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Review of Jeff Clark’s Delta Report – Scam or Legit?

Will Jeff Clark's Delta Report advisory service help grow your nest egg, or is this a scam service that should be avoided like the plague?

The marketing material makes it sound a little too good to be true... which is probably why you did a little extra research and landed on my review here now.

It seems that every advisory service is promoted as the greatest thing ever, and as a sure-fire way to get rich... but a lot don't live up to the hype, which is why I decided to dig a little deeper and put together this review for anyone interested.

In this review I'll be going over what exactly Delta Report is and what it provides, the cost & refunds, past performance, complaints and more.

Read before buying...

What Is Jeff Clark's Delta Report?

Jeff Clarks Delta Report
  • Product: Jeff Clark's Delta Report
  • Type: Investment advisory service
  • Editor: Jeff Clark
  • Cost: $5,000/yr


Jeff Clark's Delta Report is a top-tier investment advisory service provided at A subscription comes at a high price, but provides subscribers with weekly trade recommendations that have the potential for quick gains.

This advisory service is focused on options trading, and is laid-out in a follow-along style where subscribers are told exactly what to invest in and when to invest in it.

Options trading is more risky than trading stocks, but also usually has the potential for faster profits, which is why Jeff trades them in the first place. 

*For more info on what options are and how they work, here is a short informative video:

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark [Source:]

Jeff Clark is a veteran trader with over 35 years of options trading under his belt. 

Currently he runs several investment advisory services at, Delta Report being one of them. And before founding his own advisory firm he was working for Casey Research and Stansberry Research (seems to still be writing articles for Casey Research).

The strategies he teaches and uses to recommend investments to subscribers are the same ones he uses for his personal investments.

Before getting into the business of running investment advisory subscription services, Jeff founded an investor educational firm and even, on an unrelated note, developed a curricula for a MBA program.

All-in-all his background is pretty good. He seems like the type of person you'd want to look to for investment advice.

How Delta Report Works

Delta Report is like an upgrade version of Jeff Clark Trader, which is Jeff's flagship advisory service. It also provides regular options trade recommendations, but Delta Report provides recommendations more frequently... this is one of the main differences.

What You Get

  • Weekly Trade Alerts - New trade recommendations are provided every Tuesday, around 10 am. Each recommendation will be accompanied with details on how you should execute the trade.
  • Email Updates - Subscribers are also provided with email updates as needed. When Jeff thinks it's a good time to get out of a trade, or maybe add to a position, then he'll let you know. So be sure to stay up-to-date with your email.
  • Tutorial Videos - There is also an 8-video tutorial series that goes over what you need to know about options trading before getting started, as well as with information on actually doing it.
  • Delta Direct - This is a real-time feature where members get updated on Jeff's trading ideas/thoughts in real-time, either through the website or the app.
  • Report - Subscribers also get a report titled Spotting the Perfect Trade: How to Make $1,000's a Week With Options. This report goes over the technique Jeff uses to spot profitable trades, which is great if you are looking to identify your own winning trades and not just follow his recommendations.

All-in-all, what you are getting if you join is a follow-along style trade recommendation service where anyone can join and make professionally recommended trades, similar to many other investment advisory services like The 1450 Club, The Casey Report, Jeff Clark Trader and more. 

This is great if you don't have any experience/knowledge trading options, however it's never a good idea to simply blindly follow advice.

Cost & Refunds

The cost of a 1-year subscription for Delta Report is $5,000. This is the most expensive trading service that Jeff offers.

Yes, it's a lot, but overall the service provides a lot and has performed pretty well over the years, which I'll go over next.


Jeff doesn't offer refunds for all of his trading services, such as for Jeff Clark Trader, but with Delta Report he does.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee where you can request a full refund for any reason.


In order to request a refund you will have to contact the customer service team at:

Their office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm Eastern Time.


I've reviewed quite a bit of investment advisory services over the years and most of them aren't very transparent when it comes to the historical performance of their recommendations. They don't show you their track-record... and this can be a big concern.

Fortunately, Jeff Clark provides full track-records for the closed trade recommendations on all of his services, which you can find in total at

I took the liberty of doing the math and below are some stats for the overall performance of his Delta Report service over different time-frames.        

If you would have been a subscriber for the past year (at the time of me writing this) then you might have reaped some pretty sweet gains...

  • Past 12 months of recommendations [Jan 18, 2019 - Jan 17, 2020]
    • +887.9%
    • 47 trades

However, if you just recently subscribed then the future might look bleak. At the moment his recent recommendations have been poor...



The past month of recommendations (at the time of this review of course) have provided a net loss...

  • Past 1 month of recommendations [Dec 18, 2019 - Jan 17, 2020]
    • -257.9%
    • 9 trades

*Note 1: These are trades that are closed, so it doesn't match up with the 1 recommendation/week frequency.

*Note 2: The past month's loss was still calculated into the past years statistics, which produced the sizable gain listed above.

*Note 3: We don't know how much Jeff recommended putting into each trade, so the statistics can be somewhat misleading.

There have been periods where Jeff has made consistently bad recommendations for some time, but if you look at the big picture, which every investor should be doing, then his advise has fared pretty darn well.

HOWEVER... that said... there is one major problem with this service that I will talk about in the complaints section next... and you might not be able to expect the same returns as Jeff has had (listed on the track-record page).


One good source of complaints I found while conducting my research was Pissed Consumer, which is a website where people usually go to b*tch and complain about things. Some of the more notable complaints that are worth mentioning include the following:

#1 - Trouble Getting Refunds

Apparently some people have been having difficulty getting refunds. Yes, refunds are available, but it seems that the support team can be hard to get in contact with...


[Source: Pissed Consumer]

#2 - Losing Recommendations

You will also find quite a few complaints from people who are upset with losing recommendations, which is to be expected and is something you will find with any advisory service.

At some points there may be a string of losing recommendations. However, as we went over above, the overall performance of this service has been very good if you look at it from a long-term perspective.

#3 - Misleading Marketing

It would be nice if they toned down the marketing material a bit, but I don't expect to see this happen... as over-hyped promotional material that makes things seem like a guaranteed way to make tons of money seems to be pretty commonplace in the world of investment advisory services.

This is undoubtedly a cause of many complaints, because people subscribe with too high of expectations.

#4 - Difficulty Entering Trades

This is the most concerning complaint, and is the reason I mentioned earlier that you might not be able to expect the same performance results as shown on the track-record page.


Well, because it can be very difficult, and some say impossible, to enter trades at the right buy-prices...


[Source: Pissed Consumer]

This is a huge problem and is, unfortunately, something I've come across with other options trading advisory services as well, such as those provided at Raging Bull and Jeff Clark Trader.

For some advisory services, like Motley Fool's Stock Advisor for example, the editors are required to wait at least 24 hours before buying into one of their recommendations. This is to ease concerns of "pump & dump" activity and allow subscribers a fair chance.

However, options trades are usually more short-term and traders need to be quick to act when the price is right. Because of this, waiting 24 hours would make it so that the editors (Jeff in this case) might not get any good trades.

I'm not entirely sure what to think of this all, but there is no doubt that Jeff is profiting greatly by being the first into all of his recommended trades and it's a shame that subscribers often struggle to get in on time, which makes some recommendations useless.

*I'd love to hear subscriber thoughts on this down below in the comment section.

Pros v Cons

  • Easy to follow
  • Well laid out (recommendations, details, updates, etc.)
  • Advice provided by veteran trader with lots of experience (Jeff)
  • Full refunds available within 30 days
  • Low barrier of entry for trades (what I mean is that options take less upfront investment)
  • Possibility of quick profits
  • Expensive
  • Risk involved (as with any investment opportunity)
  • Possible trouble getting into trades in time
  • Customer support team could be better
  • Options are riskier than trading stocks

Is It Legit?

There are quite a few people calling Jeff Clark's Delta Report a scam, most of them complaining about one of the common complaints I went over above, but all things considered this is not a scam. 

It is a legitimate service provided by a legitimate trader with decades of experience.

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

If I was able to solely base my judgement off of the track-record provided then I would say that this advisory service is without a doubt worth joining. Over the long-run it has performed very well, as the track record shows.

However, we know from some subscriber complaints that you can't expect to make the profits that Jeff makes because he is always the first to place a trade and always gets the right price, whereas normal subscribers are left behind and can have trouble getting into trades before the price spikes.

So... this makes the question of whether or not it is worth joining a lot more complicated. And the decision ultimately comes down to you.

If, however, you want an advisory service that also is transparent with their recommendations, but doesn't have the problem of getting into trades too late, then I'd recommend Motley Fool's Stock Advisor service.

Leave any comments/questions below. I'm interested in your take on this service.

Is Options Trader Jeff Clark Defrauding Subscribers?

There have been quite a few people questioning whether or not Jeff Clark is a fraud. Is he scamming subscribers out of their hard earned money? Is he really the expert investor that he claims to be and can he help make you rich?

If you some quick Google searches about him there is some concerning information that comes up... which is why I decided to dig a little deeper into things and write this post to help out those who are also concerned.

Let's start by talking about who Jeff is in the first place.

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark [Source:]

At the moment Jeff Clark runs his own investment advisory services at, which include Jeff Clark Trader, Delta Report, Market Minute, and The Breakout Alert. And before this he was an editor for advisories at Casey Research and Stansberry Research (which has acquired Casey Research)... with over 15 year of running advisory services altogether.

Before the newsletter stuff he was involved managing other people's money, having founded a private brokerage house and money management firm. And... before this... he founded an investor education firm... and it's also said that he developed a curricula for an MBA program (Source:

Looking at his background this is exactly the type of person I'd want providing me with investment advice, but there's a lot more to talk about here.

