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Is My Income Club a Scam? – 5 Reasons to Avoid It

You've probably come across the video presentation for My Income Club that says you can earn $100 to $500 like clockwork. 

But can you really? Or is My income Club a scam?

I'm guessing it probably sounded a bit too good to be true to you, which is why you are reading my review now... and by the way this is good because this system is not the magical, super-duper easy fairy-tale money making system that it is claimed to be.

Ya, some people claim to be making tens of thousands of dollars per month with it, but we don't even know how true these numbers are and even if they are true, these people probably make up a very small percentage of those using the system.

For example, in the video they show us this guy who claims he made over $22k in the last 4 weeks using this system...


And then there is this guy who claims he make over $30k in a single month...


But anyways... let's get to the review so that you can see what you are really looking at here.

Don't join before reading this!

What Is My Income Club?

My Income Club
  • Website:
  • Creator: Alfredo Delgado
  • Type: Affiliate sales funnel system
  • Cost: Free (but you have to purchase other products for it to work)
  • Recommended?: Not really


If you did watch the video presentation then you probably don't know much... because they don't tell you much. All you really know is that the system was created by some guy named Alfredo Delgado who claims to have made millions online and loves to show off his sports cars, large checks, and bank statements.

Alfredo Delgado My Home Income Club

Other than that all you really know is that the system is supposedly "free" and it can easily make you tons of money... so pretty much nothing of importance is told here.

In a nutshell the My Income Club system is an affiliate system that is set up to funnel people into buying various make-money-online/online marketing programs and services. Basically how it works is you buy in and are funneled into purchasing different products, and then you funnel other people in and earn commissions when they are also funneled into purchasing the same products.

Confusing? I'll break down the different steps below...

How It Works

How it works is a bit misleading based on the information given in the sales video. Alfredo talks about how when he first started looking for ways to make money online he was bummed out because they all required money upfront before you could make anything... as if his My Income Club is different.

BUT... while the "system" that he has set up is free, it WILL COST MONEY and you will have to pay money before you can make any.

Here is how it works: 

After joining for free you will have access to the members area which includes the setup process, training and other resources.


The setup process is broken down into 4 steps...

Step 1: Join the My Income Club Facebook Group

There's nothing wrong with this. In fact, I like when programs/systems provide a way to communicate with other members on different platforms. This allows you to see how others are doing and to communicate with people who are doing the same thing as you.

Step 2: Join MyEcon

I should have expected something like this. After all, Alfredo did mention that he was featured as one of the top direct sellers on some MLM-related website.

My Econ is a MLM company that sells 3rd party services including ID theft protection, credit improvement services, a cash-flow manager software, travel booking, road-side assistance, credit monitoring and more.

However, the entire company was created as more of a money-making scheme rather than to actually provide quality products.

As with any MLM, there is a pyramid-like recruitment structure where you can recruit in new members and earn commissions from what they buy (level 1), then earn commissions from the people that they recruit in (level 2), then from the people that those level 2 people recruit in (level 3), and so on.

unilevel comp plan

MyEcon's compensation plan goes down to unlimited depth and is a very, very juiced up MLM comp plan. 

I'm not going to get too much into it here though. You can checkout this overview of the MyEcon comp plan for more info.

To join the business opportunity it costs $34.95/mo and any product purchases are additional.

Step 3: Join Direct Mail Pro (DMP)

The 3rd step is to join a program called Direct Mail Pro, which is another money-making scheme that is designed to make money by getting others to join.

With DMP you get what they call a "business in a box"...


There are different product levels you will be able to join at to get this "business in a box", which include...

  • KickStarter - $250
  • Amateur - $500
  • Elite - $1,000
  • Pro - $2,500
  • VIP - $5,000

And the products that these contain include...

  • Water bottle
  • Books
  • Laptop bag (Pro or VIP level only)
  • Laptop (VIP level only)
  • USB drive

The laptop and laptop bag are reserved for only the higher level members, but the USB drive is what makes really makes the product levels so different. This is where there is training and digital products.

The training is what is key here. The water bottle and other physical products don't really matter at all. They are just there. The training, in which you will learn how to recruit others into the business, and this is the main focus here.

Basically what you do is buy in and then get training and marketing tools so that you can recruit others in. The compensation plan is as follows...

  • Tier 1 - 40% commissions
    • Your referrals
  • Tier 2 - 20% commissions
    • Your referrals' referrals

The catch is that you can only earn commissions up to your product level. So if you buy in at the lowest level of KickStarter then you will only be able to earn commissions when you recruit other people who buy in at that level. But if you buy in at the highest level of VIP you will be able to earn commissions no matter what level your recruits buy in at.

Step 4: Join List Leverage

The last step is to join a program/system called List Leverage, which is a product from Matthew Neer... who you probably saw before showing off his sports cars and whatnot, you just might not remember.

List Leverage is an email marketing program/system in which other people help build your email list. The way it works is that every 5th subscriber you get is passed up to the person who referred you to join... and so the same happens for people that you refer... all of their 5th subscribers get passed up to you... which is good and can help you grow your list if you get a lot of recruits beneath you.

How do you get traffic to your landing page so that you can get subscribers?

Well, the system covers this for you too. You can simply pay and it will drive "targeted" traffic to your page... and based on the reviews I've read this traffic isn't cheap... costing more than $1 per click, which can get expensive fast.

Additional Costs

Online Marketing Software:

Additionally, besides joining the programs mentioned above, you will also have to join Aweber for their email marketing software ($19/mo minimum) and ClickFunnels for their sales funnel creation software ($97/mo minimum). 

Remember, the goal here isn't to go out and promote MyEcon or Direct Mail Pro and to make money this way... instead you will just be promoting the My Income Club system and the system will then funnel your recruits into joining the other programs.


The traffic generation method being pushed on members of My Income Club is coming from Matthew Neer's List Leverage product. I mentioned it but I should again just to be clear.

It can get expensive paying for this traffic.

So all-in-all if you want to get this entire My Income Club system up and running you have to pay for:

  • MyEcon membership - $34.95/mo and you will be pushed to spend more
  • Direct Mail Pro  - $250 to $5,000
  • Aweber - $19/mo minimum
  • ClickFunnels - $97/mo minimum
  • List Leverage - $47/mo + upsells
  • Paid traffic - Can get very expensive

It isn't cheap and it might not be setup this same way forever. I've seen systems that work like this in the past add in new products to their funnels, take others out, and so on. 

Can You Make Money With This?

Yes, you definitely can make money with it, but it isn't as great or as easy as it may seem.

It's all one big money-making scheme that provides little value. Everyone is buying in just to recruit others in as a way to make money.

No one is actually buying MyEcon products because they want them... they are buying into it so that they can go out and try to make money recruiting others in. And with DMP you can't even buy the products they offer by themselves. You have to join as an affiliate.

But... yes you can make money. That said, next I'll go over why this is NOT nearly as easy as they make it sound and I highly doubt that the people mentioned earlier who claim to have made as much as $22k and even $30k in a single month have done it with just this system. They likely have years of online marketing experience.

5 Reasons You Might Want to Avoid

#1 - The training is severely lacking

There really isn't much of any training. Everything is based on buying into some other system.

For example: To get traffic they push you to buy into the List Leverage system, which provides training of it's own. To capture leads and create sales funnels they push you to buy into ClickFunnels, which provides training of it's own.

This is basically a skeleton system that sends you to a bunch of different products/systems to make it all work.

#2 - MLM's... well... suck

Failure rates for MLM's are extremely high... as high as 99% according to an article from the FTC.

This is because of the pyramid commission structure they are built around.

Now not all MLMs are equal. Some have higher and steeper pyramid structures, which may seem even better because you can earn commissions from further down in your downline... however these are usually worse... and unfortunately MyEcon has one heck of a steep pyramid-like MLM structure.

What are the average earnings for MyEcon members? They don't disclose this information but I would guess it to be pretty darn low.

#3 - A short shelf life

These types of affiliate funnel systems come and go with the seasons. They aren't all that difficult for the creators to setup and so they usually don't put in all that much effort to keep them going... instead they create the next "$500 per day system".

I've come across dozens of these systems over the years. There is nothing new here and certainly no guarantee this same system will still be around in the coming years.

#4 - Not much value provided

If you are looking for a way to make money that you can actually feel good about, then this certainly isn't it.

This is just one big money-making scheme that funnels people into other smaller money-making schemes. Everyone that is joining is just joining to make money by getting others to join.

#5 - No income disclosure

When I first came across the system I decided to take a look at the income disclosure, which I have learned to always look for. 

At the bottom of the one page they state that if you want to see the average earnings then you can click on the earnings disclaimer link... but for me this link would not work.


A lot of "make money online" programs lack straightforward earnings disclaimers, but what's weird about this is that they say you can see the average earnings but the link doesn't work.

Is My Income Club a Scam?

Don't take what I'm saying the wrong way. You can make money with this affiliate sales funnel system, and I don't consider it to be a scam at all... I just wouldn't join.

Not only are there all the downsides I went over above, but what you also have to realize is that this is NOT a long-term money-making strategy. If you do buy into this you are just buying into, as mentioned, a bunch of "done-for-you" type programs/systems. This way you will be 100% reliant on these programs/systems and when they disappear from the face of the internet, which happens constantly, you won't really have any online marketing skills to keep making money.

Conclusion and What I Suggest

Recap: When you join My Income Club you are joining an affiliate sales funnel system that promotes various other online marketing/make-money-online products/services. You first have to buy into the different products/services offered before you can make any money. Then, after buying in, you promote the My Income Club system to others and earn commissions when they are funneled into purchasing the various products/services.

In a nutshell this is what the system is.

If you join, Yes, it will be easy because most things are "done-for-you", and Yes, you can make money... but you likely won't make much and this just isn't the type of system I would recommend for good reason... mainly because it will be much more difficult than you are led to believe and because it doesn't really teach you much.

If you want to learn how to actually create an online business for the long-term then I would highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training program. I've been a member myself since 2015 and have built several online businesses over the years that have allowed me to work exclusively from my laptop. 

So anyways... thanks for reading and hopefully you found this review helpful. Leave any comments/questions down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

BTW: The Wealthy Affiliate training program is free to join. You can learn more in my review here.

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam by Keala Kanae? – Read Before Joining!

Fullstaq Marketer is Keala Kanae's newest program for making money online, and unfortunately just about every review out there (at the time of me writing this) is a bunch of BS that is just promoting it as the greatest thing to bless this Earth.

But is it really that good? Or is Fullstaq Marketer a scam you should avoid? This is what we'll be getting to the bottom of in this quick review.

Fullstaq Marketer is a complete re-brand of his older system called AWOL Academy. According to a press release on PRWeb, Keala Kanae and his partner who were running AWOL Academy together parted ways due to differences in future visions for the program--and Keala then went to on to create this new Fullstaq Marketer program.

Some reviews out there are ranting and raving about how great this new system is, such as that from 'Mark' at NOBSIMREVIEWS, but this guy is well known for writing the absolute worst reviews on the planet and funneling people into his "#1 Recommendation".

