income

    Their revenue sharing business model could be good or bad. The fact of the matter is that there is no set commission amount per referral and you are reliant on how much revenue the company brings in as a whole.

    #3 - Lacking Company Information

    If you look for background information on LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc., you are easily going to be able to find what you are looking for--such as what the company is all about, who the founder was, and so on. But with Webtalk it's not so clear--and this is a bit concerning.

    I was able to find the company information on LinkedIn, but it would have been nice if they would make it more accessible on the website.

    #4 - Not BBB Accredited

    This definitely isn't a deal-breaker, but it would be nice if this place was BBB accredited. 

    The Better Business Bureau is a consumer protection agency and seeing an accredation from them would help ease concerns that this could be a scam an what not.

    #5 - Bad History

    RJ Garbowicz, the founder of Webtalk, is pretty much giving another go at a failed first attempt. What I'm talking about is that he actually founded an incredibly similar company that was gaining popularity back around 2010 called YourNight--which was also a social media MLM business opportunity type of deal.

    What happened to that business?

    As you can probably imagine, it went belly up and is no longer with us--and failed to even come close to attracting the number of memberships that they were estimating.

    So.. Is Webtalk a Scam?

    While you will find some people out there calling it a scam, in my opinion it is not. That said, this business does have a MLM business model that creates a situation where a bunch of people go around recruiting people in just to make money--and a bunch of people buy in so that they also have the chance to make money, which is not a good situation.

    Pyramid Scheme Allegations

    No one can deny that a MLM commission structure resembles that of a pyramid scheme, which commissions flowing up from the bottom to the top, which always results in a small percentage making a majority of the money.

    But there is a difference. The difference between a legit MLM and an illegal pyramid scheme is how the money is coming in. Is the revenue coming in from people being forced to purchase products/services just to participate in the business opportunity? Or is the money coming from genuine customers?

    Of course there is always a mix of the two. A legit MLM can cross the line and become an illegal pyramid scheme if it starts to lean too much towards recruitment of people who are buying in just to try to make money recruiting others in--but the lines are blurry between the two.

    There is no doubt that a lot of people are buying in for the business opportunity, but as to whether or not it would be appropriate to call it a pyramid scheme, that is another question.

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it. Now you know exactly what this place is and what it has to offer.

    In a nutshell, it is a very salesy MLM form of Facebook that is touted as being "the Facebook killer" but will never actually even come close to living up to the name.

    While there are some things that I like about the platform, such as the ability you have to manage contacts, overall I'm not too much of a fan, mainly because it seems the major focus of this platform is on money, rather than providing good value--and this just leads to overpriced memberships and tons of marketers trying to sell you their stuff and refer others to join.

    Advice: Stick with Facebook and LinkedIn for the time being.

    And if you were someone looking into this opportunity to make money, I would highly suggest this program (same program I use to make money online and that I've been using since 2015).

    Alternatively you can check out my top income ideas or this massive list of 70+ ways to make money from home.

    I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions. Also be sure to leave your opinion on things. I like to hear what my readers think πŸ™‚

    Hive Work Review – Scam Opportunity or Are You Missing Out?

    Hive Work supposedly “allows talented, hard-working people to make extra money through small jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world at any time” (so they say) andΒ all you need to get started are English competency and an internet connection.

    But is this opportunity to earn extra money online worth your time?

    You’ve probably heard rumors that this is a waste of time or maybe even that it’s a scam–or you could have even heard rumors that it is the opposite and is a great opportunity to make money online in your spare time.

    But what is the truth? Well, in this HIve Work review I’ll be going over all you need to know so that you can see how this works, what the jobs are like, how much money you can make, complaints and more.

    Thinking about joining? You are going to want to read this first!

    Hive Work Review

    Hive Work

    Hive Work, some times called Hive Micro is a micro-task site that anyone can join to earn a bit of extra money online–very similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk. The only requirements to get started are English competency and an internet connection.

    The types of tasks that you will be able to find here include things that computer AI is not able to complete accurately yet (which helps improve AI learning). This includes tasks like…

    • Timestamping a video
    • Drawing boundaries around certain objects in an image
    • Drawing boundaries around headings in a text document
    • Categorizing images
    • Naming TV shows & movies from a clip
    • and so on…

    The tasks don’t take long to complete and pay very little–but the money can add up and you can eventually cash out via PayPal or even Bitcoin.