*Note: The strategies Jeff uses in his advisory services are the same ones he uses with his own money, which have fared well for him.

Services Provided

Market Minute - Free

This is Jeff's free newsletter service. It provides subscribers with broad market analyses and is good for those who want to stay up-to-date with whats going on, but don't need in-depth information on anything or specific trade recommendations.

Jeff Clark Trader - $199/yr

This is his flagship advisory service. The focus here is on options trading and with a subscription to this you will be provided with monthly trade recommendations as well as 3 stocks that Jeff claims will fund a comfortable retirement... in addition to training on how to start options trading in the first place.

Full review here

Delta Report - $5,000/yr

This is the most expensive service provided here and builds on what Jeff provides in his Jeff Clark Trader service. Here subscribers are provided with more frequent trade recommendations, once a week.

The Breakout Alert - $4,000/yr

This service differs from the others with its focus on small-cap stocks that have the potential for "explosive" profits, rather than options. Here Jeff uses what he calls the "S-force" method to identify certain stocks, but as far as how this method works I'm not entirely sure.

Misleading Promotions

I'm sure you have encountered some of the promotions for Jeff's services... which is probably why you are doing some extra research and landed on my post here right now.

There is no doubt that they are misleading. In fact, in my review of the "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint" teaser I exposed some fake success stories that were included, and this is not out of the ordinary when it comes to promotions of investment advisory services like this.

Jeff's services are often promoted in ways that lead readers/viewers to believe that they've landed on some sure-fire way to get rich quick... which isn't the case, as you will see.

I can understand how some people who get lured in through the promotional material, and who don't do any extra research, may feel scammed after being fed a losing recommendation.

The good news, however, is that Jeff provides transparency with the real performance of his services...

Recommendation Performance

I've reviewed quite a bit of investment advisory services and it is very rare that they disclose their performance records to the public so that anyone can see before buying in, but Jeff Clark does and this is a breath of fresh air.

Yes, the promo material talks about all the big wins and conveniently leaves out the losses, but if you go to you will be able to see all the trades he has made, winners and losers.

Take for example the recently closed positions from his Delta Report advisory service, which have been pretty bad overall...

The fact that he publishes all his losing trades publicly like this is a big deal... and certainly shows that he can be a trustworthy guy.

And don't let the screenshot above of multiple -100% losing recommendations scare you away from his services. I'm just proving a point here. His Jeff Clark Trader service, for example, has been performing much better.

*Note: The trades shown above can be somewhat misleading however, and you may not want to expect the same results. I'll be talking more about why in a second!

Scam & Fraud Accusations

I've found quite a bit complaints on Pissed Consumer and accusations of Jeff Clark being a scammer/fraudster, which is no surprise because this is a website where people usually go to bitch and complain about things.

Difficulty Contacting

The review shown below says a lot of things, but one thing in particular that I want to point out is that it mentions it being very difficult getting in contact with the customer service team, which is something I've come across in multiple complaints.



Once you give your email to them be prepared for lots of promotional offers and upsells...


This is pretty commonplace when it comes to subscription services like this. Unfortunate... but common. It certainly doesn't make Jeff a fraudster by any means however.

No Refunds

There are also quite a bit of people complaining about not being able to get refunds... and unfortunately this is the way it is. Instead of giving out refunds they (meaning Jeff Clark and his team) only give out credit towards other subscription purchases at You can read more about this in the Terms of Conditions.

This is only for some of the services however. For the more expensive services like Delta Report ($5k/yr) he does provide refunds.

I do think that it's a bunch of crap that refunds aren't issued for all the services, because with an online subscription service like this it couldn't be more easy to give out refunds... but anyways this is the way it is and it is stated in the Terms of Conditions as well as at the bottom of the checkout pages when you are going to order any of the services provided.

Trouble Entering Trades

The most concerning complaint I have found is shown below, which talks about how it is impossible to enter a trade on time. Apparently, as soon as Jeff issues a recommendation the price spikes and you can't get in for the right buy price...


There have been more than one complaint I've come across about this and it is a serious concern. Jeff, of course, gets into the trades before anyone else, which then makes you wonder of some form of Pump & Dump is going on.

*This is why I said earlier that you shouldn't expect the same results shown in Jeff's track-record.

Recommendation advisories like this are tricky when it comes to options trading because you usually have to be more quick to get in & out at the right time. Some investment advisory services require that their editors refrain from investing in their own recommendations for at least 24 hours, but this wouldn't really work out for recommending options like this.

* is another place that has investment advisory services for options trading and they have also received similar complaints from subscribers.

Losing Recommendations

As if it's not bad enough that a good recommendation might turn out bad due to it being difficult getting into a trade on time, there are also a handful of complaints about losing recommendations that Jeff has made, as you could probably have guessed after seeing the track-record screenshot I showed in the previous section.


Attorney General Reports

There have been some proponents of reporting what's been going on with Jeff Clark's services to the Attorney General, one of which you can see here...


I'm not a lawyer and don't know how far a class action lawsuit of this kind would go, but some people have been trying already.

*In my opinion it wouldn't make it far.

Fraud or Not?

I don't see any real reason to call Jeff a scammer nor a fraud.

Yes, the marketing material is often a bit much and can be misleading, it may be very difficult and even nearly impossible to enter trades on time, and a fair amount of his recommendations are losers at times... but none of this proves he is a scammer or fraud.

That said, I still definitely have some suspicions and the fact that he is able to get into his trades ahead of all his subscribers and undoubtedly profit from everyone buying in after him is something that is not fair... and is a problem/concern with many of these types of services.


Hopefully this short review has provided some help and insight into this matter. The services Jeff provides are like many others out there and although some of the activity is shady, such as not offering refunds and getting into trades ahead of the crowd, I personally wouldn't call what's going on a scam.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts however. Do you think this is all a scam? Is Jeff Clark a fraud? Leave your comments below...

PS: If you're still looking for a good investment advisory service then check Stock Advisor out. They are also transparent and the good news is that the editors wait 24 hours before getting into their own recommendations.

Review of Jeff Clark Trader – Scam or Legit?

Is the Jeff Clark Trader newsletter service as good as it is claimed to be? Is it worth subscribing to?

Or... is Jeff Clark Trader a scam service that you would be better off avoiding altogether?

Of course it is promoted as being incredible, as we are told all about big winning investment recommendations Jeff has provided... and told stories of people making nice amounts of fast money...


And Jeff even goes as far as to say that:

"Over the next few months, I believe you could have several opportunities to make $500… $1,000… $5,000... or more depending on your situation, in very little time."

It sounds great, but this certainly isn't the first time I've come across an investment advisory service that has said similar things along these lines... and then turned out to be pretty disappointing.

So, anyways... I decided to do some digging around to see how good this service really is.

Enjoy my review. In it I'll discuss what exactly the service provides, cost & refunds, performance, complaints and more.

What Is Jeff Clark Trader?

Jeff Clark Trader


Jeff Clark Trader is an investment advisory service provided by veteran trader Jeff Clark in which he provides subscribers with investment recommendations on a regular basis.

The service is specifically focused on options trading and retails for $199/yr, although discounts are available.

*The short video below does a great job at explaining how options work if you are new to this form of investing.

Because of the follow-along style of the service, there is no knowledge of options trading needed to get started, although it's never a good idea to simply follow along blindly.

That said, the performance of the recommendations made via this service have been pretty good so far (at the time of this review).

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark [Source:]

Jeff has over 15 years of experience editing newsletters. He used to work as an analyst/editor for Casey Research but supposedly left in 2015 when the company got sold to Stansberry Research. That said, on Casey Research's website there are still new articles being written by him... so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Anyhow, he has quite a lengthy background in providing investment advise via newsletter services and has since founded his own advisory service, which we know is at

Before all of this he founded his own brokerage house and private money management firm, through which he handled millions of client dollars, and which allowed him to semi-retire at the age of 42 (the reason I say "semi-retire" is because he is still working to edit his newsletter services)

Overall he has a pretty good background... the type of background you want to see from someone providing a service like this.

How It Works

Like many other investment advisory services, such as The Casey Report & Strategic Trader, Jeff Clark Trader provides actionable advice that anyone can follow along with regardless of experience or knowledge trading options.

In a nutshell, subscribers are told what to invest in and when to invest in it.

While investing in options has more potential to bring in quick profits than investing in stocks, they also carry more risk. The good news is that Jeff's strategy is keep the amount of trades going on low, and he often recommends options for well-known large-cap stocks.

As a subscriber you get access to:

  • Monthly Trades - Each month, around the 3rd Thursday, Jeff will recommend a new trade. This will come along with information and analyses on why he recommends the said trades.
  • Regular Updates - When it's time to sell a position, or when there is anything important that should be known, subscribers will receive updates. These could be given at any time.
  • Video Training - A video training series provides all the basics for those who are just starting options trading.
  • Special Report - There is also a special report provided to subscribers in which Jeff provides subscribers with his "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint", which lists 3 trades he recommends getting in right away.

Much of the promotional material is for Jeff's "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint". This is used as a lure to bring in new subscribers for the Jeff Clark Trader service.

Cost & Refunds

The normal cost is $199/yr. However, there seem to almost always be promotions going on and at the time of this review there is a special discount offer for only $19/yr, which is a huge price drop.

However, be aware that there are NO REFUNDS.

Instead of providing refunds they have a 90-day policy in which they provide credit towards another subscription service they offer. So if you aren't satisfied with the service within 90 days your only option will be to try another one of their services.