From what I have seen in my research there isn't any solid information on this new program yet--just a bunch of BS promoting it, like I said.

What Is Fullstaq Marketer?

Fullstaq Marketer

It is going to be an educational program for people who want to become internet marketers and make money online--and it is said to have it all, meaning that it is going to have training on all the important aspects of online marketing so that you can develop a good well-rounded set of skills.

Keala claims that only 3% of people finish internet marketing courses and with this new program he hopes to improve on this statistic.

I have no idea where this statistic comes from in the first place and to be honest it doesn't really mean much to me. A lot of people don't finish because they are often forced into purchasing some ridiculously priced $1,000+ membership or digital product to continue.

*I wouldn't be surprised if this statistic comes from members of Keala's past program, AWOL Academy, which was an extremely expensive high-ticket program that I could easily see only 3% of people "completing".

That said, maybe Keala is taking Fullstaq Marketer in an entirely different direction--because he claims he wants this program to be above the deceptive advertising practices that you often see for "make money online" programs--the ones that lure people in with high expectations only to let them down. Maybe this is one of the reasons he decided to quite AWOL and go his own direction--because in my opinion AWOL Academy was part of the shady side of the online marketing education world that he talks about.

Who Is Keala Kanae?

Since he is the creator and all, I think it's a good idea to talk a little more about this man.

If you look up reviews about him you will likely find a fairly long list of complaints--many of them about his ridiculously long 3 hour "training" webinar that is just a funnel to buy the first of a series of higher priced products starting at $99 (which is for AWOL Academy).

There are a heck of a lot of complaints about him and AWOL Academy. People just don't care for the shady marketing tactics he often employs to lure people into his programs.


Source: SiteJabber

I understand that people more often than not leave negative reviews on sites like SiteJabber, but I've been reviewing online "money making" programs for years now and I know exactly what these people are talking about when they say he uses deception as a marketing tactic.

How It Works

There seems to be a lot of emphasis made by Keala on making this system better than past systems for completion rate. One of the ways he is said to have improved this new re-vamped version of AWOL Academy is by adding in 'gamification' features, pre-assessments, quizzes after each lesson, exams to monitor comprehension and more.

Members will be encouraged to complete the material throughout the courses in bite-sized pieces and will be rewarded throughout the journey--and will be able to track their progress to know that they are understanding everything before moving forward.

The training is broken down into stages and members are rewarded with points and badges after completing different areas and showing that they comprehend the material.

This is great because I know how easy it can be to get confused on the little things when you are just starting out--then you feel you aren't really getting things (understanding things) and might end up quitting too early.

Also, it has been said that it is going to have an "unprecedented" amount of camaraderie from the community of other members. We'll see how this plays out, but if it is true then that is great. The online marketing training program that I'm a member of (Wealthy Affiliate--which I highly recommend) has a very lively community with a lot of interaction among members--which I consider to be almost as valuable as the training.

The Focus of The Training

As you might be able to guess from the name "fullstaq" (fullstack), the overall goal of this training program is to provide members with a very well-rounded program--so that they can learn all the key aspects of internet marketing and actually go out and make money without being reliant on any one program, method, etc.

Sales funnels, increasing conversions, traffic generation, etc.--this will all be covered.

My guess is that there will be the most focus on affiliate marketing--which is when you promote products online and earn commissions doing so--and I'm sure he will probably push people to promote his Fullstaq Marketer program just like he did with AWOL.

What Happens to AWOL Members?

This is a really good question--what will happen to members of AWOL Academy?

Will they be abandoned and forgotten as Keala moves over to his new program? Will they be given some sort of discount to the new program or given free membership?

Who knows!

The strange thing is that (as I'm writing this) it is still possible to buy into AWOL Academy, even though this is supposed to be shutting down and Fullstaq Marketer is supposed to be launching.


I could make up a bunch of crap to fluff up this review and make it seem more complete, but that wouldn't be very ethical. The information I'm providing here is based on the limited amount of information that exists about this program right now.

There are still a lot of unknowns and unanswered questions. The program is very new and there just isn't much to be said about it yet.

Will Fullstaq Marketer really help change the horrible reputation of the "make money online" industry? 

Who knows... but my best guess is probably not. If anything it will probably just add to the bad reputation if it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor (AWOL).

What do you think about Fullstaq Marketer? I always appreciate comments and questions left from my readers 🙂 Also, if you have any additional information that I could add to this review, be sure to let me know!

Before you leave...

Here is my "#1 recommended program" for making money online. I got started with it back in 2015 and have since been able to turn it into a full-time money-maker.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Affiliate Marketing? – If You Actually Want to Be Successful

If you are looking to get involved in affiliate marketing one of the first things you should do is look into the costs of it all.

Are you even going to be able to afford it?

You've probably heard stories about how affordable it is, but is it really? After all, you can exactly trust everything that you read online.

So how much does it cost to start affiliate marketing? I wish I could give you a simple straightforward answer, but is a bit more complicated than that, which is why I am writing an entire article about it.

*Note: This article is about the cost of getting started as an affiliate trying to make money online, not a business looking to start an affiliate program.

I've been an affiliate marketer since 2015 and currently make a living as such. There are a bunch of different ways to go about doing it and in this article I'll be breaking down the costs needed to get involved and the most affordable way to do so.

I'm going to assume that you already have an Internet and computer. After all, you are on my website right now reading this. And when I say a computer, I'm talking about a desktop computer. Affiliate marketing with your smart phone, while I guess it could possibly be done, would be incredibly difficult and is definitely not something I would recommend.

What You Will Need to Pay For

The truth is that it would be possible to start affiliate marketing with $0

Signing up for affiliate programs is completely free to do and you could promote affiliate links on places like forums, social media, etc. Everything associated with this would be completely free.

HOWEVER, this is something that just isn't going to work out for 99% of the people who try. Sure, you might get a sale or two, but most of us don't have massive social media followings and will not be able to realistically make much money this way.

Also, most affiliate programs out there actually require you to have a website or some other channel that you can promote offers through, such as a YouTube channel with a large subscriber base. So starting out affiliate marketing like this with $0 just isn't going to cut it for most of us.

But it's not a big deal really... Affiliate marketing still is incredibly affordable when compared to other business models.

What You Will Want to Pay For

What you will want to pay for is what is going to give you good chances of success. You want to pay for a way to make good money online but I'm also guessing that you aren't looking to spend too much money.

The cheapest, and still highly effective (full time income potential and more) route to take would be to create a website and bring in free traffic from search engines like Google.

Not only is this what I consider the best route to take as a beginner looking to make money affiliate marketing, but it is also how I got started.... So I know that it works and works well, if done right of course.

How It Works Is Like This:

affiliate marketing

The traffic you can get from this method is free and it is unlimited. This is the upside.

The downside is that this will take some time to get going. This isn't like paid advertising where you can start getting traffic right away. 

There is always a payoff. You either need to spend time or money, usually a combination of both. Affiliate marketing with your own website and getting free traffic from the search engines is extremely affordable but takes more time.

But it can definitely be worth while if you do things right.

Domain & Hosting

It's pretty much a given nowadays that you need your own website. This goes for any type of online business. Websites are the core of online business and when it comes to affiliate marketing they are a must... Pretty much any affiliate marketer will tell you that.

And the good thing is that they are cheap.

You have a lot of different options when it comes to buying a domain and hosting. Some of these include...

  • GoDaddy
    • Domain/hosting combo
    • Starts out at $1/mo
    • Renews at $7.99/mo
    • Get 1 free domain with your hosting
  • Namecheap
    • .com domain names start around $8.50
    • Hosting starts out at $2.88/mo
  • Bluehost
    • Domain/hosting combo
    • Just $2.95/mo
    • Get free domain with hosting

A lot of the options out there start out very cheap and provide both hosting and a free domain to go with it. However, they often go up in price a bit and the free domain you get will renew in a year for around $12-$15. But that still is incredibly cheap.

Just $13 - $15 a year for your domain and several dollars month for hosting??? Yes.... That is all it takes.

You also might want to add some options into your purchase, such as privacy protection which will keep your identity hidden so that people can't look up your website and see all your details. This will cost another $12 or so a year.

Still not bad though.

Recommendation: Bluehost ($2.95/mo)


Why do I recommend Bluehost?

Why not GoDaddy, which is one of the most popular?

Well, because Bluehost has better rated hosting and is very well trusted, which is the reason they are the #1 rated hosting provider by WordPress.

GoDaddy is only the most popular because they spend half their revenue on advertising rather than improving their hosting.

If you go with Bluehost that will cost you $2.95 a month if you go with their cheapest plan, which is all you need.

SEO Tools

After you have your domain and hosting, the idea is to create content that is going to rank high in the search engines so that people see it and click on it. This is how you bring in free traffic.

What you absolutely DO NOT want to do is just start writing a bunch of content. If you take this approach, while some level of success is possible, it isn't going to get you very far.

There is a strategy behind content creation and for what you will be doing you want to focus on what is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is just the term used to refer to efforts made to optimize your site for search engines.

One thing that everyone will need is some sort of Keyword Research Tool, which will allow you to target specific keywords that people are searching for in the search engines.

Think about it: If you write an article titled 'How to Juggle a Toad', you aren't going to get any traffic from that because no one is looking up how to juggle a toad, or at least I would hope not. If you write an article on 'How to scramble eggs' and get ranked high enough you are going to get a ton of traffic because a bunch of cooking newbs are going to be looking this up.

Option #1: The Free Method

If you want a free way to do keyword research then you can use the Google Adwords keyword tool for SEO. This is a free keyword research tool designed for use within the Google Adwords platform.

It is designed for use with paid search results (the ads showed at the top of Google) but can still be incredibly useful when it comes to the organic search results, which is what our focus is on.

The Google Adwords keyword tool (Google Keyword Planner)...

  • Helps you come up with keyword ideas based on a phrase, a landing page or category
  • Shows the average monthly search volume for specific keywords so that you know how much potential traffic you can get if you rank high enough
  • Shows trends in the search volume of specific keywords and groups of keywords which can help you determine if a keyword is worth targeting

It's free, it helps a lot, but there is a downside. The downside is that it doesn't tell you anything about the competition from other organically ranked websites -- what I'm talking about are the other websites out there that you will be competing with to rank for a certain keyword.

This is a big problem because you can target a keyword that gets a ton of traffic on a monthly basis, but if there is too much competition from high level authority sites, you might not stand a chance.

There are other free keyword tools out there, but they all are limited. For example, Soolve can give you great suggestions and help you come up with new ideas, but it doesn't provide any stats.

Option #2: The Paid Method

Your other option is to go with paid keyword research tools, which as you can imagine are better than the free methods that are out there.

