Is bitcoin revolution a scam?

June 2


Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam? – I’d Avoid It!

Bitcoin has made huge waves on the internet. With Bitcoin millionaires seeming to pop out of nowhere, it makes us wonder - Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

Bitcoin is digital currency that has paved the way for the development of a wide cryptocurrency market. Although there are now hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to invest in, Bitcoin still remains the most popular.

Multiple online trading platforms that allow investors and traders to buy bitcoins and other altcoins, which is the term that refers to any type of currency aside from bitcoin, are popping up on the internet. From more technical trading platforms for people looking to trade day in and day out, to hot wallets for long term investors, anyone looking to get into the bitcoin game has their pick of software. 

One of the trading platforms that is gaining a lot of attention is Bitcoin Revolution.

Previously known as Bitcoin Secret, the app boasts unbelievably high returns on initial investments, with the top of their page inviting you to “Join Us and Start Getting Rich.”

As you’ve probably already learned by now, anything that seems too good to be true is most likely a scam. 

I mean, come on.

Investing just $250 and you’ll get earnings of over $1,300 each day? 

With minimal work because the algorithm does it all for you.  

If that doesn’t raise any red flags, then you definitely need to keep reading this review.

While we aren’t saying it’s a scam just yet, tag phrases like “Enjoy Financial Freedom!” and claims of exceptionally high earnings for the people who have joined their platform are definitely a few things that we often see in most scams.

But maybe Bitcoin Revolution is different.

Bitcoin is a whole new currency, unlike any other global currency or stock that we have. So there might be a chance that the rules are different, and you actually do have the potential to be a millionaire in around 2 months time. And continue to earn more and more until you’re the next Warren Buffet - this time with a great investment portfolio in bitcoin trading.

But before we dive into all the things that this amazing app has to offer, let’s learn more about Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was made in January 2009 by an unknown creator disguised under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who the creator is or whether it is a single person, group, or corporation. Satoshi Nakamoto outlined the details of bitcoin in a whitepaper published that year. Other new cryptocurrencies are started in the same way.

Bitcoin was something completely new. It is a digital currency that is not backed by anything. That means that no banks, no governments, and no companies recognize bitcoin as a currency. So you can’t just go into a bank and request them to change your bitcoins to cash, you need to trade them online. It is operated by a decentralized authority, with all transactions noted on a digital public ledger known as the blockchain. 

Why is Bitcoin valuable?

When bitcoin was first released, it was valued at close to nothing, each bitcoin costing just a few cents. Over the years, bitcoin value has grown, skyrocketing to more than 20,000USD in 2017. No wonder bitcoin millionaires popped up. Imagine buying stocks at just a few dollars and then having the value of that stock grow over a hundred-fold in less than a decade. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to cash in since a ton of people also ended up losing the bitcoins they bought early on. 

The rise and fall of bitcoin price is controlled by different factors. Let’s avoid getting too technical and focus on a main factor: how many people are buying and selling. Like many other real world commodities, the rule of supply and demand is simple: the more people who need the product and want to buy it (high demand), the more expensive it becomes. When there is not enough product to go around (low supply), the price gets even higher. 

When the opposite occurs and there is a high supply and low demand, the price goes down. Basically, the more people trying to buy into bitcoin, the higher the cost, but when fewer people are trying to trade, then it tends to go down.

While that is the basic concept of what controls bitcoin costs, there are still other things to factor in.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

There is actually not much of a difference between bitcoin trading and traditional stock trading. Like stocks, people buy bitcoins and can either invest long term or go into day trading to make profits through the small changes in the cryptocurrency’s value. Basically, bitcoin has a recognized value in the market and when you decide to purchase it at a certain price, you can wait it out and choose to sell days, weeks, months, or even years later when the rate of bitcoin gets higher.

Of course, if the cost goes down and doesn’t go back up, you might end up selling for a loss.

It’s the same concept as investing in the stock market; when you choose a particular stock to invest in, you can wait it out long term and resell your shares for a higher price if the market does well. If not, then you’ll also end up selling for a loss.

Day trading is a shorter term process, relying on the changes that happen to the stock market, or the cryptocurrency market throughout the day. By purchasing when the price is down and selling when it’s up, you can gain profits within the day. However, day trading can be a lot trickier since you need to keep your eye on the market, look for cues, and be analytical about your trades. Whether you are able to make a profit or not, basically just depends on market trends and how well you are able to read it.

Is Bitcoin Legit?