*Note: You should also be aware that once you subscribe your card will be billed automatically the following year unless you cancel.


The great news about Jeff Clark and the services he provides is that he is very transparent with their performance... which many other advisory services are not.

As you can see below, he has made some big losing recommendations, but overall there has been a high net-profit...

For an up-to-date track-record report you can click on the link provided above.


Misleading Marketing

The marketing almost makes it seem like some jackpot... some sure-fire way to get rich, which certainly isn't the truth.

Jeff talks about his best trades but conveniently (for him) forgets to mention any losing recommendations.

No Refunds

Then there is the fact that no refunds are offered, which I think is BS. With an online subscription service such as this, offering refunds doesn't get any easier.

Who would want credit? Then you only have several other advisory services to choose from, which most people probably won't be interested in.

Pros v Cons

  • Well laid out (training, recommendations, alerts)
  • Easy to follow
  • Advice from a professional trader (Jeff)
  • Big discounts available
  • Low barrier of entry - options trading requires less startup capital
  • No refunds
  • Over-hyped marketing can lead to big let-downs
  • Risk involved (as with any investment opportunity)

Conclusion - Worth Subscribing To?

This is a question you will have to decide on for yourself. It all depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for a follow-along style service like this and are you interested in options trading? Then it might be worth giving a try.

When it comes to investment newsletters with transparent track-records your options are low. However, this does provide a clear record and another newsletter service that I recommend (also transparent) is Stock Advisor by Motley Fool.

I hope this review has been helpful and, if so, please share it to help out my website.

Any comments on Jeff Clark Trader? Leave them below please 🙂

Review of the “3-Stock Retirement Blueprint” – Scam or Legit?

Is Jeff Clark's "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint" a scam? Is it just another misleading investment promotion that is going to end in disappointment?

You've probably come across the teaser, which has the title of "The 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint: How to Retire Rich Using Just 3 Stocks"...


And I'm guessing the whole thing just sounded a little bit too good to be true to you... which is what led you to do some extra research and land on my review here (and it's a good thing you did!).

In the teaser Jeff tells us that there are 3 stocks you can play to retire richer than if you were to trade all the rest...


And of course he is going to tell us the 3 stocks he is talking about, or so he leads us to believe.

The claim is that he uses some strategy he developed to generate tens of thousands of dollars a year... which he proudly boasts allows him, if he would want to, to take a 2-week family trip to Italy, take a boat and charter down the California coast, and do other things with all the freedom he has from trading these 3 stocks.

And the opportunity is really hyped up, with claims that in "less than 24 hours" you could double your money...


In the teaser we are then show a bunch of success stories from people who have supposedly been making good money following Jeff's strategy, such as Chuck Reddick who made a "quick and easy $1,100"...


.. and "Grant Reynolds" who supposedly made $310k in just 9 months...


HOWEVER, who knows how much of this information is real or fake. 

Later in the video presentation my suspicions grew. 

I decided to do a reverse Google image search for the one picture of "Paul Reeves" who has supposedly be earning a nice $1k/mo...


... and I found that this is actually a stock photo that anyone can purchase online.


So if this is fake then what else is fake?

I've reviewed plenty of investment opportunities in the past as well that have been filled with lies in their promotional teasers, such as The Perfect Retirement Business & Marijuana Payouts for example.

The bottom line is that the teaser for this "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint" is incredibly misleading and leads one to believe that it's a sure-fire way to strike it rich, which is far from the truth.

In this quick review I'll be going over what is really going on here and what you should know! 

What Is the "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint"?

The "3-Stock Retirement Blueprint" is a teaser for Jeff Clark's Jeff Clark Trader advisory service.

It's all part of a sales funnel to lure people into this $199/yr subscription service, which is a follow-along style advisory service that tells members what to invest in and when to invest, as well as information to keep them up-to-date with what's going on in the markets, similar to many others like Utility Forecaster and Options for Income.

When you subscribe to the service you are provided with his 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint right away, which will tell you what 3 stocks he recommends and will provide information on why. Additionally you will get:

  • Monthly trade recommendations - Each month Jeff makes a new trade recommendation.
  • Updates - Subscribers are updated when need-be, such as when it's time to sell.
  • Video training series - This includes a series of training videos on options trading, which is great if you are new to it all.

This is the core of the membership.

Jeff Clark Trader

Jeff Clark Trader is all about options trading, which I'm sure you are well aware of if you saw the teaser. 

Jeff talks all about how options trading can make you more money faster and conveniently leaves out the part about this form of trading being much more risky.

Options trading can be very lucrative, but this comes with increased risk. 

For a brief overview of what exactly options trading is, you can watch this video I found that explains things well:

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark [Source:]

After listening to the teaser you may think that he is just some average Joe that talks too much, but Jeff actually has quite an extensive background in the world of investing... nearly 50 years of experience!

Currently Jeff Clark edits several investment advisories, Jeff Clark Trader just being one of them. He's been in this line of work for over 15 years now.

Before this he ran a private money management firm and brokerage house, in which clients trusted him with tens of millions of dollars.

He also has a good educational background, with a MBA (not that this matters too much).

So, although Jeff throws one heck of an overly-salesy sales pitch, based on his background he seems like the type of guy that you'd want to provide investment advice to you.

That said, there is a lack of transparency with his advisory service (of course) and I'm not sure how good its performance is overall.

What 3 Stocks Does He Recommend?

The 3 recommended stocks by Jeff are constantly changing. With his strategy he recommends 3 stocks at a time and trades them until he feels they have run their course. This way, he keeps changing things up.

However, as an example, some of his recent picks were:

  1. VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSE: GDX)
  2. Applied Optoelectronics (Nasdaq: AAOI
  3. Macy’s (NYSE: M)

He calls these "fast money stocks", and although they all have large caps, trading options on stocks like these can still potentially bring in fast gains.

*Please inform me via the comment section below if the recommended stocks change. This will provide great value to other readers.

Cost & Refunds

I've mentioned that the subscription price for Jeff Clark Trader is $199/yr, however there is a special offer going on as I am writing this and it is discounted to only $19.


The price isn't too bad, but unfortunately they do not offer refunds, instead providing credit to purchase another one of their services, which is something most people probably wouldn't be interested in if they are trying to cancel.

This is what they call a "90-day legacy credit guarantee". You have 90 days to cancel your membership for credit.

But what's the point?

Pros v Cons

  • Easy to follow service
  • No experience needed (although I certainly don't recommend blindly following recommendations)
  • Advice provided by professional trader
  • Low barrier of entry - options trading doesn't require as much initial investment
  • Misleading promotions make it seem like a guaranteed way to make money
  • Options trading is more risky than stock trading
  • No refunds

Is It Legit?

Yes, this whole thing is legit, although very misleading.

The fact of the matter is that the service being promoted here, Jeff Clark Trader, is a legitimate advisory service.

That said, I can absolutely understand how some people would feel scammed after being lured into a subscription through such an over-hyped and misleading teaser.

Conclusion - Avoid?

I can't provide any clear answer to this. It is something you will have to answer for yourself and depends on what you are looking for.

It's also a bit hard to recommend something when there is no record provided of past performance.

If you want an advisory service with a proven and transparent track record, and that doesn't mislead people to subscribe to their services, then I'd highly recommend Motley Fool's Stock Advisor service, which you can get a ​50% discount on here.

But anyways, I hope this quick review has helped clear some things up for you. Please share this post to help spread the word, and to help out my site 🙂

What are your thoughts on the 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint? Leave them below in the comment section...

Is Legit? – And Is It Actually Worth Your Time? is one of the most popular voice-over marketplaces out there, but is it actually any good? Is legit?

If you dig around online you will find some complaints about it being a scam and whatnot, which is why I decided to look into things further and see for myself.

In this review I'll be going over what offers, how the process of job postings and auditioning works, getting paid and how much talent can expect to make, complaints and more.

*Note: This post is mostly written for those looking to join and do VOs to make money.

  • Website:
  • Type: Voice-over work platform
  • Cost: $499/yr for talent and 20% fee for clients

In a nutshell, is a website that connects clients looking for voice-overs with talent looking to get paid to do voice-overs. Clients can easily post jobs and then the large market of talent can audition as they please.

The company was founded in 2003 by David & Stephanie Ciccarelli and is based in Ontario, Canada. Currently is one of the largest websites of its kind, with clients and talent using the platform from over 160 countries.

Overall it is a decent platform for both clients and talent alike, but has some serious downsides, as I'll go over.

How It Works

1) Job Posting

It all starts with the clients. At clients are able to post jobs for free. There is no fee associated with simply posting a job. The fee comes when they actually find talent and make a transaction.

A job posting will have a title, the desired language, gender, script, and other important details like the budget.

*Note: They offer clients a lead brokerage service where they will help clients get leads for their job postings. In a nutshell, they handle the hiring process. This sounds nice, but is something that should probably be avoided due to the shady activity I'll talk about shortly... in which they take clients' money and pay talent much less than they should, pocketing the extra.

2) Auditions

Freelance talent and members of will then have access to the job postings. They will be able to filter through available jobs and audition as they please. There is no obligation to audition for jobs at any rate, but since the annual fee that Talent has to pay is quite high, you will likely want to make good use of the opportunities available if you are talent looking to make money doing VOs.

Auditioning consists of reading scripts outlined by the client and following any guidelines listed, recording the audio and submitting it through the platform.

Talent will also provide quotes for how much pay they are willing to complete the job for.

