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May 10


100kOnlineSecret.com – Scam or Legit Opportunity? [Don’t Buy]

The other day I was going through my emails and came across something about some 100k Online Secret, which took me the website 100konlinesecret.com and talked about how some “teen’s shocking online secret makes over $100,000”.

It sounded pretty interesting to me, and obviously the lure of being able to make tons of easy money online caught my attention, so I decided to look into it further.

I first decided to check out if the story was even true.

In the video presentation on the 100konlinesecret.com website we are told that the young girl who made all this money is named Lei Lei Secor…
Teen's Shocking Secret

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to find an article on this girl. I have come across enough online scams over the years that I figured this would just be another made up story.

However, I did actually find the article on the Washington Post’s website.

Basically what it talks about is a sophomore, Lei Lei, who started selling wire jewelry online and has made tons of money with it.

So the story is true… But that definitely doesn’t mean that the opportunity that is being presented is any good. There are a lot of people making money online, but nowhere in the article in the Washington Post did it mention anything about Teo Vee and the program he is promoting to us.

There are a a lot of scammy programs out there and this seems like one of them

It Still Smells Like a Scam to Me

Just about every common characteristic of an online scam makes its way into the video presentation.

We are told that we “must act fast”.

We are told that the system “does all the heavy lifting”.

We are told that is super simple.

We are told that we cannot click away from the video or we might “forfeit everything”…


Is it really possible that this “new surge of online wealth” is as good as Teo Vee (the guy speaking in the video) claims it is?

Well at this point I seriously doubt it.

I’m guessing you are probably reading my review now because you had similar suspicions when you first came across the opportunity… It just sounds too good to be true and seems a bit scammy.

What makes it even more scammy is the fact that the video testimonials are fake.

Remember this guy pictured below…testimonial

He was featured in the video presentation and claims to have made over $10,000 in profit last month–and there are other people claiming they have made tons of money with this system as well… But they are all fake.

As you can see below, this guy is a paid actor that is available for hire on the freelance marketplace Fiverr…

Fiverr profile

Scam? It sure looks like one at this point, but let’s look into it a little further…

Who Is Teo Vee?

The person behind the system goes by the name of Teo Vee. He claims that he first came across this method for making money after church one day, when he overheard some people talking about a young girl who was making a ton of money online with some “done for you” business.

He said he went home after that, went to some website and joined some program… And within a few minutes he was able to get the hang of it.

To make a long story short, he claims that this system he came across is so simple that he hardly even puts much time into anymore–and instead has made it his life’s mission to share his message with everyone. But what I think he really means to say here is that he has made it his life’s mission to scam a bunch of people into buying his program.

Teo Vee is pretty much a ghost. No one really knows much about this guy. I have come across in before in the past and have done some digging around, but have always come up short.

There are no pictures of him, nothing. In fact, I’m not even sure if “Teo Vee” is his real name.

What You Are Really Buying Into

When “Teo Vee” explains how this system works, he says that all you have to do is join the training, follow along, and you are off–once you have it all working for you that is when you are going to start making continual, residual income.

He also talks about how people are going to be buying things on your “page”, but doesn’t really say much.

All in all, after watching the video presentation we really have no clue what we are getting into because he is incredibly vague with the information he gives, which is very troubling.

When you make it to the checkout page you are presented with this…

checkout page

All it says that you will be getting “the entire system”, a personal advisor and a “special bonus”.

What he doesn’t tell you, and what I found out after a little digging around, is that what you are really buying into here is a program called My Ecom Club, which has a very bad reputation in the online world and is always getting complaints with the BBB.

I actually wrote a review warning people about My Ecom Club. Basically this is a training program to help people make money online with their own e-commerce websites, and specifically focuses on drop shipping. It is often promoted in a bunch of very misleading, deceptive, and scammy ways–bringing out the ugly side of online marketing.

Some of the ridiculous sales pitches I have come across for this program include things like…Memphis 9 year old’s $150,000 secret” and a “weird online trick discovered by an 8-year-old girl”— and then of course the one for the website I am reviewing now… “Teens shocking online secret makes over $100,000…”

One of the more recent sales pitches for this scammy program that I wrote about was called Mobile Money Loophole.

There is nothing secretive about this. There is nothing “weird”. This is not a “trick”. It was definitely not discovered by some 8-year-old, 9-year-old, or teen. And it definitely is NOT a new way to make money online.

These are all misleading sales pitches that are intended to sucker as many people into buying his program as possible

This Is NOT As Easy As You Are Told

Mr Teo Vee acts as if you just set up your account, follow bit of training and BOOM… All of a sudden you’re making tons of money.

He even claims that he made $140 stay after getting things set up…

And of course, all he had to do was follow some directions, set up his profile, go through a bit of training, and then it “took off”…

Wouldn’t it be great if it really were that easy?

If it were than everyone would be making tons of money online and I would have all my friends and family doing it.


Teo Vee is a master of deception.

Yes, there is tons of money to be made in the world of e-commerce, but it is not like you can just set up some online store and all of a sudden start driving in mass amounts of sales.  You can have the most beautiful e-commerce store in the world, but if you don’t have your marketing strategy right and don’t have targeted ads to the exact right audience, it is not going to turn out very well.

I dabbled in drop shipping with my own e-commerce website for over 2 years, add some successes, but nothing long term. I can tell you firsthand that is nowhere near as easy as it seems.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

Whether or not you want to call this a scam is up to you. It is true that what Teo Vee presents is incredibly misleading and will probably lead to a lot of people buying into this program and then feeling like they got scammed, due to it being much more difficult. But it is also true that it is possible to make money with this and there is some value provided with the training you get.

That said, one thing I will definitely say is that I will not be recommending this program to any of my readers. It is a very shady program and the people involved, such as  Teo Vee, are definitely more in it for the money rather than to actually help people.

Something else you should know is that if you do buy into this, you will be hit with several upsells, one of which costs $1,195–bet you didn’t expect to hear that.

Overall I give this program a big thumbs down. If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, I would highly suggest this program that I use to make over $6000 a month online–and which I have been a member of since 2015.

Take care in be sure to leave any comments or questions down below 🙂

Also, share this review if you found it helpful!


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