    Members can complete work on any sort of device. You can work from a desktop computer through the website ( or you can download the mobile app right on your phone.

    How It Works

    When you login to Hive Work for the first time this is what you will see (if on a desktop computer – you can also download the mobile Hive Work app to your phone)

    HiveWork Dashboard

    You will see all the available jobs listed in the main portion of the page, your balance, stats and payment details over on the right and then some other menu options at the top.


    First you have the Featured Jobs, which are the best paying ones available to you. As I’m writing this I have 3 available featured jobs, one of which involves drawing polygons around rooftops on a map (I’ll go over this as an example next), another drawing bounding boxes around headings in text documents, and the third one involves drawing bounding boxes around paragraphs in text documents.


    So all 3 of the Featured Jobs have to do with drawing boxes around something–which is pretty easy.

    In addition to the featured jobs you have the My Jobs section (mine is empty because I’m using a new account and am not currently doing any jobs), and you have the New Jobs section…


    In total I had 13 jobs available for me to complete (3 featured jobs and 10 new jobs). HOWEVER, each job has many available tasks. If you take a look at the example below, the one job has 60 available tasks and one of the others has 5,000 tasks available!…


    Job Example #1:

    One of the best paying jobs available to me right now pays $3.50 per 1,000 tasks, so let’s take a look at this one.screenshot

    The first thing you have to do is click on “take qualification test”. You have to take a short test before getting accepted to complete any job. When you click to take the test a popup box will come up and you can begin..


    So in this example the job is to draw polygons around rooftops of primary residences (houses). You are given the drawing tools needed and all you have to do is draw around the houses as you can see here…


    Job Example #2:

    Another job I’ll go over as an example is this one where you have to timestamp short videos…


    Basically what you do is watch short video clips where there are segments that you have to determine if they are commercials, movie trailers, TV promos, or TV programs–and then you have to use a simple tool they give you to mark where the intro and outro are.


    Simple enough right?

    These are the types of jobs you find here at Hive Work. They are jobs that are very simple, yet a computer cannot complete them correctly (not yet). The human brain is still needed.


    There is a section called ‘my badges’ that is important to know about. You are able to get badges for achievements within different job categories, such as Categorization jobs and Annotation jobs, and the badges that you earn will determine what types of jobs you are able to get…

    For example, some jobs that are listed may require you to have a certain badge showing that you are qualified before you can complete them.



    In order to get paid you first must have $10 in your account. That is the minimum requirement to be able to withdrawal money.

    Your options to withdrawal are PayPal and Bitcoin (might vary depending on what country you live in).


    In my opinion these are great payment methods. PayPal is a great method of choice because it is trusted and is regular old money–that you can transfer to your bank account or do whatever you want with–and Bitcoin is a nice alternative for all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there.

    How Much Money Can You Make With Hive Work?

    The short answer is NOT MUCH. While there are people who have made thousands of dollars from this platform, they have put countless hours into it and this has been money earned over very long periods of time.

    The easiest way to get an idea of how much money you can make working through HiveWork is by taking a look at the leaderboard page, where they list all the top earners from yesterday, last week, and the all-time highest earners.

    If we take a look at the people who earned the most money yesterday (“last day”), as I’m writing this the highest earner made $8.63. Total there were only 2 people who made over $8 for the day and what you have to remember is that this is out of EVERYONE working at Hive Work–all the little worker bees, which there are over 100,000 of!


    So out of over 100k people, only 2 made more than $8 for the entire day.

    As if that isn’t already disappointing enough, it gets a bit worse.

    It appears that even earning over $8/day on a regular basis is something that is nearly impossible to accomplish. If we take a look at the highest earners of Last Week (at the time I’m writing this), the person who made the most money made $38.73. Now if you take $38.73 and divide it by 7 days in a week, you get an average earnings of about $5.40 per day.


    So while you may be able to earn $8/day and possibly even a bit more, these are not earnings that you can achieve realistically on a daily basis over and over again. The numbers don’t lie.