The client will then be able to listen to auditions and choose as they please. has a "VoiceMatch" algorithm that helps select Talent it finds to be the most qualified, which makes things a bit easier on the client trying to filter through all the auditions coming in. 

3) Transaction

The audio is submitted through the platform and also handles the payments.

To ensure that clients actually pay talent for their work, they hold the money in escrow and release it to the talent after the work has been confirmed and approved.

The fee for this transaction is 20%, which the client pays on top of their pay to the talent performing the VO.

Types of Work

There are many different clients using this website and they are looking for all sorts of different VO work.

There are:

  • Non-broadcast jobs that largely pay based on the word-count of the script
  • Broadcast jobs where you can land regular VO jobs on a consistant basis
  • Local radio VO jobs that can pay consistently
  • Internet ad VO jobs and more...

Ideally most people would probably like to land some sort of ongoing job where they are provided with work again and again, but most jobs on this site will be one-and-done types of deals, where clients will be looking for someone to complete just 1 project... and because of this you will likely want to continuously apply to new jobs to continue to get new work.

As you work, and submit high quality work, you will also be able to build relationships with clients that can possibly get you repeat work in the future, which can greatly affect earning potential. Clients are able to privately invite talent to audition for jobs, which are listed with a padlock icon next to them in the Hiring tab. However, limits communication between clients and talent (and I'll go over why!), which lessens the ability to build client relationships.

Fees makes money from both the clients and from the talent.

Clients are allowed to post jobs for free, but are hit with the 20% fee if they actually use the platform to hire talent. This 20% fee is added onto the talent fee. So, if a client is paying $500 to hire talent then they would pay $600 total... $500 + $100 fee (20% of $500 = $100).

And they make money from talent with the membership fees, which are $499/yr... a price that many see as outrageous.

Getting Paid

How Much Can You Make?

I know a lot of people reading this are probably talent looking to make some extra money, which brings up the question of how much can you make?

There are people who make good money doing voice-overs through platforms like this, but it seems most people just make a little extra here and there, and use as one of a handful of platforms.

Unfortunately there are no good numbers I can provide. The amount you make will, of course, depends on your talent and equipment, and on the gigs available from clients.

Another big determinant factor is the competition from other talent looking for jobs. Remember, talent provides quotes when auditioning... so if there is a bunch of desperate talent offering low quotes to complete jobs, then this will lower the chances of making much and even landing decent paying jobs in the first place.

Doing voice-overs, which I even listed on my mega-list of 70+ ways to make money online, is becoming increasingly popular... which means competition is getting tougher... but at the same time there are more opportunities opening up to help balance things out.

According to a reply from's support team: “On average, book 2-7 jobs from every 100 auditions. So, if you submit 100 auditions in 2 weeks, you might get something.”

The support team also suggests that you audition to at least 7 jobs per day.

Pay Rates

On the website they list the rates that they suggest clients pay for projects, which can give you somewhat of an idea of how much you can earn as a worker, but things are still a bit blurry.

*Note: The budgets suggested for the clients include the 20% fee, so you have to subtract out 20% and then are left with the Talent Fee, which is the money that goes toward paying talent.


One of the main reasons the chart above isn't that great representation of the pay people actually receive is because of how often pockets varying, and sometimes large, amounts of money paid by the clients... which I'll talk about next in the complaints section.

Payment Options

As I've already mentioned, uses an escrow services called SurePay. They first take the money from the client and then hold it in a 3rd party bank account, releasing the funds to the talent after their work has been accepted.

The options for getting paid are either PayPal or check in the mail.

Payments are sent on a weekly basis and are always 1 week behind.

User Reviews/Complaints

If you look at user reviews on the BBB's website, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot you will find very high ratings.

For example, on SiteJabber, which is a site that people usually go to bitch and complain about websites, it has close to a perfect 5-star rating...


There are lots of reviews about the helpful customer support, from both clients and talent... and... to be honest... almost too many positive reviews, which leads me to believe that some are forced or, at the very least, strongly encouraged positive reviews and are not really 100% genuine.

That said, I don't want to paint too much of a negative picture. I'm sure some of the positive reviews are real. It's just that there is no way I believe in all of them... especially because when you dig a little deeper you can find quite a bit of unsettling complaints...


#1 - Lack of Transparency

There are quite a few complaints about their lack of transparency when it comes to pay and how they handle clients' money. will manage client listings and often pocket money for themselves, according to a number of sources, such as this review from someone who's been involved with voice-overs since before came to existence.

If a client has a $1,000 budget for a VO gig and they pay for their lead services, might list the gig for only $500, and then pocket the other $500!

Now of course they deserve to earn a cut of the pie for their service, but the problem is that there is a complete lack of transparency here and clients don't know how much they are listing for, which often results in poor talent being hired and large amounts being pocketed by the company.



#2 - Limited Ability to Contact Clients

One major problem with is how they limit the contact talent is able to have with clients. 

Talent is not able to contact clients during the process of auditioning, which is likely a way to protect their interests so that nothing gets in the way of them pocketing extra money, as described above.

This not only is this a very shady activity, but it also hurts the talent's ability to build a client base.

High Fees handles the payments through their escrow service called Surepay... and they charge a whopping 20%.

This can get very costly, especially with larger budget projects. It would be nice if there was some cut-off, or maximum fee amount, but it doesn't seem that there is.

This mostly hurts the clients, but also indirectly hurts the pay talent might receive because clients will be forced to lower their budget to cover the costs of such a high fee... meaning less earnings for talent.

Un-closed Jobs

There also have been some complaints from talent that clients often don't pick any winning candidate for their job postings, which could be due to cancelling the job, finding talent on other websites, etc.

One review on SiteJabber that I came across is from someone who claims that about 25% of the jobs they auditioned for never closed, which is a surprisingly high number.



Too Much Competition

Anyone who wants to get started doing VOs can join as long as they pay the membership fee. This is great if you are a beginner getting started, as it gives you a path to do so, but some people complain that there is just too much competition. Sometimes there are hundreds of people auditioning for the same jobs.

This also leads to some people who are desperate for jobs to offer low-ball prices, which pretty much ruins it for all those looking to work for a decent wage (as I already talked about).

There have been quite a few complaints that I've come across, like that below, from people who have auditioned endlessly with no luck.



Unreliable Talent

A complaint that goes along with that above, but is from the client side of things, is that talent can be unreliable. This is largely due to allowing anyone to join and there not being any requirements that must be met.

As you can see below, this client claims that unreliable talent makes things difficult and often leads to missed deadlines...



It would be nice if there was some sort of ranking system where talent could achieve different levels based on their experience and knowledge.

Pros v Cons

  • Easy to use for both clients and talent
  • Lead services available
  • Large marketplace
  • Safe payments through escrow service
  • No experience needed for beginner talent to get started
  • Educational library available for newbies
  • Good support team
  • High fees - 20% for clients and $499/yr membership fee for talent
  • Lack of transparency with payments
  • Untrustworthy reviews (many seem fake and/or encouraged)
  • High amounts of competition for talent
  • Unreliable work for clients due to inexperienced talent

Is a Scam? is not a scam. They are a legitimate company that provide a legitimate service, and have a A+ rating with the BBB because of this.

They do engage in some shady practices and aren't transparent with their listings and how much they pay talent with the budgets from clients, which is definitely on the scammy side, but overall I wouldn't call them a scam.

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

There are downsides and upsides to joining, for both clients and for talent. Although there are quite a bit of negatives, the fact that they are such a large marketplace still makes the opportunity tempting.

I'm not going to tell you whether or not to join. This is a decision you will have to make for yourself. Opinions are mixed, but it seems that most talent would agree that this is just one of a handful of platforms you should be using if you are trying to make decent money in the VO business, with other good alternatives being Voice123 and Bodalgo.

Getting Started

Getting started as talent is all about making a killer profile and applying to plenty of jobs.

You aren't guaranteed work and clients will select who they think is the best fit, so be sure to market yourself. Demo VOs are a must, and you will want to create a handful to fully show your VO talent.

Getting started is always the hardest part. But, if you stick with it and manage to build client relationships, get repeat jobs, and learn how to work into your schedule to make money regularly it can be worthwhile.

PS: Since you are looking for flexible online freelance-type work, you might be interested in doing what I do to make money online. Check it out if you have the time 🙂

Lotto Profits Software Scam – Avoid Like The Plague

Will it really help you win the lottery? Or is Lotto Profits a scam that is just going to want to make you toss your computer out the window? (more likely to the second!)

I first came across this software after landing on a promotional video for it, which was supposedly "very controversial"... 


The video started out claiming that the lottery is "not at all random", which is the opposite of what I've been told, and caught my attention...


The guy in the video claims to be 7-time grand prize lottery winner Richard Lustig. And yes, it is true that this man won the lottery grand prize 7 times, all from state-sponsored lottery games between 1993 - 2010. And... because of this he has been featured all over the news and even on Ripley's Believe It or Not. Below is a short video I found of him on Fox Business...

In the video he claims that this is no lucky occurrence. Supposedly identical winning numbers are being drawn continuously across the US... and there are patterns that winners follow to win over and over again... so he says.

Supposedly Richard created some software to help "put the most odds possible in your favor".

And, supposedly, people like "Susan" (below) have won using this software... although there is definitely NOT any proof that this is true.

BUT... how can this all be possible if Richard Lustig is dead?

That's right, a quick Google search reveals that he died in 2018...


And this is just one of many red-flags.

The bottom line is that Lotto Profits is what most people would call a scam and it is something I will NOT be recommending by any means.

In this review I'll be going over why it's a waste of money and will not work. Please read before buying!