You have quite a few options:

  • Long Tail Pro
    • Keyword analysis, rank tracking, SERP analysis, backlink analysis
    • Good for not only finding good keywords but also for taking a look at your competition
    • Starts at $37/mo (as I'm writing this there is a discount at $25/mo)
  • SECockpit
    • Keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, etc... lots of filtering options
    • Starts at $339/yr
    • Clunky with steep learning curve -- more for professionals
  • Jaaxy
    • Keyword research, auto-suggestions, rank tracking, brainstorming feature
    • Starts at $19/mo
    • Easy to use and all you really need

Recommendation: Jaaxy ($19/mo)


Jaaxy is not only the cheapest, but it provides all you really need. This is the tool I've been using for years now and I really like it.

It provides...

  • The average search volume for keywords
  • Estimated traffic if you rank on the first page of Google
  • Number of competitor sites out there that are ranking for the same keyword
  • The overall quality of the keyword
  • And more.

It is also really great for finding better keyword suggestions.

Minimum Cost to Start Out

Now of course this isn't really the 'minimum' cost to start out because if you really wanted to, as I already went over, you could start without any money at all. 

This is the minimum cost to start for those who actually want a good chance of success.

You definitely need a website, which means you need to buy a domain and hosting.

I recommend Bluehost and so does This will cost you $2.95/mo.

You also need some way to do keyword research. I recommend the Jaaxy keyword tool with is $19/mo.

  • Total Starting Cost: $21.95/mo

With a website and keyword research tool you are no doubt equipped to start seeing success. In fact, you could even use what you have to eventually rake in a full-time income. I'm not saying this is going to happen, but I am saying I've seen it done.

The website you need without a doubt. The paid keyword research tool can possibly be set aside for now, and you can go with the free option of Google Keyword Planner, but this isn't going to be nearly as good.

Do You Need Training?

Now you may be wondering -- well, what about training?

I went over the basics but where on earth should you start?

It is true that just about all the information you need can be found for free online. But what is also true is that you can find a lot of outdated information online and all sorts of things that aren't going to work out well.

Sifting through all the crap is what makes it so difficult. And for someone who is just starting out -- of course you might not know what is good information and what is bad.

For this reason it might be in your best interest to sign up for a reputable training course.

There are a lot of options out there so be sure to do your research before joining something. If you want my personal recommendation I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate.

Recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate


Well -- for one, I'm a member, have went through the whole training program myself and know that it works. And, because they do an excellent job at really breaking down the entire process into step-by-step pieces which is great for beginners.

Not only that, but Wealthy Affiliate has more to offer than just training. When you become a member you also get access to tools you will need. For example you get access to a keyword research tool so that you don't need to go out and get one separately. They are basically like an "all in one" package.

They have a free membership for people starting out that gives you access to the beginners training, a free website with hosting and more. Doesn't get much better than this.

The cost of their premium membership is either $49/mo or $29/mo (depending on how you pay).

Additional Expenses

You should be plenty good to go with all that I have went over above. But it is still worth mentioning some of the additional expenses that may come your way as you grow your online business.

Other More Advanced SEO Tools

Besides having a normal keyword research tool, which is a must, there are lots of other tools out there to help improve your SEO.

One popular more advanced tool is SEM Rush, whose top feature gives you the ability to spy on your competition. What it does is allows you to analyze competitors' websites in your niche and see what keywords they are ranking for.

Now I don't particularly like this "keyword stealing" game, but it can be very effective.

They do offer a free week trial but after that the lowest payment option is $99.95/mo.


An autoresponder is a software that you can use to send out mass amounts of automated emails to subscribers.

This isn't going to be something you want to get involved with right away but in the future one should be considered.

What you can do is collect people's emails by getting them to opt into an email list that you have hooked up to an autoresponder. You can say something basic like "Join Our Free Newsletter to Stay Updated" and simply send out emails to all your subscribers when you publish a new post; you could ask people to opt in by saying "Sign Up & Get My Free Ebook on 'Some Topic In Your Niche'", in which you could give away a free ebook to capture their emails; and so on.

An email list is a powerful thing. Once someone gives you their email you have the power contact them for free, anytime you want.

Have you ever heard the money is in the list..? This is why people say that.

Some Options:

But again, this isn't something you need to worry about right now. You can get involved in this after you start making money. It isn't needed.


Paying for PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads is another expense you might encounter down the road, but again, isn't something you need to think about when starting out.

You've probably heard of Google Adwords or Bing Ads before. And if you haven't heard of them I'm sure you have seen them -- those ads that appear at the top of the search results.

google ad

These are two examples of what I'm talking about here. With either, you are able to buy your way into the top search results, instead of ranking for keywords organically for free.

If you know what you are doing you should be able to pay for medium competition keywords for around $0.30 - $0.50 per click, which can be very lucrative if you have a good affiliate offer that converts well.

But I would definitely suggest going the free route and just using keyword research to rank organically first. You can blow through a lot of money very fast with PPC if you don't know what you are doing. And besides, getting organic rankings works plenty well. Many affiliate marketers don't even mess with PPC.

Landing Page Building Software

At some point you may want to take your landing pages (the pages that visitors land on when they come to your website) to the next level. You may want to customize and stylize them more to hopefully help increase conversions, which you can buy landing page software for.

There are so many different options out there, but what I use is a website plugin called Thrive Architect, which is a product of Thrive Themes. Basically it is just something you install on your website that allows you to construct beautiful landing pages with ease.

landing pages

Once you start earning money with your website, and not just a little bit but a fair amount, you might want to look into outsourcing your content writing. Not everyone likes to do this because some people enjoy the writing and like to keep their sites personal, but it is an option on the table.

There are lots of different places you can hire freelance writers to create content for your site. Websites like and Upwork are two very popular sites like this. You can find good freelance writers for as low as $25/hr on these sites, and pros that charge upwards of $100/hr.

The amount you will spend on writing services will of course vary depending on the amount of work you want done and the quality of writing you are looking for. 

The idea behind it all is to free up your time for more management related tasks so that you can grow your business to new levels.

The Real Cost

By now you can see that the real cost of affiliate marketing all depends on how you decide to go about it.

It is true what you have heard -- affiliate marketing is a very affordable business model to get started with, but starting for free isn't all it's cracked up to be, and definitely is not the path I would recommend, unless you were to start out by joining the Wealthy Affiliate training program which provides a free membership including beginner training, a website & hosting, access to a keyword research tool and more, with the hope that you will like what you see and upgrade to their paid membership.

*Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here -- great for beginners looking to get started

Once you gain experience and become more advanced you can easily start paying hundreds of dollars per month to keep your affiliate marketing business up and running, but of course the idea is that at that point you will be making plenty of money to cover all those costs and they will be well worth it.

I hope I've given you a detailed look into the costs surrounding affiliate marketing. If there any questions you have, any at all, do not hesitate to leave them down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Where to Start Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step Guide

If you are looking to start affiliate marketing you have a big choice to make... Where to start!???

There are lots of options to choose, and unfortunately they are not all equal. While one option might be good for one person another option might be better for the next. 

In this article I'll be going over the main choices you have at hand, what might be better for some people and what is my recommendation for the majority of those looking into this.

It's not a secret that most people who get involved in affiliate marketing fail. I don't have any statistics to base this statement off of, but having been involved in affiliate marketing since 2015 I know this to be the truth.

There are a lot of bad choices you can potentially make that will end up being nothing more than a waste of time. And worse yet, there are so many scams plaguing the online money making world that you could also potentially fall victim to one of these.

It's no wonder you are looking for good information on where to get started affiliate marketing. This is something everyone should do.

Should you create a website, market affiliate products on social media, post links in some forum, start a Youtube channel, get involved in email marketing? 

We'll get into all of this, but first let's briefly go over what exactly affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people's stuff and earn commissions doing so. Well, you aren't actually 'selling'. You are just promoting products online and earn commissions when you help make a sale.

Here's how it works:

  1. You promote a product you like with your unique affiliate link
  2. Someone clicks on your link and is directed to the seller's website, such as Amazon for example
  3. They purchase the awesome squeaky dog toy you were promoting
  4. You get paid a commission for helping make that sale

It's a rather simple business model and is easy to get started with, which is why it is a popular choice among people looking to make money online. Not only that, but it also requires little to no startup cost.

Sound like what you thought it was and are you still interested? 

Let's discuss your options...

Different Options

*You can jump to the next section titled "the best route to take" if you want to know your best option.

5. Social Media

One of the easiest ways to start affiliate marketing is to promote products through social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram -- although not the most effective for most.

Most people have personal Facebook pages and you can promote any sort of affiliate product you would like to. But, it's within the best practices to not be overly "salesy". No one is going to click on an affiliate link that is being pushed down their throat.

Be helpful and place your affiliate links naturally. 

Facebook Groups and Pages:

If you don't want to promote on your personal Facebook page you can also go the route of posting in groups or even on a branded page. I'm sure not everyone wants to annoy their friends with product promotions. And besides, most people don't have a massive social media following that is going to lead to much success, which would make this option not a very good choice.

If you were to create a Facebook Page this would be more for keeping your audience updated on your brand. And you don't have to have a company to create a page like this. You could create a page centered around funny cat videos and call it Daily Dose of Cats (probably already taken). If you did this you could attract followers by a variety of different means and subtly promote cat products.

Groups are more for interaction, which makes complete sense. Your options here are to simply join a Facebook group that has to do with a topic you like (there are groups for everything: hiking, makeup, pets, gadgets, and probably even belly dancing) and promote products within it. HOWEVER, you have to be careful with this because it is an easy way to get kicked out. If there is a topic you have a lot of enthusiasm over you may want to think about creating your own group. This way you make the roles.

4. Youtube

Youtube is so big that it get's its own little section in my article. And besides, it doesn't really fully fall into the social media category, although some people consider it social media.

Affiliate marketing via Youtube can be very effective. When it comes to purchasing products online there is a problem... You can't feel and touch the products! But watching a video about a product can really help. Not only that, but people are more willing to trust someone who they can see and hear rather than just read what someone wrote.

In fact, there is a good chance you looked up where you should start affiliate marketing on Youtube to begin with.

But there is a problem. The problem is that this just isn't meant for everyone, which is the reason I don't have a Youtube channel where I broadcast my face everywhere and promote affiliate products. Not everyone wants to get behind a camera or a on a webcam.

However, if you do there is certainly plenty of potential. The highest paid Youtuber of 2018 was a 7 year old who brought in $22 million. His channel is called Ryan Toys Review and although much of his income nowadays comes from exclusive deals he (his parents) makes with big companies, affiliate marketing no doubt contributes to some of this figure.


One of the easiest ways to go about affiliate marketing on Youtube would be to do product reviews. It is pretty straightforward -- you review a product and include an affiliate link so that people can purchase it below the video. You see this kind of thing all the time.

You could also choose other ways to market products. For example you could do a "how to" video on hitting a baseball and promote some product that is supposed to help with this.


If you do go the Youtube route try to remain as relaxed as possible and speak in a conversational tone, as if you are talking directly to someone. This can be difficult at first but you will get better.

3. Forums (Reddit)

Yes, that is a post about two cats fighting pictured above. More cats on the internet... Of course.

