No.1 Recommendation: Stock-Picking Service Outperforms Market 4-to-1

We all have seen them... the misleading/scammy investment teasers that lure people into their services.

You know, the ones that use scare-tactics and fear mongering... "end of the world" type promotions where you have to "get in right now" or else you'll miss out.

The reality is this...

It's all about overall performance, and unfortunately when it comes to stock-picking services, most are over-hyped and under-perform. They tell you all about the big winners they've recommended, but conveniently leave out any mention of a losers.

This is why overall performance is important... knowing how a service's recommendations perform on a whole.

I get the same question all the time: "Is there any investment advisory service you recommend?"

The answer is YES, there is. There certainly aren't many, and most I'd stay clear of, but there is one, and this is what I'm alerting you and my other readers to today.

I'm talking about an advisory service that has historically 4X'ed the S&P 500

Yes, that is correct and not a typo. 

Beating the S&P 500 by 4x is no small feat... and this is over it's nearly two-decade run. This is its overall performance.

So what is my recommendation?

Let's stop beating around the bush and get to it. What I highly recommend is the Stock Advisor service that The Motley Fool offers.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

And the reasons are simple:

  • It has an amazing track-record
  • It's easy-to-follow and great for beginners (don't need that account manager anymore)
  • And it's very affordable

#1 - Its Track-Record Speaks for Itself

The goal of using an investment advisory service is to follow along with professionally-made recommendations... but more importantly to make money doing so.

Here at I've reviewed numerous advisory services that have turned out to be [VERY] disappointing.

Stock Advisor isn't just some run-of-the-mill service.  New investment recommendations are provided each month by David & Tom Gardner, the co-founders of The Motley Fool company.

And the track-record so far has been pretty darn good. Below you can see its significant out-performance of the S&P 500, which by the way is at about a 4 to 1 ratio...

However, I don't want to mislead you. The performance is good, but probably not quite as good as it appears.

It's true that the average stock pick is up a whopping 406% since the service started over a decade ago, but this is largely because of big winning recommendations in the past (like Amazon & that aren't very common.

#2 - It's Easy To Follow

The service is well laid-out and easy to follow, even if you've never subscribed to anything like this before.

Here's a breakdown of how stock picks are provided to subscribers:

  • 2 new stock picks are recommended each month, one from Tom Gardner and one from David Gardner
  • Their Top 5 Starter Stocks are also provided - great foundation for beginners looking for stable investments (these are kept updated)
  • Stock analyses are provided so that subscribers know exactly what they are recommending and why
  • Alerts are sent out to subscribers when it's time to sell a stock
  • Members area website access is provided so members can access past recommendations/analyses, reports, etc.

#3 - It's Easy On Your Wallet

Stock Advisor is a subscription service that you pay for on a yearly basis. The cost is $199/yr.

Is it worth it? Well, will you be able to make more than $199/yr following the recommendations. 

I certainly can't guarantee results, but I can say that the amount to be gained can easily outweigh the small price.

Update 09 Jul 2021 - 50% DISCOUNT!

There is a 50% discount right now. So it's only $99/yr... even more worth it!

I wouldn't wait on this. Get in while it's still just half-price. If you do the math, it breaks down to $1.90 a week, and just about $0.27 per day... which is MUCH cheaper than the cost of coffee for those who drink it regularly (just as a comparison).

Some Other Reasons It's My Top Pick

Besides having a great track-record, being easy-to-follow, and its affordability, there are a few other reasons it's my favorite, some of which include:

  • There's no BS hype & intimidation used to lure in new subscribers
  • Refunds are available - as in... real, money-back refunds. And No, this is NOT one of those companies that makes it a pain in the ass to contact customer service in an attempt to make refunds harder to get.
  • The company has a good reputation

And speaking of company reputation, theirs is undoubtedly better than most companies of this nature.

For example, on the popular complaint site called SiteJabber, they have a 4 out of 5 star rating. This is pretty darn good considering that most people go to sites like this to bitch and complain.

SiteJabber Motley Fool Reviews

If you take into account that the company has been around for decades and still has a good reputation overall, you know they are doing something right.

So there you have it. That is why Motley Fool's Stock Advisor is one of the very, very few newsletter investment advisories that I actually recommend.

  • Good performance
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Refunds available
  • Reputable company

And with the 50% discount on membership that is currently being offered, it seems that there is no better time to take up the offer.

Plenty of other subscribers have made money following their advice and I hope you can be next.

The recent reviews I found on Trustpilot have been mostly good, as expected.

The person's review shown below goes along with what I've been saying... they are "more honest and trustworthy than the others" [other companies]... 

And then you have the comment shown here stating that the advice is good and measurable, consistently...

The review below here points out something that is worth elaborating on, which is that they recommend stocks that are "not generally in the limelight", meaning that they aren't mainstream or well-known companies yet - hidden gems so to speak... 

And then this review points out something else that I should elaborate on, which is that the investment advice Stock Advisor provides is for the long-term. This is not a quick-profit service and isn't for those looking for risky ways to get rich fast...

So...Look... you guys (and gals) are always asking me and now I'm telling you what I recommend. Stock Advisor is legit. It's run by a good company, is very affordable, easy-to-follow, and most importantly... it has a stellar track-record of beating the S&P 500 by a large amount.

And let's not forget the 50% discount going on...

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