Lotto Profits

Lotto Profits is a software that provides lottery numbers to play that [allegedly] have a higher chance of winning. There is no guarantee that anyone playing the numbers provided will win, but the idea is that it will increase the odds.

The software automates a strategy developed by the now deceased Richard Lustig, 7-time grand prize winner.

It is sold for $95 and does have a refund policy where you can get your money back within 90 days. This is the good part, because you will likely want your money back if you do buy into it.

In a nutshell, Lotto Profits is a nonsensical lottery number generating software that doesn't work, and I'll go over why.

How It Works

The Lotto Profits software tells you what numbers to play.

How it works is it supposedly logs data on past draws from lotteries all over the world and uses some algorithm to give you numbers that supposedly have a higher chance of being drawn.

Apparently it gives you numbers that haven't been picked much, and it is said that these numbers have a higher chance of being picked in the future.

Why It Doesn't Work

I've heard some people, and even read a review, saying that this works because of the law of probability, claiming that numbers that haven't been drawn for a while continue to increase in the probability of being drawn in the future... which is complete B.S.!

It doesn't matter how many times in a row you flip a coin and get "heads". Each time you flip it the probability will still be the same!

A 50% chance of getting heads and a 50% chance of getting tails.

The same goes for the lottery.

There is even an article on Business Insider where a journalist took Richard's strategy to a statistics professor, whom concluded that it didn't make any mathematical sense.

*There is also a Forbes article on Richard's strategy and why it doesn't make sense.

Pros v Cons

  • There's a 60-day money-back return policy because this product is sold through Clickbank
  • It doesn't work

Conclusion - Avoid!

This is just another over-hyped sales pitch for a product that won't work. The only real, and proven, ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery are to simply play more, such as by buying more tickets... but this isn't something I'm recommending because most people lose money, of course.

*Note: You can increase your chances of not having to split a pot by picking numbers over 31. This is because many people play their birthday numbers!

Yes, Richard won the lottery 7 times. This is true. But, his software just doesn't make sense to me and I'd rather stay on the side with a statistics professor than Richard... and I usually have a natural distrust for overly-salesy products like Lotto Profits anyhow.

Also, it's pretty important to know how much he spent playing, which for all we know might have been more than he won!... which would be pretty silly.

So, anyways... don't buy into this.

If you are looking to make money online then I can recommend the program I use (and have been using since 2015), but sorry there isn't any good secret to winning boatloads of cash from the lottery.

I hope you found this review helpful and please share it to help spread the word!

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you soon 🙂

What Is Influencer Cash? – Short Answer: a SCAM!

Can you really make $200/day or is Influencer Cash a scam?

The opportunity sounds very luring, but unfortunately it also sounds like a scam... and after doing some research into it I will definitely NOT be recommending anyone to join.

Why? Well, take a look at what I found out in my review...

What Is Influencer Cash?

Influencer Cash

Influencer Cash (at is a website that claims you can make easy money, up to $200 per day, by referring other people to join the website and by completing tasks. And as if that doesn't sound good enough already, they also claim to pay out a $25 sign up bonus.

Pretty awesome... IF IT WERE ACTUALLY TRUE!

The claims made include:

  • $25 sign up bonus
  • Make up to $200 per day
  • Earn $10 per referral and $2 just if someone clicks your link
  • Get paid $30 per task completed

And the idea is that Influencer Cash makes money from ad revenue and the more people they get to join their website, the more ad revenue they bring in. Here is what they tell us:

  • Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue. You are also increasing exposure to our sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relations across our network.

Now this sounds good and all, but the problem is that the amount they claim to pay members for referring others to join is insanely high compared to known legitimate websites similar to this... and doesn't seem plausible.

And... after doing a little digging around I was able to find multiple other red-flags that all point to one thing... this being one BIG SCAM...

Red Flags

#1 - Fake Testimonials

On the website they show a series of testimonials from people who supposedly use this site.

The problem? They are fake.


I did a quick reverse Google image search for the picture of the lady shown in the testimonial above and found it to be taken from a free stock photo website...


#2 - Unbelievable Numbers

They claim to have paid $35 million dollars to-date! 


And guess what? The website isn't even a year old.

$35 million dollars in less than a year??? Ya, I don't think so.


#3 - Horrible Reviews

And of course it's a major red flag that there are a bunch of horrible reviews on Trustpilot about Influencer Cash.

The person below claims that they don't pay...


And there were plenty of comments calling it a scam...


Not only on Trustpilot were there loads of bad reviews, but I also came across negative reviews on ScamAdvisor, calling it a "100% scam"...


#4 - Identical Past Scams

There have also been quite a lot of variations of this same influencer scam in the past, which have since disappeared from the face of the internet (at least most of them).

Some of the past identical scams include:

How They Scam You

How they scam you is by tricking you into referring others to join the website and then making money when people try to complete their fake tasks in an attempt to earn money.

Their are 2 main ways that you can supposedly earn with Influencer Cash: By referring others to join and by completing tasks. 

The tasks are fake and DO NOT PAY.

Take for example this: I joined and had a handful of tasks to complete in which I could supposedly earn $30. These were all quizzes, but this will vary...


I selected to take a Roblox Knowledge Quiz that was 20 questions long and multiple-choice.

Getting paid $30 for 20 multiple-choice questions??? Sounds way too good to be true, but I took the quiz anyhow.


Anyways... it made no mention of having to get a high score. All it said was that I had to complete the quiz and I'd get paid.

So... I completed the quiz, and sure enough there was nothing mentioning anything about getting paid...


A complete waste of time..

The scammers behind this website are making money by suckering people into completing this crap but members don't make a dime. It's all fake. 

With the tasks you will often be taken in a roundabout manner all over the place, to different websites to enter your email and personal information, to more quizzes, and so on... but you will never end up getting paid. They just keep leading you on.

Conclusion - Avoid Like The Plague

It's a scam.

If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

The good news: You recognized this and came across my review here, and now you don't have to waste any more time with this scam site.

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you out a bit! Please share this post to help stop this scam!

And if you want a recommendation from me that isn't a scam, take a look at how I make money online here, which is something I've been doing since 2015 and that I know works from experience.

And also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Review of Simon Black’s Sovereign Man – Scam or Legit?

Is Sovereign Man a scam? Is Simon Black's service legit?

I recently came across the services offered at and became interested, but was a bit skeptical due to some comments about Simon I found online, such as that from an article at Keeping Stock calling him a "snake oil sales person"...


... and also because I came across information on The Survival Podcast that he was involved in fraud over in Singapore. 

But then at the same time, the Sovereign Man Facebook page has great reviews and people seem to love the services...


The only way to get to the bottom of things: more research.

And in this review I'll be going over what Sovereign Man is, the different services provided, what I like/don't like, and more.

Let's begin...

What Is Sovereign Man?
  • Name: Sovereign Man
  • Founder: Simon Black
  • Website:
  • Company: Blacksmith Global Ltd
  • Service: Financial advisory service


Sovereign Man is a website founded by Simon Black that provides services to help people achieve sovereignty over their lives and money.

Both free and paid services are available, which include a free e-letter, membership investment services, and more.

At Sovereign Man there is a very broad and global approach taken. Information is provided on everything from diversifying investments on a global scale, to moving money into off-shore bank accounts, getting second passports and more.

The company behind the service is Blacksmith Global Ltd, which is registered in Singapore... and this makes complete sense knowing that Simon Black is all about diversification and doesn't seem to care too much for the US.

Who Is Simon Black? 

As you may already know, Simon Black is a man who is many things. He is an international investor, entrepreneur, and someone who really distrusts the US government... often using the old fear-mongering "the world is coming to an end" sales pitch to lure in new subscribers to his services.

Simon is also a graduate of the famous military academy, West Point, and a former Army intelligence officer, which may sound like a proud past to some, but he calls it all a poor career move... after later doubting the good intentions of wars, governments and the banking system.

He believes in freedom without boarders, and heavily promotes making money in other areas of the world besides where one lives. He also lives by his beliefs, and is a frequent traveler, allegedly going to over 40 countries on a yearly basis, which is an insane number.

All in all there isn't all that much information on Simon, and there's a good chance he wants to keep it that way. But, if you want to get to know more about him and his thoughts then there is an excellent hour long free podcast I came across from Borderless, which I'll include here:

Oh ya... and Simon Black isn't a real name. It's a pen name. The guy here doesn't disclose his real name because he believes privacy is essential for freedom. I'm not sure what I think about this. I would like him to disclose his real name to his followers but I also understand his reasoning for not doing so.

Who Else is Behind

Besides "Simon Black", on the About page of Sovereign Man's website there is also listed a Tim Staermose and Julia Whippo (which are real names).

Tim Staernose is a chief Investment officer based in the "Asia-Pacific region", and I'm guessing probably Singapore because I know Simon really likes investing over there. Tim has two decades of experience in financial markets and has worked at firms as well-known as Lehman Brothers.

Julia Whippo takes care of the operations for Simon's private investment bank, having began her career at Goldman Sachs as a capital risk manager.

What They Offer

What they offer is information and material to help people achieve sovereignty, some of it for free and some at a cost.

Let's go over the free stuff they offer first: 

Free Material

Blog - Of course there is the blog that they run, which includes articles written by Simon Black and someone named "Alina", whom I don't know anything about because this name is never mentioned on the About Us page at

On the blog there are all sorts of topics covered. World news, investment opportunities, market analysis, politics, lots of information on taxes, etc.

For example, as I'm writing this the most recent articles are:


These blog posts are usually pretty short and don't go into too much detail, but they are good for staying informed with what's going on in the world and it's nice to see Simon's take on things, which is different than most.