But anyways... Another option you have is to do affiliate marketing on forums like Reddit. This would be similar to doing it within a Facebook group, since online forums are places where people share their ideas and views. 

It's another free way to do affiliate marketing but of course it isn't nearly as easy as it may seem.

You can't just go around posting affiliate links. They will be marked as spam and your account will be banned. Subreddit moderators have the most leeway when it comes to posting links like this but even they can't go crazy doing it.

It is also "frowned upon" to do too much self promotion. So if you are planning on linking a bunch to your own website or Youtube channel, which then promotes a product, that isn't a good idea UNLESS you are providing helpful content. But as a general rule of thumb it is stated that 10% or less of your reddit postings should have self promotion.

According to a quote on reddit:

  • "It's perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it's not okay to be a website with a reddit account." - Confucius

Ya... apparently Confucius said that... lol.

If you are going to pair affiliate marketing with Reddit, it is best to do indirect affiliate marketing which would be when you link to your own website or something, as discussed above. Just be sure not to overdue it and be helpful. It's all about being helpful.

2. Email Marketing
email marketing

I'm sure we've all gotten emails at one point or another that were promoting products -- as in affiliate marketing. Many promotional emails frustrate us to no end and often are deleted without even being opened. 

However, email marketing in conjunction with affiliate marketing is yet another path one could take. It's pretty self explanatory -- you send out emails with affiliate links in them to your subscriber base. And of course you don't want to bombard people with promotions. Always focus on helping and providing value first.

The problem: Most people looking into affiliate marketing are just getting started and don't have an email list, which is a list of email subscribers you can blast emails out to with an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse. It's true that you could buy one but this would require a fair cost and if you don't have experience in email marketing it likely isn't going to turn out too good.

Having been involved in affiliate marketing myself for years now, I've seen many people really ramp up their affiliate earnings when they started to incorporate email marketing into their daily work routine.

Again, this is not going to be a starting point for most people, but it is an option that is worth mentioning -- and it's an option that you can actually mesh together with having your own website, which I'll talk about now...

1. Website *
wordpress website

Number 1 on the list is affiliate marketing with your own website. This is pretty much a requirement if you want to be successful unless you have some massive Facebook following or Youtube subscriber base, which most of us do not.

The idea is simple: You create a website, attract visitors to it and promote affiliate products. But of course it is a bit more complicated than that, as I will get into.

The Best Route to Take

As mentioned, creating your own website and affiliate marketing from there is what I would suggest for the majority of people out there. In fact, even if you do have a lot of followers on Facebook or a big Youtube subscriber base, I would still recommend it.

Lots of upsides to having your own site

There are a lot of upsides to having your own website. 

First off... A lot of affiliate programs actually require that you have a website before you are approved. So in some cases this is a must. 

Second, you have total control over your site and what you promote. Unlike promoting on Youtube, Facebook and on forums, you don't have to follow a bunch of guidelines. It is your website and you own it.

You can make your website as spammy with affiliate links as you want to -- although this is definitely not suggested because it likely will not convert well.

A Website is the cornerstone of online business

It all starts with a good website. Even if you have a big Youtube channel or Facebook following you can promote to, having your own site and promoting it can be a gamechanger. This is why you see so many social media icons and Youtubers with their own sites nowadays.

  • With a website you can...
    • Get free traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo
    • Promote a Facebook page or vice versa
    • Get traffic from a Youtube channel if you have one
    • Get people to sign up for an email list and then do email marketing
    • Monetize traffic in other ways such as with banner ads

There is a lot you can do.

How It All Works:

Most people are starting out from scratch without the help of a popular Facebook page or Youtube account, so I'll be assuming you are one of these people -- which is completely fine. I also started out this way.

The basic process of how this all works is shown here...

affiliate marketing diagram
  1. Customer - Potential customers search on Google, Yahoo and Bing all the time. They are out there, and with a website you can pull them in and hopefully convert them -- to commissions that is.
  2. Your Site - Your website that you create will have rich content and attracts people searching online. They visit your site and click on affiliate links you have.
  3. Customer Buys Product - They are then directed to the seller's website and end up purchasing the product.
  4. You Make Money - You earn a commission of the sales you help drive in.

The great thing about getting traffic to your website from search engines like Google is that it is 100% free.

The bad thing is that it takes time. This is certainly not something that you can do and start making money with in a week. I know, it's unfortunate but it is true. It can however lead to a reliable and steady income over time.

Don't worry, I'll get into how exactly you will be getting traffic from the search engines in a second. But before all of that, you first need to get things set up. So let's go over this first...

Setting Things Up

Okay, you need a website... But where to start?

You need a domain and hosting, which there are lots of options for.

Some Options:
  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Bluehost

My Recommendation: Bluehost

Not only does Bluehost provide better rated hosting than the others, but it is also among the most affordable and easiest.

And not only is the hosting good, but they also offer free domain registration and everything starting at just $2.95/mo (as I'm writing this) which is insane. It is the top recommended hosting service by WordPress for a reason.


There are several options for getting started, but all you need to start out is the $2.95/mo one...


After you choose your package you will be prompted to enter your domain name. If you already own one you can enter it or you can choose a new domain name that you would like to buy, which is included with the price mentioned above...

Important: Before Buying a Domain

Before you choose a domain name put some thought into this. Preferably the domain name should have something to do with what your website is going to be about, although it doesn't really have to.

  • If you are going to make a website about golfing and your name is Todd, you could call it
  • If you will be making your site about dog walking you could name it

Now these are just examples and they might not even be available, but you get the point. Your domain can be anything. You can go with something straightforward or something more creative. You choose.

Got a domain in mind? Good.

After you choose your domain on Bluehost you will enter some information to create your account.

After all that is out of the way, it is time to install WordPress, which could be described as the website framework you will be using. This is very popular for content focused websites, which is what you will be creating. And... It is FREE. Can't beat that.

Installing WordPress is very easy so I'm not going to go over it. You will see how to do it inside Bluehost. It is a 1-click automated process. After that your website will be read for you to start working on.

Getting Traffic & Making Money

Getting Traffic:

Now that you have your website up and ready to go, it's time to create some content. This is how you will be getting free traffic from the search engines, such as Google.

You can write about anything that you'd like related to your website topic.

Example: If your site is about dogs some things you could write about include...

  • The top 10 dog toys
  • Dog life jackets (yes this is a thing)
  • How to keep your dog in your yard
  • Exercises for old dogs

Writing content like reviews, "how to" guides, and top 10 lists are pretty popular. But you are by no means limited to just these. 

Doing Keyword Research

Before each article that you write you are going to want to find a specific keyword to target. The idea is to target the exact keywords that people are searching for in Google. 

But how do you find this out? You can't just go randomly write a bunch of content. What you need is a 'keyword research tool'.

There are different options out there but I use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. You can type different keywords in and analyze the stats of that particular keyword as well as related keywords. This way you know how many people are searching for that keyword and how hard it is going to be to rank for it, because not all keywords are the same.

In the example below you can see that I looked up the stats for the keyword "best organic protein powder"…


Sound difficult?

Don't worry… Keyword research is not very difficult by any means. In fact, it helps you find lots of new topics to write about that you might not have thought of normally. It can be a big help and is definitely a necessity when trying to get free traffic from the search engines

When you are creating content try to be as helpful as possible. Don't think so much about the money you are trying to make. Focus on helping the visitor and think about the information they are looking for.

You certainly do not have to be an English teacher or journalist to be able to write good content. It's best to write in a more conversational tone. No one wants to read an essay, or at least I sure as heck don't think so.

Making Money:

Once you have some good content up on your site it is time to move forward with the process of making money.

Now you are going to want to find some affiliate programs that have products you can promote. Amazon sells pretty much everything so that is always a good choice when just starting out, although they don't pay very high commissions.

You can search for other affiliate programs in your niche by simply using Google and searching for 'your niche + affiliate program'. So for example: 'dog toys + affiliate program'.

Signing up for affiliate programs is free.... ALWAYS FREE. So if you come across some program that is requiring you to pay, get out of there while you can. It's probably a scam.

Incorporating Affiliate Links

When you are putting affiliate links into your content you want to make it as natural as possible. Don't bombard the reader with a bunch of "click here", "buy it now", etc., although these phrases can be used sparingly and are effective.

You always have to think about what your readers might think as you are creating content and placing affiliate links.

That said, there really is no right or wrong way to go about doing it. Below you can see 3 different examples I found on different affiliate websites when I was Googling for the best dog toys. The one website uses simple "view on Amazon" text as their affiliate link, the next provides 3 different buttons with affiliate links that a reader can click on to buy on different websites, and the last has a simple "buy from" button.

example 2
example 3

Other Revenue Streams

One of the upsides to doing affiliate marketing through your own website, as already mentioned, is the fact that you can create multiple different revenue streams, besides just that of affiliate marketing.

One other very popular option for people who have their own websites is advertising services like Google AdSense. Basically what you would do to make money with AdSense is simply place a code on your website and then Google AdSense will display relevant ads to your website visitors, which you would make money from.

And of course there is big money to be made in email marketing, and when you have your own website you can collect people's emails by getting them to opt into newsletters and such.


Okay, so let's do a brief recap here…

Affiliate marketing is simply when you promote other people's stuff and earn commissions when you help drive in a sale. There are multiple ways to go about doing this and having your own website is what I would recommend.

The goal is to choose a specific topic you want your website to be about and to write content about that specific topic, which will attract visitors who are searching on Google and the other search engines if you do your keyword research correctly with the use of keyword research tools such as Jaaxy.

After getting your website up off the ground and creating some good content, you then can look into affiliate programs that have products related to what your website is all about. Then you're going to want to insert affiliate links naturally, but without coming across as too "salesy".

And that's pretty much it for the most part. Then you just rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

Once you get the hang of it really is not that difficult, but I understand how it can seem very overwhelming when you're just starting out. I also see that there is a lot of room for potential error and being led down the wrong path.

Quick-start Training

If you are looking to start out the right way and want some guidance showing you step-by-step how to get through this entire process of…

  • Choosing a website topic
  • Building your website
  • Writing content
  • Monetizing that content
  • And more

And if you want access to everything it all in one bundle, including a free website and access to the Jaaxy keyword research tool that I use, then I would highly suggest creating a free account at Wealthy Affiliate.

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is a step-by-step training platform for affiliate marketers that provide you with everything you need to get started. And best of all, they offer a free membership for beginners were you can get started at no cost. 

*If you do join Wealthy Affiliate you will get a free website and hosting through them, which means you can ignore what I wrote above about buying your domain and website hosting.

The reason I'm such a fan of Wealthy Affiliate, besides the fact that is the only "all-in-one" platform of its kind, is because this is where I started out and there is no doubt it has led to my success.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

You can also read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

This was quite a long article so I'm sure there are at least some questions you might have. Feel free to ask them below in the comment section I will get back to you soon 🙂

Internet Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – The Difference & What You Need to Know

Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are two very different things. Internet marketing is a very broad term while affiliate marketing is much more narrow and refers to a more specific type of marketing.

