Cannabis Power Trade Review

December 16


Cannabis Power Trader – Scam or Good Investment Opportunity? [REVIEW]

Will you really get 1,000%+ returns on the investment opportunities provided by Cannabis Power Trader? Or is this just another over-hyped scam newsletter service that is going to be an utter disappointment?

The promotions for this service are certainly bold. Right now there are a bunch of promotions for what they call "cannabis lots" that funnel people into a Cannabis Power Trader subscription, which supposedly are "already throwing off gains up to 1,000%, even in a matter of hours"...


But you can't always believe the hype, and in this review you will see why. I'll be going over what exactly a subscription to Cannabis Power Trader includes, the cost & refunds, performance, pros v cons and more.

Don't join before reading...


Cannabis Power Trader
  • Product: Cannabis Power Trader
  • Type: Cannabis investment newsletter service
  • Publisher: National Institute for Cannabis Investors
  • Editor: Tom Gentile
  • Cost: $2,450 - $4,750

What Is Cannabis Power Trader?

Cannabis Power Trader is a follow-along subscription service offered by the National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI) where members are provided with cannabis trade recommendations, alerts, important news, analyses and more.

Tom Gentile is the expert behind the newsletter and its focus is on, his favorite, options trading... cannabis stock options trading in particular.

It is currently being promoted under the "Cannabis Lots" teaser, which as I already talked about in another review, is just a made-up term for cannabis stock options.

What Are Cannabis Stock Options?

Cannabis stock options, aka "cannabis lots", are nothing more than options of cannabis stocks, which allow investors the right to purchase shares of a particular cannabis company at a future set price... but don't obligate it.

Options are a legit area of investment, and they have their perks... such as having the potential for high returns and usually being priced lower than the company stock share price.

Below is a short video that explains what options are and the benefits better than I can...

*You can learn more about options here if interested.

What Is the NICI?

National Institute for Cannabis Investors (, or NICI, is an investment advisory firm that offers various subscription services focused on cannabis investment... Cannabis Power Trader being just one of them.

The company was created in 2018 by Mike Ward (founder of the Money Map Press investment advisory service as well) and has a team of experts in the cannabis industry and people who are veteran traders.

Who Is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile Cannabis Power Trader

Tom Gentile is part of the NICI team and is the man that runs the Cannabis Power Trader.

He is also an analyst at Map Money Press and runs the Fast Fortune Club subscription newsletter service.

As for his trading preferences, he is not a fan of buy-and-hold investing. He is big into options and actually created an options trading educational company called Optionetics in 1993 with a group of partners... which he later sold in 2009.

Identifying patterns is what he is good at and what he has been doing for almost 30 years... and according to Map Money Press (the other company he works for), he is "America's #1 Pattern Trader".

His expertise in the investment world has led to him being featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and other media outlets.

In closing... There's no doubt he has plenty of experience and knows what he's doing (but this Cannabis Power Trader opportunity is still definitely over-hyped).

What You Get

Cannabis Power Trader

As mentioned, this is a follow-along style investment recommendation service.

There is no experience or knowledge needed (although I'm definitely NOT recommending you follow the advice blindly) and subscribers are told what to invest in and when to invest... as well as being provided with research, analyses, news, etc. that they should be aware of.

What the membership provides to subscribers includes:

  • Weekly Alerts - Each week subscribers will be provided with 3 new investment recommendations on average, which, as you already know, are recommendations for options of cannabis stocks. Each of these recommendations will also come with the research and analysis done by Tom and his team that make it such a good play.
  • Weekly Trading Videos - Not only will subscribers be provided with recommendations, but Tom will walk everyone through the process of trading in live videos that he holds weekly.
  • Profit Alerts - When Tom thinks it's the best time to exit a trade and take profits (well, hopefully profits), subscribers will receive alerts via text message and/or email.
  • Masterclass Training - In addition to all the follow-along recommendations that subscribers get, a 10-lesson masterclass training where Tom goes over different insights, strategies, and tactics he uses is also included.
  • Forum Access - Members get access to what they call the Cannabis Trader Network, which is an online forum where they will be able to communicate with other members, sharing successes, giving advice, etc. The value something like this has can be great.
  • Online Mastermind Event Access - Access to this event, Tom claims, will "teach you everything you need to know to help you become a bona fide cannabis millionaire". All members get access and there will be discussions on various aspects of cannabis investing.