    What you also have to keep in mind is that these top earners are putting in tons of work. As you can see in the table above, the top 2 earners for the week completed over 9,000 tasks each! Now of course there is no way to tell what types of tasks these were, but no matter how you look at it 9k tasks in a week is a heck of a lot.

    Referral Program

    Of course Hive Work has a referral program so that you can make money by referring others to join.

    Sounds pretty awesome at first–making money just by getting others to join–but is it really that awesome?

    You guessed it! The answer is no.

    You can get up to $5 for each person you refer to join, but in order to make anything they need to take this whole thing pretty seriously, which means a lot of people you refer aren’t going to earn you any money at all.

    How it works is like this: When you refer someone to join and they earn $5 completing tasks, you get paid a $1 bonus and they get an extra $0.50 bonus… but ONLY AFTER THEY MAKE $5.screenshotSo in order for you to get any bonus, your referrals will each pretty much have to complete over 1,000 tasks. It depends on how much each task pays, but generally speaking they will.

    All in all the referral program is hardly worth a second thought. If you are going to take this seriously and have friends that are going to as well, then why not give it a try, but if not you aren’t really missing out.

    Note: Some of the people claiming that Hive Work is some amazing opportunity to make money are just trying to get referrals and not being 100% honest.Β 


    Payments Not Going Through

    I was able to find a complaint on ScamAdviser from someone who had a payment that wasn’t going through for some reason, which you can see here…

    complaints on ScamAdviser

    Apparently some people have been having problems with their payments being processed, which is obviously a big problem.

    There are also some reviews on Google Play about this…


    Low Pay… of Course..

    The fact of the matter is that working and completing tasks with Hive Work is not going to be very rewarding financially. You will earn very little and this is simply not worth it for many of the people out there looking into this opportunity.

    I found one review from someone comparing it to modern day slavery (although very different since you aren’t forced to work here)…


    … and I even came across a complaint from someone who brings up a very good point–which is that the money you earn might not even cover the cost to charge your device that you are doing the work on! In other words, the electricity required to power your device might cost more than the money you get out of doing the work here.


    Banned for No Reason

    Hive Work doesn’t want a bunch of people trying to get tasks done as fast as possible and messing around. They want workers that take their time and do good quality, accurate work–this way their AI can learn how to do things the right way.

    To protect against workers potentially abusing the system they ban people for short periods of time if they suspect something is up and/or you aren’t putting in quality work. HOWEVER, some people claim to be getting banned for no reason.screenshotAnd there are more reviews like this out there… plenty more.

    Usually the ban only lasts for 2 hours or so, but still, that is pretty bad–especially considering the fact that you are already only making pennies working here.

    Pros v Cons


    • Easy work, no special skills needed
    • Can work remotely from anywhere with internet
    • Not many requirements to get started; just need internet connection and the ability to read/comprehend English
    • Mobile app available for convenience
    • Payment via PayPal and Bitcoin


    • Very low pay
    • Boring work; can be mindnumbing
    • Waste of time for most peope

    The Company Behind It

    Finding information about the company behind Hive Work was more difficult than it should be. On the website there is no “About Us” page or anything like that. There is no company information provided at all–no address, no contact number, no name, NO NOTHING.

    So I had to do a good bit of digging around to find out more.

    It appears that Hive Work is owned by a company simply called Hive, which is a fullstack AI company that develops AI products to help businesses.

    There is no actual mention of Hive Work on Hive’s website (, but both places do share the same exact company logo and it makes perfect sense that Hive Work would be owned by an AI development company such as this. They also mention on the website that they “have developed advanced capabilities in object detection, facial recognition, transcription, and many other areas”–which falls into the area of work that is being done at Hive Work.

    The point of digging around and looking for more info on the company is to see if this place can be trusted, which I think it can. Everything seems to be legitimate–I just don’t get why they don’t make this information more easily available–such as by adding an About Us page to the website or something.

    Is Hive Work a Scam?

    No, this place is not a scam. This is a legitimate opportunity to make some extra money through a legitimate service. There are some hiccups and the pay is extremely low, but overall this is in no way, shape, or form a scam.

    There are some people calling it a scam but these people are those who expected to make good money and then found out the reality that they would only make pennies, which is obviously disappointing.