In this comparison of Internet marketing vs affiliate marketing I'll be giving you a high level overview of the difference and will be diving into each in additional detail so you see how they fit together.

As mentioned, Internet marketing is a very broad term, and is the same thing as online marketing. The definition according to Webopedia is as follows...

  • "Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails."

It makes perfect sense really… Internet marketing is anything that has to do with marketing on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is actually a type of marketing that is included inside the realm of Internet marketing.

In short, affiliate marketing is a type of Internet marketing, just one of many.

*Note: Affiliate marketing isn't always done online and therefore isn't always under the umbrella of internet marketing. More on this.

Types of Internet Marketing

There are many different things that could fall into the category of Internet marketing, including the following…

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes advertising and promotional efforts on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. This could include efforts such as something simple like posting about an offer on a Facebook page or something a little more intense like analyzing particular audiences within Facebook to determine who is the best target audience to promote to... And everything in between.

2. Email Marketing

You guessed it… Email marketing includes advertising and promotional efforts via email. 

I'm sure we've all been frustrated before with promotional emails that end up cluttering our inbox. You know, the ones that say things like "15% off today only", "limited time offer", "don't miss out" and so on. The ones that you probably delete without even opening half the time.

Of course there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, but all that the consumer sees is the end result, which is an email in their inbox marketing some product or service.

3. SEO

Unless you have been involved in Internet marketing for some time, you probably do not know what SEO is. SEO stands for "search engine optimization" and this term includes marketing efforts at optimizing websites for search traffic.

Basically this is the conscious effort to get more free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

4. Youtube Marketing

This one is pretty straightforward… YouTube marketing is marketing on YouTube. This could include something as simple as a product link placed below a video or something that takes a bit more effort such as getting a particular video ranked high in the search is so that it gets viewed more, the structure of the video itself and so on.

5. PPC

PPC, or "pay per click", is a form of paid advertising where one… Uhhm… Pays per click. This form of advertising could be used to generate leads, get more people to sign up for some free trial, sell a product, etc.

Different platforms for using PPC include Facebook ads, Bing ads, advertising on twitter, etc.

6. Affiliate Marketing

I told you that affiliate marketing falls under the broad term of Internet marketing, and here it is. I'm going to be diving much more in detail here, but basically this form of marketing is when companies pay individuals a commission for helping sell products.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

If you've looked into making money online for even the smallest amount of time then you have probably come across people talking about affiliate marketing. 

You have probably heard things like…

  • You can make money without your own product
  • It's easy to get started
  • There is little to no cost involved

... and other aspects that make it sound pretty awesome (those listed above are true).

As mentioned, affiliate marketing is when companies pay commissions to people that help sell their products. The reason for doing this is obvious. It is a win/win situation, the company gets more sales and the individual earns commissions by promoting products they never even have to see or touch.

In a nutshell you are selling other people's stuff and getting paid for it.

The basics of affiliate marketing online are:

  1. Affiliate promotes a product via an affiliate link
  2. Someone clicks on their link and is directed to the seller's website
  3. They purchase the product
  4. The affiliate gets paid a commission for helping make the sale

There are a number of different ways to go about doing this, but as a quick example…

Example: You have a dog that you love more than the world, so you decide to promote an awesome dog toy. You do so by sharing a link on your Facebook page with all of your other dog loving friends. One of them clicks on the link and is directed to Amazon to purchase the dog toy. They purchase it and Amazon then pays you a commission of the sale.

Different Ways to Go About Doing It:

Affiliate marketing can be combined with some of the other forms of Internet marketing that I discussed above, as well as gone about in an entirely different approach. Below I'll go over some of the different ways you can have for promoting affiliate links and earning commissions (including my favorite)...

1. Social Media - Social media marketing can easily be combined with affiliate marketing. The example I gave above would fall into this category... Posting affiliate links on your social media account, posting in Facebook groups, etc.

However, this method of affiliate marketing wouldn't be all that effective for the majority of people out there. While we all might be able to make a sale or 2 from this, that is probably about as far as 95% of us will get.

Unless you have some massive social media following, using social media to go about affiliate marketing is not going to be a reliable way to bring in income.

2. Youtube - You see affiliate marketing and Youtube marketing in conjunction all the time. 

Have you ever watched a video where the person tells you to click the link below to purchase some product they had in their video? Yeah, that is more than likely an affiliate link in which they will earn a commission from if you purchase the product.

If you are a YouTuber that gets good traffic to your videos then this could definitely lead to a good source of income. However, most of us are not Youtubers and might not have what it takes to be in front of the camera and build a large base of hungry subscribers, which makes this method of going about affiliate marketing not the best choice.

3. Forums - This is a very easy way to go about affiliate marketing, just by posting affiliate links on forums. However, most forums have policies against promoting affiliate links and this is an easy way to get banned or to simply have your post get deleted.

I don't think I've ever came across anyone who actually makes good money affiliate marketing on forums like this.

4. Website - Then there is affiliate marketing with your own website, which is what I recommend for the majority of people out there and what I have found to be very effective.

What you what do here is create your own little website (which isn't hard to do) and build your own brand around whatever it is you are interested in. 

You will be able to get free traffic from the search engines like Google and by creating content and getting ranked. 

A basic overview of the process in which you can make money like this is as follows…

affiliate marketing diagram
Some of The Many Pros to Having Your Own Website:
  • Can promote anything - You are not limited by any means. It is your website and you choose what you want to promote.
  • Don't have to worry about getting banned/blocked, etc. - There is no one that is going to ban you or block you, unless you for some reason would want to do that to yourself. Again, you own your website.
  • Many affiliate programs require that you have a website - Having your own website is a requirement to join many of the affiliate programs out there anyhow. So this is a must in some cases.
  • Opens up other possible revenue streams - Once you have traffic coming into your website you will also be able to monetize it in other ways, other than just affiliate marketing.

A lot of the benefits to having your own website come down to the fact that you are in total control. You are not at the mercy of advertising policies set by some other company or anything like that. You can do what you want.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Attractive to Newbies

It seems that the majority of people who get involved in Internet marketing start out with affiliate marketing. But why is this? 

Is it just because there is a lot of information out there on it? Is it because there are lots of training courses that focus on it? Is it just easier for beginners?

There are several reasons I'll go over why I believe this to be the case... But basically, ya, it is a pretty easy choice for newbies overall.

1. You don't need your own products

Being able to make money online by promoting other people's products certainly makes things easier. Most people looking for an online income have nothing to sell.

With affiliate marketing you can promote and sell just about anything. You can pick a product that is already proven to sell and earn commissions promoting it.

2. Very low startup cost

Doing business online in general is something that is very affordable when compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses. And affiliate marketing is on the lower cost side of things even when compared to other online business models.

  • A domain costs about $14/yr
  • You can get website hosting for as low as $4/mo
  • Joining affiliate programs and promoting products is free

Those are just very general numbers but you get the point. It is very inexpensive to start affiliate marketing. 

You might also want to pay for some training on how to do it, but all in all it is very affordable.

3. Lots of options

Another reason this business model might be so enticing is the fact that you can promote darn near anything you can think of.

Take Amazon for example, which is the largest ecommerce store in the world. If you were to join their affiliate program you would have access to well over 100 million products to promote.

And that is just one of the many affiliate programs out there.

4. High earning potential

And of course there is good potential to earn a lot of money. If you could only earn a few dollars here and there then nobody would want to get involved in something like this.

I've been involved in affiliate marketing since 2015 and make a living doing it. So I know from experience that there is plenty of income potential out there.

Not only is it a good way for beginners to get started making money online, but is also a good way to continue making money online for years to come due to the high earning potential it has.

Note: Results vary greatly, as do commissions. Some products might only pay you a measly couple dollars in commissions while high ticket while a high ticket affiliate program could pay you over $1,000 in commissions.

How to Get Started

As mentioned, there are a variety of different ways to go about affiliate marketing. But most of the ways to do so aren't very practical for long term success and/or won't be practical for the majority of people out there.

Affiliate marketing with your own website is something that anyone can do and based on my experience and what I know, will give you the best chances of success. And if this is something you want to get involved with then this would be the process...

Step 1: Choose Your Area of Interest
paths to take

The first thing that you want to do is decide what you want your website to be about. What types of products do you want to promote?

  • Do you love dogs? Maybe you could create a website about dog food.
  • Do you love riding bikes? You would create a website about that.
  • Do you like gadgets? Then why not choose this interest.

There are lots of possibilities and the first thing you want to do is decide what direction you want to go with your future site.

Step 2: Create a Website

The next step would be to create your site.

The first part of this will be for you to buy a domain name. There are a lot of options you have to do this... GoDaddy, Namecheap, Wix and others. Some of these services, such as GoDaddy, will give you a discount on the first year. As mentioned earlier, it normally costs around $14/yr for a domain registration, but you can get one for as little as $0.99 for the first year.

Next up you will need to host your website. All three of the examples I gave above for buying a domain also provide hosting. So you can buy your domain and host it with the same company. This streamlines the process.

Website hosting can be as cheap as $4/mo.

After you have that all set up you will need to install the initial framework on your site. I personally use WordPress and would suggest taking this route. For the simple type of site you will be creating this is all you need... and this is FREE!

Step 3: Create Content

Now that you're website is up it is time to start pumping out the content.

What does this mean? It means you WILL BE WRITING.

The goal here is to create content that is related to your website so that you can attract targeted visitors and promote relevant products.

Example: If you create a site about riding bicycles, you can write a post about the best mountain bikes for under $300.... Just as one example.

You can write about anything relevant. And it's important that you put out good content. 

The ultimate goal is making money promoting products but before you can do that you need people coming to your website. If you create good content and target good keywords you can get free traffic from the search engines, such as Google.

The good thing: This traffic is 100% free and unlimited.

The bad thing: It takes a while to get going and to gain Google's trust.

But we aren't looking for short term success here. We are focused on the long run. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that has been around forever and will stay around, so lets focus on doing things the right way and creating a reliable income.

Step 4: Incorporate Affiliate Links

​As a role of thumb, you don't want to put affiliate links on your website right away. You want to give some time for Google to start to trust it. It might come off as too spammy if there are links everywhere right from the get go.

So get some good content on there beforehand.

Then you will want to search out affiliate programs that have products relevant to your website topic. You can find some by simply searching in Google. 

Amazon sells everything so this is one that probably everyone can sign up for, although they don't pay very good commissions.

Once you are approved for an affiliate program and have your own unique affiliate links you are going to want to incorporate into the content naturally. 

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 & 4

There are many different ways to go about this process. Some people create a website with a handful of content and let it sit there, "marinating", without doing much of any additional work. 

However, when most people create sites like this they put in continuous work. It can be an enjoyable never-ending hobby for some and a one-and-done project for others.

More than likely you are going to want to repeat steps 3 and 4, creating more content and naturally adding more affiliate links.

Internet Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing - Which Is The Winner?