*It's also nice that these blog posts are there to actually provide good information, and aren't filled with sales pitches and links to purchase things.

Free Tools - On the website there is a passport ranking tool that you can use to search for the most attractive passports, if you are looking to get a 2nd one. And there is also a Cost of Living Index tool, which you can use to search for areas around the world that meet your needs based on income and family size.

Free Guides - There are also a handful of free guides available by Simon that provide actionable and detailed information on various aspects of achieving personal liberty and financial freedom. The guides currently available are:

  • Offshore Banking: How & Where to Open the Best Offshore Bank Account
  • Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars by Legally Reducing your Taxes
  • How to Make More Money by Investing Outside the Mainstream
  • How to Drastically Increase Your Freedom & Protect Your Hard-Won Assets

These provide valuable information, and a lot of it, but you should know that they are part of a sales funnel.

How it works is like this: You can read the information in these guides and be provided with some actionable advice, but will be left wanting and needing more. Then you will be directed to download some other free guide or report, but for this you will have to enter your email address. By doing this you are getting on Simon's email list, and you will receive some promotional emails for the paid products that I'll go over now...

Paid Products

Sovereign Man has a handful of paid products that you can purchase. All these are categorized as either defensive or offensive products.

Defense Products:

These are focused on risk prevention and safeguarding what you have. Simon distrusts any one government and believes in strong defensive strategies through diversification.

#1 - Sovereign Man Confidential - $995/yr

Sovereign Man Confidential


Sovereign Man Confidential, or SMC for short, is Simon's flagship international diversification service.

Once a member, you will get access to the SMC membership area that includes all of the following, as well as years of past archived information.

  • Video library with over 50 video lessons on things like foreign banking options, 2nd citizenship, tax mitigation, and much more.
  • Monthly Intelligence Reports that include step-by-step instructions for implementing various diversification strategies.
  • Quarterly Black Papers, which consist of very in-depth reports on topics like tax reduction strategies, getting second passports, and so on.
  • Monthly Dispatches that provide all sorts of valuable information from Simon's travels and recent experiences.
  • Monthly Q & A where subscribers can ask any questions and hopefully get answers.
  • And subscribers are also provided with the Starter Guide, which can be purchased by itself and I'll talk about it more below.

#2 - Sovereign Man Explorer - $195/yr

Sovereign Man Explorer


Sovereign Man Explorer, or SMX, is all about international diversification. Subscribers are provided with actionable advice and step-by-step instructions on things like opening foreign bank accounts, getting foreign residencies, investing in precious metals, eliminate taxes, and how to "strategically, legally, and intelligently structure and implement your personal Plan B".

What you get is:

  • The Explorer Monthly newsletter that is like a "Master's Degree in international diversification". Here Simon shares new opportunities he has uncovered during his constant and frequent travels.
  • Weekly Intelligence Briefs that provide information and opinions on important regulations that are taking place or being proposed around the world.
  • The Plan B Video Series which is a library of videos that go over how to implement Plan B solutions, such as getting a second passport, opening a foreign bank account, etc.

Sovereign Man Explorer doesn't provide quite as much as Sovereign Man Confidential, but can still has a lot of good information and can definitely help people out who are interested in diversifying on an international level. And it's much less expensive.

#3 - Starter Guide - $249 (one-time payment)

Sovereign Man Starter Guide


This is one single, massive 80+ page report/guide that "outlines ever step you need to take to protect your family and livelihood". It includes step-by-step information on getting a 2nd passport, saving on taxes, opening offshore bank accounts, structuring your retirement savings, never losing passwords online, and more.

This guide is included with the Sovereign Man Confidential membership, but due to demand and a lot of people asking for it, they now sell it separately.

Offense Products:

These are the products focused on increasing wealth and prosperity, as in investment-focused products.

The 4th Pillar - $1,995

Sovereign Man The 4th Pillar


This is an investment advisory service led by Tim Staermose, who is the Chief Investment Strategist at Sovereign Man (mentioned earlier).

Like many advisory services out there such as Utility Forecaster and Options for Income , this is a follow-along service in which subscribers are told:

  • What to invest in and at what price
  • When to sell or hold
  • and How much to invest

The recommendations are based on a strategy of buying shares that are selling for less than the amount of cash the company has in the bank... aka undervalued shares... which become profitable from capital appreciation, currency appreciation, and dividends.

To-date, the recommendations supposedly have a 97% win rate over the last 2 years, and where the average return is 37% (I haven't verified these claims)

As far as markets go, the focus is on Australian and Asian markets. They stay away from US markets because they claim they are "seriously over-valued", which might be true in general, but I would like to see them have a less biased focus and just look for good opportunities.

Private Investor - $2,995

Sovereign Man Private Investor


This is their private equity investment recommendation service. Here, Simon Black provides subscribers with actionable investment advice, which comes from Simon and his network of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and other high-level investors.

The focus here is global. Recommendations are made in a variety of industries and all over the world. And as for performance, well, I don't know the win-rate of this service. I can't find any good information on it.

*Note: At the time of me writing this the service is closed to the public. So you may want to check it's availability.

Total Access - EXPENSIVE



As shown above, this is their highest-end membership and the positions open here are limited. The price isn't listed, but I can imagine it costs quite a lot.

This service is top-tier and provides:

  • Exclusive opportunities
  • Private investment deals
  • Exclusive events
  • and a Network of communication with other members

The Podcast - If you are just looking to stay up to date on what's going on in the world and also learn a heck of a lot from commentary between Simon and other like minded, and sometimes well-known people, then you might want to subscribe to The Sovereign Man Podcast. The focus here is on personal liberty and financial prosperity, and there are all sorts of interesting topics covered and actionable advice provided.

Podcasts are held irregularly, and have no set schedule which is disappointing, but overall the podcast receives very good ratings on Apple Podcasts.

Cost & Refunds

As you can see, the prices vary quite a lot... anywhere from $195/yr for Sovereign Man Explorer to $2,995/yr for Sovereign Man Private Investor, which all provide a lot of value and don't seem to be overpriced in my opinion (although it's hard to place a price tag on info products like this).

As far as refunds go, they have a 30-day money-back policy for all of their products, with the exception of the podcast subscription, which is sold through Apple Podcasts.



There are a lot of investment subscription services that have strict no-refund policies, so it's nice to see that this place actually treats their customers with respect.

And if you do buy and aren't satisfied, you can contact them at

What I Like/Don't Like


I think the services offered here are, overall, pretty darn good and provide a lot of value. 

It's nice to see a place like this give such a wide-scale approach to their services... helping people with everything from opening bank accounts off-shores to investment opportunities.

Also, it seems to me that Simon Black, although not providing us with his real name, does genuinely care about the service he offers and isn't in it just for the money. After all, he practices what he preaches and some of the services have limited availability, which shows that he isn't just selling a sh*t ton of subscriptions to make money.

Don't Like

There isn't much that I don't like to be honest. However, if there is one thing I'd like to complain about then it has to be the marketing, which I think can be somewhat misleading.

First off, Sovereign Man's products are often promoted with, as I mentioned earlier, the typical fear-mongering "the world is coming to an end" approach, which always has some truth to it but is often exaggerated for promotional purposes.

Second, there are some seriously high hidden costs that it would be nice if they were up-front about. For example, there is a lot of information on getting a second passport in the different services offered... and they recommend a service for only $102,500... which is supposedly $20k-$50k less than other providers. BUT this is still way out of the budget of most people looking into these kinds of services!

Is Sovereign Man a Scam?

I think the answer is pretty obvious at this point. No, this is not a scam and Simon Black, although keeping his real identity hidden, is not a scammer.

The reason I want to address this directly is because at the beginning of this article I mentioned some concerning comments i found about him online. However, these seem to be mostly baseless and after looking into everything I'm not concerned at all.

The services offered by SM are legitimate and they do have real value.

Pros v Cons

  • Wide-based approach to achieving life sovereignty and financial freedom
  • Various services offered and good free information provided
  • Trustworthy and good quality information provided from people who practice what they preach
  • Expensive products
  • Some hidden costs
  • Not very transparent with some things (don't even know Simon's real name)
  • Risk involved with investment recommendations (as there will always be)

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

When I first started my research into Sovereign Man I was a bit skeptical of things but am no longer. Sure, it would certainly be nice if Simon gave us his real name and I do have a bit of a problem with this, but I understand his reasoning for using a pen-name. And, the bottom line is that the services offered by Sovereign Man have real value and provide good quality information.

The decision is ultimately yours, but I think any one of the services offered here could be worth joining, depending on what you are looking for of course. If you are someone who has a survivalist mentality and wants to be prepared for all situations, and has interest in global diversification... then this very well could be a good fit for you.

Anyways. I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share to help spread the word and to help out my website here.

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Utility Forecaster Newsletter Review – Scam or Legit?

If you've come across promotions for the Utility Forecaster newsletter and are curious if it's actually worth subscribing to, then you are in the right place.

Is the Utility Forecaster newsletter a scam? Is it worth the price?

I recently came across some promotions for it too, and couldn't help myself but to look deeper into things and write this review.

Of course in the promotional material it sounds like a no-brainer. For example, they show a bunch of companies that have been recommended over the years and have been extremely profitable...


... but it's expected that they are going to show us the best of the best, and conveniently leave out the losing recommendations made. This is the reason you always have to take promotional material with a grain of salt.

But anyways... let's get to the review. In this review I'll be going over what exactly Utility Forecaster is and what it provides, who's behind it all, cost & refunds, performance and more...