    Conclusion – Worth Your Time or Not?

    Whether or not working at Hive Work for low pay is worth your time depends on what exactly you are looking for. Yes, the pay is extremely low, but there are some upsides to it–such as the work being super easy and the ability to complete it anywhere that has internet.

    That said, for most people it is going to be a waste of time. But there are situations I see where this could possibly be worth it, such as if you…

    • Are too young to get a real job and want to earn a bit of extra cash
    • You live in a very poor country where there isn’t much opportunity and making pennies like this is worth it
    • You are incredibly bored and think you might die of boredom if you don’t do something

    Rewards sites like Swagbucks where you get paid to take surveys, play games, complete offers, etc, are already low paying enough, but this is even worse.

    So just know what you are getting yourself into if you do decide to join and invest a lot of time in this trying to make money. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If looking for better ways to make money in your spare time (and online), then I highly recommend taking a look at this program I use to make a living working from home–or alternatively you can check out this massive list of 70+ ways to make money from home.

    Be sure to leave any comments or questions below! πŸ™‚

    Rebate Key Review – Scam or Free Products from Amazon?

    Rebate Key is a free membership site where you can get rebates on Amazon products and products selling elsewhere online--supposedly up to 100%.

    But can you really and is this place really as great as people claim it to be? You've probably seen posts on Facebook from people getting their rebate checks and maybe you want to join, but are hesitant to because it may sound a bit too good to be true.

    This is where I come in. I've done a lot of digging around and in this Rebate Key review I'll be going over all you need to know about this place beforehand--such as how it all works, how much money you can save, the types of products available and what you have to be careful about, pros v cons, and a bunch more.

    Let's get to it...

    What Is Rebate Key?


    In a nutshell... Rebate Key (found at is an online rebate site where you can buy products from online retailers, submit a claim, and get a rebate back within 35 days. The product rebates they offer range from 25 - 100% off!

    It's like those old rebates that you had to mail in, just everything is done online, which makes it easier for you. And the nice thing about it all is that you don't have to worry about getting your rebates--because RebateKey helps to ensure you will get paid (I'll go over how in a bit).

    What is a Rebate?

    A rebate is nothing more than money paid back. When someone buys something and they get a partial or full refund, that is a rebate.

    With RebateKey you are able to buy items with the promise of getting partial or full refunds on the price paid--so that you can potentially get products for free.

    For a short little video presentation of how it works you can watch this:

    How Is This Possible?

    For those thinking that this sounds a bit too good to be true, fear not. Offering rebates is a marketing tactic that has been around for years. The idea behind rebates is that more customers will buy a company's product and this will lead to a snowball effect where word-of-mouth marketing further increases sales, this time normal sales without rebates. Additionally they can help increase brand loyalty and repeat customers.

    So by offering rebates and giving people great deals on items, companies have the hopes to increase their overall earnings in the long run.

    Rebates are good when companies are just starting out or when launching new products--before they gain any popularity. It is becoming increasingly popular with sellers launching new products on Amazon, which is the reason most of the products you will find here are being sold on Amazon.

    Most sellers that offer rebates on RebateKey are looking for product reviews. You don't have any commitment to leave reviews for them, but they will be able to message you through the platform and might ask you to leave one.

    What's In It for RebateKey?

    Of course they charge the seller a small fee for each sale--a $2.95 fee per sale to be exact. (this doesn't affect you--the buyer)

    How It Works

    Step 1) Sign Up

    The signup process is painless, so don't worry. If you have a Facebook or Google account you can use it to signup with a few clicks. If not you will be able to enter your name, email address, phone number and create a password.

    They will send you a verification code via text message to your phone that you will have to use to confirm your account. They don't sent out the typical email confirmation link for some reason.

    *You are only allowed one account per household. If you violate this agreement they reserve the right to close your account(s).

    Step 2) Shop Products

    Once logged into your account it will look something like this...

    account dashboard

    You will have a menu on the left-hand side (on a desktop computer) and all the products with available rebates will be right there in the center.

    You will be able to browse the products and see what the normal price is, what the final price will be after you get your rebate, the rebate %, etc.

