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December 23


Review of Casey Daily Dispatch – Scam or Legit Newsletter?

Can you trust the Casey Daily Dispatch newsletter? Is it worth it to subscribe to this source of information? Will it help you make money?

Or... is Casey Daily Dispatch a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time and that you'd be better off avoiding altogether?

With the many scammy investment newsletters out there that push people into poor investments... and with the many misleading investment teasers out there like "American Superpower Checks" and "Cannabis Lots"...questions like this need to be considered... and in this review I'll be answering them.

In this review of Casey Daily Dispatch we'll go over what exactly the newsletter is, what it includes, complaints, pros v cons and more.


Casey Daily Dispatch
  • Product: Casey Daily Dispatch
  • Publisher: Casey Research
  • Type: Investment newsletter
  • Publisher: Casey Research
  • Price: Free

What Is the Casey Daily Dispatch?

Casey Daily Dispatch is an investment-focused newsletter published by Casey Research that goes out via email 6 days a week and provides subscribers with information on the economy and financial markets, alerting them to new investment opportunities and threats to their wealth.

The newsletter is completely free and has a very broad focus. Pretty much anything related to the economy and investing is a potential topic of discussion.

Overall it's not too bad, because it is completely free information and does have value, but you should be aware that it is pretty heavily soaked in promotional material for the paid Casey Research newsletters.

Who Runs It?

Chris Reilly is the managing editor behind the publication, but there are many others that write for it. Chris is more of the guy that puts everything together and narrates things... while the meat of the publications come from the expert analysts at Casey Research, including Nick Giambruno, Marco Wutzer, E.B. Tucker, David Forest, and Doug Casey (the founder of Casey Research) himself... along with some other writers like Larry Benedict.

They also feature guest writers at times. Teeka Tiwari's writings are featured often, which makes sense because he is an editor for Palm Beach Research Group and they have an affiliate agreement with this company, as I found out while looking into the refund policy for some of Casey Research's paid subscription services...


Jeff Brown is often featured as well, who works for Bonner and Partners (another affiliated company).

Is the Casey Daily Dispatch a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. But, the reasons people may call it a scam are somewhat understandable. The Casey Daily Dispatch does contain a lot of over-hyped promotional material... the salesy material that most people don't care for... and this can be annoying. But, no, it's not a scam and does have real value.

How It Works

To get the information provided in Casey Daily Dispatch you don't even need to be a subscriber. Subscribing is just a way to get new articles they post emailed to you.

All of the articles can be found by simply going to and clicking on the "Daily Dispatch" tab in the upper menu... 


Subscribing to the newsletter with your email just makes things a little more easy on you... because you will get the articles sent directly to your inbox.

To give you an idea of what type of information you can expect if you decide you want Casey Daily Dispatch, here are a few recent publications they sent me:

  • Silicon Valley Insider Makes Five Bold Predictions for 2020 - This newsletter was mostly written by Jeff Brown over at Bonner and Partners. It was about the 5G revolution, self-driving cars, CRISPR genetic editing technology, cryptocurrency, and quantum computers.
    • The newsletter did provide a lot of good information, but nothing actionable. It ended in a promotion for Jeff Brown's "No. 1 tech stock".
  • Doug Casey on Elon Musk’s Cybertruck - As you can imagine, this newsletter was all about Casey Research's founder, Doug Casey's, thoughts on Elon Musk and his cybertruck creation. Here he talked about how he likes the invention, his prediction for how electronic battery technology is going to kill the combustion engine, and this article featured a back & forth commentary between Doug & Chris.
    • I liked this newsletter and enjoyed hearing Doug's thoughts on the new tech. But, again... nothing actionable here... and there were promotions for the "Gold Spike Summit" promotional teaser that Casey Research is pushing as well as a crypto-training program by Teeka Tiwari.

These examples might give you somewhat of an idea of what you can expect. Politics, inventions, stock market analysis, back & forth commentary, natural disasters... anything that could come with an investment opportunity is a possible topic of discussion in this newsletter.

If you subscribe, it will help keep you informed and will keep you more up-to-date with what is going on in the markets and the economy, but won't provide any actionable investment recommendations or anything like that. It will "leave you hanging" so to speak, and you will be pushed to buy into other newsletters, training programs, etc. 

Who It's For

There is no doubt that this newsletter is for the skeptic with a contrarian view. The team at Casey Research is known to go against the media and what everyone else is saying.

Doug Casey himself has had some harsh words about the CIA:

  • “They’re always absolutely wrong on everything. It defies the odds of pure chance. They’re not just useless, but extremely dangerous. All the coups and revolutions they’ve plotted were disasters."

He is against everything the Federal Reserve does:

  • “These people have no idea what they’re talking about. The Fed itself serves no useful purpose. It should be abolished.”

He is very against higher education, thinks the War on Drugs was a complete waste and only made things worse, and the list goes on.

*Note: The quotes above were from his book, Totally Incorrect: Volume 2.

This is the type of viewpoint that you will find at Casey Research and within the Casey Daily Dispatch... very contrarian.

So if you are going to subscribe you should probably have similar viewpoints, or else the information provided likely won't be what you are looking for.

Also, as mentioned, this newsletter only provides some general and wide-ranging information. Don't subscribe if you are looking for actionable investment recommendations of things of this nature.


#1 - Heavily Promotional

Like I've stated, the material provided in these newsletters/articles is heavily promotional. There ARE promotions and you WILL be directed to click on different links to watch video presentations, buy into subscriptions, etc.

#2 - Not Much Solid Information 

As also stated, the information provided here often leaves more to be desired. This is how they get people to click on their promotional links and what not. 

There will be some general information provided, which does have value, but not all that much.

Then again, the newsletter is completely free... so how much can you really expect?

#3 - Comes With Additional Promotional Emails

As a subscriber I also found that I'm getting other promotional emails. For example, I just got an email the other day from Casey Research promoting one of Doug Casey's books.

When I subscribed to Casey Daily Dispatch I don't remember agreeing to such emails, but the fact of the matter is that I am getting them now... which can be annoying.

Pros v Cons

  • Free
  • Good for staying up-to-date on the economy, politics, and financial markets
  • Information you won't get from the mainstream media
  • Lots of promotions
  • No solid, actionable information provided

Conclusion - Worth Subscribing To?

The answer to this completely depends on what you are looking for. If you are just looking for some basic information to stay up-to-date on what's going on and like the contrarian viewpoint that they have at Casey Research, then this might be worth joining. But if you are looking for more or don't want to deal with the promotional content then it might be better to avoid it.

Whatever you choose, I hope this review has been helpful to you. And, if so, please share it to help spread the word and to help out my website here.

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


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  1. HI Bud I went over the casey reserch website and i see what you mean, the site is nothing to right home about. It’s not worth the paper that it is printed on, Nothing of real value that will do you any good, You might as well say that it’s useless.

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