Utility Forecaster
  • Name: Utility Forecaster
  • Type: Investment newsletter advisory service
  • Publisher: Investing Daily
  • Editor: Rodger Conrad Robert Rapier
  • Price: $149/yr

What Is Utility Forecaster?

The Utility Forecaster is a newsletter published by Investing Daily, who is also the publisher of Options for Income, that has been around since 1990 and provides subscribers with actionable investment advice in the utility sector.

This follow-along style newsletter would appeal most to those looking for relatively safe investments, as the utility sector is one of the safest sectors you can invest in, generally speaking of course.

The marketing around this service may be a little over-hyped and whatnot, but overall the newsletter service seems that it could be very well worth the cost and has received pretty good subscriber reviews/ratings compared to others out there.

Who's Behind It?

Utility Forecaster was run by Rodger Conrad for years, but has since switched hands and is now being run by Robert Rapier.

Robert Rapier

Robert Rapier [Source:]

Robert Rapier is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in chemicals, oil and gas, and the renewable energy industry. For his expertise he has been featured on everything from 60 Minutes, to The History Channel, to CNBC and PBS.

Besides writing for Investing Daily and guiding readers on what to invest in, he still is active in the industry and consults for various energy projects.

In short, Robert Rapier has quite an extensive background in the industry and is just the type of guy you want providing you with investment advice like this.

And as for Rodger Conrad, well, he ended up splitting with Investor Daily and starting his own publishing company called Capitalist Times, through which he runs his own advisory service called Conrad's Utility Investor. So if you are interested in Conrad's advice then I'd suggest checking out the link I just provided above.

What You Get

Like Motley Fool's Stock Advisor, The 1450 Club, and many other subscription newsletter advisory services out there, Utility Forecaster is a follow-along style advisory service that, in a nutshell, tells people what to invest in and when to invest in it.

Of course I'd never recommend following any of these sorts of advisory services blindly without doing any personal research, but if you did want to you could do so.

As a subscriber, you are provided with:

Monthly Issues - Each month subscribers are provided with a new 12-page Utility Forecaster newsletter that provides rankings of different utility investment options that look good at the moment. This is the meat of what's offered and provides detailed information and analyses on different opportunities and the market in general. A lot of work goes into putting this together.

Weekly Updates - Subscribers also receive updates for all the recommended positions on a weekly basis, as well as alerts when new opportunities arise that might be worth getting into.

Private Website Access - Access to the members-only website provides subscribers with all past issues of Utility Forecaster, every special brief ever sent out, all the articles, access to the model portfolio so that one can monitor performance, information on dividends, safety ratings and more.

Cost & Refunds

The cost is $149/yr, which breaks down to around 40 cents a day... not too shabby.

Additionally, they have a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you sign up and don't like what you see.

However, the specifics of this money-back guarantee are a little bit blurry.

As you can see below, they say that "You can cancel at any time in the first 90 days and receive a prompt, 100% refund", which makes it seem as if you can cancel anytime during the first 90 days and receive a 100% refund. However, they then say that "After the first 90 days, if you ever vote “thumbs down,” I’ll happily send you a refund for all unsent issues", which makes it seem as if they are giving out pro-rated refunds...



Either way you can get a refund... and that is good enough for me. It's not like some other advisory services I've reviewed, like Strategic Trader and Options for Income that have a strict NO REFUND policy, which doesn't seem right to me.


How well do the recommendations given in the newsletter actually perform?

It would be nice if there was a clear track-record provided, but there isn't unfortunately.

The good news is that Utility Forecaster has ranked among the top-returning financial advisories by Hulbert Financial Digest fairly often over the years and Kiplinger named it as one of the best investment advice stock newsletters.

However, since Roger Conrad left there has been some concern that it might not be as good as it once was. After all, when the man providing the recommendations leaves and someone else steps in, this changes everything.

I even found a subscriber review on Stock Gumshoe about this very thing...


[Source: Stock Gumshoe]

The information I could find was limited. But I did come across yet another, much more recent, review from someone who has been a subscriber since the mid 2000s and claims that the Utility Forecaster's picks have brought in a return of 12-17% annually, which beats the S&P 500 by a fair amount.


[Source: Stock Gumshoe]

*If anyone reading this is a subscriber, please let us know how more recent recommendations have been performing in the comment section below this post.

But Certainly Don't Expect 455% Returns!

The reason I mention this is because it is being promoted right now as having an average return of 455%, which might be true at the time of me writing this... but certainly isn't a realistic expectation and should not be expected.



This is just another example of over-hyped marketing material.

Is Utility Forecaster a Scam?

I know it may sound like a silly question to answer at this point, but because of some of the hyped up marketing material it does make one wonder.

But the answer is no, it is not a scam. It is a legitimate advisory service that seems it could very well be worth the money.

Pros v Cons

  • Low cost
  • Well laid-out
  • Easy to follow
  • Seems to have good track-record (although not completely clear on this)
  • Focused on utility sector, which is generally on the less-risky side
  • Refunds available
  • Risk involved (as with any investment opportunity)
  • Somewhat misleading marketing
  • Lack of transparency - no clear track record

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

All in all this seems to be one of the better investment advisory newsletters I've looked into, although it isn't quite as popular as others and there is a lack of subscriber reviews because of this. However, it seems to perform well and the editor, Robert Rapier, certainly has a lot of experience in the industry.

On top of that it's only $149/yr, which is a pretty low price if you think about it. And there are refunds available.

The decision to subscribe or not is ultimately up to you, but I hope I've made it a little easier by providing this review.

Please share this to help spread the word and to help out my site 🙂

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you soon.

Is The NeVetica Pet Business Opportunity Worth It?

The Nevetica pet business opportunity may seem like a lucrative dream job, but is it really as good as they say? Is it worth it to join NeVetica?

For dog lover like myself, I must say that the opportunity to build a business selling pet-health products, networking with other pet enthusiasts, and working on your own time sounds very luring.

BUT, it seems that every business opportunity is promoted as being the best in some way, so I never trust what I hear right from the start... and so I decided to do a little digging around to see how good this opportunity really is.

In this review I'll be going over what NeVetica is, the products, how the business opportunity works and the compensation plan, some downsides to it and more.

You're going to want to read this...



What Is NeVetica?

NeVetica, in a nutshell, is a company that sells pet products and has a MLM business opportunity attached to it. 

They are headquartered in Maryland, USA, and can be contacted by phone at (240) 258-7387, or by email at (the email is strange, I know... but this is how it's listed on the website).

As far as products go, they sell a variety of pet supplements and pet-care products, that probably aren't for the average pet owner, but rather for the extreme pet owner who is semi-obsessed with keeping their pet's health optimal. Some can be for both dogs and cats, but the main focus here is on dogs.

The company was created due to the lack of nutritional options there are for pets (their words) and state that "supplementation shouldn't be an option, it's a necessity", which I completely disagree with because it is totally dependent on whether or not nutrients are being obtained in optimal doses from the normal diet to begin with... but this is neither here nor there. The company sells supplements for pets and of course tells you that buying such supplements should be a necessity.

2016 was the year the company was founded, but I haven't been able to find any information on who the founders are behind everything. That said, the company is legitimate and the products seem to be high quality... although I wouldn't suggest jumping in on the business opportunity just yet.


Before we talk about the business opportunity, let's take a look at what you'll be selling if you decide to join...

Dental Chews - $27.99

NeVetica Dental Chews


The dental chews are mainly for keeping tartar away, but can also help freshen your dog's breath. One of the key ingredients included here is spirulina, which is included in the crunchy outer layer of the chews and helps break down hard tartar buildup.

Calming Support - $34.99

NeVetica Calming Support


Pets get anxiety too, and no loving pet-owner wants them to suffer from this. The Calming Support product features a mix of green tea extract and lemon balm powder in soft-chew form to help combat this problem, both of which have been shown to be effective for such problems.

Water Additive Mouthwash - $24.99-$29.99

NeVetica Water Additive Mouthwash


This product is a liquid additive that you can simply mix into your dog's (or cat's) water bowl. The main ingredient is peppermint oil, which helps support healthy gums, can help whiten teeth, freshens breath, and can even help soothe upset stomachs.

Digestive Support - $34.99

NeVetica Digestive Support


Digestive Support's main ingredients are aloe vera, rosemary extract, fiber, and probiotics... and the goal here is to promote healthy digestion and proper bowel movements. This product comes in the form of soft-chews.

Hip & Joint - $35.99-$45.99

NeVetica Hip & Joint


As pets age their joints can start to ache and this can lead to increased laziness, which can decrease overall health. Hip & Joint is NeVetica's joint-health product and comes in soft-chews for easy feeding. The main ingredient here is glucosamine, which is well known to support health joints, bones, and ligaments.

Multivitamin - $34.99

NeVetica Multi-Vitamin


With over 20 vitamins/minerals in each soft-chew, this multivitamin supplement is good for overall health. Brain support, heart health, liver function, etc... are all supported here.

Skin & Coat - $34.99



Formulated with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Skin & Coat soft-chews help support that nice sleek coat of fur that every dog owner wants, and that every dog looks and feels much better with. 

Paw Protector - $22.99

NeVetica Paw-Protector


The paws are often neglected and can become chapped, which leads to cracking. This can hurt, just like how cracked skin on us humans hurts, and Paw Protector is here to help fight against this. Cacao and beeswax help lock in the moisture and provide vitamins/minerals to help aid healing.

This product would be particularly good for dogs who live in areas with cold/dry winters.