    You will find all sorts of products here. As you can see below, right now I can get a 50% rebate on a bicycle seat, a 100% rebate on apple cider vinegar detox capsules, a 40% rebate on a set of salt and pepper grinders, and so on...


    Supplements and personal care items seem to be the most common for what you find here however.

    After you find a product that you like then simply click on it and it will give you more details. I clicked on a supplement called HempFlex for dogs and as you can see it has a 100% rebate, is sold on Amazon and there are 10 more available...


    To complete the purchase I will be directed to Amazon, and there I will purchase it at it's full price as I normally would.

    All you do is click on "Buy Product" and then it will give you some instructions--click it again and it will direct you right to the product for purchase.

    Note: If you want to get your rebate you have to purchase it originally at the full price, no coupons allowed.

    You will find products listed on RebateKey that are sold on Walmart's website, Shopify, eBay, but the ones being sold on Amazon you can often find with free shipping too--so you can literally get products for 100% free, after you get your rebate back of course.

    Tip: When there is a good product that you want you need to be quick to purchase it! When I was writing this review there was a supplement with a 100% rebate (Spirulina supplement) that I wanted--but there were only 4 remaining and withing a period of minutes it was no longer available. I missed out πŸ™

    Step 3) Enter Your Rebate Code Within 1 Hour

    After purchasing the product for the full price, you will then have 1 hour to enter your "rebate code", which is usually just your order number.

    Copy that number and go back to RebateKey >> go to Purchases >> then go to Unclaimed. You will be able to click on Confirm Purchase and enter in that order number to confirm.

    That's all you do. Then it's a waiting game.

    Step 4) Wait 35 Days

    In the short video posted above it states that you will be able to get a check in the mail within 30 days, but it's really 35 days. They must have changed this after they released the video.

    But anyways--you wait 35 days and then you either get a check in the mail or you can choose to have your rebate delivered electronically via PayPal, which is a newer payment option they added recently.

    Why 35 days? 

    Well what they say is that the reason behind this waiting period is to ensure that there aren't any problems, but the main reason is likely to ensure that you don't return the item purchased--since most places have a return period of somewhere from up to 2 weeks to 30 days.

    Guaranteed Rebates (Well, Pretty Much Guaranteed)

    35 days is one heck of a long time to wait, but luckily you can rest assured that you are going to get your money back.

    To understand why you are [pretty much] guaranteed rebates (if you follow the instructions properly) it's important to understand how this works from the standpoint of a seller.

    When a seller wants to list a product they have to prepay their expected daily rebates in the beginning, then they will be charged daily based on their campaign settings. This money is then held by RebateKey until the 35 days is passed without any problems.

    So it's not like you have to worry about all these sellers on Amazon living up to their end of the bargain. RebateKey is well aware of the potential problems and that is why they make their sellers fork over the money upfront. 

    The reason I'm saying that you are "pretty much" guaranteed rebates is because the seller could refuse a rebate key (order number) entered--and in this case RebateKey will try to find a solution for both the buyer and seller. This is unlikely to happen if you do everything correctly but it still could.

    What Type of Products Can You Find?

    As mentioned, most of the products that you will find here are supplements and personal care products, but there are others.

    The fun part of it is that you never really know exactly what you might find.

    Right now here is a list of all the different products available to me, many with a 100% rebate...

    • Detox supplements
    • Skin moisturizer
    • Hemp oil for dogs
    • "Scratch off maps" (don't ask me what this is because I don't know)
    • Air vent phone mount
    • Brain boosting supplement
    • Matcha green tea powder
    • Gun holster
    • Make-up brush set
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Garcinia Cambogia supplement
    • Earbuds
    • Sleep aids
    • Lifting straps
    • Tiaras for brides
    • Diaper bags
    • Wireless phone charger
    • Libido boosting supplements

    Are the products any good?

    The truth is that sometimes the product quality can be questionable. 

    Many of the products listed are for new product launches, meaning that they haven't stood the test of time. Additionally, many are being sold by new sellers on Amazon, whom you may not know the trustworthiness of.

    Be Careful:

    In particular you should be careful when getting supplements. Why? Well, because you put these products in your body.

    Take this product for example which is available to me right now with a 100% rebate...


    It's an Apple Cider Vinegar supplement manufactured by some company called Nubu Naturals.