Cost & Refund Policy

This is where things got really weird.

It appears that there are 2 different price points, and if you end up landing on the one sales page you could end up spending over $2k more for this subscription service.

Right now Cannabis Power Trader is available for $2,450, which is a discount price...

OR... it is available for the full price of $4,750...

As I'm writing this I have both sales pages open at the same time.

I don't know why they have these massively varying prices, maybe they are split-testing sales results or something... but obviously you want to get in at the lower price if you do choose you want to join.

*Note: I provided the links to these sales pages above, but they may not be active forever.


It doesn't matter which price point you buy at, the refund policy is cut & dry... there are NO REFUNDS...


And there is no mention of pro-rated refunds either, so we can only assume that these are not offered.

No refunds of any kind.

What is offered is a "12-in-12 guarantee", in which Tom claims that if he doesn't provide you with at least 12 chances to get 1,000% gains in the next year, then you will get a year subscription for free...


However, this isn't all that great. I would rather see a good ol' fashion refund policy instead.

If you do want to try to get a refund even though you aren't supposed to be able to, or if you want to take them up on the "12-in-12 guarantee", you can contact them at... 

  • 866-298-7257
  • 443-380-2078 (international)

*(between 8am and 7pm on weekdays)

Track Record

The past performance of recommendations made via Cannabis Power Trader isn't very clear.

Tom claims that it has a "tested and proven 90% win rate"...


And he also claims that the group of scientists he has on his team that have created his pattern identifying algorithm have backgrounds at NASA, Texas Instruments and Raytheon.

AND... in the promotional material we are shown a bunch of big winners like this...


BUT, much of this is just hype and I highly doubt that recommendations are made at a 90% win rate.

After doing some digging around online I found a number of subscribers who aren't too thrilled with their results...

Below are some negative reviews I found on Stock Gumshoe from people who joined "Cannabis Lots" (promotional teaser for Cannabis Power Trader)...


The person below even claims that out of the 20 recommendations they had been given to-date at the time of their comment... all have "lost considerable value"...


It would be nice if there was some more transparency here and a clear track record was provided, but there is not.

However, I think we can all agree that a 90% win rate more than likely isn't very realistic... and there is definitely no proof of this anyhow... which if it were true you would think that they would be more than happy to provide proof.

Is Cannabis Power Trader a Scam?

No, Cannabis Power Trader is not a scam. It is a legit service provided by a legit company that does have real value. Tom is an expert in the area of options trading and there is no doubt he puts a lot of time into providing this service.

That said, I can understand why some people are calling it a scam. If you buy into it believing in the over-hyped and misleading promotional material, which reminds me of similarly misleading promotions like "American Superpower Checks"... then there is a good chance you will be disappointed.

Pros v Cons

  • Well laid out & easy to follow (recommendations, updates, alerts, etc.)
  • No experience needed
  • Highly qualified advisor (Tom Gentile)
  • Low cost of entry (options trading generally requires less money to get started with)
  • Misleading promotions
  • Lack of transparency (no clear track record)
  • Risk involved (as with any investment opportunity)
  • Complaints about recommendation performance
  • High cost subscription (and 2 different prices... wtf?)
  • No refunds

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

Is it worth joining? Well of course if you were to make good money with it then you would says yes, and vice versa. And unfortunately you certainly aren't guaranteed to make money, as you have seen with the complaints I posted above.

I think the service could be worth it, and I don't doubt that Tom's recommendations have made people lots of money... but the lack of transparency provided here makes it difficult to say yes you should join or no you shouldn't.

The decision is ultimately up to you.

Hopefully this review has provided some helpful insight into what exactly this service is... and if so, please share this post to spread the word and to help out my site.

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


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