Anti Itch Pet Spray - $24.99

NeVetica Anti-Itch Spray


This is a spray that contains essential oils (among other natural ingredients) that can help soothe itchy and irritated skin, as well as leave fur shiny and soft. It would also be good for helping to promote healing in irritated areas.

Waterless Shampoo - $29.99



Most dogs hate getting baths. They may like to run through dirty puddles, but baths are off-limits. With Waterless Shampoo cleaning your dog is made easy. In addition to cleaning, this product contains essential oils that is good for a healthy coat and can promote healing.

Wet-A-Way - $24.99



Wet-A-Way is a powder for absorbing liquid spills that are the result of your pet, which means that if one has a dog or cat that has a problem with urinating indoors, this may be a good purchase.

Product Bundles/Kits

In addition to the individual products available, there are also bundles that can be purchased. These are particularly good for those interested in the business opportunity because of their higher prices, which means higher commissions.

  • Oral Care System - $46.99-$51.99
    • Dental Chews & Water Additive Mouthwash
  • Hygiene Kit - $74.99
    • Anti-Itch Pet Spray, Paw Protector, and Waterless Shampoo
  • Mature Dog Bundle - $67.99-$77.99
    • Hip & Joint and Digestive Support

There is a good chance that the products are overpriced, but it's hard to say for sure because there isn't much information given on the quality of ingredients.

For example, many of their products include essential oils. These ingredients alone can vary greatly in quality, and because of this can vary greatly in price. 

I have no reason to doubt that NeVetica uses high quality ingredients, but even with high quality ingredients the prices are pretty high. This is common with MLMs. MLMs, NeVetica included, put a lot of effort into branding and so you have to realize that with the price you are paying for the brand too.

Can similar cheaper products be found? Absolutely.

Pet App

One more thing I want to talk about before going over the business opportunity in detail is the app they have, which they call a "one stop shop for your pet's needs".



NeVetica has a pet app that helps separate them from other similar companies. Inside this app people can:

  • shop for NeVetica products
  • track pet fitness goals
  • have access to lost pet alerts and a pet-owner social network
  • watch training videos
  • have access to all sorts of pet info

As someone who wants to participate in the business opportunity, this app can help. It shows people that this company is the real deal, and not just another pet-health company.

That said, I'm not sure how great this app at this point in time. The company has big dreams for it, but who knows how well it will catch on.

Business Opportunity

When it comes to the business opportunity, as you probably already know, it's promoted as being some magical opportunity.

They say that you can "achieve the lifestyle you want and the freedom to enjoy it"...



But they all say something along these lines and it's no secret that most people fail with MLMs.

What Is a MLM?

You probably already know this, but in case not, a MLM (multi-level marketing) business is one that relies on an independent sales force of distributors to do all the selling of products, and also provides incentive to recruit other distributors into the business.

Cost of Getting Started

Like most MLMs, starting out with NeVetica begins with buying a business pack to get going. 

  • NeVetica Business Builder Pack ($199) - With this pack you get training material, products, banners, and more.
  • NeVetica Product Pack ($475) - Apparently you have to purchase this product pack to be able to resell the product packs themselves (so I've heard). With this pack a bunch of products are included.
  • NeVetica Tech Pack ($24.99/mo) - The tech pack provides a replica NeVetica website that you can refer people to in order to sell products online. This can be purchased along with any of the other product packages, and in my opinion is pretty pricey (some MLMs provide replicated websites for free).

*Things are a bit confusing due to the lack of information provided by NeVetica, but it seems that you'll likely have to purchase one of the first two packs listed along with the tech pack... which means a minimum of $199 + $24.95/mo = $223.95 to get started.

Compensation Plan


There are 14 ranks total and, as you will see, the amount you can earn in the compensation plan depends greatly on your rank...

  1. Pet Consultant (this is where you start out)
  2. Senior Pet Consultant
  3. Area Pet Consultant
  4. Regional Pet Consultant
  5. Director
  6. Area Director
  7. Regional Director
  8. National Director
  9. Vice President
  10. President
  11. International President
  12. Diamond
  13. Blue Diamond
  14. Black Diamond

Climbing up the ranks at NeVetica is no different than just about every other MLM out there... it's all about recruitment, building a team and increasing the group sales volume.

9 Ways to Get Paid

#1 - Personal Sales Bonuses

The good ol' fashion personal sales bonus... this bonus can be up to 35% and is earned on the products you personally sell.

There isn't much information on the business opportunity in general, or detailed info on the comp plan, but I'd assume that you can make these commissions by either:

  • referring people to purchase on your personal NeVetica website or
  • purchasing products yourself at a discount price and reselling them at a markup

This is how it usually works.

#2 - First Order Bonus

And here's where the MLM part of it starts to come into play (the part where you earn money from distributors you recruited in and others beneath you).

With the First Order Bonus you will be able to earn up to 15% commissions from the sales that people make in your downline down to 3 levels deep.

  • The people you directly recruit in are your level 1; the people they recruit in are your level 2, and so on.

Additionally, if you make it to the rank of Regional Director, you will be able to earn an extra 5% bonus here going down additional levels until there is another Regional Director. So, for example, it could look like this if you make it to the Regional Director rank...


[Source: NeVetica comp plan video]

In the diagram above you can see that there is another Regional Director, and you would not earn this bonus from the downline below this person.

#3 - Unilevel Bonus

The unilevel bonus pays up to 10% of the sales volume of your downline going down as many as 6 levels.


[Source: NeVetica comp plan video]

*Note: There can be any number of people on any level. The image from NeVetica shown above leads one to believe that there are 3 positions below each person, but in reality it could look more like this:

unilevel comp plan

#4 - Turbo Infinity Bonus

This bonus pays a percent on the sales volume down infinite levels. But, of course you have to make it to the rank of President to unlock this.

#5 - Income Match Bonus

This bonus is a matching bonus of up to 25% of what those in your downline earn, going down as many as 6 generations.

Additionally, if you make it to the rank of International President or above you can earn up to 8% on top of this.

#6 - Leadership Advancement

This is a one-time bonus paid out when you achieve the rank of National Director and higher. It ranges anywhere from $1k to $100k and is paid out for each rank as follows...

  • $1k for achieving National Director
  • $2k for achieving Vice President
  • $4k for achieving President
  • $7.5k for achieving International President
  • $15k for achieving Diamond
  • $40k for achieving Blue Diamond
  • $100k for achieving Black Diamond

#7 - Global Pool Bonus

This is a 1% bonus that is distributed among leaders on a quarterly basis. It is a 1% pool of all the qualified commissions generated by everyone in the entire company.

#8 - Sponsored Incentive Trips

Every year NeVetica hosts an exotic trip for the leaders in the company... as it seems a lot of MLMs do.

#9 - Executive Leadership Council

This is an all-inclusive trip for leaders of the company along with the president of it all.

And that's it! Want a vague video description of it all? You can watch NeVetica's official video of the comp plan here...


As I briefly mentioned above, MLMs are notorious for having extremely high failure rates. So much so, in fact, that a study by the Consumer Awareness Institute found that 99% of people who get involved lose money.

Yes, they are often promoted as the greatest opportunities to ever bless this earth, but the reality is a bit different.

However, on the upside, NeVetica is a new and still small company in a market that I think has room to expand... and this is good.

Imagine being able to get into a business like Herbalife early on before the market was saturated just about everywhere. NeVetica is still a very small-scale company, and this means the market for recruiting in new distributors is much bigger.

Additionally, I think there is a fair amount of room for pet MLM companies like this to grow.

Scam/Pyramid Scheme Concerns

Is NeVetica a Scam? Is NeVetica a pyramid scheme? 

Both of these questions are important to answer... and the answers are No and No.

NeVetica is a legitimate business that sells legitimate products, which as far as I can tell are high quality and work well, although there are a lack of reviews available online because of how small this company still is.

And Yes, the business model definitely has a pyramid structure to it... but all MLMs do.

The pyramid structure is the reason most people fail. This is due to money being sucked from those at the bottom and flowing to those at the top, which results in a major uneven distribution of income.

But, it's not a pyramid scheme. The difference, as explained in my post here, is that NeVetica sells real products to real customers and brings in revenue because of this, whereas pyramid schemes just earn money from the constant recruitment of new investors and/or forcing them to purchase products when joining.

Pros v Cons

  • Good and unique products
  • Niche (pet health) is continuing to grow 
  • Not many other MLMs out there like this
  • Have a nifty little app to monitor pet health, help find products and more
  • Business opportunity available
  • Products are a bit pricey
  • It's a MLM, so it will be more difficult to make money with than it may seem

Conclusion - Worth Joining?

One thing is for certain, if you are thinking about joining just for the money then you shouldn't do it! MLMs, as mentioned, are difficult to make good money with as it is... and if you don't have passion for dogs and their health then this will just make it all the more difficult and not very enjoyable.

It would be nice if there was an earnings disclosure provided by NeVetica that showed the average earnings of distributors, but unfortunately we are left in the dark here... but I'd assume it's pretty low on average based on how MLMs operate (majority of people at the bottom of pyramid having money sucked away from them).

So, is it worth joining? This is a hard question for me to answer because I like what the company stands for and I like pets, but I'm really not a fan of MLMs. The decision is ultimately up to you. Just don't join unless you are truly passionate about pets and know that it will be more difficult than it seems. In order to make good money with MLMs you have to recruit, recruit, recruit, and take advantage of the pyramid commission structure.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Don't forget to share it to spread the word and to help out my website here 🙂

Also, leave any comments/questions below and I'll get back to you soon.

Side note: You might be interested in taking a look at how I make money online... since you are looking for a home-based business opportunity and all. This is something I've been doing since 2015.

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