    Is this a trustworthy brand? No idea--I looked into it and couldn't really find much info on it. It's likely some small startup brand.

    So should you trust this supplement?

    Well, with this supplement you are just getting some Apple Cider Vinegar which isn't going to cause anyone any problems, but you get the point.

    The point is that you should look into the products beforehand--especially supplements.

    How Much Money Can You Save?

    As you already know, you will be able to find items that have up to 100% rebates, but does this really mean that they are FREE?

    Not necessarily. I know, doesn't make much sense right?... but let me explain...

    First off, not all items have free shipping. A lot do, because most of the items listed are being sold on Amazon and if you are an Amazon Prime member you will often be able to get free shipping, but not everything ships free.

    And even if it does ship free, you will might not be getting a 100% free product--and the reason for this is SALES TAX.

    Sales tax will vary depending on what state you live in and what type of item you are purchasing. If you've ordered many items on Amazon before you have probably noticed that sometimes you are charged sales tax while other times you aren't. Some sellers on Amazon simply don't collect sales tax even when they should, which many buyers get lucky with.

    So in order to truly get a free product using RebateKey, and I'm talking a 100% free product, it must...

    • Have a 100% rebate
    • Have free shipping
    • and Have no sales tax

    If it has all of the above, then you get it for free.

    So to answer the question: "how much money can you save?" --this depends on how much the item costs in the first place.

    If you get a $10 item for free then you just saved $10. If you get a $35 item for free then you just saved $35

    Real Examples: So let's take the products that I showed earlier...

    • The Life's Best Bike Seat normally costs $39.95 and you can get a 50% rebate which brings the total down to $19.95 = a savings of $20
    • The Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules sell for $23.99 and you can get a 100% rebate = a savings of $23.99
    • The Weightlifting Neoprene Padded Wrist Straps sell for $8.99 and you can get a 100% rebate = a savings of $8.99
    • The VALI Brain Booster Supplement sells for $23.99 and you can get a 100% rebate = a savings of $23.99

    But don't get too carried away thinking that you are going to be able to save boatloads of money--there is a limit.

    Members are limited to 5 rebates per day and a total of 50 per month. If you reach the limit it will be refreshed the next day or month, depending on which limit you reached.

    Note: You can actually make money on top of what you save--more on this is in a bit.

    How to Contact RebateKey

    So let's say you encounter some unexpected problem, such as your rebate key (order number) not working for some reason.

    How do you get in contact with this place?

    Unfortunately they do not offer phone support, which I think we can all agree is the best way to provide virtual support. As far as I can see your only option would be to go to the contact page and submit a support ticked, which they will be able to follow up with you through via email.

    Another alternative would be to message them through their Facebook page. They typically reply "instantly".

    What Users Are Saying

    As I'm writing this they have a 4.5/5 star rating on Facebook with over 45 reviews left--which is pretty good.

    Other than that it is hard to find independent reviews from real users. But I guess this might be a good thing because usually people are more inclined to leave negative reviews complaining about things rather than positive ones--so maybe the lack of user reviews is a good sign.

    That said, there are a few complaints I came across dealing with problems where the seller refused to rebate codes for whatever reason. These occurrences seem to be rare, but I guess they can and do happen at times.

    Can You Resell Items?

    Wouldn't it be pretty cool if you could make a little business out of getting rebates like this--buying products, getting rebates on them and then selling them at full-price??

    Ya, well unfortunately you are not allowed to do this, as stated in the Terms of Use Agreement, which you have to confirm that you read and agree to.

    That said, it would be nearly impossible for them to keep track of what everyone does with their products and if you were to resell on eBay, Craigslist, Letgo, etc. you could more than likely easily get away with it--but this is not something I would condone simply because this is now what RebateKey is intended for.

    How to Make Additional Money

    1) Upload Payment Proof & Get an Extra $20!

    When you get paid for the first time you are able to provide social proof of your payment and get an additional payment of $20. 

    All you have to do is publish a picture of your self with your check on Facebook.

    2) Earn Up to $20 for Each Person You Refer to Join

    They also have a referral/affiliate program where you can make up to $20 for each person you get to join, but this is dependent on how active they are and how many rebates they collect.