So obviously, as you know by now, there is no comparison between the 2 terms. Affiliate marketing is simply a type of marketing that falls under the umbrella of Internet marketing 99% of the time.

Internet marketing includes all things related to marketing that happen on the Internet, whereas affiliate marketing refers specifically to the type of marketing (mostly done online) with companies paying people commissions to promote their products and help make sales.

BUT... Affiliate marketing is not always a form of Internet marketing, although most people think that it has to be.

In reality affiliate marketing can be done off-line just as it is done online, but of course there will not be any links to click on or things like this.

Affiliate marketing is simply a business model where a vendor rewards affiliates in the form of commissions for helping bring in sales, which could even include something like going out and getting a new customer to get their car's oil changed at Joe's Oil Change Service.

But like I said, 99% of the time (maybe even more like 99.9% of the time) this is done online.

Internet Marketing Is a Great Choice and Affiliate Marketing Is Too

With every business out there moving into the online space as a way to stay in the game and not fall behind, there is so much opportunity in the Internet marketing world, no matter which particular area of Internet marketing you want to get involved with.

Affiliate marketing is just one of the choices you have at hand and happens to be one of the choices that is good for beginners in particular, which is the reason you see so many people getting started in this area of Internet marketing.

If you want to get on the fast route to success as an affiliate marketer, or maybe I should say the faster route because it still isn't really "fast", then the Wealthy Affiliate training program is a great choice. This is the same training program I went through when I got started, so I know works based on my experience. They also have a free membership for beginners which is great.

I hope I provided some helpful information so you can see how these 2 terms match up and how they differ. If you have any comments or questions about anything related, just leave them below in the comment section and I will gladly get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – Pros and Cons

Which is a better way to make money, network marketing or affiliate marketing?

It seems like everyone who is involved in network marketing is saying that this is the better option while everyone that is involved in affiliate marketing is telling you that their way is better, so which is it?

Here I'm going to compare network marketing vs affiliate marketing, side-by-side. I'll get in as much detail as possible, hopefully covering everything you need to know so that you have a better understanding of how they match up and which might be a better opportunity for you in particular.

What's best for one person might not necessarily be best for the next person.

I first was introduced to network marketing at a very young age, not by joining myself, but by my stepdad joining more than one different network marketing company, which included Ambit Energy and some other opportunity that sold Acai berry drinks (don't know the name)

I've never actually been personally involved with network marketing opportunities but I have been around them for quite a while and know how they work inside and out. I know the goods and bads of the business along with why they might be a decent opportunity for some people but not so much for others.

When it comes to affiliate marketing I am personally involved. I have actually been affiliate marketing since 2015 and have extensive knowledge in the industry.

So anyways... Now you know little bit about me. Let's get to it…

Both network marketing and affiliate marketing are similar in a lot of ways, yet very different. Start off talking about the similarities…

Similar, Yes... But Very Different

Since you are looking into these types of opportunities you are probably looking for a way to work from home. Both network marketing and affiliate marketing allow you to do so.

Network marketing and affiliate marketing are business models for marketing products where you, the marketer, are part of an independent sales force. It is a good business model for the company because they do not have to worry so much about advertising costs or anything like that. They simply let representatives go out and sell the products for them. And, it is also good for the individual because it creates an opportunity for them to work from home, where one can "write their own paycheck" in a way.

Both network marketing and affiliate marketing are…

  • Home business opportunities - You are able to work from home "with" a company rather than "for" a company.
  • Flexible - You are your own boss so to speak. This means you can work whenever you want to and make your own schedule. But of course you reap what you sow. Neither opportunity is a chance to slack off and make easy money.
  • Low startup costs - Compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses, both of these opportunities have very low startup costs, which is one of the reasons they are so enticing.
  • Don't need your own products - Another luring aspect of both of these businesses is that you do not need your own products. You simply join an opportunity and promote the products that they have. This makes starting your own home-based business a lot more easy.

They are very similar in these ways, yet very different. Before we get into how exactly they differ, let's go over in detail what each business model is and how they work... Starting with Network Marketing...

Network Marketing

Network marketing is the same thing as multi-level marketing, or MLM. So I'll be using these two terms interchangeably.

It seems that network marketing was more of the original term and MLM started coming into the picture more as these sorts of opportunities started focusing more and more on recruitment, creating fancy and confusing compensation plans.

But anyways, what is network marketing?

In a nutshell, it is a business model where anyone can join in on the business opportunity as an independent distributor and then create a "network" by recruiting in other members beneath them, into what is called a "downline". The purpose of building a network and recruiting more people in is, of course, to make more money.

Network marketers participate in direct sales, which is when products are sold directly to consumers. There is no need for retail stores or anything of that nature. The network marketer may purchase products at wholesale prices and sell them at a markup price directly to the consumer, or they may have their own replicated company website where they refer people to purchase products. 

So there are 2 basic ways to make money: by selling products directly and by recruiting in other members.

You earn money by recruiting in other members because commissions are passed up. So if you were to recruit in Robert, you could earn commissions based on his efforts. And if Robert were to recruit in Joe, both you and Robert would earn commissions from the efforts of Joe. And if Joe were to recruit in Susan then you, Robert, and Joe would all earn commissions from the efforts of Susan selling products and recruiting and people beneath her.

The number of recruit levels that you can earn commissions from varies greatly depending on the company and the particular compensation plan in place. The very structure in which commissions are passed up also varies, but every MLM out there has one of the following 3 basic structures…

mlm comp plans

As you can see, they all have a pyramid-like shape to them. You recruit in new members and they go beneath you. Then they can recruit in new members and they are placed beneath them, and so on. There is big incentive for everyone to keep recruiting in new members because of how one can earn commissions from building a downline like this.

This is a business model that you sometimes see companies switching to because of how lucrative it can be.

Just think about it for a second… These companies allow the independent sales force of network marketers to deal with all the advertising and promotion. They gladly do this because they are 'incentivized' to do so with the hopes and dreams of earning big money selling products and recruiting other members into their downline.

You often see network marketing opportunity spreading like wildfire because of how much incentive there is to recruit in a bunch of members and build a large team, in which commissions will flow up into your bank account.

Isn't This a Pyramid Scheme?

This looks just like a pyramid scheme doesn't it?

They both have the same basic pyramid-like structures where commissions are passed up to people above, but there is a big difference. The big difference is that pyramid schemes (in their pure form) don't sell any products. They rely solely on the incoming investments of new recruits, as described in an article by the FTC.

Legitimate network marketing opportunities sell real products, AND, much of their revenue comes from sales to the general public.

You often have pyramid schemes disguised as network marketing opportunities in which participants are forced to purchase products. While the revenue in this type of situation is still coming from the sale of legitimate products, it doesn't count because they are forcefully purchased products. Some of these opportunities could also be considered leaning more towards the pyramid scheme side of things when they focus too much on recruitment rather than product sales.

This video does a pretty good job at explaining things:

The reason pyramid schemes are illegal is to protect the public. The way they are set up most people are guaranteed to lose money after joining. That said, the funny thing is that network marketing opportunities aren't much better, if at all. In fact, in a recent comparison post I wrote on MLM and pyramid schemes I talked about a study that found around 99% of people who join network marketing businesses lose money (more on this later).

I know, I know... a shocking revelation.

The Process of Getting Started in Network Marketing:

When it comes to network marketing you really want to do your research before getting involved with a company. Finding a reputable company that sells good products is a must. Remember, you're going to have to do direct selling, which means that you likely are going to have to go out and interact with people face-to-face, trying to sell them on the particular products or the business opportunity.

You also are going to want to look into market saturation. The problem with MLM's is that, because they rely so heavily on recruitment, the more saturated the market becomes the more difficult it is for the independent distributors to make money, since it is more difficult to recruit in new members.

When you first join an opportunity you usually have to purchase some sort of "starter kit" which gives you a range of products that the business sells as well as business materials, such as access to a back office, a replicated website you can send people to for purchasing products, marketing materials, etc.

You might also get some formal training, and often times the person that recruited you into the business will provide you with some training, because of course it is in their best interest since they make commissions based on how well you do.

Pros of Network Marketing
  • High income potential - There is plenty of income potential IF you are able to build a large downline.
  • Low startup cost - Most MLM opportunities do not cost much to join, although there are some that require very expensive purchases, ranging in the $1000+ range.
  • Can earn money from the efforts of others - Much of your business will be focused on recruitment and building a team that you will earn commissions from.
  • No special requirements to join - Anyone can join these opportunities as long as they live in the right areas. You don't need any special degrees.
  • Flexible - You are your own boss. This is a type of job that you can do in your spare time when starting out, which is one of the reasons these opportunities are so easy to get started with.
  • Performance based - You reap what you sow. It's not like some hourly wage job where no matter how hard you work you get paid the same amount.
Cons of Network Marketing
  • High turnover rates - MLMs are known for having very high turnover rates and for good reason. I will go into more detail why this is the case in a bit.
  • Good chance you will make little to nothing - This goes along with that mentioned above. I will get into more detail on this shortly, but for now just know that there's a good chance you will make little to nothing. Statistics don't lie, asa you will see.
  • Have to pay to join - Most opportunities require you to make some sort of purchase in order to join, as mentioned. You might also have to pay on a monthly basis.
  • Must be a people person - While some business can be done online, you are definitely going to have to be a people person to be successful with an opportunity like these because face-to-face contact is how most of the business happens.
  • Can be annoying - You are going to have to be ruthless when it comes to selling products and recruiting in new members. You more than likely are going to come across as annoying to many people. You will have to get used to this.
  • You don't control the products - You have no control over the products. You are simply an independent distributor for the company. They control products.
  • Can take a while to get going - You will, without a doubt, have to work for pretty much free when you are starting out. It can take a while to build a customer base, to recruit a sizable amount of people into your team and so on.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to network marketing in some ways. As an affiliate, you are also a part of the independent sales force. You are affiliated with the company but do not actually work "for" them, but rather "with" them.

The basic structure of the business model is that you, the affiliate, earn a commission when you help make a sale. And you ONLY earn commissions from your sales. It is not like MLM where some of your potential earnings are passed up to the people above you. Likewise, you do not earn money from other affiliates and there is no recruiting involved.

*It may seem like a downside that you can earn money from other people's efforts, but it actually isn't. I'll go over undeniable proof of this in a minute.

It is a win/win for both parties (the affiliate and the business) because the business gets more sales and the affiliate earns commissions from the sales. Both parties profit from this sort of collaboration.

Unlike network marketing, affiliate marketing is almost entirely done online. The basic process goes like this…

  1. You promote products via affiliate links
  2. Someone clicks on your link and is directed to the seller (Amazon for example)
  3. They purchase the product
  4. You get paid a commission

There our tons of different affiliate programs out there, most of them pay percentage commissions. For example, Amazon pays up to 10% commissions and there are others that pay as high as 70 to 80% commissions. It all depends.

Example: You promote an awesome Ninja blender that is available on Amazon. It costs $200 so when someone clicks your link and proceeds to purchase it, Amazon will pay you 10%, which in this case is $20.