Bitcoin has been here for a while and people have actually made real money from trading and investing in bitcoin. But, like many unprepared and uneducated investors, those who jumped in without being ready ended up losing a lot of their money as well. Even those who did their research have ended up losing initial investments. This doesn’t mean bitcoin is a scam; even the stock traders who invest in real world companies end up losing money from bad trades. 

As a cryptocurrency, bitcoin is a legitimate digital currency with actual value. Although some people like James Altucher in his "The Side Hustle Bible" may call it a ponzi scheme. 

As an investment or trading opportunity, bitcoin is also a very lucrative thing to get into. Because of how unstable the value is, there are major highs and major lows within a single day. What does this mean for traders? They have tons of opportunities to buy or sell. However, you still need the right trading and investment tips.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

bitcoin revolution
  • Company name: Bitcoin Revolution (previously known ad Bitcoin Secret)
  • Founded: 2017
  • Founders: Unknown
  • Website URL:
  • Type: Cryptocurrency Automated Trading App

Bitcoin Revolution is a way for people to trade cryptocurrency with ease. At least that is what they claim. The site relies on an automated trading tool that analyzes rises, falls, and trends in the market to help new traders find the best times to make a trade. Potentially earning thousands of dollars a day for new bitcoin traders - again, one of their many claims.

Here’s what the program really does:

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading platform that relies on cryptocurrency trading bots. The bots are programmed to analyze cryptomarket trends. It has a powerful algorithm that does this. Basically, it identifies the best trading opportunities and automatically processes these trades for uses - earning massive profits each day.

According to them, users earn up to $1,300 per day on average - and there is no actual limit to how much you can earn. Plus, the site does not require any subscription fees. They only take 1% of trade profits so if you don’t earn, they don’t either. 

Because of their boasted 92% success rate - in some sites 80%, in others 90% - well, because of their supposed extremely high success rate in conducting profitable trades, some users were able to earn their first million in just 2 months. 

Makes bitcoin trading sound so tempting right now, right?

But, when you actually think about it - is there any proof to their claims?

We’ll talk about that in just a bit. Right now, let’s talk about how you can set up an account and get started trading bitcoins - that is, if you still want to after this review.

How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

It’s very simple: you sign up, deposit an amount to “invest in bitcoin,” and wait for the automated trading software to do it’s magic. The sign up form on their site is pretty straightforward and you don’t need to open any pages to find it - it’s right on their homepage.

bitcoin revolution signup

After signing up, which only requires your name, username, email address, and phone number, you just need to undergo the verification system through which they verify that you are who you claim to be. It’s a quick process but prevents people from creating fake accounts.

When verified, you can take advantage of the free demo account features which allow users a trial of the program and a chance to test the market with imaginary money. So you’re going to be able to try investing without actually investing any money yet. The purpose is to allow users to explore the trade market and also the features on their program.

After trying it out on the demo account, the next step is to deposit your initial investment. They provide multiple payment methods - PayPal, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, and more. The minimum investment you can make is $250. This is somewhat sketchy because when you buy bitcoin, there is actually no limit to how little or how big you can invest.

While a single bitcoin has a set value, you don’t actually need to purchase the whole coin - which could cost thousands of dollars depending on whatever the current value is; instead, people often only purchase a part of a bitcoin. Needless to say, $250 is the minimum deposit required to start trading and they don’t really explain why this is.

When you’ve deposited your initial investment, you can go ahead and start trading. This part is easy: The Bitcoin Revolution software is programmed to do all the investment planning and actual trading for you. So all you need to do is sit back and relax your way to becoming a millionaire. If you want to be more hands-on, you can also set the trading to manual and conduct your own trades.

When you make a profit - or rather, if you make a profit, your account is credited and you can withdraw your earnings.

When considering the entire process, the registration and verification seem to be good measures. The demo account is also a great idea from the developers; it allows people to try out their program. However, the minimum $250 investment is questionable because when you go to other legitimate bitcoin trading platforms, there is no minimum requirement to how much you can buy - it all depends on what you can trade. 

Another problem with Bitcoin Revolution is that you technically do not buy any bitcoin. Even when you invest $250, you don’t get $250 worth of bitcoin or any other altcoin. The investment remains inside the program unlike other trading platforms where you can take out your bitcoins or altcoins and put them in a hot or cold wallet, which are 2 different forms of storing cryptocurrency, to store or trade on another platform. You don’t really buy anything.

Instead, your investments are only viable within the bitcoin revolution program.


This is definitely one of the red flags of the program.

But, really, the real question is:

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Aside from the sketchy minimum investment and the inability of users to actually buy bitcoin on a supposed bitcoin trading platform, there are a few other things that make the program questionable.