    In order to get the maximum $20 for a referral they will have to claim 50+ rebates. You can see how it works in this chart...

    commission chart
    • After a referral claims over 1 rebate you get a $1 commission.
    • Then after they claim 5 rebates you get a $2 commission
    • After 10 you get a $3 commission
    • Once they claim 25 you get a $5 commission
    • And once they claim 50 rebates you get your last commission of $9

    The total of all those commissions is $20, which is all possible for each referral if they are active.

    3) Resell Items

    Just kidding. Don't do this! I'm just seeing if you're paying attention.

    Pros v Cons

    • Free to join
    • Easy to use - You don't have to mail in rebates, just enter your order number online
    • Guaranteed rebates - RebatesKey charges the seller beforehand
    • You get products for less! (which is obviously the point of signing up in the first place)
    • Payment via check in the mail or PayPal
    • Easy $20 extra opportunity
    • Good referral program
    • Long wait time - 35 days is a long wait, but unfortunately there is no way around this
    • Small product selection - The amount of products listed for rebates varies, but generally speaking there usually isn't all that many
    • Limit of 5 rebates per day - This is somewhat of a downside I guess, yet I can definitely see how this is absolutely necessary.
    • Products sell out fast - Some products that are listed only allow a handful of members to claim rebates on them. You will often find that you are too late to the party. This is why if you want a product then you should jump on it right away.
    • Seller problems - RebateKey does a good job at protecting it's members and making sure they get their rebates, but unfortunately there are still some problems that people encounter, such as how a seller could reject a rebate key as mentioned above.
    • Can't resell items (not supposed to)
    • Products quality can be questionable at times

    Is Rebate Key a Scam?

    It doesn't appear that they are accredited with the BBB but this doesn't really mean anything.

    On their 'about us' page they don't tell us much, but after some further digging around and running a WHOIS search, I found that the domain was created back in 2017...


    Although they could do a better job at providing additional information to us, there is no reason at all for me to believe that Rebate Key is a scam. They seem to be running a legitimate business and doing exactly what they say they are doing, which is connecting sellers looking to promote products with buyers looking for good deals--and making money in the process of course (by collecting that $2.95 fee per sale).

    Seeing that user complaint websites like SiteJabber, PissedConsumer, etc. aren't filled with complaints is a very good sign. Having been around since 2017, if this were a scam we would be finding a lot more negative reviews.

    Key Points

    • Sellers offer rebates through RebateKey to promote products (new products)
    • RebateKey makes money by charging the sellers a $2.95 fee per sale
    • Signing up as a member is free
    • You can get up to 100% rebates as a member
    • There is a wait period of 35 days after you purchase the product before you get paid
    • Most products are supplements and personal care items
    • There is a daily limit of 5 rebates and a monthly limit of 50
    • You can get an additional $20 by sharing social proof of payment
    • They have a referral program where you can earn up to $20 per person you get to join
    • Most rebates you are only allowed to claim once
    • Only one account is allowed per household
    • You aren't allowed to resell items
    • Product quality can be questionable at times
    • The overall outlook on RebateKey is good and they are not a scam

    Final Thoughts

    RebatesKey may not be for everyone, mainly due to the limited product selection, but it is definitely worth a consideration. You may not be getting the best products from this site, but it's a bit hard to argue about product quality when many of the products have 100% rebates--meaning they are free (not counting shipping and taxes).

    All in all this is a site I would recommend joining. You can at least join and see if there is anything available that you like--and if not then you haven't lost a thing--besides the maybe 30 seconds it takes to sign up.

    The biggest downside to RebateKey (in my opinion) is the small product selection and the fact that you don't really know what you might find. Because of this you definitely can't do any sort of "regular" shopping through this site.

    What you might also be interested in since you are looking to save on shopping are cashback apps like Ibotta and DOSH, which give you cashback on purchases. For example you might get 2% cashback shopping at a certain store or $1.25 back for buying a certain item--not much but it adds up.

    Also, on a completely different not, be sure to check out my top picks for making money from home & the program I use to make a living working online--if this is of any interest to you!

    What do you think about RebateKey? Have you joined and what has your experience been like? Any complaints? I love to hear from my readers so feel free to leave any comments or questions below πŸ™‚