Ninja Blender Amazon

I know that isn't much but that is one simple example. Amazon doesn't really pay much and there are plenty of other opportunities out there, some where you can earn commissions of hundreds and even thousands of dollars from one sale.

Direct & Indirect Affiliate Programs

There are many different types of affiliate programs out there, both direct and indirect.

Amazon has the largest affiliate program in the world and theirs is direct, meaning that to join the program you sign up directly through them.

Many other companies don't want to have to deal with all the work of running their own affiliate program, so they outsource the work to an affiliate network, such as Commission Junction, ShareASale, etc.

But it doesn't really matter to the affiliate. Either way you are getting paid the same way, by promoting products and helping make sales. And while you would think that a direct affiliate program might pay higher commissions, since there is no middleman, this doesn't necessarily seem to be the case.

The Process of Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing:

There are lots of different ways you can go about promoting products and earning commissions. 

You can promote products through social media, through a YouTube channel, on forums, and so on. What I have found to be most successful, and most people will agree with me here, is promoting products through your own website, which you have complete control of.

Many affiliate programs require you to have your own website anyhow, such as Amazon's affiliate program that I've been talking about. So this it's pretty much a must if you want to get started in this business. And it's not nearly as difficult to create a website as you may think. The Wealthy Affiliate training program makes it simple.

Joining a program, unlike network marketing, requires no purchase. Affiliate programs are completely free to get started with.

Usually you submit an application online and wait for approval. It depends on the program, but this usually does not take long and is a very simple process.

The short video below gives a good explanation as to how this all fits together.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing
  • Plenty of income potential - There is plenty of potential, whether you are looking for a part-time income or a full-time income. This is something I personally know because I make a living doing it.
  • Low startup cost - The cost differs depending on how you go about it, but overall is extremely low, even when compared to other online business models.
  • Free to join affiliate programs - Joining affiliate programs is completely free to do, as mentioned.
  • No special requirements to join - Anyone can join affiliate programs regardless of qualifications. There is no need for degrees, certifications, etc.
  • Ultimate flexibility - You are your own boss and work when you want, which is the same with MLM. You can get started with even just an hour of spare time a day and potentially turn your affiliate marketing business into more of a central focus. 
  • Performance based - The same as MLM, you reap what you sow.
  • Can work anywhere - This goes along with affiliate marketing providing the ultimate flexibility... You can work literally anywhere with Internet, which is just about anywhere in the world, even in incredibly remote areas.
  • Passive income potential - If you are looking to build passive income then the affiliate marketing business model has a lot of potential for you. There are a lot of ways you can automate different processes to earn money again and again from doing something one time. This goes with just about any online business, but affiliate marketing is particularly easy to do it with.
  • Lots of products to choose from - Joining affiliate programs is very simple and you are by no means limited. You can promote just about any and every product you can think of.
Cons of Affiliate Marketing
  • No guaranteed income - You are considered an independent contractor, and because you reap what you sow, there are no guaranteed earnings.
  • Can take a while to get going - Just like MLM, this business model can take a while to get going. You should expect to work pretty much for free in the beginning.

The Main Difference

The big difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing is the pay structure.

With network marketing a large amount of the focus is on recruiting other people in and earning commissions from their efforts. It is true that with a network marketing opportunity you can make money by selling products yourself, but if you do not focus at all on the recruitment side of things, you are probably going to fail.

With affiliate marketing you get paid only from the sales that you personally help make.

Which Sounds Better?

The network marketing opportunity can be very enticing. It sounds awesome that you can make money from the effort of others, by recruiting and building a team beneath you.

HOWEVER, it is not nearly as awesome as it seems.

The pyramid-like structure of a MLM pretty much guarantees failure for most of its participants.

Just think about it for a second... While there is a lot of potential if you make it to the top and are earning a bunch of commissions from people beneath you, the basic structure guarantees that there will always be more people at the bottom than at the top. And these people at the bottom are going to have commissions being sucked away from them and funneled into the pockets of those above them.


This is the big downside of MLM. What appears at first to be an upside is actually more of a downside in my opinion, and the numbers reflect this.

  • Tupperware's income disclosure from 2016 shows that 94% of all active participants earned less than $500 in a 10 month span.
  • The 2018 income disclosure for Mary Kay distributors states that of the 29,500 distributors in the sales force only around 1,800 made more than $100 for the entire year.
  • The 2016 income disclosure statement from World Ventures states that 79.95% of all distributors made no money at all, 5.19% made an average of $245.11, 9.58% made an average of $243.44, and 4.19% earned an average of $1,125.34. Only around 1% of all participants made more than that!
  • Arbonne's compensation summary for 2018 shows that 66% of the distributors made an average of $839 for the year, 24% earned an average of $3,851, 6% earned an average of $18,372, 2% earned an average of $71,847 and the top 1% made $260,538. (while still pretty bad, this is actually pretty darn good when it comes to MLMs)

I could go on and on but you get the point. Due to the very structure of a MLM, only the top few percent make much of anything.

There are these things out there called two-tiered affiliate programs, which are affiliate programs that are kinda like MLMs. While they are not technically MLM's, because MLM stands for "multi"-level marketing and there would need to be at least 3 tiers for them to be considered "multi", they are still a lot like a MLM.

I would recommend avoiding two-tiered affiliate programs. With these programs you can get commissions from what you help sell as well as people that join the program through you, which means there is also a recruitment aspect.

2 tiered affiliate structure

These types of affiliate programs are not that common at all however, which is good.

The Winner, and For Good Reason Is..

​​​​Affiliate marketing is the clear winner in my opinion. With affiliate marketing you have more freedom to choose products to promote, the startup cost is lower, you don't have any business ties, you can work from anywhere, there is no need to pester family & friends, and the way you earn money is much more straightforward.

1. Promotional Freedom

With affiliate marketing you have a lot more freedom to choose which products you want to promote. With network marketing you are tied to a select few products that the particular business you joined self. With affiliate marketing there are so many more options.

For example, you can join the Amazon affiliate program and instantly have access to promote hundreds of millions of products, and this is just one single affiliate program.

2. Low Startup Cost

The cost of starting out affiliate marketing is about as low as you will possibly find.

With network marketing opportunities the cost varies, but usually you have to purchase some starter kit that can cost hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands. You may also be required to pay monthly fees or even purchase a certain amount of products on a monthly basis.

Affiliate marketing programs are free to join.

All you have to worry about is paying for a domain and hosting. A domain will cost you somewhere around $13/yr and hosting can cost you as little as $3-$7/mo. Not too shabby.

However, it can be difficult to get started in you are probably going to want training. I would suggest the Wealthy Affiliate training program. This program is actually free to get started with and even provides you with a free website and hosting so that you can start altogether at no cost.

3. No Business Ties

As I'm writing this I am a member of probably a dozen or so different affiliate programs.

Being an affiliate marketer is very flexible and you in no way have ties to one particular business. If I wanted to, I could drop some of my promotions right this second and start promoting some other similar products. You have a lot of freedom with things like this.

And of course since there is no cost to join affiliate programs, you don't have to purchase anything, and you don't have to worry about unsold inventory or anything like that.

4. Can Work From Anywhere

With network marketing opportunities you have to work in certain countries and, more so, you have to work in areas where you can actually do business. How are you going to sell products if you live in some remote location? Sure, you can do some business online, but with network marketing there is no substitute for face-to-face business.

With affiliate marketing you have just about as much freedom as you can imagine. Whether you are working at your home office in a New York City apartment or on a laptop at the beach, it doesn't really matter. As long as you have Internet you can do the work.

5. No Bugging Friends

As I've mentioned more than once, with affiliate marketing there is no need to recruit (as long as you stay away from 2-tiered affiliate programs). You only get paid for the products that you personally promote. This means that there won't be any bothering family and friends, which you often see with network marketing opportunities (if anyone you know is part of a MLM company you are probably well aware of this).

6. No Confusing Comp Plans

Getting paid as an affiliate marketer is very straightforward. When you help make a sale, you get paid a specified commission.

There are no confusing compensation plans filled with uplines, downlines, quick start bonuses, matching bonuses, this bonus, that bonus, etc., etc. Sure, some affiliate programs to give out bonuses if you do a good job, but MLM's are well known for incredibly confusing comp plans that are made to look way better than they actually are.

The Big Downsides to Know Before Getting Started

High Rates of Failure

Network marketing companies are often forced by the FTC to disclose their distributor earnings. Because of this the statistics are readily available to the general public, so we know how bad these opportunities actually are and how unlikely you are to actually make good money.

However, with affiliate marketing there are not statistics like this to go off of. Being involved in affiliate marketing since 2015 I guarantee that the failure rate is also probably pretty darn high, or at least I would guess so based on my experience and what I've seen.

The difference is that the very structure of a MLM pretty much guarantees failure from most people. With affiliate marketing this is not true.

Working For Free is a Must

No matter which opportunity you join, you must be willing to work for free in the beginning.

You are not getting hired by company and being guaranteed an hourly wage. You are building your own business and this will take time to get going. During this time, much of your efforts might seem like a waste, but they are actually going toward building the foundation which is necessary.

I've mentioned it before earlier on and I will mention it again: If you want the best chances of success with affiliate marketing then I would recommend signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate training program. They offer a free membership for beginners and give you access to the beginners training as well as a free website and other tools to get started.

It's truly a great program and I know this because I have went through it myself.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate for more info.

I hope this comparison article helped clear the air on a few things and give you a better idea of how these two work-from-home business models stack up against each other.

Take care, and be sure to leave any comments or questions below. I'll get back to you soon 🙂

What Is a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program? – What You Need to Know

If you have been involved with affiliate marketing for any length of time, or are just looking for ways to make money online in general, you have probably heard of high ticket affiliate programs.

Stories of people making $1000, $2500 and maybe even over $5k in a single commission!

Those stories are enticing without a doubt. 

But what exactly is a high ticket affiliate marketing program and are these programs worth getting involved with?

Well... If you are looking to make large commissions then these types of programs may be for you, since large commission payments are in their very nature.

What are high ticket affiliate marketing programs?

It's pretty simple, they are affiliate marketing programs that sell high ticket items (aka big ticket items) which you can earn the large commissions from promoting.

What is a high ticket item?

This is just a product/service that is expensive and provides great value. There is no set number I can give you, but very generally speaking high ticket items cost more than $1000.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions by promoting products and helping make sales. It is a great way for beginners to get started making money online due to its simplicity and low start up cost.

  • All you do is promote products that already exist
  • Very affordable to get started with

So high ticket affiliate marketing is a combination of the 2 terms, where you promote expensive items and earn large commissions.

What Is So Special About High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs?

The reason everyone and their mothers are looking for high ticket programs like this usually comes down to one thing and one thing online, and this one thing is MONEY.

The lure of being able to earn massive commissions is something that attracts everyone's attention.

Would you rather earn a commission of $8 selling a product that costs $80 or a commission of $1000 selling a product that cost $2500?

I'm guessing you would probably rather earn the larger commission.