No one knows who made it. Well, no one knows who made bitcoin either but that doesn’t matter right now - what matters is that the site claims that a group of brokers in the bitcoin industry created this genius algorithm that earns people thousands, even millions in profit. What we do know about the creators is that, apparently, they know the bitcoin market very well.

What’s another red flag?

Fake Celebrity Endorsements.

If the likes of Simon Cowell, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, and Jeremy Clarkson, along with other well known personas promote a program then it’s probably legit, right?

Well, it would be if these celebrity endorsements were actually true.

When asked to comment on their supposed “promotions” these celebs either denied their connection to the program or simply stated they had no idea what bitcoin even is. 

If that doesn’t send you running, then there’s here’s an even bigger kicker:

Bitcoin Revolution has been banned in some countries.

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Philippines Security Exchange Commission (SEC) have both individually recognized Bitcoin Revolution as some sort of cryptocurrency scheme, advising people to not invest in it.

Aside from the fake endorsements and being banned from other countries - which I’m sure by now have sent you a clear message (whispers: it’s a scam) - here is a summary of why you should avoid dealing with Bitcoin Revolution:

  • Impossibly high and outrageous profits are unreal - literally not real.
  • No legitimate business registration or founders available
  • No functional contact information 

Complaints/User Reviews

“Scam Scam Scam don't trust this Web Bitcoin. when you go to register, it takes you to another web then will receive a phone call how to do it, so far when they take your money then you won't receive a phone call, after ones you paid then you won't be available to withdraw even your Deposit. Avoid Avoid Avoid Avoid this Web“

I don’t think I need to explain the complaint above. That’s just one of the many very bad user reviews you’ll find on the web.

“After l lost my job in September 2019, I started looking for investments to double my savings, so while I was researching I found some good information on bitcoin trading/mining/investments. I saw a post about this team and they are highly recommended by a lot of people on different bitcoin forums and blogs so i was convinced and I sent them a message via their email contact and after signing up with them, I make 100% profit daily Don’t be surprised yet! You could make a 100k weekly depending on how much you start with.”

This is actually a good one. Apparently, he earned 100% profit daily from this bitcoin trading venture. However, when you look into the profile of the person who made the review, he’s made 10 other similar reviews on other bitcoin trading websites. 

“Scam company. Do not trust them. They do not pay withdrawal. They take your money and promise to pay but they do not.”

And we’re back to the negative reviews for the site. Unfortunately, there aren;t that many actual user reviews on the site. You’ll find that a majority of the reviews are promotional content that advertise teams or individuals who can help you retrieve your bitcoin/money back. 


  • Easy sign up process
  • Free trial account to test features
  • Minimal starting investment cost ($250)
  • Algorithm does all the work for you


  • Multiple user reviews claiming it Is a scam
  • Not an actual bitcoin trading platform - people can't buy bitcoin
  • Uses fake celebrity endorsements
  • Unknown founders and no business information
  • Banned in some countries

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

If you’re still confused whether Bitcoin Revolution is a legit investment opportunity, then let’s go over everything:

  1. Bitcoin Revolution does not have any recognized founders or legitimate business registration information.
  2. You cannot actually purchase bitcoins on the platform.
  3. They have put out several fake celebrity endorsements.
  4. We found a bunch of negative reviews where people are literally telling you it is a scam.

When you put everything together, it’s clear that Bitcoin Revolution is something you need to avoid if you don’t want to end up wasting your investment money. Even if it’s just $250.

Conclusion: Worth Joining?

So it’s easy to join. It offers a demo account to help you try out all the features. And when you think about it, bitcoin really does seem like a profitable investment opportunity.

There is no question that people actually have become millionaires from investing in bitcoin. But those people - the ones that started out with a few dollars and ended up with millions - are the ones who were able to purchase bitcoin when it first started and kept it until it blew up to the $20,000 per bitcoin value. Think about it - if you bought 1 bitcoin at less than $10, and the value went up to $20,000 - you make a huge profit.

BUT these bitcoin millionaires did not achieve this overnight - or in 2 months - this took years. They probably bought bitcoin way back in 2009 and then waited until the boom in 2017. And that is when they got rich.

Now, the real question is this: can you actually become a millionaire by investing in Bitcoin Revolution? 

I highly doubt it. 

With all those red flags, you are more likely to lose money than earn it. If you are looking for a legitimate money making opportunity online, I do have something that might interest you. While you probably won’t be a millionaire in 60 days, you will get a chance to have a legit profit-making opportunity.


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