Just think about it... If you are earning $1,000 + per sale you help make... You won't have to make all that many sales now will you!?

Crunching Numbers..

If your goal for the year is to make a nice cool $100,000 in profits and you have the option of promoting an e-book that will earn you a $20 commission or an e-course that will earn you a $1,000 commission...

  • You will have to sell 5,000 e-books to meet your goal
  • or, You will have to make 100 e-course sales

The difference can be huge.

But don't go out there and just start looking around for high ticket programs right away. If you want to give yourself the best chances of actually being able to sell high ticket items, let's talk about the sales funnel…

The Sales Funnel - Marketing High Ticket Items The Right Way

​There is a right way and a wrong way to promote high ticket offers. The wrong way is to simply go out there and start throwing them in people's faces. They will not like that and it will be a turnoff. You will lose the trust they had in you and this will only have a negative impact on your profits.

A good sales funnel is very important when it comes to selling high ticket offers in particular, because they are harder to sell.

I already explained how a high ticket sales funnel works (in a previous post), but basically what you want to first do is...

  • First capture the potential customer's email address. You could do this by offering a free gift such as a spot to a free webinar, a free e-book, a free lesson of training, a free consultation, etc. The point of getting the email address is to be able to follow up with the potential customer.
  • Then you want to sell them on a lower ticket offer. This should be affordable and should provide a great value, preferably more value than is reflected in the price tag. You need to gain their trust. It is okay if you don't make as much money on this offer as you wanted to, because you will be selling them on a high ticket offer soon.
  • Don't go out there and put the high ticket offer in their face right after promoting a lower ticket offer. This will just be a turnoff. You want to communicate with them via automated emails (using an autoresponder) and provide value. Give them more free helpful information in the emails you send out.
  • Promote the high ticket offer.

High ticket offers have a much greater reward if you are successful promoting them, but they are also much more difficult to earn commissions with, since obviously people are going to be less willing to whip out there credit cards and spend a couple grand.

But... if there is a good sales funnel in place then you can really increase your chances of being successful.

"Done for you" Sales Funnels

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there that already have good sales funnels in place for their high ticket items. With these programs you can simply direct people to some main sales page and they will be guided through the rest of the process.

However, you can always set up your own little sales funnel promoting various affiliate products if you would so desire. A good program for setting up sales funnels is the famous ClickFunnels program.

Pros v Cons

  • Large commissions - Ahhh, yes... The $1000 plus commissions are something that might bring a smile to your face, and probably will.
  • Don't have to make many sales - When you are earning large commissions you don't have to make nearly as many sales to break even and run a profit.
  • Can ramp up ad spend - Because you are earning massive commissions, if all is done right and successful, you will be able to ramp up your ad spend (if you are paying for ads) because the payouts are so much greater.
  • Don't need your own product - Of course we are talking about affiliate marketing here, which means that you are simply promoting other people's products.
  • Low startup cost - The whole affiliate marketing business model requires very little startup costs, depending on how you do it. There is actually a program that I recommend where you can get started for free.

  • Harder to sell - There is no doubt that high ticket items are much more difficult to sell the on lower ticket ones. As mentioned, people just aren't as willing to take out their wallets and spend a couple grand. I'm sure you can relate to this.
  • Can be a turn-off - You have to be careful when pushing high ticket items on people. It can be a turnoff and if you are promoting some high ticket item to your following, whether it be an email list or a social media following, you can lose their trust really fast if you go about in the wrong manner.
  • You are at the mercy of others - Since you are promoting products that you do not own, you are at the mercy of the company who owns the products. Meaning that if they go out of business, so does your affiliate marketing campaign. BUT, there are plenty of other options out there so this really is not that big of a deal at all.

Examples of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of high ticket affiliate programs out there. Below I listed just a few. The purpose here is just to get the wheels turning in your brain and open up thoughts of what else might be out there that you could promote…

  • Jewelry
    • Kobelli - Offers 10% commissions and has products that cost as much as $20k
  • Travel
    • G Adventures - Pays only 5% commissions but their average order size is $2,600
  • Digital Services
    • SEM Rush - SEO tool service provider that pays 40% commissions and has products costing as much as $399.95/mo
    • Legendary Marketer - Digital training course that pays as much as $6k in a single commission
  • Car Rentals
    • VIP Cars offers 70% commissions from referring people to rent cars through them

Should You Promote a High Ticket Offer?

So should you be promoting high ticket offers or is this a path that is only going to lead to your ultimate destruction?

The way I see it… If you are able to promote such high ticket offers, then why not do it? As long as you go about it in a good way and promote offers that provide great value, I see no problem with it.

The problem comes on people start throwing overpriced offers down people's throats just for the sake of earning big commissions. This is where it is a turnoff and starts to seem a bit scammy.

You also have to consider whether or not it is possible for you to do such. There are many different approaches you could take to it, but just for the sake of an example, let's say that you had a blog about free ways to make money online. If you tried to promote some high ticket online marketing training course it probably would not turn out too well. After all, your audience is looking for "free" ways to make money online.

Also... Don't Do It Just for The Money!

The last thing I want to leave you with is to ..... Please, please, please don't chase after the money too much.

Don't go out and choose the highest ticket affiliate program out there just to earn the biggest commissions possible. If you do then you are probably setting yourself up for failure.

Promoting something that you have no real interest in isn't likely to work out well. You are likely going to find that you have trouble relating to the audience you are promoting to and because of this your promotions will be lacking.

So ask yourself...

If there weren't such massive commissions involved, would this still be a product/service you would be interested in promoting???

Affiliate Marketing – A Great Way for Beginners to Get Their Start

Affiliate marketing is something I’ve been involved in since 2015 and have a lot of experience with. I make most of my income online doing this and know a lot of other people who do the same, making a full-time income and then some.

This is how many online marketers get their start, and for good reason.

Affiliate marketing is what you could call “beginner friendly”. This is why so many people start out doing this… it’s a good choice.

But, like all ways of making money online, a lot of people fail. This has to do with many factors, such as going about it the wrong way, giving up too early, and so on. There are different ways to go about doing it, ways that work and ways that aren’t exactly very good choices, and in this article I’ll be going over what exactly it is, why it’s a good way to make money online, and how to go about doing so and actually be successful.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products online and earn commissions when you help make sales.

You can promote just about any product you can think of and earn money doing this. There is plenty of opportunity.

Example: Like cats? You could promote a cat toy on Amazon and earn a commission when someone purchases it.

  • You promote a product via an affiliate link
  • Someone clicks on your link and is directed to an online store (Amazon, Walmart,, etc)
  • They purchase the product on the online store (Amazon, Walmart,, etc)
  • You get paid a commission

With this business model there are many upsides, such as…

  • You are your own boss. You get paid by companies by working “with” them not “for” them. You are considered an independent contractor.
  • You can set your own schedule… no boss breathing down your neck.
  • Of course you have the freedom to do this wherever you please since it is online work.
  • And there are the upsides I’ll go over below, which make it beginner friendly.

2 Reasons That Make It Very “Beginner Friendly”

Reason #1 – All You Do Is Promote

Affiliate marketing is a very simple business model. I’m not saying that it is “easy” to make money this way, but it is rather simple compared to other methods.

Literally all you do is promote products. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of creating your own product, processing payments, dealing with unhappy customers or any of that. You simply refer people to buy products that already exist and that are already proven sellers.

I know most people looking to get started making money online probably don’t have anything to sell, which is why this is an excellent choice.

Reason #2 – Low Startup Cost

There is also very low startup cost involved here. The actual cost depends on how you go about doing it, but generally speaking it can cost you little to nothing at all.

Online business in general requires very little startup cost when compared to the traditional brick and mortar businesses, and affiliate marketing is extremely low in cost even when compared to other online business methods, such as ecommerce.

I know a lot of people out there were like I was when I started out. They don’t have a bunch of money laying around that they can throw into something, so they need a way that doesn’t require money upfront. This is a great choice.

Income Potential

There is tons of income potential here. This is definitely not a limiting factor.

HOWEVER, income potential varies a lot.

It all depends on the products you are promoting.

Of course you aren’t going to be making very high commissions promoting pencils (I don’t know why you’d promote pencils, but you could), but you could make some pretty massive commissions promoting refrigerators.

You can promote just about anything…. very low cost products and very high cost products. Products that earn you little commissions and products that earn you large commissions.

Low Commissions Doesn’t Always Mean Low Pay

Things aren’t quite always as you may thing though. Sometimes you can make more money with lower commission items than higher commission items. Of course you have to think about how many you will be able to help sell.

How Much Can You Make Monthly?

I know quite a few people that are making over $10,000 a month doing this, and some that are even making double that.

Then again, I know people who are hardly making anything and not nearly enough to live off of.

There are many variables at play here. It depends not only on the products that you promote, but how you go about promoting them…

Different Ways to Go About It

There are so many ways you can do affiliate marketing, some that are super easy and don’t work out very well and others that require a bit more work but can lead to a nice steady stream of income.

The easiest ways to do affiliate marketing would be to simply promote products on social media, on forums, question sites, etc. You could do this for free and with very little work involved.

BUT… These “Easy” Methods Aren’t Going to Work Well for Most People

Unless you have some massive social media following, which you probably don’t, then you likely won’t be very successful this way.

Think about it… if you promote some product on your Facebook page how many people are really going to be interested?

And besides this, social media and many forums out there don’t care too much for people promoting products. It’s not uncommon to get accounts locked, posts deleted and so on.

Also, before promoting products you first have to get accepted into whatever affiliate program it is that you choose. This is free to do but many programs require that you have your own website, which in my opinion is by far the best way to go about it.

Affiliate Marketing With Your Own Website… Doing It The Right Way

Nowadays you pretty much need a website to be successful with this. Not only do you need a website to get accepted into many affiliate programs in the first place, but this also can really increase your chances of earning good money.

And don’t worry, this isn’t too difficult. I’ll show you how you can do this in a second.

Your website is… well… yours. You don’t have to worry about getting banned, blocked or having a post taken down on some social media outlet or forum. It is your own little hub where you can promote whatever you want.

With a website there is much more income potential and a greater ability to create a sustainable income stream. And if you still want to use social media or forums, you still can. What you can then do is use them to drive traffic to your website.

What I Recommend If Looking to Get Started

If you want to get started you have 2 basic options. You can go out and figure everything out on your own, or you can get training that guides you through the process. If you are completely new to this then obviously I’m going to recommend training.

There is a really good training program called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches all of this. They teach you…

  • How to decide what to promote
  • How to build a website
  • How to drive traffic to your website (for free)
  • Making money with your website
  • Optimization
  • And more…

This program is actually where I got my start back in 2015 when I was just beginning. So I know that it works from real experience.

Since then they have went through some big updates and the program is better than ever. When you join you get not only the training, but also the tools needed to get started, such as a free website, website hosting and more.

Also, they have a free Starter Membership where you can join for free and get access to the beginner training. This is a great risk-free way to test everything out and see how you like it.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free


You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here for more information.